Mufti Menk – Live, As If It Is Your Last Day

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of remembering the boss's words when praying and not giving up. They also mention a woman who experienced a sickness and was denied a job. The speaker emphasizes the need to change behavior and stay true to Islam, as it is the only way to avoid suffering and become a better person.
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I promised Allah today that I will do better than where I was yesterday. Let's make the promise. Do you promise Allah you will become a better person than what you were yesterday. And if you continue promising when you by the time you get to the day when you are going to die you will be the best version of yourself.

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How many of us we never used to pray today Allah allowed us to pray. Do you know when you are doing to hodgen It's by invite only.

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You know that

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you know what is invite only if you do tahajjud before Fajr it's only by invites.

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Allah invites you to do tahajjud otherwise you're sleeping. Allahu Akbar. So when you do tahajjud first thing thank Allah Oh Allah you invited me here today. Lahore, Lahore acaba.

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Many of us forget about the Hajj, Jude, even the Fajr is not even there. Who invited you shame on me? I'm asleep. My son. There is still five snooze. Snooze. Okay, hello. Okay. And then they say, okay, 30 minutes snooze again, snooze again.

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Am I right or wrong? I'm a human. I also snooze snooze I don't.

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So understand the favor of Allah get up be strong. Allahu Akbar. It might be my last day. The hadith says Sully salata more data in when you fulfill your prayer, fulfill it as though it's the last prayer and then it's gone. Maybe I might not get to pray after this. And do that every day for every prayer one day, it will be your last prayer. It will. May Allah strengthen us my brothers and sisters, if you have bad habits, today is the day you're going to throw it out by the will of Allah.

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If Allah does not soften your heart on a day like this way so many 1000 have gathered here for example, in order to remember ALLAH, if Allah did not soften you on a day like this, when do you want to be suffering? What are you waiting for? Is there something you are waiting for? Some people they turn to Allah after they have a big loss? You can wait for the loss, sometimes it might not come? Sometime people are diagnosed with the disease may Allah give you Shiva if Allah has tested you with the sickness, today we are asking Allah Allah Who mushy O Allah Who mushfiqur O Allah grant her or him cure. May Allah grant to cure don't wait for calamity to strike before you turn to Allah

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because at that time, shame on might come to you and you might turn away from Allah. There are some people there is a guy who sent me an email the other day saying I lost my job. Two years I'm making dua Allah is rejecting. Now I'm fed up of praying. Hi, how can you say that? How can you say Allah is rejecting Allah knows he wants to squeeze you to the end? Don't give up prayer use of Alayhis Salam,

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the father he prayed for how long he was unhappy of Allah prophet of Allah Jacobo Jacob May peace be upon him. He kept praying for Allah for years and years and years and what did he say? I'm not going to stop because Allah Momina Allah Hema Allah, Allah mon I know from Allah, something which you don't know, Allah will give. And even if Allah does not give in this world, he will reward me because I prayed. And because I continue to ask that is Allah.

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So my brothers and sisters, today is the day we need to be kind to one another. We need to help one another. We need to reach out to one another. We need to change the way we treat people. Don't be rough. What's your tongue don't hurt people's feelings. When you are rough with your tongue, you pay a price. When you are hurtful to someone you pay the price. When you have done something wrong to someone else. That is a heavy price you're going to pay. It's worse than when you have committed the sin between you and Allah because you and Allah He can forgive you without interference of anyone else. He is a for Rahim Rahman. We're doing the most kind, the Most Merciful, the Most Generous, the

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Most Compassionate, the most forgiving and so on. Those qualities belong to Allah, not to other human beings.

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