Sulaiman Moola – Vows Made In Storm Are Often Forgotten In Calm

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the evil traits of the Mana 15 and the importance of honoring their vow to do so. The segment also mentions a quote from Allah about men being forgotten in a crisis and being called into action. The segment emphasizes the importance of honoring the vow to do so.
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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim in chapter nine Jews 10 verse 75, Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about one of the many evil traits of them when I 15. May Allah protect us, women or men I had Allah, Allah in turn I'm in for today. So Allah says amongst the Mana 15 or those men who around had a law pledge and vow and make a covenant with Allah, Allah in our dynamin family, if perchance Allah blesses us with wealth and prosperity, Lana said that, we will surely give charity what an akuna nominal Sally here we will be amongst the righteous for hootin rasi Rahim Allah commentating on this verse in his famous taxi rides, VA hero, if you don't know Allah unbearable, Mana 15 urahara de la FEA under

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Hullo dahulu mal, la sarafa backover houfy Messiah refill highlight the ayah reveals to us that some hypocrites had expressed to Allah, if one day Allah gives us something, then surely we will give it in the path of Allah. Furthermore, Allah says when Allah bless them, then they would mind they would withhold and they would not contribute or honor that pledge to the Almighty. In English, there is a very profound quotation which goes as follows. Many a vows made in storm of forgotten income. Many of those made in storm are forgotten income, how often we find ourselves, either someone is in ICU, or someone has been diagnosed, or there is some crisis in the family. And at that time, we make a

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vow, either we verbalize the vow or internally in our thoughts, your life, I arrive at the accident and I just need to know that my brother is alive. I come in the clinic and I know that he's moved to general Ward, or I discovered that my wife has recovered or the funds have come through Allah, I promise I'll do this. Either we verbalize it or we in our hearts express it. In fact, there is an incident mentioned of matamata being Suleiman, he says that we were sailing in a vessel. And then we were struck by strong winds for another atoma, Mina and while I'm in a noodle, so everybody in that crisis started making vows with Allah if I survive, if I am rescued, if Allah grants me deliverance,

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I will do this, I will do that one away to NSA and automatic alarm to be and in that moment, while I was crying, in that situation, which we can like into a hospital bed or any other crisis, I made a vow to my Creator, for a martyrdom to the basara. When I came to bosasa, l to ob, I asked my father, I said, See, I was in this crisis. I didn't utter anything but in my heart, I made a particular commitment to Allah. Am I is it compelling upon me to honor this vow or not? And my father said to me, Phoebe on it, and then he substantiated it by the verse that followed, I love me Allah and Allah, Allah Moo Silva, whom wanna dwell among, Allah then says, You make the vow to Allah, and then

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you violate that vow you dishonor that vow, but have you forgotten that Allah is acquainted with the whispers of your heart? So my message is my brother and my sister, whenever you find yourself in a situation, and you make that vow to Allah, honor that vow, after all, Allah tells us in the Quran, one of the many attributes of the believers and the dwellers of Jana, in contrast to the traits of the Manasa T and his yufuin have been necessary, they honor the vows they make to Allah

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