Do you own a phone or does your phone own you

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By now many people say I've got this porn addiction. I've got this phone addiction. How do I wean myself off it? Well, those who resist the temptation said to them, so Albula hero, lemon almond or Camila Salia. The reward of Allah is greater, whether you love Illa sabe roll, wala yo la ca in LA sabe Rhone, and to have that conviction that when you see some glitter and glamour and some spectacle you it doesn't dazzle your eyes. It doesn't make you lose your balance, you remain anchored, you remain fixed you know your your your passion and your dream and your goal and your aim and your your your vision for that it needs a great level of endurance. The law Allah Mutlu be util

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moja. Della Allah Mutlu be util. Moja hada. It needs a lot of commitment. I need to do the right thing. I need to take the right actions and then I will see the correct results.