Ibn Taymiyah Advises Ibn al-Qayyim on Dealing with Doubts

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You know, even though I am himself one of the greatest theologians in Islamic history, he said, I used to bring doubts to my teacher. And he gave me a word of advice that benefited me so much. I've never been benefited by anything regarding doubts like this advice. And when I brought to my teacher of nit Samia these doubts one after another, what about this argument? What about that claim? He said to me, this was the advice do not allow your heart to become right. He didn't give him philosophical principles, deconstructing the the argument at hand, he said, Do not allow your heart to become like a sponge that soaks up every doubt that it comes across. That's the real problem that

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which with which we meet the world, right? That's the Quranic paradigm on instilling faith and fortifying it, he said, or else you'll be a nesting ground for all of these doubts, and you'll get soaked up and you'll have no choice but to lose out with these doubts in one form or another.

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He says, instead, have your heart like glass, that's the believers heart. It's fortified, it's strong, but it's transparent. You see, with the glass, you can look outside, you still see the doubt you don't have your head in the sand, you're not in denial. That's one of the problems people are afraid to find out that there Islam is wrong. No, I'm behind you no bulletproof barrier. I have this glass, fortified glass, that I can see all of the doubts. At the same time, they're not coming in. And that is what Allah called the hearts of the believer. And that's the mind he called the hearts of the believer, a, you know, a vessel that is covered in as jajaja in that famous verse and sort of

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the North, it's covered in glass. And so we want to serve as by helping their hearts become strong and become transparent, so that they can engage whatever the world throws at them. And it only increases them in faith about Allah and about this messenger about this Deen. And with that comprehensive approach, we even love we can once again become that oma that is known for its critical thinking and exporting and offering the world an alternative to its dogma that is packaged currently as critical thinking