Yasir Qadhi – We Are the Ones Spiritually Trapped While Gaza is Spiritually Free! Lessons From Palestine

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The Battle of oil was supposed to win by the Muslims, but was not. The loss of Muslims and the lack of faith in Islam led to negative consequences and the loss of people. The speakers emphasize the importance of protecting people's identities and privacy, as it is essential for everyone to maintain faith. The conversation also touches on activism and the benefits of activism for youth, including peace and human rights. The conversation shifts to the global push for Islam, including the desire for people to be proud of their Islam and reconnect with their faith, and the challenges of the peace movement and the potential for negative consequences of COVID-19.
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I recited to you, sort of earlier Imran, the verses that were revealed after the incident of offered, if you remember the incident or heard, it was one of the most demoralizing episodes in the entirety of the syrup. The Sahaba literally felt down as we were saying English, they really felt overwhelmed. Because as you know, in the Battle of oil, they saw victory. And then the table's turned 70 shahada, including, who is the most famous Sheikh

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Hamza, the uncle of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi. Wa was sending him. So ALLAH SubhanA, Allah to Allah revealed verses, and we're going to look at these verses, obviously, in light of the situation, obviously in the desert, because really, we have to continue mentioning and thinking about this reality. And so we're going to look at the reality these verses in light of what is happening right now. Allah subhana wa Tada says, after this. Now, here's the point here, should we call it a defeat or not? I went into a lot of detail in my syrup. And I concluded it's not a defeat, but it's not a victory. The Muslims didn't lose, but they didn't win either. It was a bit of a

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stalemate. But what made it bitter was they were so close to victory. So we should not say oh, it was a defeat. It wasn't a defeat. Because in the end of the day, the courage had to go back. And when you're a victor, then you stay where you are. The courage had to retreat back to Makkah. So it is not a defeat for the Muslims. We should not say this, but we can factually say it was not a victory. And it was a setback. It was an emotional setback. So we're not going to say it's a defeat, but no doubt Allah azza wa jal then revealed verses to cheer them up. So these verses are very relevant to what is happening right now. Because I am seeing amongst our own youth and all of us, we

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feel a sense of despair, you know, a sense of exasperation, a sense of frustration. So when we look at these verses, Allah azza wa jal says to the Muslims, wala chahiye, no one has no, don't feel weak, and don't give up. Were untouchable alone. And you shall be victorious in control mode, meaning if you have Iman, Don't be weak, don't give up. Don't despair, your morale should be high, even after a shoot, regardless of what happens externally. Internally, your iman has to be optimistic. This is what Allah is saying, no matter what the situation is, your hearts must always have the best, and you should never give up. And you should never allow despair to overtake you what

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I thought he knew what I knew. And then Allah gives a statement of fact what unto model alone, you shall be the upper hand, you shall be victorious with one condition in quantum meaning, then Allah says Indium sizcom, Korean forgot the muscle coma, Cara Metro, if you have had loss and setbacks, if you have had disasters, well, then the others have also had disasters. It's not as if you know that they are not also casualties are not there for the crash. If you have had casualties, if you have setbacks, they too have setbacks, what till a Yamo knew that we do have been a nurse, and these are the days we rotated amongst the people, some days you will have the upper hand, other days they will

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have the upper hand, Allah is explicitly saying the victory in this dunya is independent of the victory of the akhira. Allah is explicitly saying, if you lose a battle, don't worry, you will always win the long term war. This is explicit in the Quran will untrammeled alone. So I wanted to pause here and look at this conflict of Gaza, and mention some of the positives that we see around the world. Now, this is a controversial topic, because obviously, I am not stating that you know, the losses in vain. I'm not trying to justify the losses 10,000 People have died SubhanAllah. So when I say this, it's not as if we're saying, okay, it was worth that lot. We're not talking there's

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no comparison. But I'm trying to say yes, there is a setback. Yes, there is tragedy. But if you look at the other side, you look at what is happening. Wallahi there are so many positives happening here. There's so much positives that you can go on and on. So of the positives. The first positive that we have here, the first positive that we have here is that Subhanallah we see the Mahan of the people of Gaza, we see the reality of what faith does to a believer Subhanallah in our lives, we have never seen a group of people demonstrating the reality of Sobor and Tawakkol and Yaqeen demonstrating their trust in Allah their result resigning their fate to Allah subhanho wa Taala and

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even non Muslims are amazed shocked impressed. People are converting to Islam in our own Masjid. You

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saw the Shahada. I was in Detroit last week on Juma we had not one not two, three shahada as they came, and I'd give chatter to three people in Detroit, because again, they're attending the protest. They're seeing what's happening, and the sight of fathers and mothers losing their children, the sight of a lady becoming a widow, and she says, haspin, Allahu Allah and will will kill the sight of a father losing four children, and he's smiling and saying, inshallah Allah will Reunite me with them in the era, that level of iman, that level of courage of bravery, we have never seen it in our lifetimes. If that is not inspiring than what is going to be inspiring. This is a positive that with

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eemaan, you can keep your sanity with eemaan. You can keep your dignity, we see the fruits of Eman in real life of the positives as well. Of the positives as well for all of us, especially for our youth, our younger generation is that sometimes they have these idealistic notions of humanity. But we see here how easy it is for large groups of people to be brainwashed. You don't want to read the serum we wonder how could the Quran not embrace Islam? How could they not see the Prophet systems truth and embrace Islam? When read the Hadith about the science of the Day of Judgment? How can millions of people follow that the job he is clearly the most evil person on earth? How can he have

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10s of 1000s of followers? Well, guess what? We don't need to wait for the digital. We don't need to imagine what would the CW like we see over here how clearly the oppressor has brainwashed 10s of millions of people to think the oppressor is in fact, the oppressed. To think the greatest volume is in fact, the subject of injustice. The narrative they are spinning is that we are forced to kill these children's Subhanallah and people are buying it. Our own politicians are buying it. A ceasefire would benefit this terrorist group. They say the Howler hotel or villa, you want to see how followers are going to follow the job. You want to see how Abuja had an Ebola hub and others

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rejected Islam. You see, in reality in front of you the level of sheer hatred, the level of the ease of brainwashing, it is something that we thank Allah, we have been given Hickman eemaan, we thank Allah, we can separate the Hadith from the time or else look at how many people are brainwashed. So this is a benefit and a wake up call of the benefits we find as well, once again, especially for our youth here, who naively thought that one side of the spectrum that one side of the political alliance would be for their benefit. Many of our youth were flirting with the progressive left, many of our youth felt, Oh, these are people that advocate human rights. They advocate for peace and

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justice, and they were gravitating towards them. But now we see in this issue, who cares right and left, who cares Democrat and Republican? Our Congress just passed a bill overwhelming majority overwhelming majority $14 billion of aid Subhanallah they want to aid the lawn against the mother whom they want to aid the one who's sending bombs against children, our taxpayers, right? This is something that our youth need to wake up and I've said this right here before we are Muslims, we're not Democrats, we're not Republicans, we're Muslims. We're neither right nor left. There is no long term friendship with any of these groups. It is simply case by case you know benefit that's it,

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there is no ally ship and in fact, the Quran tells us this you know, these verses that some of our youth felt awkward about these verses in the Quran. They say this is not politically incorrect, politically incorrect. We see now the verses are aligned well and thorough and clear who are Nosara heterotopia Milla to whom you're never going to find with your ally ship. Again, the verse means allies, your allies, Allah says in nama Walia, Kamala, who are Zulu who will Adina Amanu, Allah says your allies, the ones who will always help you, Allah and the messenger and the believers. These are your allies. I've said this multiple times, we are neither right nor left, we're now the progressive

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nor Neo no Republican Democrat, no, we are Muslims. And our identity is Islam. And this is something we see now in this reality that is taking place. Another benefit that we see here another benefit is that it is a wake up call for us a wake up call that's Subhanallah in front of our eyes, the first time in human history. First time in human history, we have mass genocide,

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being broadcast live on everybody's phone. This is the first time by the way, in Bosnia, it didn't happen in Rwanda. It didn't genocide happened. There were no cell phones to upload video footage and show the world instantaneously. Even the very own that is doing this when Hitler did what he did the Allies invidious Oh, we didn't know that Hitler was doing this. We didn't know it's a surprise to us that all of these camps were there. They said they didn't know. Point is that they

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Since the first time in human history, where genocide is taking place, and the world is watching, and nobody is lifting a finger, nobody can deny there's genocide, but the perpetrator says we have to do it because you are forcing us to kill your own children as I said, Now, what is the benefit or the point here? SubhanAllah? If this does not teach us that La hawla wala Quwata illa biLlah that Allah is the only Mola that you cannot make your to work code in the mouth. Look, where are the kings? Where are the mu? Where are the governments? Where are the powerful figures, everybody is silent. If this is not going to teach you that you cannot have to work cool in any mahalo you cannot

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put your trust in any being your trust has to be in Allah Jalla Jalla Lu, your heart has to be attached only to him. This is a refinement of iman, this is sifting through eemaan You cannot make to unlock your heart attached to any more glue, you're not going to find any good from the mahalo unless Allah wills it. However, in the past, I've said we're seeing mass support, we're going to come back to this point here. So we'll make a distinction here. Yes, we rally for support. Yes, we want people to help. But we take the ASVAB and the heart is attached to Allah and not the ASVAB. This is a key point here. You know, it's the processes that tie your camel and then what? trust in

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Allah, we will tie the camel, we will try to get people to influence we will protest we will write letters, we will but our hearts cannot be attached to the means our hearts can only be attached to Allah. If this incident does not sift from us the reality that Allah is our Mo law. And only Allah subhanho wa Taala is going to help us why the law he failure to work with our Cubone, then nothing else is going to teach us this reality of the benefits we find in this debacle that is going on of the benefit that we find. And again, we get on to some of the ASVAB because as I said, there's no contradiction. Understand this point, we rally for ASVAB we rally for, you know the the causes, but

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our hearts are attached to a lot of the benefits we find for the first time in the entire history of the Israeli Palestinian conflict. We have millions of people now supporting Palestine publicly. First time ever last week or last Saturday in DC, the largest mass protest since the Iraq invasion. Since the Iraq invasion, the largest protests took place against this genocide taking place here. Now our politicians are on one side. But Wallahi this is positive that the people now and you know this is good and bad news both is both good and bad. Who was leading these protests? who rallied these people? Which organizations brought up these? They say 300,000 Allahu Alem? How many 350 1000?

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How did where did they come from? It's sad, but also good. We were not the primary instigators. It's sad because we should have been, we should have been at the forefront. And I did try my best in my own way. But I don't have a national organization. That it is what it is. None of the national Muslim organizations were at the forefront. Yes. Alhamdulillah. One or two, they invited to speak, but none of them. The Muslims did not rally for this mass support. Now that's positive and negative. Why is it negative? Sat on us beat? Let's be honest here, shame on us. We should have been at the forefront. We should be at the forefront. But why is it a positive? Why is it a positive?

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Because other people are clearly doing it. Even when we're not doing it. The main people behind this mass protest have nothing to do with Islam. The majority of organizations more than 40 organizations came together and there's two or three nominal Muslim organizations, 30 of them 35 of them, nothing to do with religion, nothing to do with Islam, that is positive and negative. Like I said, the positive mashallah Alhamdulillah people are seeing the truth, people are seeing the truth. Of course, the negative is shame on us being honest here, shame on us, we should have been more at the forefront and I'm still trying but I'm just one voice. I don't have organization I don't have you

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know, mass, you know, convention or whatever, in this regard, but I feel that inshallah the national organizations to, you know, try their best to still do another rally, sadly, not enough Muslims participated. If you look at the people there, it's good. They came, but we're all of us. We were not there because our own organizations were nominally represented that, as I said, good and bad. So this is one of the positives that comes out of the positive that comes out of the positives that comes out is that the Palestinian brethren are people in Gaza. They are forcing the conversation after 70 years, never in the history of this conflict. Have now politicians, the United Nations

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Secretary General, famous people are saying, Okay, guys, whatever this group is, they're bad people. But how about the 2.2 million people of Gaza? You're not going to solve the problem of this group until you solve the problem of the people for

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First time ever, we're hearing mainstream Global Voices say this reality. Again, this is a massive positive. And again, these types of changes they take decades sometimes, but we're seeing the tide shift and of the positive. And I'm going to conclude on this because there's so many more we can go on and on. But for me, one of the biggest positives that I see globally, is that Subhan, Allah single handedly, our brothers and sisters in Gaza, they have inspired all of us to be proud of Islam. They have given all of us a sense of dignity, they have brought all of us to a sense of our primary identity. And that is the identity of Islam, across the world, in Turkey or in Pakistan, in

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Bangladesh. In so many places, people are now listening, protesting their hearts are attached. There is a global revival of Islam, because of this issue, because of what we're seeing here. If this is not a positive because of this incident, because of the the looting that is happening on this people and the suburbs, with which they're responding to this aggression, they are inspiring 10s of millions of Muslims around the world, to be proud of their identity, to reconnect with their faith, to rekindle our own youth, mashallah, I'm seeing them as well talking to them as well. And they realize their primary identity is that of Islam. Every other identity is secondary. Every other

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identity is behind this one, our nation states, our ethnicities, all of this secondary, our primary identity, who was sama Coleman was the minimal capital in the Harvey he Oh, much. Oh, come on Martin Wahida. This one issue, it has reminded us we are one OMA, I want to tell you some good news today. Today, the ISD of Plato and Richardson. They had a meeting with a number of Shuhe and a number of community, Muslim leaders only. And I was in that meeting, both of these schools reached out to us. And they're saying what can we do to make our Muslim youth feel safe here, we want to make sure we are fair and balanced. We don't want to take sides. This is the first time this is happening. And

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they reached out to us. And they're saying tell us what we can do. We're not a political group. We are and in fact, that was one of them said the main person said we are against what the governor and what the main politician the Senator has done. We want our schools to be neutral and safe for the Muslim community. What can we do the literally asking what can we do to make sure our Muslim youth feel that they are welcome here? And in fact, we even brought up this issue that the First Amendment can they speak and whatnot. And I was told, yes, the First Amendment applies to our students as well. They have the right to protest, they have the right to walk out peacefully as long as they do

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it in the proper manner without disrupting classes. And they have the right to wear the Palestinian you know, a scarf and everything that we will not infringe on their First Amendment right hamdulillah now the tide is changing here and there is now support for this reality. So Alhamdulillah, we find there is of Islam spreading, we find our youth rekindling that is we find our own people feeling a sense of being a part of the Ummah and will Allah He if this were the only benefit, it will be enough, if this were the only benefit that 10s of millions of Muslims, their Iman is rekindle. They see the shujaa they see the Imam, they see the suburb of the people of Gaza,

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and it makes them feel like God, wow, look at these people. And because of that, they become more pious, they get a sense of identity Subhanallah it is as if Allah azza wa jal has used the most oppressed people on earth, to remind us, even though we are not physically oppressed, perhaps spiritually, we are the ones who are covered up and they are the ones who are free, perhaps spiritually, I'm not trying to insult anybody will lie, but think about it, perhaps spiritually, they are the free people. They are the ones who are inspiring Iman. And we are the ones our mind is locked up, even though our bodies are free. We are the ones we're not seeing the light and they are

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the ones who inspired us. Well, Allah he this is a blessing from Allah, even though it is painful for them. I'm not trying to, you know, you know, I'm not trying to stop for Allah minimize that. But I'm saying our Eman teaches us we look at the positives. And Allah says you always look at it and Allah says it's possible you don't like something and there's going to come good out of it. This is our iman whatever is happening. Our hearts are sad for what is happening and for those that have gone, but we have full trust in Allah, that all of this negative from it, there will come a positive there will come a blessing and we're seeing the beginnings of that blessing. And so I conclude with

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what I began with what I tahina, Walter has no one and Tom will alone in quantum meaning in the MCS concurrent Takada musclecar Makara Metro where telecoil amo luda will have been a nurse This is the reality do not give up do not become weak you shall be we shall be victorious be the nila heeta Allah, which is akmola Who Clara was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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