The Spiritual Ladder – The Inherent Ability To Embrace The Truth

Sulaiman Moola


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Bismillah he was salatu salam ala rasulillah salam wa alayhi wa sallam were banned. Amongst the many logical proofs of the veracity of Islam is the fact that there is absolute harmony between the human temperament and the tenets of Islam. There is no inconsistency discrepancy or dichotomy between any teaching of Islam and the human body anatomy or composition. And if by chance, Allah forbid, a person has apprehension or reservation on any aspect of Islam, then this is due to external influence, which has obscured your lenses. But if you can look with a clear lens, you will find that the teachings of the dean and the human body just blend in absolute harmony, fit Tata law, he led

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the foreigners Allah the natural way could Luma eluding you led to Alan fitpro and how often you would leave it into Islam saying, when I studied the religion, I realize this thing is just perfect. It makes total sense. It's absolutely logical. It ties up with my temperament, my nature, my disposition, my demean, it just works perfectly well. So there is this hadith in Muslim they admit that when the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam went to Medina in the journey of his raw clothes on to Medina, listen him in Islam, there were two thieves thugs, whose whole life was in in robbery and hijacking and and looting people, and the messengers or olalia will seldom approach them

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confronted them. Allah Allah, Allah Islam, and he presented Islam Of course in its pristine form, both in theory and practicality for us llama they accepted Islam immediately, for Salah humar, I miss me Hema, the messenger sallallahu Sallam then asked him what are your names? So they gave a very strange unusual peculiar name natinal mohanan. We are mohanan mohanan in Arabic means to disgraced people. That was literally the translation. So you said a lot ism said no but and to Malmo Kremen, I'm changing your name you are dignified, you are honored and you are respected people. And so behind Allah they accepted Islam and they became companions or the Allahumma etc. The scholars

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right Wolfie Islami how they nearly assignee mama and the father who mean higher till bokashi when hubby was Selby Delhi known Allah surah t at Berlin new foresee lol hottie either woody de Mayo, Matthew hope is the thing what allows him for someone who had a history and a life of sin via transgression, to instantly embrace the truth speaks volumes on the fact that every human has that instinctive ability and inclination to the truth. They just waiting for Islam to be presented in its pristine form. And no sooner you exhibit it and presented, then naturally a person will be attracted. And that's the message my brother, and that's the message my sister, people naturally

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have that desire and that inclination is just for us to present the truth. And if we present the truth in sha Allah, you would see it has a catalyst effect. And I'll leave you with these last comments that I always say become an ambassador of this Deen. And if for whatever reason you cannot become an ambassador, then for Allah sake do not become an obstacle to the deal. I mean, you're allowed me