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AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the use of olanzapine and COVID-19, the history of Islam, and the importance of being aware of one's words and actions to avoid confusion and mistakes. The use of hamardon and negative language are also emphasized, as well as the need for people to be present in public. The importance of listening to the natural cycles of the universe and being prepared for life is emphasized, as well as the need to be prepared for death and the importance of being prepared for death. The importance of being true to oneself and not just jumping into it is also emphasized.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My dear brothers and sisters in Islam, and welcome to episode number seven inshallah, in this era of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. We last had a talk about our workers, the flagella Nova. And we said that olanzapine Odile has given a worker a higher rank than anybody else. Even Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam says, the best man that walked on the face of the earth after prophets and messengers is

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the one that believed in me when people didn't and so on and so forth. So we set

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the alarm norba is the only one that Prophet Mohammed Salim said. I had a difficulties when I offered Islam to everyone, but when I came to Oba crystal did, he's the only one that gave me no hard time or no difficulties or didn't even ponder, reflect or think thought twice about it. Prophet Mohammed Salim says, I'm a messenger. He says, I believe in you, because he said, I believe in you that you never had any difficulties or any lying before that. So I believe in you right away. This is something that the status quo because the vicar de la nuova, nobody would be able to attain. And Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam says either I will they are Ian Abu Bakr figa. Eman of the

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belief of Albert Camus of the Accra jolanda was placed in a cafe on one whole side of the scale and the Houma in the one side of the other scale. A lot of your heart abubaker Sadiq would have been heavier on the scale, because it is something that he had in his heart. The believe mass of Akuma Abubakar Prophet Muhammad says Allah says, I will not beat you by more of fasting or prayer. But it's something in his heart that believe that I will because of the pad that nobody attained even Barbara de la, he used to try to beat him one time he thought he had it and I'm sure this story is known but just a quick reminder in sha Allah, that even a

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de la moda came in one time with his half of his wealth is today I will be the ovac only to find who I work with today on the line came in with the whole of his wealth to give for the sake of Allah. He says I will not be able to be overcome. And that's when it will Prophet Mohammed Salim talked about so much about it. So we say rhodiola and COVID-19. And when olanzapine attaches rhodiola and humara. And Allah is pleased with them, how could we not be pleased with them? And it's plural, by the way, and there's so on even 140 1400 in Saudi Arabia and so many 1000s so we can pick and choose. We are pleased with all of them as olanzapine of Allah is pleased with all of them.

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Now, Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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when Abu Bakr Siddiq rajala came into the fold of Islam he went in and he talked to about six of the national Mashallah Could you imagine they became Muslims and by using Allah smart Allah is using a worker as a set up of course as a means to bring among the Ashleigh away the

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site that maybe will cause of madam that foreigner so Pamela these are like mountains of the sahaabah six among them. They became a Muslim right away Why when he heard the message he believed it and start working. What happens though is that we hear a message so manyana maybe tomorrow maybe after after tomorrow but you know if you don't see me after after tomorrow, maybe next week, but if it will come after that see me next month and the next year I possibly can call call you back Allah help us will love you. But look at this habit the hurted and the acted upon it right away, it was there when hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen. So we don't delay what is known to be righteous as even

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when Anahata comes in, you'll see how we acted. So let us be among those who proactive and not reactive and let us be initiative and take the initiative to split the loss of Hannah Montana to raise awareness about the beauty of the beauty of Islam for the people who are simply ignorant so we can be there for them in sha Allah, as you will see how Prophet Mohammed Salim the master of the Dawa, how he taught us how to do inshallah, after that, workers today for the law we came in the fold of Islam Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam received the revolution now When did I mean it's in a sort of a rough when we find out that this is what a warning that problems that have had to

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heat to olanzapine on Tylenol him and one that you're on Dr. A credit so we learned something too. Yeah, he a lot

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of my brothers and sisters. You have to look it within yourself first. Then after yourself. You look at your family and then the circles after that. Allah subhanaw taala says yeah, you know, COO, COO, coo naraku and NASA HR over you believe by the way, I'm delighted the Masuda de la la when he used to eat

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Hear the Word yeah are you under the enamel over you believe we used to pay special attention and used to say that's how we used to pay special attention they

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used to say you can be a winner. And it was a command that allows us to Allah will ordain or decree a matter upon us. Or it will revision that Allah would forbid upon us and used to remind himself what law he I will review every verse in Nepal and

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what attina here Helen to hate on Judgment, he reminded himself for this area that Kenya Uganda Dena Amano over you believe on judgment day will come, that command will come and ask you Did you heed to the commands of Allah and the one that was prohibited? They will come and say, did you stay away from the permission of Allah? Imagine as he how they used to live with the Quran, how it meant to them something it means something to them, and why is Yeah, you are living in a metal special if Monrovia Villa Europa, Islamic Elijah, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the Euro Sula, those who believe in Allah is their Lord, and hamazon Solomon's messenger and Islam to be the religion to say

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some in our founder, we listen we obey and we know if your Lord the one that created you knows best what's good for you and everything in his own infinite wisdom. We have to submit to that he and do not question that's why we say yeah, are you and Lena Amano, there is a special client of Allah subhanaw taala speaking to somebody Allah subhanaw taala make us among those who believe and listen in sha Allah and he to the message. So Prophet Muhammad wa salam in saurashtra I beg your pardon in 214, when the Rashida Lockerbie Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu, Alayhi, wa sallam heeded to the message in the CF in that story, Allah Subhana Allah to Allah has given him something to give him strength,

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the story of Musa alayhis salaam and the difficulties he had to go through with battle is through the children, the children of Jacob jacobellis and the Jews, how they came into the fold and how difficulties they give him a difficult time in order for them just to believe and to go along. And so many stories is not our topic but Allah subhanaw taala in this verse, give them that to give them strength to see what happened to Musashi Salaam before you the difficult does that need to go through and the people around it naturally and given hard time or difficulties, that you had to get the strength in order for you to carry on with this dalla and also a given what it given that the

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other side and the warning and the punishment of those who do not heed the message will come out and some who would after that, so Prophet Mohammed Salah wa sallam in that allows a panel dialogue eating away to what to expect, what is the reward and punishment those who eat to the message and those who abandon the message. So prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they are called no manual Hashem. He the tribe of Banu Hashim came in and some of the people from Banu abdomen after demon Urbano Abdulmutallab came in, and there was about 45 or so men that came that Prophet Mohammed Al Salam invited among them unfortunately was Abu lahab. But before Prophet Mohammed Salah Sunland

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spoke Abu lahab Allah human Allah Who is the heck started speaking before Prophet Mohammed says Allah and you told them yeah Mohammed, this is your family and I am

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more righteous more I have more right upon you to speak on this this is your family we will not be able to stand and control on hold. And nobody came from this family with worse things be shoveling imaginatively with nothing worse than you've come and told us to do this. So when Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam notice that the environment is not yet right for the time for Dawa he was silent. So we learned something if you we cannot shove down our down the throat of people whether they want to hear us or not. So now let me tell you about Islam 1234 what you get up sit down? No, I mean, it doesn't work that way, my brother and where's the proof? Go back to the piano according to

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some of the opinions of scholar says yes, Luna and Luna and Luna can cool a token iya when Allah subhanho wa Taala told Prophet Mohammed Salim yes, no, nobody asked you about this. They asked you about this, they asked you about this cool. See ya Mohammed. This is the answer for that this is the answer for that. So when people are interested, they will ask you a question. That's the best gate for

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when people ask they're interested. So give them the question and use that in a way for the hour. Before that he as we mentioned before, please lead by example. And people will ask you why are you actually having a beard? Why do you wear this Why do you not eat at this time? Why do you pray that many times how can you lower your How come I don't see you have a girlfriend How come I don't you see don't drink or having drugs or so Pamela? That would be the best way actually that would be the opening the heat for the question. So you would be able to enjoin good and forbid evil with your behavior, living Islam inshallah. its fullest. longstaff

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Then Prophet Mohammed saw someone when you notice that Abu lahab

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destroyed the chance for him to speak he was silent. So remember we eat to that to inshallah, it is not against anybody's will we have to do it that we do we quit No, he asked him to come again. But he did not invite a Buddha this time. And when he came in, he asked him, and he says, Alhamdulillah, do a stain or whatever color it is.

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And that is what I shall do La ilaha illallah wa Taala This is the pure monotheism. There's a bedrock of Islam is monotheism, this a bad no Sheikh thermocol in the valley, this lead will not lie. If somebody isn't charging and trusted in the lead, that's a stripe or the family will not lie upon his family. It's an Amanda you trusted will levena illa, who, in Nero sobre la la con, we're in a nurse Yama, la casa, by Allah, there's no deity deserving to be worshipped except him. I am a messenger from Allah to us specifically, and whole humanity in general. So we know that allows upon Allah to Allah when he said to look after your family first. So please look after your family first

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defeat. If you know somebody from a family doesn't pray or doesn't wear the hijab or doesn't have the beard, take it easy on them first. And remember at the end of it before you give down harshly, remember yourself. Remember when we were younger? We were always good, we are always on the straight path. What did it take time for you to take this belief if he so remember that time and take it easy on people? It takes time? Yes, he because he man yazeed. Well, if this man is on three ranks according to some of the opinions, imagine your seed oil demand increases and decreases and Eman legacy volumes and demand does not increase nor decrease and demand yazeed What if any man increases

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only and does not decrease? Of course the demand that he has either increase increases and decreases as

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force leaves like a law for lack of a loss of how to like us, increases with the flat activity leads in decreases with the acts of disobedience. So check your heart and check your Eman And if the battery's low, go back to the file and find out where you lost it and go back make Toba come back and do it. Again covenant with Allah subhanaw taala again, renew it every day every night before you go to sleep hold yourself accountable for you held accountable where your actions before your weight onto you like I'm a bla bla bla bla bla used to teach us so we have that. And so he said this Eman comes in, in circles. So we know that the first one increases decreases like us, and the one that

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does not increase or decrease either angels jubilo alata, they will kill you to act to worship Allah subhanaw taala at a molecular level should add a layer

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upon this is that one that the guardians they don't disobey Allah, they only do what Allah subhanaw taala commands them to do. So they don't have to go through the activities under civilians, because that's the way they are created for so there are vendors that increase and decrease like us, and then a nine increases does not increase and that's the prophets and messengers. We alert this with them in Sharla. So this is what it is about Charla so he says he has this illness to everyone in general will love them will do Nakamura moon by Allah you will die as you sleep because it's called as a minor death you know that the the ISS that allow the panel to Hannah's panatela takes the souls

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away where we sleep, is it so don't be afraid Don't I hope you don't get nightmares go. I'm not going to sleep anymore. And so this is just a little statue. What about Nikola Tesla, but you will be resurrected as you wake up and some of the scholars actually tell you that make sure at least you say that you know a lot before you sleep.

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And when you wake up in the morning The first thing what is the drop? shadow Allah Allah Illallah Muhammad Abdul Allah Surah Al hamdu lillahi ohana Banda Matera Wally Hina Sure, so the drought says you go to sleep there is the I asked you for the sake of Allah to ask to get hustlin within the fortress of a Muslim small booklet. But it's very minor money suspended investing in July. Put in your pocket, don't leave home without it. And I know when you go on the bus or the train or the car and the traffic instead of listening to alarms and all that stuff when you're getting frustrated take that system was then read it on the bus or in the car that really why you're driving in July. I

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mean, if you the traffic or in the train, they learn something. So you learn this route. And actually the scholar says if this last thing you say that you learn a lot before you're asleep. And when you wake up in the morning, it says again, that you say the shadow one more time. Please do to allow that the one that gave me life after the thesis that explains it and what he and unto him were going to be redirected to bathmat. Why did you know why? Because when we die, you will feel that you are asleep slumber in you

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If you want the righteous in Sharla, and when you're resurrected, you feel that you're waking up. And you're used to say la ilaha illAllah when you wake up, so you will see La Ilaha you'll see the shadow when you're resurrected. Right away, you will be resurrected with that monotheists Allahu Akbar. Look at the beauty and the reward of the drama. So let us do homework Actually, we always have to listen to something and implemented and learn from it and make sure we don't just entertain ourselves and we're wasting some time. What it's not that's not the reason for it. We'll lay the books on the shelf, we'll get it but we want to listen with our hearts and minds and soul to make

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sure that we are changing for the better in the law. You don't want to call me Hector. Yo yo ma v Poussin Indeed Allah subhanaw taala will not change anyone unless you want to change within themselves. So that should be your intention. your intention should be I am listening to change your law and listening to come close to you Allah and listen to publish the sooner and implement the sooner of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, you will win this life in the hereafter inshallah. So Prophet Mohammed Salim teaches them that you will die as you're asleep, you will be resurrected as you waken up, give him a tangible example they can relate to something that is a

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daily chore, it happens to you just like that you can go to that when you go to sleep, and you can go up again. So think about it that he before you go to sleep every night from here on in, I want you to put that little pros and cons have done this. This is good. I need to do more of that. of them. This is bad. I need to do less of that. And when you put your head on the pillow at the end of the day, are you

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ready? Not to be able to raise it again.

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Are you ready to be able to close your eyes? Once for the last time?

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Are you ready for that breath to go back come back in for that eyes not to blink again for that heart, not to hear a pulse again. Are you ready to meet Allah subhana wa Jalla Yoda, we have to be ready at any time if he knows what Prophet Mohammed Salam told us long time ago. So we have to listen to the best of creation that allows upon our talents in the brush Martin alameen mercy mankind and he said to remind us for that fact is what in the agenda, I will now

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he says it is eternal heaven inshallah. Now let me kiss among the dwellers of heaven inshallah. And or when he has a below sacrificial love from that, or hell eternal. He says again, in different places, he will know he may have added dunya m&r in the agenda or not by Allah. No, no dwellings no life after this life, except heaven inshallah, or hell will have the villa. So which one do you want to eat? And I'm in Misha middle agenda, where Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam says, who will roll the sleeves up virgin? Can you imagine on a hot day?

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The sun is hot, there is no cloud. The scholars will say, if it's that hard day, which type will you choose? under the sun, or beneath a shade of a tree? Of course, most of us will take the shade of a tree on a hot day.

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So the scholars will say How could you not choose heaven over Hill, if you choose the shade over the sun, it's a panel. So another warning. Again, I will follow up. said when Elena he says he's appointed him. He's seen that he's dedication is to him because people came to I will call it after that. He says, talk to your to your nephew. Otherwise, we will kill him or we will come to you and hold you accountable. But again, he did not heed to the message. And he went to speak to him. Of course, the howdy the sun in my writing the moon on my left is known to be weak. We don't deal with it accordingly. Of course, however, the authentication of it is that what Prophet Mohammed has a

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solemn commitment and the commitment of obatala to help the Prophet Mohammed Salah as Allah Subhana Allah to Allah use them to for the support of the Dawa in the beginning of it. So, it was time that we would not but we will we will know that

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there is a major lesson to be learned but inshallah we will take it one step at a time. Please. This is for a lucky lady from Nagoya, and then acetylcholine alpha

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is one law he I will help you, I will support you. But sapan Elia Actually, we talked about this today, the guidance, he says, but my heart still i'd Diener bimetallic.

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But my whims and desires my heart leans toward the what the way of Abdulmutallab, the ancestors are meant to be law. What do we take as the end of the do we take tradition and culture and tribalism, before Islam? Is there an Islam in Islam? When you stand in front of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, what will you say? When Allah subhanaw taala? Who are you? What do you say I'm a Pakistani Egyptian, whatever you from what you say I'm a Muslim, there is heat to that. Please understand that this is what you will be asked questions in the grief murghab book magic method.

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Three questions indeed. Who is your Lord? What is your religion? What do you say the man that was sent upon you meaning

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Who's the messenger, but only allows a manager to order by his infinite wisdom and mercy and compassion gives us the questions before we asked. Not only that, he gives us the answers before we're so proud of them. If you find in any exam any place, do you think they will give you the questions? Certainly not. And they will certainly not give you the answers to these questions. But look at the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala he tells you that these questions that will be asked and he gives you the answers, but the condition is, you febrile ly living in a man who will be hired to do extra work, I love my job. The condition is the loss of putana will give you the Tibet he will be

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you will be able to say La la la palma de la jolla before you die, but after wiping them so it says this Polish rabbit is that the Shahada before you die and when you resurrected inshallah and then you're in the grave but what is the condition and he and levena are men who gets that everyone those who believe so again hold on to that believe that he as much as you can okay inshallah. And then again, Prophet Mohammed Salim after he has given the advice and the wisdom to his own immediate family. He goes to that journalist software, he comes up and stands on that mountain of the sofa and he says, He says Ross about how yes about how is this a calling of warning like what is like an army

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coming to invade you? And he calls in to gather everyone no code no conditionals for everyone, not just his own family. And he goes up and he says yeah, but if you have any ID you have any food and you have any food, and he says you have any of them are valid. All of these tribes Come Come and the gathered around them, the kado, semi Manila, the Yeti Who is the one that speaking it is Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the people came close and quickly, and then Prophet Mohammed saw some of them when he saw them gathered. He says it

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in the Highland bhiwadi if I tell you that there is an army coming to invade you in the morning, will you believe me?

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According to most of the P and career alikum Will you believe me? Carlo Nam measureup Malika katiba

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they said yes, of course. We will believe you manage kariba we know you don't we know not any false. Are you telling lives look at the reputation that exceeded Prophet Mohammed Salim Allahu Akbar. So how is your reputation naughty? How How do you deal with your neighbors? When you move into a house to your neighbors when I move out, say sell sell the house, the value that is gonna go down? Or when you die is 100 reliable? I mean, he was he was a he is you can have a party when you die or when she cried. And same with you. So we know that our Prophet Muslim says these reputation manager Rob now we did not know anything of falsehood. So this is for in Nina de la combinar. They should eat. I am

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a warner. I come with a with the punishment if you don't heed to the message in the memory.

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So it's as if I see the enemy and I've come to this family but his family he said what are you doing? mccannon Allah says that I see him from a place that is far and I'm warning you come back before it's too late. Come back before it's too late for her.

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So I wanted to be the enemy to you and say yes about her. Yes. Haha. heed to the message, learn, learn and warn before it's too late. So is it too late for us? I hope not. I asked olanzapine Taylor, to make us among those who listen speech and follow the rest of it. And hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallam it was up to you today in Jazakallah Hayden was Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh