They Can Only Kill Women and Children American Funded Cowardice

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A child's life in Gaza is not less than a child's life in Paris, or Rome, what Israel is doing is making this dunya so miserable, say no to ethnic cleansing, say no to the garden people leaving and say yes to an end to this war, Palestinians won't break, now is the time to stay strong.

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The majority of visits that I have made to Palestine or as a non Muslim, and what I saw there was an absolute commitment to generosity of visitors, steadfastness and determination to stay in their land. And I could not ignore as a journalist, the fact that there was clearly not only oppression, but an apartheid oppression upon the people there. I wrote about meeting the Palestinians in my early visits, in the most truthful wording that I had. And it was this, that it felt like I was visiting an Alien Nation of people who were so good, so steadfast and so patient, that they did not seem to me, recognizably human. They were super human. In fact, I got a little bit annoyed with the

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Palestinians when I met them at first, because I thought they had Stockholm Syndrome, because not only were they not determined to hate all Jews, or just take Jewish life, they said, Allah will sort this out for us. Allah is our judge, we must be steadfast. And I was so angry that I said, you really need to be resisting this in a different way. So my question to the international community is why don't you recognize that actually, the Palestinian people have been the most patient people on us under oppression.

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I think we can summarize the victory for the Palestinian people in Gaza as this number one you cannot defeat an idea, the idea of freedom, the idea of having your land the ideal of worshipping in a laksa and protecting it for the ummah. SubhanAllah. And you also can never defeat the people for whom death is not the end. We do not fear death. The Palestinians do not look for it. They love their children more than any nation I visited on us, and they value them and they want a good life. But when Allah chooses for them to go, they say Alhamdulillah Shakur, Allah, it's written and our dead are in Jana. How can you break the back of those people. But what Israel is doing is making

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this dunya so miserable in so many illegal ways that they want to break maybe the rest of us, the Palestinians won't break. We must not allow ourselves to break. And I have a message as well, to all our social media activists, and all people who are engaging with this question, please don't think about yourself.

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Maybe you need to cry. Fine. Crying is normal. But don't say I have compassion fatigue. Don't say I need a break from all of this horror. That is to turn off your humanity. That is to be frankly, a weakened human being. Now is the time to stay strong. And my other message is this. We talk about boycott, boycott, boycott fine. We've had boycotts before, okay of Israeli products and then people forget and they don't check the label. What we need to be talking about right now is canceling. Cancel your American subscriptions. If you're from the Muslim world, cancel any products from America we need to get behind Israel we need to cancel Disney we need to cancel Amazon we need to

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cancel all of those major collaborations Starbucks finish them forever. KFC seriously, you have local chicken products that you can buy and enjoy. We need to build up our Ummah, build up our spaces, Inshallah, and not be so reliant because clearly the American system is built out of a hatred for Muslims.

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All we're seeing at the moment is the mass death of Palestinians. We are not seeing or being allowed to see the fear and the terror that is going on inside Israel In Israel, their economy is in freefall. I read an economist a reputable source saying Israel is losing $250 million a day for

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MIT's economy. They have doubled their unemployment rate since October, the eights they cannot do a long war. They can only kill women and children. This is the other thing because their fighters are not brave, because they fear the resistance. And my message as well. To my brothers and sisters on social media is stopped selling out the Palestinian resistance Know the Facts under international law. Every occupied people has a right to resist with an armed struggle. You are not on the ground. If you don't feel you can say respect to the struggle. How about say nothing.

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To every Palestinian Masjid Al Aqsa, and Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine. They have been resisting its takeover for almost 100 years, but specifically for 75 years. And I say this to the Ummah, if it wasn't for the Palestinians, maybe since 1948, we wouldn't have had one Salah they're not once a dude, there. It is their stones, it is the women's steadfastness who go there and pray at Fudger even though they're beaten with sticks, even though now the protectors of blacks are being taken into custody, they are being attacked right now, since October, the seventh 43 days now, Alexa has been virtually closed, nobody is talking about this, do not let the world take Alexa from us.

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Allah will protect it and the Palestinians will protect it. But we need to be protective of our Alexa as well.

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The best advocates for changing the Western mindset and the Palestinians themselves and specifically the people of Gaza. What we're seeing now is a deluge of people finding an interest in the quarter and in a meaning in life because I'm telling you, if I wasn't Muslim right now, with my love of Palestine, and care for humanity, I would be either suicidal or murderous. Because it's too much for the human soul to take in that dunya is like this. But with the Holy Quran, knowing Allah to Allah, this dunya it makes a sense, and it beautifies our hearts. I remember in 2001 after 911 that it was said that 500,000 Americans bought the Holy Quran. And when you hear the reports now they say, I

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bought it because I was angry, I wanted to see what those crazy Muslims were up to. And still, they took their shahada after October the seventh this October the seventh and legendary day in the unmas history. Yes, we can say that people are now picking up the Quran because of the steadfastness and Saba of the people of ISIS specifically to find the beauty in the Quran. How many millions will accept Islam because of this? Only Allah knows we're at a tipping point in history. Don't be downhearted. Be steadfast, be strong carry on the struggle, however you can.

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Okay, yes.

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So the projects going forward that we can involve ourselves and one of them is a coalition of justice, in order to bring legal cases against anybody around the world, specifically, people in the media and business who have been advocating for genocide against the Palestinian people. These cases are happening right now. Get involved, if you're a lawyer, if you are somebody with a legal mind back these people as donors as well back these organizations, bringing people to justice, Palestinian lives are not expendable. A child's life in Gaza is not less than a child's life. In Paris, or Rome, we have to value these lives and we must use all legal means to bring people to

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justice. That is a great cause. And secondly, there is talks of a flotilla to Gaza in sha Allah, we will bring the eyes of the world much needed medical aid and we will rebuild. And we must back the Palestinian people to stay in their land, say no to ethnic cleansing, say no to the Gaza and people leaving and say yes to an end to this war and free Palestine from the river to the sea. You will not take our words, you will not take our lives anymore. You will not get away with this. Allah is just and the Palestinian people are strong. And we are here with you, our dear brothers and sisters

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is a journalist

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in this situation,

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and I'd like to put out a call to my fellow journalists and the mainstream media. I know a lot of you are feeling very hypocrite

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It's a call right now that secretly you talk amongst yourselves, I'm telling you, if you leave for justice, justice will be with you for your life. If you're at the BBC now, or Sky News, or any of those American panels, which you know, are telling lies, and are not doing true reporting, quit, join together, send letters to the management demand that they explain themselves and leave Allah will find you better work. It is better to have your ethics than the job you don't believe in.

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What is the spirit led you to write?

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In search of a holy land is my memoir. It's really a tribute to the Palestinian people who are at the core of my discovery of the reason for living, which is Al Islam to know Allah to Allah. I wanted to include as many true stories of the Palestinians that I met, and their struggle within this book, it's the heart of my my life, really, Allahu Akbar, and I hope I've done justice to it and Sharla I promised in Palestine to tell their stories. And this book is my delivery on that husband Allah when your malware kill has been allowing your malware kill my dear brothers and sisters stay strong. Change is never easy. The end of colonization is always bloody, and the end of

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the American hegemony on us is going to be difficult but in sha Allah, Allah will give us victory. Stay strong.