The Spiritual Ladder – The Flip Side Of Wealth

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Bismillah he was salatu salam ala rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were bad. Generally when we sign a deal or a contract or an agreement, then all the positive aspects of that agreement would be in bold print. And all the challenges negatives or cons will be in fine print barely visible to the naked eye. And rarely do we take the time and the trouble to read through it or through peruse through it. It's only when we find ourselves in a turbulent situation, or when things go pear shaped. Now we compelled to open up the document. And now we read the fine print and we realize that oops, if only we knew probably we would have not entered into this agreement or relationship. But

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alas, it's too late. Well, the entire world tells you about the perks the benefits, the privileges of wealth, affluence, prosperity, etc. But Has anyone ever spelled out the challenges and the cones of prosperity, wealth and opulence? Rarely do we hear about it? In my Muslim Rahim Allah captures a hadith in Qatar was so hot, we once the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sitting with his noble companions are the Allahu anhu and he said, kafer become either 40 headford his room, or my companions, what will be of you? ayoko mean unto what will be of you? When the wealth of Persia and Rome will come to your feet? so dramatic now for the Allahu anhu said napoo comma Amara, Allah

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enough al, we will do as Allah instructs us, we will increase in charity we will increase in gratitude. The messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam looked at them and said I was the Euro direct our the Euro Dallek Are you sure nothing else will happen? And they in silence, no owner be of a low hopefully we will do what's the demand of the hour. He sallallahu wasallam said I'm afraid that an alpha soon. So meta has to do some meta data borrowed some meta Babu La ilaha illAllah. That error which will be brimming with wealth and affluence will be gripped with mutual rivalry. cetana for soon, I need to excel my sibling I need to have a better car. I need to outshine him in my wealth in

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my travels in my dressing in my expenses. And this will then lend itself into something more evil and unpleasant that has a dual where I will adopt measures to curtail his growth to see how he can fall and he can collapse. So MetaTrader Barone, then I'll turn my back to him and ignore him give him a cold shoulder. So my teta Baba zone, and then it will end at a point where unfortunately you will depart from this world where you have dislike and resentment for each other. My brother remember the verse of the Quran in the 19 Jews in Surah. To sha Allah says lion Ramadan Wallah by noon, nothing will available on the day of the Yama in llaman at Allah hubby talbin Selim, but the

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one who comes to Allah with a clean heart, it's time we purify this heart. Luckily, nothing Yun fee Tobin Dennison, Hiram Min talbin, Dennison fee, Tobin Athenian, it is always better to have a clean heart in a soiled clothing, tend to have a soiled heart in clean clothing. May Allah bless us with a clean heart so that we can leave this world in a manner that he's pleased with us. I mean, you're on Bellamy