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Part 3 – When the Prophets Wept

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The hosts of a talk show discuss the difficulties of life during the COVID-19 crisis, including the importance of testing oneself and finding one's own success. They emphasize the negative impact of the pandemic on people, including their health and family, and stress the importance of forgiveness and staying true to one's beliefs. They stress the need to forgive oneself and not give up on others, as it can lead to failure and failure for everyone.

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salatu salam ala

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he was happy he married my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam in Santa Monica library cartoon. Thank you for joining us, Brother Mohammed waste to all of you with us through LGM through Elko, third through berhanu Islam, almost panatela bless you and I pray that this message reaches you and your family in the best of health. And in his care during this crisis. We continue episode three or part three of the series The hottest hour, we will look at very difficult times during the Muslim Ummah and how we can learn from those those moments. Today inshallah, we're going to look at, at the, the ayah in the Quran that speak about the ambia the prophets and the pious people, when they

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will push to the the limit so we know we're going through a very difficult time and many of us all of us are struggling some more than others may Allah make it easy. And it's take we get comfort when we look at how even the most pious of people with twisted and that they went through hardships as well in spite of the man, we'll look at how they got through it, and we take courage and comfort Allah subhanho wa Taala he narrates the stories of the past, for us to learn and so that we can, we can draw lessons and things from them. So that inshallah Part Three is when the profits wycked when the profits of Allah, they whipped. We begin by reminding you know myself yourself. This is really

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it's a mindset that if we get this right, it makes it makes it more bearable. When we understand that life was always going to be a test Allah Subhana Allah says as a supernatural, a youth Roku, Roku, Amanda homelife, the noon hour says, Does man think two people think that they can simply say we believe and Allah will not test him, Allah will not put that that statement to the test. So Allah subhanaw taala promises you and me that this life is an examination. Sometimes we are tested with ease and comfort and luxury and money. Sometimes it is such as poverty, hardship, disease, all of it is a test there is no one that is better or worse. It is a test. And it is how we respond in life.

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That is ultimately what we're here to do. And then we will see the results on the day of karma that is the success or failure comes in the day of karma. So what are we going through today with the ease of uncomfort or hardship, it is it is a test from Allah. So Allah says he promises you that if you say it's not enough that we say we believe we will be tested. And so we know that this is planned by Allah subhanho wa Taala and ordained by our last panel data. Now these tests can be difficult sometimes, and these tests can put us through

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you know, hardship, and how do we get through this. These difficulties in these difficult times Allah subhanaw taala mentions we can see in the CMA Allah subhanaw taala mentions that not you are not the first people to go through this Allah says I'm hospital under the hood agenda Do you think that you will as a rhetorical question, do you think that you will intergender and while I'm yet to come missile methodology in Holloman commonly come that you will not go through that which which the people of the past went through again, always take comfort that you are not the first people to be tested like this? All the nations before they were tested and you will be tested as well. Allah says

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look at the extent versus Mr. toolbar Sir, what was it I tested him so much with poverty adversity calamity, I seen so many difficulties upon them, was Zulu, Zulu and I shook them Hector yaku to such an extent that a Nabi Rasool Allah Nina, Amal, kala Mata nos law, Allah international law Karim, Allah says that the nebbia of a Nebbiolo as I say, which will be Allah says he tested a group of people to such an extent that one of the the prophets and the pious people they said, when is only going to help us When will the help of Allah come as it not feel sometimes? You say Allah, I've been making my solder. I've been a good, good person. Not a perfect person. I haven't done major sins to

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the best of my knowledge. I've tried my best I paid my soccer I fasted every Ramadan, I don't miss my select my money is hollow. Why am I being tested like this? Why am I losing my job? Why are my kids the ones that are sick? Oh, my parents, Allah protect us. Allah says that he will test you do you think that you will intergender without going through this analysis in the past, he has seen many many calamities and hardships on many, many nations and he shook them to the point we even an abbey of Allah with all these imagine your Kinsey wynia a lot of you we miss the help of a lot going to come. So also we see from this is a very human response. One of the purposes of this lecture

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today is to see that the MBM

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They have full yaqeen. They have full Eman. Even they were shaken to the point where they felt like they could not Congo on any way Allah, it's too much for me to be an Allah subhanho wa Taala alone wants to see us in this vulnerable state for to bring the best out of us. So we're going to look at specific and beyond the first maybe we'll talk about is never useful is when he was at his most desperate situation. Now, when we are in a test, we see a calamity coming we see this virus around us, we see some hardship coming, we pray and make the ayah Allah I see one business failing the one next door, the one in front like this, let me be let me escape or be averted from it. So whenever

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you use for Islam, we know that he was in the house of a very prominent wealthy person. And he was a very beautiful man. And so the woman of the house wanted to seduce him. And so he constantly rebuffed the he avoided her continuously until she set up this party wasn't just her, it was her and all the well to do beautiful women of Egypt. They surrounded him ganged up on him and they said, you will come and Xena now or we are going to punish you we are going to harm you and so in abusive is in this in this extreme scenario. And so Allah speaks about him Allah sees and he said, Allah Robbie, Allah a signal that it is better for me to have bootlegger to go to jail, as opposed to what

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they are inviting me to versus versus the Zener. He's saying Allah, I will get me out of the situation. And this is what he let us if I need that, if you do not save me from the plot, I will fall into them, I will be inclined towards them. You know what this is a very powerful I have because the use of is saying what they are telling me to do is not something I don't want to do, I'm human, I'm human, I also have those urges. So sometimes that sin is calling us we all have that favorites. And we all have that weakness. And it's calling to us now the use of is being put right in the middle of this fitna. This test, he's being tested, like you have these beautiful calling to

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him saying you either gonna get punished, or you come and see now he says, I am weak Allah if you don't save me from this now, if you don't avert this from me, then I'm going to be I'm going to fall. So he shows his vulnerability. I'm alone, you're the only one that can rescue me from this. That awkward moment, Jacqueline, I will become of those who are ignorant or become of those who are sinners, foster Jabba, who are abou Allah says, so we answered him, he called up to us, and we responded for us for sarafa and who came down and we saved him from the flood, meaning in our context, we say Allah, this virus, I can't fight it. I can't defend myself from it. I can't run away

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from it. The only one that can save me is you. So save me rescue me from this. And unless I answer when you call out an answer in a semi will it I am the one that is ever hearing, evil present, and Allium and all away of your situations. So sometimes you find yourself in a situation like an abusive, and you plead to Allah to rescue you from that. Sometimes, and this is the story of us, Alison and the wife of Iran. There is no escape. Sometimes, unfortunately, you are trapped, and there's no way to get out. Look at this. I am Allah subhanaw taala his a lot of Allahumma salli ala nabina Muhammad, Allah gives you an example of a believing woman, the wife of Iran, like gives you

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an example of a woman there was a believer, she was the wife of Iran. Now fear is perhaps the worst person in the Holy Quran of the beliefs. Allah mentions fear own will go to a shed the other he will go to the hardest punishment of FGM Allah protect us a place in Ghana that is specific to Pharaoh and his people. Now if this man who we know killed children, abused, you know, massacred cause genocide, who believed he was God, can you imagine the fear that Asya felt being around him? Today? You know, you'll hear a lot of people. One of the sad things about this lockdown is that there are a lot of women and children going through domestic abuse. The father is violent or someone in the

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household is violent. And before you could get away, you could maybe go to some homeless shelter. Now you are stuck in that home with your tormentor and there is no way to escape as he is in that scenario. She is locked in with film and she's there's no way to go. So when she makes to our you know, a woman you know, we talk about a home of shelter or safety, she has no place to go. And so she says Look at her too. And she says if Carla she said Robin Lee in debater from Jenna Yala, both for me a house with you in general, if there is no place in the dunya to save me, there's no shelter for me in the dunya and provide me a shelter in the Acura. Listen from this. Sometimes they just is

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no place to unlike never use of there's no place for you to be rescued. You are stuck in your current scenario. And so remember the easy release

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with Allah subhanho wa Taala so he she says yeah Allah, if I can't be have a home of safety in the dunya then build me a house with you in general, when a genie mean for around and save me from fit our own family and from his evil doings when a genie mineral coma volume and save me Take me away from all these evil people and images surrounded by their own soldiers, his cronies. You know, sometimes we look at people that are wealthy, and she's the queen of Egypt. People might think what what is that she have? What is it possible for us for her to go through? She is suffering day and night every time he comes to every time he is in the palace. She's scared. What is he going to do?

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This guy who has no no remorse in him to kill children? Surely, if he's displeased whether she has to obey Him, and so she's making this way out Allah, you are the only one that can save me and rescue me rescue me and take me to a place with you in general. You know, we don't talk a lot about

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racism. It's amazing to think about the prophets on says there are four women that achieved the highest level of Eman for women that had achieved perfection. The first of them is Azimi up until last year, no woman had reached that pinnacle of a man like her and she was a queen, you would say she lived a luxurious life. She was being tormented night and day by this man and she was patient there was no way to go. Except to you your ally You are my refuge. And so if you are stuck in a place like that, I can't imagine what it's like to be that way. Make the duel Allah boldmere place of shelter with you, you are my safe keeper. We move on to another another tribulation that we can

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you know i is vanilla I am. Feel this. In this time when we can be with our loved ones. We can't be there to actually support them. We have parents for example, my parents are in a different country. They are alone. And our parents are in a good good agent Allah grant him many, many more years. But you wish you could be there to go to the shop and buy something for them to make sure that they are safe. But you in this current climate you might not be able to help you the people that you love. And this is like Nabhi Brahim we don't have Ebrahim is told to take his wife harder. And his son is smileys newborn son that he loved so much you've been waiting for and Allah says leave them in maca.

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maca had absolutely nothing. He didn't even have a cover. He had absolutely nothing no Zamzam a complete wasteland. Allah says you leave them they and you leave and you go. And so now via Brahim, obeying a law This is a taste another thing that you can't control that we go through a taste we can't control it. He says Ramana in a second term in the reality now I can look at you can imagine a father leaving his family in the middle of nowhere. And so he turns to ally and he says our law I have left some of my family in this barren in this barren Valley in this empty area behind it these are absolutely no vegetation here you're close to your your sacred house so that they may Allah that

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they may establish sada and project either termina nassetta de la him and yeah, Allah lead someone, some people come to assist them and and provide for them of fruits and take care of them. You are not alone. Yes guru so they could be grateful is deliberately saying, Yeah, Allah if I can't be there to help them in at least let someone else be in the tub. nomic do I Allah, my parents, and any of you who have family members that are alone may help them you know, Allah, and if they can't help themselves, seem to them someone that will assist them. It'll take neighbors that are good, good, good, good neighbors, colleagues that will help them and will say you know, do you need to shop?

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Protect them? Yeah. So it's, it's a type of psychological test for you and me, you might not go through the test, but someone you love might be going through the test. How do I help them? What if you know my love, Allah forbid, you have a loved one that stuck in an ICU in the hospital, they quarantined off. I've heard that, you know, kids, for example, if they're in an ICU, you have to be separate, separated from them. All you can do now since they are in the care of someone else, let someone assist them and be there for them.

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A pain that I hope none of us go through but this is a game for the patient. They might be some of us who are there are people that we know that have maybe this disease or they are alone. They're being isolated completely alone. Some of us who we are lucky we are isolated without with our wives without parents without kids, you know, we're not alone. What if you're completely alone, you are stuck in this house isolation. You can't leave you are by yourself when you are we don't even talk about a big sickness, you know, a life threatening sickness. If you're just going through a common cold or a tummy bug or you feeling under the weather and you have no one need to look at to assist

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you. You're completely alone. Some of you know friends that are students living on the residences, completely alone and you go through this. It is a very

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traumatic experience to go through illness by yourself. Now, don't think again You were the only one that went through this. Maria malaise cinema wife, the mother of Nebuchadnezzar had to go the she had to give birth alone. We know that when she was pregnant with me, he said, Of course she wasn't married. So this was she was waiting. What are the people gonna say she left Jerusalem and on the side of the road some way she goes into labor completely alone. A young woman never experienced this no one to look after. And she's going into labor, no doctor, no midwife, no family members. So Allah says, for a job mojado illogical inequality, that when the pain is the pain of childbirth forced her

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to go to a tree she had to just lie against a tree going into labored collect now. This is perhaps one of the most powerful, desperate pleas of someone in the Quran. Miriam is not someone that doesn't have a man. Maryam Islam is someone who spoke to you believe she is in so much anguish and pain. She says call it Yeah, Layton. He moved to Kabbalah Allah wrote to me, I hope I had died before this. The pain is so much I wish I just died. I don't want to live anymore.

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Welcome to nicean man sia that I hope that I will completely forgotten, completely unknown. I wish I never existed. Can you imagine the pain that this lady's going through that she would make this kind of lasagna I wish I would have rather prefer to have died, then go through this. This is a pious person going through this a very human response. And then Allah subhana wa Tada. responds to her when she says this, he responds to her through maybe someone cc's being born, the first thing he does is he says to his mother, Don't feel sad. Allah has sent you a river. Allah, look, this water flowing here that if you just were to shake the tree a little bit, they would fall down. And for

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quickly, wasabi Catarina and drink and eat and, and become contented and lit your eyes become cool, meaning become home. The first miracle of Nova was he's actually giving the he's actually speaking to his mother, you're going through all of us. But what do you get in return on the other side, you have the son who is the Messiah, the Son who by the grace of Allah, Allah is dead, who will defeat the jab. So yes, you go through the test. But at the other side of that test, is something truly amazing that Allah subhanaw taala will bring from that. So but I mean, the point is to look at the difficulties ladies, if you're going through any any, you know, sickness on your own. Then channel

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the, you know, the lesson of Mariama Islam and again, prophesied for women achieve the highest level of success Asya Maria is the second one Alice Ram. So her success was she had to go through this pain alone, and she bought it patiently. And that gave her in exchange, the highest level agenda. And I'm sure you've heard this from many, many lectures, this is a once in a lifetime of occurrence. It's also an opportunity, you know, this test. Like any test, you have bonus points. And if our lives were not, you know, 100%, or we thought, how would I ever compete with a Sahaba? And the righteous people? How can I get the, they went through so much, and so they passed, and that's where

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they're getting nice places in general. This is our time to get the Actually, we are going through a test now isolation, sickness, loss of jobs, how we respond to it can delete as be in the company of these people. Now granted for us, we move on,

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perhaps of the most difficult things that you could go through, is to lose is to lose the thing that you love the most to lose the thing that you love. The most. None of it. If you look at the story of the use of surah Yusuf, you'll find one of the you know, for me personally, one of the most amazing characters of the surah not never use of so much, but he's dead. Now. The coop is like the ultimate dad. He's the base that in fact the other sons, they fight each other just so that nebbia coop can give more of his love to them. Everyone wants to be a Cubs favorite. And who couldn't help himself but his favorite was this boy Yusuf, who Allah selected to be an abbey, who was beautiful, we had

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all the character beautiful qualities. He's hot, you know, as we say, you know, his apple in the apple of his eye was another use of all these hoaxes appeared in the dream, such as the normal parental Hope you're going to become someone great that the lineage of Nebraska from NaVi Brahim to NaVi is hard to to be who you will inherit this from the family business of number one, you're going to be the next Navy. So he was so excited and all these dreams and we know nothing was taken away from him. Not for a few days or a few years for decades and abuse was lost no idea where he is. And so now via cube says of the like many many 3040 years, he says, Carla yeah

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how sad Oh, my sorrow Oh, my sadness about use of he's still thinking

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The pain hasn't lifted, it's still as low as it was the day before. We are not I know who you know whose need for for work of him. Allah says and his eyes became white, meaning some of you became blind from all the crying, but he was Karim. Allah says he was he suppressed he's sort of meaning he was not someone that went. And you know, and moan and groan. And you know with the Steadicam in front of people around him, he was dying inside, he kept it to himself, and he cried only with Allah and to suck his grief was so deep, now losing a child's panelo I have these conversations with my wife from Allah, you know, Lisa, she's been through a very difficult Yeah, it's just very recently

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I'm sharing something me personally, she's actually lost both parents in a very short period of time. And so, you know, talking through grief and those things, you you ask some things or even worse than your own personal faith, to lose someone you love might be gladly trade your life for someone for someone that you love. Now, the use of an add on that, I don't think if you ask me what is the most difficult thing to be losing a child, but not only losing a child to death, a child that goes missing? Not knowing if the child is alive or dead sometimes you just let me see the body you know, you feel relief? Maybe he doesn't know where his son is. Can you imagine that the internal

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torture this man is going through the one that he loves also the most is being tortured by this and allows the one is the planet Allah and he is an epi of a lie serving Allah night and day. And so yeah, like, How could this happen? And so Allah says he was so in you know, his grief for so much he went blind from the crying and so when they so now the people say to him because he mentioned useful after 30 years, he says yeah, I'm so sad about use of and so they said, Well, you not stop mentioning yourself. Is it not by the time that you got over it? How many times you find people that say this not come now usually man get over it now man, they did long time ago move on from this. And

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will you not you only slowly only stop when you go mad when you when you when you die? This is a user's best my favorite. He says never Yaqoob says called I said to them when he just mentioned use of once and he said to them in a scuba fee. Who's Neela that like Don't worry. I only complain of my salt, my sorrow, my grief, my suffering to Allah. I only talk to him about what I'm feeling. I don't talk to you about it. Now, what we learn about this ayah Allah wants you to complain. Complaining is maybe not the perfect word is to speak to a lot about your belief to say yeah, Allah, I'm struggling a lot. I am sad. Yeah, Allah, I miss my mom, I miss my dad, I miss my son. I've lost it. You know?

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financially, I'm going through a lot. I'm not going around on Facebook, all my friends so I'm not speaking complaining about my situation to anyone. I'm complaining to you, and only you can fix it. Also, I'm not complaining about you. I'm not saying I'm dissatisfied with you've given me but I'm only human Allah, it's hard for me to go through this every day is is torture. So he says, I only ushiku I only complain about my Buffy my suffering, or Hosni and my deep sadness, Allah will allow me to lie monitor Allah moon, and I know of all of that which you don't know, even says, and this is a

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powerful idea of the 30 years 40 years, he still doesn't give up on the hope I will see my son. And so he says to He says, Go for the hassle. Go and look, go out there and look for yourself and his brother, this point two of his sons were missing. And he says what are they assuming rohilla and don't ever lose hope in the relief of Allah. Never ever give up that Allah will help you a believer and never gives up. In Nola assuming rohilla ilco lol como Catherine Catherine. He says only a disbelieving person loses hope in a lot. You know, we will always hear you know the mowlana of the shift saying you don't believe in the power of Allah or the punishment of Allah. There's something

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wrong with you. That history is true. But worse than that is to not is to deny or to lose hope in the mercy of Allah because Allah has mercy is bigger than his punishment. His mercy is bigger than he's anger. So if you deny the mercy, you have denied more of Allah and so now he will be saying only a disbelieving person loses hope in the Most Merciful loose open Allah don't ever feel like your situation cannot be fixed. don't even feel Allah has left me. Maybe Yeah, maybe a cube is gone 3040 years making dua I still hope against all odds it was gonna tell me I'm never going to see this boy, but I know I haven't a lot you can make me see use of again. And so he says I keep making the

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dua that I will see him one day. The next day.

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Nabil, so you could lose the thing that you love like never use of and that can completely break you on the inside. What about losing everything? Everything that you have. Now we know the story of Nabeel au Bala Salaam. And of course, even in English in the parable is the patience of Job to have the patience to be a Ubn, you know, is the Nabhi that showed of the utmost patience. A last panel tested him by causing his family to go with children. And then his his wealth went and when he became sick, and he had that kind of sickness that caused him to be sort of like paralyzed we couldn't even move anymore. And he and his skin became a kind of thing that even his friends and the

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people wanted to avoid him ashamed him. So imagine the snobby of the MBL he is like, just lying the some everyone's like is decaying is like rotting is full of pus. All he can do is make Vicar and his wife is saying to him, we need to help you now the only person that stuck with him is his wife. He says, By now, you know why is not helping you. Her complaining was the disrespectful complaining. And so he said to her, even you, you need to go that I am that this I'm not going to be ungrateful to Allah, I'm just going to make to our and until he removes his affliction. I will be patient with him. So this is about nebbia be a YouTube in this kind of crisis. Now he's lost everything. I mean,

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he's got nothing. He's alone with the sickness, no wife, no family, no food. And he says, Allah says what a UVA isn't a UVA is nada when he called out when he called out to his Lord, and the Masonic Masonic guru, that Allah, calamity adversity has befallen me I am going through such a difficult time. What untied hamura mean? But you are the Most Merciful. Also, it looks like we've seen the calamity, who took away his kids and he made his health and his wealth. A lot took it away. He didn't say, yeah, Allah, you took it away. He says, I am going through a hardship. In this in this little talk of mine. There's also an adapt of how we complain to Allah. Allah make dua Allah wants

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you to complain about him complain about your situation. And then you say, well under hammer me but you are the Most Merciful. I've come to you you're a little weak, vulnerable, last scade but you are the one that can help me. And so he made this devices. I have no way to go but you and you have the Most Merciful. Pasta jabs. Allah says pasta Jebin Allah who then so we answer these two are *a Schaffner, maybe him in a duel, and we remove completely everything that was upon him of sickness was gone. Well, it now who Allah who are Muslim, Allah says, and we gave back his whole family. So his family, a lot of how this happened wasn't that they died, maybe they were separated, he thought

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they died alone, he turned his family members, all of his kids, his wife, his wealth, everything came back to him. And more than that, rock bottom in Indiana was an NA v Crawley Aberdeen. And it is a law says this is a reminder for the worshipers. The law says I you know, be a YouTube, if you are a worshiper, you never give up that what was taken away from you can be replaced with something even better than that even more than that.

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The next door, or the next moment of like, complete difficulty or sort of is not the norm. And we don't have you know, 950 years of schooling as people come to, you know, 1000 years basically schooling them to Islam. And we rejected him and they mocked him. And these people was a you know, they were really of the worst of the worst because they are the first people on the street. Now they have that dishonor and they are the first nation Allah destroyed and the way they treated me No, you just have to recite Soren what you see when he says in need to call me later when Aria Allah night and day and calling them this is an abbey who has been patient for very, very long. And eventually

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his patients, you know, like Independencia, Allah, there is no he gives up hope on his people. And he says, you know, destroyed him. And sadly amongst those people who are being destroyed, and all of that was destroyed, deserved it was his son. Now Nabina a picture of the scenario Nabina hold for the other bonus mediums equally might let them come let the punishment come in. So although responded and unless in the rain, and now he sees his son drowning, he knows his son deserves what he's getting. He knows his son disbelieved in a law for nine years. I mean, your daddy's gonna be his son caused him so much harm. He gives our and he senses don't listen to my dad. He's crazy. And

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so now when his son reaps what he had gotten, and he sees he has, he's drowned and he's drowning. And he knows obviously what follows is gentlemen, that we know can only might be but the father is the Father, even though he's gonna be his father, and he just went out and Rob bell. And so now Luke nakazato is too close to Allah as his son is drowning for color around the internet.

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My name is Ali Allah, this is my son, he's from my family, Allah. He's my child. We're in. We're in our data. I

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mean, but your promise is true. And you are the most just of judges. I mean, Lucas, in this iron you can see in a minute understands what I feel and what I can say. He cannot say, yeah, Allah don't

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don't harm my son. Oh, how are you doing? He can't say that. He's saying, Yeah, Allah. I know you are the most just judge whatever you do is obviously going to be unfair. And when you made a promise, you fulfilled your promise. You told these people you warned them, they didn't listen, he didn't listen what he got. He deserves, but he stole my son. Yeah, Allah. He stole my child. Yeah, Allah sometimes submitting to the decree of Allah is not easy. You know, people will go through hardships and they will tell you, this is the the decree of Allah, you need to be accepted. Yes, we know we have to accept that. But it is difficult to accept it sometimes. And we know what we need to

00:31:00--> 00:31:43

say. And this is the believer. I know what I must say and what I can't say, but doesn't make the art feel any less true who stole my son. Somebody lobbies also, he sees his uncle Abu Talib dying, and he's still mixed on how to save episodic he died and he knows we we he's gonna go and so he he keeps making dua Allah says in Nicoletta demon, if you don't give me Daya, to whom you want. This is the decree of Allah, you need to submit to what Allah has, has seen before. So sometimes the decree of Allah is a bitter pill to take the decree of Allah is not easy. Even if the greatest of the ambia have a lot of feeling it don't feel like your Eman is weak. The true Eman is the one who feels that

00:31:43--> 00:32:04

his heart is broken. But he says yeah, Allah, if this is what you ordained, then I must accept, then I will persevere. And I will come to you and cry to you and big to you. And if you are out, you will answer me in this dunya or the next. Another example of this is the prophets of Allah. When he sang Ibrahim and Ibiza Salaam had buried

00:32:05--> 00:32:43

all of his children besides Fatima at this point, he's about 60 years old. His wife, Maria, Maria, the Coptic lady she gives birth is what you brought him, maybe this boy is going to survive. He buried one child after the other. None of his sons survived. This boy Brian comes in the twilight of his age. And he Brahim was at the age of about two years old, meaning he can walk and he's like, you know, he's very playful now. And then a piece of sand would go and visit him very frequently, and play with his boy kiss him. He just couldn't like, you know, help himself but be around this little boy Ibrahim, and then he brought him starts dying. He, you know, like developed some sickness. He

00:32:43--> 00:33:21

was the Hadeeth mentioned that he was breathing very. He had difficulty breathing, like the symptoms that we see today. And the problems that he realizes this boy is dying. And so the prophets of Salaam keeps his son Ibrahim in his arms, and just letting him die in his own arms as a father. And while he's doing that, he begins to cry in Ibiza. Sonam begins to cry. And so after an evening alpha Greeks are having one of the tantrum agenda. He says, Oh NaVi so seldom, even you you cry, meaning the Sahaba had not seen an abyssal Salaam, weep like this. You know, he was very composed when good news and bad news came, he was always composed and when he would cry, he would cry. When he was

00:33:21--> 00:33:59

alone with lava when he was with his people. He was composed. Now he that composure is gone. And he begins to cry like any parent begins to cry, and man is asking him Is it like permissible for us to cry like this? Is like showing disrespect to Allah. Allah seem to this thing. This is like a fitna, you must accept it is the cooter of Allah. You're not supposed to cry. And so there'll be some sentences. The eyes you know that yes, that the Prophet even he, oh, he says, Oh, so he the Prophet the responsibilities of the humanity may have only been off this is a mercy This is not this crying is not a questioning about logically. This kind doesn't mean that I'm Yes, I'm unhappy. It shows I'm

00:33:59--> 00:34:18

crying because I'm very, very sad. But I'm not being disrespectful to Allah. And in the process of teaching is a very beautiful thing. He says, The eyes are crying, the eyes she tears, and the art is broken. The art is sort of inside I'm like, you know, dying inside. But the tongue will only say that which pleases Allah. When I speak, though I only say

00:34:20--> 00:34:39

this is submission to Allah's decree. And it is not to say that the feeling of regret, the feeling of remorse, the feeling of emptiness, the feeling of even the feeling of why in your heart, you might have that question, you know, why? In your art, but when you speak, you say

00:34:40--> 00:34:49

that, I don't know why. I don't understand why I don't know why you're doing this. You're alone. But I trust you. And when I speak as

00:34:50--> 00:34:59

and when I speak, I say I put my faith in you, I don't know but I put my faith in you that is Taku. Now when you are out of court when things are out of your control, your law, whatever you do,

00:35:00--> 00:35:30

I have to accept because that is ultimately what what what are we called? We are called Muslims. Muslims are the ones who submit, we submit whether we like it or not but we submit and so you might be in a trial a difficulty we all you can do is to submit even though inside it's difficult but we submit you think of Nabil No, no he sent died a while ago. But yeah, you are the most judge just of judges whatever you do is with wisdom that I can understand I can understand Allah knows better than me.

00:35:31--> 00:36:09

Another you know, beautiful dynamic go to W Moosa Nabi Musa is beautiful, because, you know, have you ever been in a situation, we, things are so bad in your life, you don't even know what to ask you. Like, I don't care. I just need anything. I'm not being picky. So Africa is alkota people all around the world. But then as a result, Kevin Romania, and I seem like we go to countries like Australia, there's like, you know, you don't see much poverty, the eyes of Africa, we get people constantly at our doors now you get you know, people come and ask you for for money, or they'll ask you for clothes or something. When you get a person so dispenses, you know, put that anything you

00:36:09--> 00:36:12

have any I'm not even picky, if it's a braid, if it's a shoe if

00:36:13--> 00:36:50

anything, I have nothing. Navy musallam basically made this to our Navy Moosa. We know he was a prince, he lived, you know, the base of lives in Egypt, he was almost like above the law. He was a young, you know, he had, he had a strong body, he was very strong. He had freedom to move when he wanted, he lived in the house of Iran when he could come and go as he pleases. And then he killed someone by mistake. And so now he's running away, and he just ran away from Egypt. And he ended up basically in in Midian. And he comes now and he sits when I go it doesn't know where he's going. He's coming. He doesn't ever end in his pocket. He doesn't have anything there's no place to he

00:36:50--> 00:37:27

doesn't know where I'm gonna sleep tonight. I'm going to eat right and so he sits there and under this this little pond and he sits under the three audiences the shade he sees these people watering the the animals and there are two girls young women on the side waiting and they like fighting with the sheep the sheep want to go to the water but they tried to pull the sheep back and so he you know, the the gentlemen that he is he gets up and he asked them what's up you know, why are you girls here to one side and they say look, we are women the men won't not only assist us, they we must wait until they are done. Then we can move our our animals around these guys are like the

00:37:27--> 00:38:02

opposite of gentlemen. So who doesn't say anything? He just takes the sheep without saying any word to the women. He goes over what is the the animals gives the animals of water and he turns it back to the girls. And now he goes back to that tree Now look, he was in a crisis. What am I gonna do? You see someone else in need? He puts His own crisis on the side. Look, I don't have money, no place to stay. But I'm so healthy. I have what these girls don't have. I can help him until he helps them. He doesn't say anything to them. I want anything in return. Now he goes back to thinking about what am I going to do with my life? So let's just for sakata Houma and so he he gave the animals the

00:38:02--> 00:38:28

water from Mata Wallah and then he went back to the lagoon he went back to the shade he went back to where he was thinking for corn and now he makes the dua from B in Lima and CELTA em in Highland Park area Allah what ever good you can give me I'm in need. I'm not picky, Allah, anything you have for me. Anything you have for me I needed I needed now I am nothing else. And remember, so you know when people are feeling a reverse unfortunately,

00:38:29--> 00:39:05

myself included in a few months ago, a few weeks ago, we're thinking about the next holiday, maybe you know upscaling. Now we just thinking of survival, how much has been lost, many people have lost so much, some more than others. Let me Mussa is lost, everything is gone from the most pampered young man to like having zero. And so he says, Yeah, Allah, anything you can give me. I'm in need, I'm not going to be picky, and so on. What we also learned is, just because you're going through difficulty, doesn't mean you have something you might have something good to offer someone else, you can still help the neighbor, you might be going through some kind of hardship, but the old Auntie

00:39:05--> 00:39:41

next door who can go to the shop, she might have it worse than you. So don't feel your own situation. There's nothing positive you can give. So anyway, he he helps these people and he makes us very, you know, beautiful. And so Allah says, of the words Allah allows these two goals to come back. And we know one of them will become his wife. He gets employed by these people. So he has a house a place to sleep tonight and for the next 10 years. He has something to eat, he has a job he has a purpose, that one good deed with that sincere da Allah change this is situation that we need. So you see overnight he lost everything. And also on that very same day he makes the DA a lot this

00:39:41--> 00:39:46

is to our don't ever underestimate the power of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

00:39:47--> 00:39:59

The next two are we make and this is something which we all know, this is the universe. Now maybe some of you are feeling we've only come back to Allah now. You know, we've made a big mistake. Our lives has been living

00:40:00--> 00:40:34

Without much care and concern. And now we come back to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And now there is part of shaytaan stick, you will have lived your life in such a carefree manner. And now you want to come back to Allah when you see the punishment coming when you see you know the virus coming, you don't skate of Allah, you skate of the virus. Don't forget even the nbma mistakes, you can be in a complete you can actually be punished by Allah and still be saved from it. You know, you can even be, you know, in the midst of the punishment and still be said, this is not the use of a unicycle and what we should know the story. You know, he was an obese, but he called his people and they

00:40:34--> 00:41:11

didn't accept and eventually Allah, the time was up, Allah seen the other the sin, the punishment, we're going to be punished. This is what they deserve, and should be used to lift the city, because the punishment is coming. He doesn't want to be around when the virus so the harm befalls these people. So he left but he left before he was allowed to leave the MBR why not to leave not allowed to leave before. So he left. And he also lived very angry with these people. He was upset with him, I mean, frustrated with him calling them and so he left and we know he wasn't supposed to go alone was displeased with that. And so he was on a boat. The boat was shaking and rocking. And they

00:41:11--> 00:41:54

realize Look, this boat is gonna tumble over and never use knows that it's him. Allah subhanho wa Taala wants to have that boat. And so he jumps overboard and he gets swallowed by this whale, now is in the in the belly of this animal being dissolved alive by the acid of this thing being constructed in the stomach of this animal. The heat the suffocation, no food, that animal is in the ocean. So Allah says with a noon the the man of the fish shell and the universe is they have a Mahadevan and he lifts lift these people angry for London Island, naka de la la and he nobodies Allah says he thought that Allah will not decree upon him anything that he would go and I wasn't gonna do

00:41:54--> 00:42:33

anything, financially if you do the math and so now he's crying out to Allah is in the midst of a punishment, this is not a taste, this is actually an above all because in another ayah, Allah says, if he did not make dua, in that situation, Allah would have kept him alive in that well and tokuyama as a punishment, I mean, took what a life sentence in jail. This is like eternity sentence in that fish being dissolved. Hello, how Allah does it is Allah does it? So Allah says he's calling out to Allah in the midst of this he's alone. What hope does he have for the Roma in the darknesses an la ilaha. illa Anta he says, There is none worthy of worship. Besides you then say besides Allah,

00:42:33--> 00:43:15

besides you meaning I'm having a one on one dialogue with Allah is none worthy of worship besides you so behind Allah Glory be to You How perfect you are, in equal volume, Allah I made a mistake. I come up with the wrong I am the wrongdoer. This what I'm in is my fault. And so I was forced to Gemini now. We answered him, he called out to me so I answered him when a genome and alum and I took him out of his his distress, work, I barely can imagine meaning beautiful ayah Allah says, and this is how we save the believer, not the ambia or the prophets, or the believers, you are in distress, you might be in a distress because of your own doing, you know, you did something wrong. Now you got

00:43:15--> 00:43:30

caught now you've been punished. So Allah says MiG tau artemi and I will save you from that. I will take you away from that thing that you did. It's not too late until we, you know until we die, it's not too late. So never feel you're too distant from Allah like never use.

00:43:32--> 00:44:12

Another example is that of nebby item, we all know that the item lived in January, he had everything all the pleasures, all the enjoyment and then he made him one mistake. He ate something which was not halal. And interestingly, you know, this Coronavirus thing. It started with someone eating something which I should not have done. So when maybe Adam and Hawa were cost out of Jannah they were expelled from genda because of the mistake they made a sin. What What did they do caught out the two of them said Robin Avraham, Susannah yeah Allah we have sinned against ourselves. We're in limbo, fildena water Hannah, an akuna Namaha city review Allah did not show mercy on us and forgive

00:44:12--> 00:44:51

us, then we will be of those who are lost. We are losers. All of us are saying this to Allah. We know we did not live the best lives before this. We know that whatever is happening to us is because of our own doing. It's not a law. You know, being unfair. unjust is only giving us a portion of what we deserve. But yeah, Allah Your mercy is bigger, and you forgive and you can overlook, you don't have to punish us if you if you so wish you can forgive us rather. And so Allah says for tilaka Adam Arabic Allah and so I never received words from Allah, Fatah by Allah and Allah came back to him. You know what the word Rahim Allah is most merciful. of returning he comes back to you when you go

00:44:51--> 00:44:52


00:44:53--> 00:44:59

Now he's also known we take a segment from when he was at his worst we know the worst day of the life of libido, salaam

00:45:00--> 00:45:39

We spoke about this, I think in one of our lectures, the worst day, it was the day of our life, when there is a lamb lift, dive. Now, maybe Sam was crying, not because the people have five most only teeth, not because the people of Makkah, my wife just died, I will call him die. Yes, all of those things contributed. But what he felt was, I'm a failure. The Dean is moving because of me, and maybe Allah has left me. Now this is the biggest thing, you can lose your family, you can lose your money, you can lose your health, your life, but to feel that Allah has left you, there is a very, very deep thing that Avi Sonam felt this and so he makes us do are in the middle of the desert, he says, our

00:45:39--> 00:46:19

law, to you alone, I complain of my weakness, again, look at the similarities between the doors of the NBA. He says like maybe a group says, I only complained to you of my weakness, and of my lack of resources, and my humiliation before mankind. I only complain to you and how bad things are. You are the Most Merciful of those who show mercy. You are the Lord of the week, and you are my load. So you're all like Navy, navy seals on Amazon? Which way should I go? Now? What is next for me? What do I do now? To whom do you interest me to a distant person who attacks me meaning that people are five, or an enemy that you gave control over my face, meaning the kurush. So this is the point the

00:46:19--> 00:46:56

most beautiful part of the DA, he says Yala. If you are not angry with me, then I don't care. Meaning all of the sudden complaining to you about I've lost everything. But so long as I know you are good with me, you're happy with me, then I'm fine, then I'm happy, then I don't want I don't mind. But your prediction is much better and more employment, meaning but if you can take away this difficulty, it's better for me. So you saying Allah, if this virus is upon me, because I made a mistake, then Forgive me. And if you're an if you're not angry with me that I'm happy, I will go through all the suffering, so long as I know you are happy with me. But if you can take the virus

00:46:56--> 00:47:36

away, it's even better for me. When IBM says I seek protection in the light of your face, which illuminates the darkness and through which all affairs in this life and in the Hereafter become right? May it never May it never that I should meet Allah may never happen, that I should incur your anger, that you should become displeased with me, or that you should be displeased with me. And then he says, I will appeal to you till you're pleased with meaning and even if you are angry with me, I will continue making dua until you become pleased with me. I still won't give up even in essence, the whole lower quarter illa Billah is no power and might besides you and only you can change the

00:47:36--> 00:48:20

face only you can change their face and how Allah answer this door. Allah answered in Surah what to her and surah alumna sha Allah says Maota Karma Karma cola I have not lift you know da aq well, to Pharaoh laka Lula that we are the end will be better than the beginning. What so for your ticker Abu Qatada and I will give you that which will make you very happy. This is difficult now, but I didn't leave you I haven't gone anyway, a lesson lift you it is a teach that you must go through and at the end of it will be something better for in America, in America. So you sir, the next surah Allah says that very often this difficulty of the any difficulty will come to us after this virus, it will end

00:48:20--> 00:49:01

it will come to an end, even the light will come to an end. And what follows will be better and easier for us. maynila i endof. So we looked at all the MBR going through hardships and difficulties and crying on hard. The last two arm is often a visa Korea, no matter how bad things go, no matter what the doctors tell you, no matter what the news tells you never ever give up on miracles in Allah subhanaw taala even if the doctor tells you, there's nothing more we can do for you. This is something you can do. But it's still something to look into. As a believer. We always remain optimistic. Now visa Korea is like in His 80s 90s His wife is old. She's in fertile. They've been

00:49:01--> 00:49:41

trying for years to have a child. He's been begging for us for offspring. And year upon year, no offspring, and he continues making this law by now you'd have to sell the Buddha You know, you're 18 hours. Why are you still making the law that is over, you know, make to offer something, but he's still making to offer this thing this is the MBR they never stop asking. Because they they understand who am I speaking to ask him to the one who controls the universe, the one who just says Kuhn and this virus can disappear. The Man Who is the one who just couldn't and every door can open up for you have Baraka of goodness. So Allah says remember, Rama Rama Rebecca Abu Zakaria and

00:49:41--> 00:49:59

remember the mercy your Lord showed to me seven beccaria Zakaria is nada Bo NIDA and Javier when he made a private to our to Allah, Allah. He said in that my Lord, my bones have become weak. I'm an old man and my head is shava my whole head is full of gray. I'm

00:50:00--> 00:50:40

Gray and and what's beautiful again? So look at this. He complains about the situation when he says, well I'm akun ecopy Shakira, but also Yala. I'm not unhappy with my two hours to you. I'm complaining, but I'm complaining about you Allah, you've always been good to me. And then he says, Allah I'm scared what's gonna happen off to me and my wife is bad. And so yeah, Allah give us a Sanya Allah, everyone tells us impossible, but I still hope I still I still I still believe that will give you will give me a son and that he will be good. And you will be pleased with him Allah. And so Allah says, we foster Yeah, we answer these two are and we gave him the son. Yeah. We said to

00:50:40--> 00:51:06

him, you will have a son. Yeah. And we you know if we continue the ayah even though maybe Zakaria believes in this miracle, when Allah says I accept you too. are you so surprised? Yeah. Oh, really? How? I you know, it's possible maybe maybe Brahim the same. They keep making the law. And you know what? The belief that Yeah, Allah you can do everything and anything. And miracles happen through that. People ask when to see a miracle happen.

00:51:07--> 00:51:45

The Quran shows you miracles happen through sincere doors, maybe this is we all have to take the precautions and the hospital people need to do the things that the government people need to do the things if you are alone, in your house, you an auntie Uncle, what can I do? I got a call from a lady who will watch the podcast and she's watching this, you know, you know, very, very sad at the scenario, my old person, I get all this conflicting news. You know, what can I do? Basically, this lady's feeling powerless. Light could be your auntie, your sincere draw your tears that are so powerful, that it is mercy for all of us, your tahajjud that takes away this thing. You are so

00:51:45--> 00:52:22

beloved to Allah, that he accepts it on behalf of all of us. So don't feel powerless. Because by feeling powerless, you're forgetting the greatest weapon Allah has given us which is the greatest gift we can turn to him anytime of the night in the day and make dua and this can disappear. We look at these ambia they will push to the brink v mon was complete. I mean they never doubted Allah. But doesn't mean the test is easy. It doesn't mean it's not better, but they walk the path because they had to do it. And they continued making their way out if you can save me save me if you can avert it averted if you can give me something, anything and if I have no choice but to face it, when helped

00:52:22--> 00:53:02

me put me through it was because I made a mistake but never use of a unit of one. In the context of Allah mania Allah you are the Most Merciful but I made the mistake. Pardon me Forgive me fatehabad analyst Francis and I will always come back to you. If you ask of me. I will always come back to you it is a promise from Allah. So I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala makes easy for you whatever difficulty you are going through, we are all going through difficulties take strength and courage from the Gambia before us. May Allah Spano Allah grant us the the steadfastness that in the in the in the height of our sadness, we go to him, we don't panic. We don't scream we don't we know we

00:53:02--> 00:53:24

don't lose our composure. We go to him. And in that moment, that will give us our agenda. In that moment of sincerity when we say Allah you alone can help me now that we have Neela will grant us general sense of smell around all of us to pass this test of this life and have the success in the appeal cycle ahead. Or some of us say no Mohammed Rama Celine

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