The Spiritual Ladder – Discipline Is Wisdom

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of the "meditation of discipline" in great people, and how it can lead to problems in relationships and marriages. They share a personal experience of learning to fulfill a god's desire for knowledge and travel, and how it can lead to problems in relationships and marriages. The speaker also talks about the "meditation of force" and how it can lead to productive life and productive relationships.
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Bismillah he was salatu salam O Allah Rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were banned. Study the biography of any great person, inspirational leader, and you will realize that it was 99% of perspiration in his life and 1% inspiration, the combination of that to made him a great leader. The common denominator in great people, politically, religiously, activists, leaders, etc, is that they live a life of discipline. Now, I want to share with you an amazing quotation, which I came across in the book of how to mean sobre la la la vida de la in the perseverance of scholars in the quest of knowledge where even in Medina Rahim, Allah says that mmm shabby, shabby, whose name is synonymous

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to knowledge. He was an erudite scholar, he was once asked me in a laka mccolo, what's the secret to your knowledge, and they were open, they were honest, they were sincere, he said four things. Number one benefiel Etemad, in my life in my quest for knowledge, I did not rely on people. So if people aided me supported me, that was a bonus, that was a plus. But I would make sure that I would acquire knowledge myself. And I think this has much extended implications. If you rely and you put expectations in others, then you predispose yourself to potential disappointment. And that's why many marriages are in in chaos. While the marriage broke up, he didn't live to the mark, or she

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didn't deliver, but who created the benchmark? While I thought I hoped I wished I prayed, I assumed and that is precisely where the problem is. So the first secret is stop relying on people if somebody comes to the party, good luck, but otherwise, you know what be committed in the quest of knowledge yourself. Number two was say refill Ballade travel wherever the opportunity presents travel. Imam Shafi Rahim Allah in His famous poem, said, the Daniel ohtani, returnable wasafi, fulfill the humsafar ed, that there are five benefits amongst others in traveling, and one out of the five is software to my god, you will be blessed with the proximity and the company of learned

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people. The third thing that I did to acquire the knowledge was to exercise the perseverance of a donkey. Because sabriel himari were in every battle method, Oh, bilheimer. And someone would ask why the perseverance of a donkey and a mule. Like, that's unheard of, well hang on. If you're into Safari, or europeaid, you're a professional Hunter, and you're going out on a safari, you're looking for game, you're looking for predators. Nobody looks for a donkey law. You're a MOBA. And he, nobody looks at it. Nobody gives it prominence. But he just keeps on doing its own thing. And that's the test me and that's the analogy. be focused in your activities. Don't worry about the surroundings

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around you just be at it what I need to do. And last but not least, we're buku in Cabo, coral warabi, the swift nature or the early rising of a crow. So it's known about a crow that it departs early and it retires early. And that's the fourth secret to the knowledge that Allah has blessed me. So let us try and implement these values in our life. It will make our stay on earth also productive, and it will make us productive in religious matters as well. May Allah bless us with a life of discipline. I mean, you're allowed me