The Spiritual Ladder – Evil Thoughts

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The speaker discusses two types of evil thoughts in the Bible, one being related to cancer and the other being related to weapons. The first one is a natural and deliberate way of thinking, while the second is a planer's idea of protecting from the enemy. The speaker also mentions a potential backup and desist, where the planer's idea is a planer's idea of protecting from the enemy.

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Bismillah he was salatu salam, ala rasulillah salam wa alayhi wa sallam were bad. Needless to mention that our greatest enemy is the devil. His enmity commences from the time we arrive in this world till we leave. May Allah protect us from the ploy and the treachery of shape on I mean, your balada mean amongst the resources available at the disposal of the devil to execute. He is wicked, nasty, obnoxious plan and ploy in misleading man is his seductive voice. So in the 15 Jews of the Quran in the 17 chapter, Allah says, What steps is minister at a minimum basaltic that go and you have instead Raj and grace must lead whomsoever you wish, with your voice. sowton scholars have to

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tell us it could either refer to music, or the devil issue was spur and indoctrination. And that's what I want to touch on briefly. So there are two types of evil thoughts in my mind of Mohammed Rahim Allah said, Allah Muhammad, one out of the two is cancerous. And the other is, is something you don't need to give importance or significance to just like when you go to a doctor and you show him a lump, he will tell you every lump is not cancerous. And even if it is cancerous, it could be either malignant or benign. So let's just understand this in the context of a verse of the Quran. There is a verse in the third chapter, surely Iran in the fourth juice, in which Allah subhanho wa

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Taala says, What is the mean of ilica to me, Nina maka Medellin, Tita and remember Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. When you exit it in the morning from your house, Jolene says from the apartment of Chateau de la Mancha to bow we mean you're assigning the stations for the believers in the campaign and the expedition of Allah who sent me on a limb if if I tiny mean Come and touch shala when to group from amongst the believers, namely Ben who selama and Berto hadiza Jana Alaska, which was the flanks of the army became faint hearted and they wanted to withdraw and shy away from participation will allow who will Yuma but allow us the Li and the protector, and Allah rescued them

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for the better Huma willemijn sorry, for they remain firm in Romani under this ayah. It is written to Surrey Hutton. The idea is categoric and explicit that there is no contradiction between the whisper of evil and nobility. Why? Because there are two types of whispers hum Mohatta rotten, you just have a passing thought, but you don't execute it. And that was precisely in the condition of Sahaba that the thought crossed their mind which is natural and it happens, but they did not implemented. So Allah referred to them as well who will you whom that Allah is their guardian and protector? So basically, one is the thought just crosses your heart and insan who you are Bobby

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Murphy topiary he you will not be held accountable for a natural thought. But the second one is sarin is where you plan it, you premeditated you deliberate over it. And that was a is becoming louder and you are now plotting or planning that wrong that haram that Xena that deal? popping that pearl excetera that is serious. So when it comes to the second backup and desist when it comes to the first ignore, may Allah protect us from all the employees of Chevron. I mean, you're a banana me