Finding Pleasure in Salat #02 Just 40 Minutes

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Woman in

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need how

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many Mina mostly me?

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah hooba ketra. Western hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah. Allah Melinda when found one found that Bhima Olympian was at the helm and

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we ask Allah azza wa jal to teach us would benefit us, benefit us from what he taught us and increase us in knowledge. My dear, beloved, respected brothers and sisters, ask Allah azza wa jal to protect you wherever you are, and in your ability.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala when he created the agenda, he told her to kill me. Call it the F La Mina Subhanallah Allah, Allah created the agenda he told her say say something speak and the agenda said

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we know successful are the believers. Allah Ya Allah. While I'm fasting I'm asking you for me and all the brothers and sisters are watching to make them from the successful believers and in Herbalife. Remember, the first characteristic of these successful believers was Alladhina home fee solidarity him Foshee on the ones who have for sure in their salon, my brothers and sisters, I started giving this course around 11 years ago. So this has been 11 years I've been giving the talk about Krishna and the summit and I still I'm still working and improving myself to achieve because you are in the salon. The first time I watched it, may Allah reward the chef. It's a program in

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Arabic by Chef mashallah Allah has and it was called the K factor the select how to find joy in the salon and he is the one who inspired me May Allah reward him for all his efforts and Charma time. So

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tonight in Charlotte, I like I promised you we will have many keys in order to open the doors of assure. And tonight we will be taking the first key. Are you ready? Yep Bismillah

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presence of the heart, presence of the heart as we all know, the heart is the most important organ in our body. It is the source of reception. It is the organ that Allah subhanaw taala told us in the Quran, yo Millennium fowl man or whatever known in men at Allah have you convinced Salim on the Day of Judgment, no wealth, no property, nothing would benefit me except if I come to Allah azza wa jal with consulting with sound pure heart. So I want to have the heart present in my salah in order to achieve for sure. Presence of the heart. Now, having come sure does not just mean that you are concentrating and you are not distracted. Having the presence of the heart is only the first level

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of Joshua. Some many people they say oh, it's very hard to have the heart present. My brother, my sister. There's a lot let's assume that the solid takes seven minutes. Seven minutes, let's say eight minutes, eight minutes for a nice quiet beautiful solid eight times 540 minutes, 14 minutes, you cannot concentrate for 14 minutes. You cannot just think of Allah azza wa jal and leave all the dunya distractions, 14 minutes, just 14 minutes and 23 hours and 20 minutes. Think about as much as many as you want in the halal way of course. Just 14 minutes leave this whole thing and concentrate I am in front of Allah Azza wa Qian. I am in front of the one who gave me everything that I have

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Subhanallah for 14 minutes. Let's try to have our heart present in that in the Salah. Now, think

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of having the presence of the heart before the Salah. So that your neffs does not tell you that it is too hard to concentrate. No, tell yourself No, I am going to concentrate I will concentrate I will kick out every single thought that will come to my mind.

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Say that yourself. Remember that the sweetness, the sweetness of being in front of Allah azza wa jal far supersedes the sweetness of any dunya distractions. I am in the presence of the one I love the most that the heart be present. Now there is a greater depth and that is or

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One thing that will help me have my heart present

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is understanding what I am saying.

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Understanding what I'm saying. Now

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many of the brothers and sisters are watching me, they are there, their mother tongue is not Arabic. As a matter of fact, most of Muslims on Earth are not help. The majority of Muslims are not Arab. So you think Allah subhanaw taala did not know that.

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Allah azza wa jal, he is dialing he knows that the majority of the Muslims will be not people who speak and understand Arabic. So understanding what I am saying will bring the heart to presence.

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the I'm going to present to you some something that is going to be our major competition.

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This mic, this mic that the Imam recites every single day from the silhouette in the machine, this is our competition. How is this my competition? Now if I do not understand what I say?

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Let me see if there's any difference between me and this mic. Okay. I come five times a day to them as you write. This mic is 24 hours in the masjid.

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But you say, oh, chef,

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I make some good. This might does not make sense. Well, listen to what Allah subhanaw taala said, instead of Hajj and EMTALA and Allah Yes, Judo Memphis Sana variety women feel of the worship. Welcome when we do when Japan was shudder when the love boo were cathedral meanness were cathedral Haqqani hit either Allah subhanaw taala Don't you see that to Allah azza wa jal frustrates whoever's in the heavens and in the earth, even the sun and the moon and the stars and the mountains and the trees, and every moving creatures

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and many of human beings, many of the people and many, the punishment to them has been justified. So this mic always also makes visually you might say, but shall I say Subhanak I make this beer Subhana

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Allah when this mic also makes this beer what's the evidence? We're in? She in law you said the homie handy when I kill Coronavirus be home. Allah told us and sort everything everything makes this be glorifies Allah azza wa jal but you do not understand the way they are making this beer. So this mic is making this beer also. So this mic is more in the measured than myself. This might make some good this might make this beer so you might say but I read the Quran that the mind does not read the Quran. Well, my my brother, my brothers and sisters

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you're not the only one who needs

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if we need to have and without understanding I want you to watch this clip. Watch this clip and then we will discuss

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what do I

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so now you heard this parrot recycling sort of effect Yeah.

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Do you think the spirit understands what he says?

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No, he does not. So

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we have to struggle and strive to understand what we are saying. This is one of the main tools main keys to bring this heart to prisons.

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What does Savannah come up

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with about a customer with a halogen liquid I mean, what does Subhana Vilavi mean? What the semi Allah even Hamidah mean? What does it

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mean? What does indica habido Mizzi mean?

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We have to understand what we are seeing in the southern sha Allah to Allah and the future episodes. You will we will explain every single word in the salon. Every single word because remember

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But we discussed we wouldn't Cha Medina with the help of Allah subhanaw taala be from the people who leave Ramadan in sha Allah with crucial in our salah. My brothers and sisters

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How long does it take to open the Quran and look at the tafseer or the meaning of the most common sewers that we recite.

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In the summertime we are at home and we have a lot of time please please dedicate a certain amount of time per day to understand we said last all the technical haula had been out there have been felt so little fell out. Most of the people who are watching me right now they know some of the follow up by heart right out of the group development sharing method right? Let me ask you, what does ask you can either walk up mean?

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Exactly. You do not know. How come? You've been reciting it for five years, 10 years 20 Some of us 4050 years, and I do not know what this answer can either work for me. I'm standing in front of Allah azza wa jal every single day and I decide and I say things I have no clue what they mean. And I'm expecting to have shortened my salah my brothers and sisters, I will not dare to say something I do not understand to a human being to my boss. How can I do that with Allah subhanaw taala please, please please. I know Inshallah, one day we will understand the whole Quran. But at least just for the beginning, at least the sewers that we decide on a regular basis Dustin, less sewers, understand

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what they mean. It will change completely. When I'm begging Allah azza wa jal could have Allahu Allahu Akbar the only one that is worthy of worship, when I say could have been as many keenness I understand what I'm saying Subhan Allah, it will change everything and the most important thing is to understand the Fatiha the most important surah and also we will be explaining that in full details and my brothers and sisters

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keep in mind, this area, which is the idea that you heard before the beginning of the program and you will hear it in sha Allah Tala everyday recited by our beloved shared goal, may Allah reward him and increase them and protect them and interoperability. Well that Elijah had Rufina Lynette de and Solana when Medina Jaya huddle Rufina Linac the unknown so Bolena Allah subhanaw taala said and circle uncovered the last day and those who strive in may cause I would surely guide them to my way.

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Whoever strives if you are serious about improving your solid, if you show Allah xojo That you are serious about improving your Salaat Allah will never let you down. But we have to show Allah from the bottom of our heart yell Allah, Allah Karim. Please, please I want to taste the sweetness of the salon. If Allah sees that sincerity in our heart, and he sees that we are struggling and we are trying, we are watching everyday and we are trying to implement everything in sha Allah, Allah Allah, Allah subhanaw taala will bring us closer to him. No one comes walking to Allah except Allah like he said, he will come running to him. Allah Akbar. So my brothers and sisters

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one of the die that we should be making every single night at a time of thought Inshallah, Allah make me from the people who have for sure, and there's a lot. It's about time to break your fast now John Medina, remember, this is the most important time of the day. At a time of thought alone, you could make any toilet you want, but I always remind you of this alone to recover.

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And you could make the vital for sustenance at the best of the earth, you know for dunya Hassan Hassan, looking at that and

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as to the best of your names to everyone who's watching us tonight in sha Allah Allah from the people who unfortunately there's a lot of ALLAH forgive their sins except they're fast except there's a lot and in a little bit Alameen wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad Ali he was lucky as me Subhanak along we'll be handing

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that the stuff you'll

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see tomorrow jump in

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swallow water he wants to label this NEMA

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in Alladhina you know, no one wants to hold on

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to near dunya.

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Mother, Molina well levena You Luna meanie

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You know what

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to do while at MCC DESA boo

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boo boo Oh is

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