Yahya Ibrahim – Daily Dua in the Last 10 of Ramadan #07

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The series of messages from different speakers on the call include discussions of income, social media, and the upcoming year. Jesus's actions and words are emphasized, and he talks about wanting everyone to be his guest in the future. A man named Jesus emphasizes showing gratitude and appreciation for others, as he wants everyone to be his guest in the future. The conversation also touches on the death of the Shahada and the release of the Mahabharoth, as well as the need for strong forgiveness and acceptance in life. The transcript is a series of disconnected sentences and phrases, making it difficult to summarize.
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Hello muscle Liana Muhammad Ali Muhammad Inka masala tada Ibrahim on Ebrahim allama Burdick Allah Mohammed Ali Mohammed in Cannavaro Kala Ibrahim on early Ibrahima Filomena in Academy doomadgee. A lot more Sanjana Mohammed Mohammed in commerce online tala Ibrahim. Ibrahim Allahumma barik Allah Muhammad Ali Mohammed income about Allah Ibrahim ali ali Ibrahim Filomena in Academy doomadgee. La Houma Sanjana Mohammed Mohammed, come also later on, Ibrahim Allah early Ibrahim, Allah. Allah Mohammed

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Ali Mohammed come about tala Ibrahim Allah early Ibrahim Filomena in NACA hamidou Majeed Allahumma salli. ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed income as of late Allah Ibrahim Allah Allah early Ibrahim Allahumma barik Allah Mohammed Ali Mohammed in komaba Dr. Ibrahim ali ali Ibrahim FLIR lemina in

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a long masani Allah Muhammad Ali Mohammed income as of late Ibrahim Ibrahim Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Ernie Mohamed income abakada era Ibrahim

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Ali Ibrahim eflyer lemina NACA camino Majeed alomost oleana Mohammed Mohammed income as of late on Ibrahim Ali, Ali Ibrahim, Allah, Allah Mohammed Mohammed in come about Abdullah Ibrahim ali ali Ibrahim Avila lemina inaka hamidou Majeed

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Allahumma indicar foon Karim on to a Buddha for fafo Allahumma inaka Abu to him Allah for Allah Houma. inaka apo window a Bulava for Allah Houma inaka foon to a bola fourth one Allahumma inaka foon to him Bula fourth one Allah Houma, inna Calhoun tabula rasa one

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Illa Illa and so behind me going to mean of war the mean or banner volume. For center we're in Lem delfield Lana Ouattara have Melina Kuhn and nominal falsity or banner Allah you get our kalna la casa and Abner la Cal masui Rob benalla Thank you Jana fit net and little homie volley mean what to ballerina mowlana in NACA and that the wearable Rahim.

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Allah Subhan Allah to Allah fitna in Siena fourtner robina Allah Tamil Allah is wrong Mr. Hamilton who Allah Levine Ameen Polina

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Robin, our ad hominem Allah offered Elena v one of one one Filipina or Hamner, and tema, Alana found a lot of our many caffine Allah Herman alojamento now a little bit after them, and I want so now I'll call me caffeine, or Rob Benner to Punahou whenever they're in had atena will have learned I mean, ledoux karate met an inner can tell why.

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Rob Bell, Phil Lee Valley Valley, the YAHWAH Lehman even the holla at me know a little more mini now we'll move minute while I tested the volley Mina inlet.

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Robin Pina dunya has an atom waffleh filata has another opener other than Rob Benner. Tina dunya has an auto fill after auto has an auto feeder other than Rob Benner. Tina fit dunia has another one. He wrote he has an award winner other than

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Robbie, Danny and ash koroni American Lottie and hamdallah yo Allah Allah Yahweh and men also all your handlebar who else left leafy the reality in need to be to LA Cava in me mineral muslimeen from bannerghatta hog Bellman in Akan the semi aulani urbanna Taco Bell so yeah, I'm Anna Oh Allah accept our fasting yet Allah. Allah my taco bell so yeah man, Allah metaphor bell so yeah man, Allah homophobe Belka yam and all light except our standing by night and prayer Allah.

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Allah from my taco bell so yeah, man with a yam and what Oh cool. I never was to do that I are hammer raw. I mean,

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Oh Allah, we ask you with all of the good

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that we have put forward that is not enough to save ourselves.

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Without your mercy Allah, Allah we put an acknowledge all of the kindness that you have shown us the mercy and the blessings that you have sent in graced us with the Allah Allah we acknowledge all of your favors but we ask you to show us forgiveness for our mistakes yeah How about well I mean the Allah bless us with the Allah homage I mean earlier on Oh Allah make us of the people of the fraud Allah allow us to learn a bit what we don't know and permit for us up to be remembered you remembering what we may have forgotten of it. Yeah, Allah.

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Allah allow us to remember of it what we may have been led to forget to Allah. Oh Allah we ask you to illuminate our hearts with your words. Yeah, Allah to release our stress with its rhythm and its rhyme yet Allah, Allah Allah elevate our spirit with this message and make us better people because of us following it to Allah. O Allah cleanse our hearts

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and protect us from falling into greater era because of its teachings. Yeah, Allah Allah we ask you to make the whole and as schiefer and their healing for us. Yeah, Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Shiva and linear Allah Allah how machinemobile Pura and what, when? At our bill, ferrania Allah, Allah make the Khurana healing for us and allow us to cure one another with Allah. Allah allow the bulk of the Quran to seep in every aspect of our life. Yeah, Allah. Oh Allah increase us with your labia or hamara Hamid or Allah increase us with wisdom on account of our taqwa of Allah. The Allah curious, yeah, Allah with the poor and protect us with its blessing. I'll have a Rahimi for coffee

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and you're the one who protects the weak and the needy Allah. Oh Allah we call upon you and we ask you with every name that is blessed, that you have sent us and have taught us and revealed in your book and give it to you given it to your creation are the names that describe you that have been kept with you we are Allah, we ask you with your Most Beautiful Names and your most complete attributes that belong only to you and none other than you we are Allah. We ask you to rock man we are Rahim. Yo Eliya are we yeah Malika molokhia Angela De La Crosse. We are you here? Are you Mia? And then we have an end? Yeah, then generally, we'll Iqra we ask you by all of your blessing names.

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Yeah, Allah to send your choice of solar upon the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah homophone. Leanna you know Mohammed Laila, Ali, Mohammed, Allah make our solar upon the prophets I send them the means of removing our distress and the means for healing our anger, a healing us from anger and from resentment to Allah. Allah make this Allah upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam reason for his shafa for us on the Day of Judgment of Hama Rahim Allah grant us a death with the Shahada on our tongue and grant us the death of the martyrs and the Shahada. hamara Hamid Allah allow us to live alone life serving your faith teaching your book

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leading to the sooner of your nebbia sama la hottie wasn't all that allow us to have good expectations and hospitals London with you yeah Allah that we only see of that which we know of you that which is good. Yeah, Allah. Allah Allah allow us to arrive into the next life having returned to you with Toba and repentance yet Allah Allah Allah protect us from one Ramadan to the next year. Allah Allah preserve us and elevate us and assist us and help us yeah, Allah in all of that which life is about to bring it and throw it ESEA Allah

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Oh Allah we ask you to keep us free from fear and from anxiety and from terror in this life and on the day of judgment to Allah. Allah we ask you to be Allah for the one who loves to forgive him. Pardon? Yeah, Allah Yeah, I've all indebted to him. Bula for for under our law you are the one who is the pardon or the law who wouldn't who loves to pardon Yeah, Allah pardon our sincere Allah, forgive us our sins that we ourselves have forgotten of you Allah or Allah allow us to ask you for forgiveness for the sins that we have not paid attention to. Allah. Allah Allah grant us a heart that is full of tranquility and peace out Allah. Allah grant is that ability to forgive others Yeah.

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Mr. Rahimi

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Allah grant the softness in speech and protect our our tongues from lying and exaggerating and dishonesty Allah. Allah protect us from backbiting and slandering others or hearing it from others and not defending them in their absence? Allah, Allah we ask you to grant us a sobre el Jamil beautiful patients in all of our circumstances that we can endure and move forward in life, or Allah allow us to be able to be resilient and to stand up after falling down yet Allah, Allah grant us the correct fee that had belief in Allah because for those who believe in you, as was believed in you by the prophet and the Sahaba, Allah, Allah make excellent our memory and our knowledge of the Delia

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Allah with the delille of the student of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam. O Allah, we ask you to bless us and our parents to forgive us and then to grant them good health if they are remaining with us. Yeah, Allah

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Love those who are whose parents have passed away some light upon their grave and expand it for them and give them a seat that leads them to Gen Neha Allah, Allah make us Assad of Nigeria on behalf of our parents are hamara. Hamid

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Allah we ask you to bless our siblings, who are not yet married and our loved ones, with partners who will love them and cherish them and hold them in harmony or hamara. Hamid our law there's a lot of our brothers and sisters who complain of dissension

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and difficulty in their home life, Oh Allah, bind them together with your love and with the love they have for each other will allow them to overcome their differences if that is what is best for them, and allow them to separate me a complete and break their bond if that is what is best for their dunya and after Allah, Allah remove oppression from our heart and its calculation in our minds, Allah, Allah allow us to raise righteous children and make them a sort of Algeria for us as we are sort of Algeria for our parents here, Allah, Allah help us to leave behind a legacy in our children who will be nurtured with a level of humility before you Allah, allow us to leave this

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dunya with the best of legacies from our offspring in our name yet Allah, Allah Allah asked ask you to help us to see our fault so that we may correct it before it's too late. Yeah, Allah, Allah.

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Oh Allah you are the only one who is in power of our risk Allah, Allah if our risk was in the heavens removed down upon us here Allah, Allah for our risk because beneath the earth extracted for us here Allah, Allah Allah was not to sit and rest until we have earned what you have promises here Allah, Ya Allah allow us to gather that which you have promised us in this dunya and lead us into the happiness of the Ophelia Allah, Allah increases in our risk and put power in it. Oh Allah we ask you to give us a risk that is sufficient and enough that doesn't distract us from you. Yeah, Allah. Oh Allah Don't let our aim be the dunya Allah, Allah let our aim be the US hero and give us the

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dunya because of our F is our alpha serchio Allah, Allah Allah we ask you

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to make us from those who are courageous and confident and positive people yeah, Allah. Allah Allah we ask you to forgive the oma of our Prophet Mohammed Salah Allah who it was yeah Allah except that we're doing an hour a bad and our deeds Allah with a humble along with a humble Allah with alphabet

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Allah admitting that Edina there they are but I alemi Allah we stand before your Doria Allah lei Li Selena verbal and see where yeah Allah there is no door that we will stand in attention at but your Xia Allah, Allah we stand before you seeking you Allah a nun by Julia Allah, Allah we have no master no power no authority that we know more than you Yeah, Allah, Allah you are the giver You are the taker. You are the elevator You are the one who humbles Yeah, Allah, Allah we ask you to give us good in this life and good in the next life and to protect us from the punishment of the graveyard Allah. Allah invite us to your house yet Allah, Allah there are those who are saying I mean who have

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not been to Hajj and they worry about whether they will be able to go to Hajj Allah, Allah allow all of us to visit your blessitt house here a VA Allah make those of us who are sincere able to have a blessed Hajj that is much more than mob rule from the via Allah, Allah Allah those of us who have been to the Hajj return so that we can serve your a bow or rock Madhya Allah, Allah Allah was to serve that would judge that we exert our bodies and they were willing to give them the best of experiences yeah Allah.

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Allah we ask you to shaders on the Day of Judgment under your audit job the day of clear May Allah Allah shield us and increase us and protect us and love us and show us your mercy and Baraka Allah. Allah Allah grant us loving spouses with loving children with loving families yet Allah, Allah remove dissension and hatred from our hearts out of hamara Hamid Allah we ask you with the dua of our Navy is Allah Allah Allah you are seldom the dua that is recommended for us in Les little Kudrow Allah Allah made a careful with him for that one. Allah who met in Nicaragua with him Allah for Allah who met in the car food to him Bula for fat for Allah homophily Lennar how Diana or Jelena

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what is rotten Effie Emery. Allah forgive us all of our sins and our ignorance and our excesses, whether Adana will be human and what you know of us that we have forgotten and don't know aren't aware of Allah. Allah homophily Lynette has Lennar Where did that well how do I know where I'm gonna welcome Luca Luca in that Oh Allah we ask you to forgive us any sins that we have committed whether in jest or seriousness whether in error or deliberation and everything from us yeah, Allah. Allah Allah Finland Emma for them net warmer, hotter net warmer, warmer Ireland now I met down there will be human or Allah forgive us our past and our present that which we have committed secretly and

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openly. Oh Allah, we ask you because

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As you know more of us than we know over ourselves to forgive us our sins yeah a lot.

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The stuff that Allahu La Villa de la ilaha illa will pay you for you want to lay a spell to law haleema Levy, either, who and how you will call you want to bow la Estella federal law a lot of even la Vila Isla in LA when you're a yo yo la Estelle federal law Hello the mill levy the EDA Isla who will hi Eureka yo to LA. Oh Allah there are some of us whose family are unwell while others those of us whose parents are unwell or brothers or sisters or extended family are unwell, although we've been asked to make dua for the sick and the needy will make the two of the profits I sell them Allah who bought a badass Oh Allah you are the lord of humanity.

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Either habil bears, Oh Allah remove the harm issue and the sheriff he heal them. You are the only one who heals Schieffer and lay your lap

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to a healing Allah that come from you. Now you have to suffer man that leaves no ailment behind Allah hamara Bednarz is I believe that's the issue. Enter Shafi Shiva alejado Sahaba Allah How about openness that will that's the issue at the Shafi Shiva and lay your little Sahaba Allah we ask you to give happiness and delight to those who find themselves in sorrow or difficulty to enrich those who are in need and that you can provide for them via Allah or anyone who has asked us to Allah allow us to reach them. Yeah, a lot, a lot of maintenance, a local agenda to have a horrible lay having I mean, although we ask you for agenda and everything that brings us closer to 80 Allah,

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Allah may not know that becoming a nurse for about you, they haven't told you what I mean. Although we asked you to protect us from Hellfire and anything that brings us closer to Allah. Allah make us for those who are fed easy muffler he yeah Allah let us be from those who are successful those who have attained to the success of this dunya and after Allah in Mecca forward to a will Africa for an Allah my Sunday was only was it whether unless he you know whenever you know have even Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah felina of the room here are hammer I mean whatever belturbet and if you had the shattered mobile, or like scepter repentance in this blessing month and increases all

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in good be in the by your permission Yeah, hammer I mean, Allah we ask you to open our hearts to find generosity for those who are needy those who are near us and those who are distant. Oh Allah, we ask you to open yeah or hamara Hamid the doors for us and for those who are loved ones, to that which is blessing and pleasing to you. Yeah, Allah. Allah send your greetings salutations upon our whenever you Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were through that awareness and Subhana Allah Mohammed ik with the year two he has set up

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our home and hamdulillah here up behind me Alhamdulillah Europe Delilah v wa salam ala mo Salah was it robotic and sad now have you know whenever you know Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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I do always remind you to give charity especially in the last 10 days. And I do want to remind you once again, of my program and project to fund the scholarships, and the sponsorships for 1000 orphans that hamdulillah we're doing so well with a sponsorship at the moment. My thought I would just share my screen with you. Every day I released the in the later Allah a new set of orphans that we are trying to look after. This is day three of 10 minutes. These are some of the names of these beautiful, beautiful orphans. We have 79 years old in Lebanon nor 87 in Lebanon. And when you put it you can choose which name you want and we will in sha Allah endeavor to make sure that they are

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reserved. One sister has already asked for sajit who is eight, six and in Palestine. We pray that Allah subhana wa Taala makes him in her scale on the Day of Judgment. We have Abdel caffee in Somalia, eight seven we have met her in age 14 in Pakistan. We have our age 14 failures in age 13. In Pakistan, we have honey in Lebanon, Syrian refugees, we have Abdul Karim a refugee, a Jeannine our orphan in Lebanon. We have 100 names that have been published for our third day We ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept it from us. I have put the donation column

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at in in the comments, please do see it. Mashallah, today I also was very happy to see that in Yemen. There was 300 provisions food distribution for 300 blind men and women in Yemen. And Allah subhanho wa Taala allows us to facilitate a higher these are all pictures from this Ramadan for their if God hot if thought to these orphans and because they are lost

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Head over to Allah Grantham ease and comfort and assistance. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala make you and I from those who are supporting them along I mean, we Allah subhanho wa Taala accept from all of us. Yeah, I mean, why are we here mustafi I once again put

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that in the comments, the link in chat ally, you can donate through my Facebook, or you can donate through the just giving page. It's not that amount that matters. Put your Mija in your trust in Allah. May Allah return to you more than you have given. May Allah support you in giving towards others. Allahumma I mean, if you're watching on my Instagram, click on the link in my bio. It'll take you right there. Do your part Be the change where Allah make it easy for all of us. May Allah accept our Torah. Also Lila wa Sallim wa barik ala Sayidina wherever you know Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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