Sulaiman Moola – The Spiritual Ladder – The Slip Of The Tongue Is More Dangerous Than That Of The Foot

Sulaiman Moola
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Bismillah he was salatu salam ala rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were bad. Allah subhanho wa Taala has repeatedly impressed upon us the importance of fear in him. Yeah, you have Latina Amano Taku la are you who believe fear Allah wa was signed larina O'Toole kita Berman kubla Khan was an eternal law. Now, every time a law impresses upon us the injunction of fear in him then you will find it would be followed up by a practical step. So in the 22nd Jews in Surah, Allah says, fear me and then Allah gives us a practical step while kulu Poland sadita utter the correct word, the correct speed, the word studied is all encompassing, let there not be any distortion, Let it not be

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a lie, Let it not be fabricated. Let there not be any any, you know, hypocrisy in it. And that is why one of the ayah that are recited at the occasion of Nika is this verse addressing both the bride and the groom, that commence your union with taking care of your tongue. In Arabic, they say gentlemen, who saw the gentleman who can be the flesh is small, but the crime of the tongue can be very severe. Honorable Abdel Aziz Rahim Allah said Dr. Salah for whom

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it is so me when I can feel comfy on the nurse that I had the privilege of interacting with the pious, and they never defined worship as nocturnal prayer, or optional fasts when I can feel caffeine an hour of the nurse, but rather they defined by your D by restraining your tongue from attacking the honor of others. Furthermore, he said for commonly was

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in lamea, for the listener who is a young male to Yama, that if you stand in prayer, and you offer optional fast, but you attacked the honors the honor of others, you will stand up as a pauper on the day of the AMA, may Allah protect us. Even though Josie Rahim Allah said men sir Elisa, houfy, muslimeen, and sakala Hussain avani Shahada, the one who taught to believe that attack the honor of a believer, there is fear that he or she will die deprived of Eman, may Allah protect us. In fact, in the fourth chapter of the Quran for Jews verse 16, where Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about the repentance of the adulterer and the adulterous for in taba if they repent to US law and they reform

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themselves and move on don't don't them in Messiah the solution biannual Quran under this ayah it is written fee I demo three big letter for him who either own Villa Bharara in this is a strong warning that don't attack or insult or hurt the feelings of someone who has repented from a mistake that they have previously committed.

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Once a person can talk to like namazi Allahu anhu, and I'll leave you with this is very profound, amazing and all encompassing. And he said total abnormal, you are learned you are knowledgeable, you are erudite and to be able to lay Can you summarize knowledge for me? He said knowledge is great. It's vast. It's it's in finite, it's limitless. But okay, it's insane. you asking me if you can practice three things, then you have practiced on the essence of knowledge in its data and delta Allah Azza wa Jalla hafi for remin deema in nurse, if you can meet Allah subhanho wa Taala on the day of Yama, that your hands are not stained with the blood of any person homies and botany men and

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worldly him that you have not used served the rights of anyone or consume the muscle of another unlawfully. carefully listen to him and you have not attacked the honor of any person for foul, then you will have practiced on the essence of knowledge in its entirety. May Allah grant us the ability to restrain our tongue and imbibe these three amazing qualities, which is the essence of deal. I mean, your bellami

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