Sulaiman Moola – The Reality Of The Grave

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The heart is crucial to shaping the physical and mental state of the body, and individuals need to be mindful of their heart's activity to achieve their goals. The interviewer discusses various topics, including the return of Islam, the legal system used to prevent accusations of fraud and bribery, and the importance of learning from experiences and promoting Islam. The speakers emphasize the need for everyone to act with caution and write their names on grave, as well as the negative impact of the recent Moosa incident and the importance of protecting one's identities.
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Some very large army of Salatu was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah alameen wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa.

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ala Yomi Deen Rabanne for protocol Allah Baraka tala Phil Quran image evil, Hamid

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like Amina shape on rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, Narayana hollyhock. Udo Ashiya. Alma de PUE Masato sido una de la de la colina bu sallallahu taala. He was seldom you Bahasa

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Muhammad Ali Al momento Allah Imani. Una parada de partie Oh come upon Ronnie Salatu was salam, honorable scholars respected brothers and elders. One of the most significant organs and lungs of the human body, both physically and spiritually is the heart. Medically if the heart is sound, the health is sound, the body is sound, spiritually, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said either too hot, or too cold low. If the heart is nourished, then the Enter your body will obey your law. What is our foster that foster that is just a token law. If the heart is polluted, if the heart is contaminated, if the heart is corrupted, then that enter your body is corrupted, and are here and

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that refers to the heart.

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Today if we look at our hearts, unfortunately, the malice and the evil that our hearts harbor amongst those people that were denied and are denied forgiveness and pardon on this auspicious night, one is a person who carries menacing jealousy and antagonism in his heart, I came across a brilliant quotation of a beloved now a boss or a loved one who with gives us a reflection of how clean his heart was. Someone verbally abused him, so he told that person in nicolet testimony, we're in a fee a philosophy of my brother you choose to verbally abuse me when I enjoy three exclusive privileges. Number one in Nila RT Allah Min kitabi law further wedded to anatomy amnezia Allah Muna

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Allah, sometimes I'm studying the Quran, and I come on a verse, and then I start contemplating on the depths of this verse. And then Allah opens up volumes of knowledge to me from this verse, And Allah be my witness. I desire that the entire world understands this verse as I understood it.

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I enjoyed such spiritual entity from that verse, that I wish the entire world could understand the implications of this verse. I asked you my brother, you struck a deal Have you ever desired that somebody else can strike that same deal? No, no on the reverse you say it must never happen someone says how it happened and the company closed down.

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I was the last person the company closed on I got upgraded to business class now no more nobody's in a place in the economy class. Only me What is our Mr. Hola Hi romelu. When good comes his way he becomes possessive nobody else must get a share. So he says when I arrived with reverse I wish the entire world understands it. Number two in Nila Asma obile hockin Minho, Camila muslimeen yardi Lucy hook me at times I have one Muslim judge in a particular land. And I am told that he governs with justice. Allah be my witness, I become extended I become elated. And make no mistake I don't have any vested interest. Perhaps I'll never meet him no see him. But just that I know there is a judge

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who is rolling with justice and he's an asset to the Muslim Ummah I rejoice for which it brings joy to me to know that some Muslims are getting good in some part of the world. We're in need as much

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as possible banner them in bed ideal Muslim in and at times, I am informed that beneficial rain comes to a Muslim community. I have no relatives there, nor do I have animals grazing in that land, but simply that I know beneficial rain has benefited the Muslim community while I rejoice always. So that was the cleanliness of the heart of Sahaba this this is how they designed it good for others. One person was sitting by the name of Hassan, a woman came back in so he looked at this woman he told his slave that give her 400 Durham's he found her to be fairly attractive, he said give her 400 dirhams. So the slave said, Sir, in Atlanta, Luca Durham, and this is a poor woman she's asking you

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with a deal from she'll be happy with one or two. Why do you give her four? He said I looked at this woman and I found that Allah has given her beauty. I did not want her desperation must compel her to immortality. I did not want her desperation must compel her to immortality. She has beauty Lee she gets the desperate that she has to sell herself so that she can make some money. I decided let me enrich her

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empower her perhaps someone will marry her.

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Look at how clean their hearts were. What was the vision? Not today if we sit and we analyze this very hard, as I said, is the crucial organ of our body. And let us monitor our hearts not medically, medically we know doctors are monitoring his heartbeat, but spiritually, let us monitor our hearts. And if we have to dissect our body and do some soul searching, I'm afraid you will find the aspirations of an average Muslim empowered, that have a non Muslim, if not worse.

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The aspirations and vision that is in my heart, and in the heart of a non Muslim, he denies geometry, his attitude to life is different. He's going to indulge in life. He's going to make the absolute of it because he doesn't believe in anything beyond. But he who believes in a life that is to come his attitude towards life has to be different. Allah says Allah mu Navarre here on mineral hierarchy dunya.

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you know, that they have excelled in this world, and they have mastered this world, while they remain heedless and oblivious of the life of assets. The quotation of hussen bursary in Ebony Cassie is very unique in this regard. He says under the commentary of this I listen to this attentively brothers. He says what Lahaina bellava mean after the him between Yahoo and your neighbor, dear mama Allah.

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For your berocca be Wasn't he mama UFC No, I use it that way unless these people will materially prosper, yet they will be heedless about after a time will come that a man will Mustang his world to such an extent he'll become a super authority. He will look at the coin the words of Hassan basri he will flip the coin in the air and without rain that coin he will tell you the exact

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the weight of that coin without physically weighing the coin will tell you the weight of that coin. In today's time, a man will look at your note and you tell you it's counterfeit. He will look at the customer he says that's a potential buyer.

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few times that I had to buy a car looked at the guy said this is an ideal car to get to my friend. This is the code three This was in an accident.

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From a distance he will tell you he says he'll Mustang his world he will know how to develop everything. You say no you suddenly but don't even ask him how to read Surah Fatiha he won't know that also.

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What did he say he will ideally prosper on both funds. Ideally establish your word and prosper spiritually. But the sad reality which we cannot deny we've prospered on one note rather spiritual good material if you have to choose between the two ideally go on both numbers and develop your world and explore and at the same time, you know complemented with spirituality and applied now bas Rolando commentating on this if he said he Hungary funa Marana dunya woofie Umbra, Dini johal they will understand the theory of developing a site developing the land, you know, developing putting up clusters putting up holes that they will be super authorities on unreadiness but in the matters of

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Deen they will be the most ignorant people that the history has ever seen. Now let's look at this and do some soul searching. Allah says

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that then knowledge has failed them in the matters of accuracy, then knowledge has failed them. I just refer to Benjamin Fisher came in hi sharkoon a few we do the heart ha not only failed them they are still doubting whether Tiamat exists or not. They are still doubting whether Tiamat exists or not. So today I want did we sit here and do some soul searching on our heart. And we speak about another form of development and spiritual development. It was the night of 15th of Siobhan I sort of Yolanda says mine Debbie jumped into debt as was his usual practice. And when I had fallen off to sleep, or he perceived that I had fallen off to sleep, he excused himself from the bed and he left

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the room. As a woman or as a human there was a twinge of suspicion that gripped my heart. Where is my Navy going? And the suspicion obviously was is he going to visit another wife, it was the Navy Obama so they could not be any suspicion of anything. So it is it is common when Islam discourages suspicion, but from time to time he does feature in the religion.

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Unfortunately when our woman or our wives have suspicion amongst us and she advances towards the phone, the sad reality is this suspicion becomes a reality. Whatever she is doubting about us becomes a reality. If I tell you brothers will law every time I speak I have told you this and I will continue speaking every Genie I receive three social calls a day out of the three to America and both are regarding infidelity. Yesterday there was a sister that phone again about the same problem of this. You know SMS

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My husband is receiving and now it's gone to a degree that is worse in this mix it. There is a colleague of mine who graduated and he's done some extensive research on this year. Last week we were gone for a program and then we went for they took us on a hunting trip at night. So one o'clock in the morning after we came back in the game farm, he says Montana let me just show you how this thing operates. At this time, if I tell you how many people are chatting, I couldn't comprehend. I couldn't comprehend the extent of this fitna. What did the Prophet sallallahu Sallam say fitten Chaka or Ceylon wt matter? Oh my Sahaba I can literally see trials descending, it is landing on your

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roof tops like our rain comes down. I can see fitness come in one after the other in succession.

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There was another system that phone last week, you know, I share this and I tell them I shade so that it comes entices me, you and one in all. What's the complaint of the sister? Mara, my husband wants to employ a young girl who is very beautiful and very attractive. And we don't need this in our we don't need this employment. And when I told her that I told him it's you know you are vulnerable. The chances are you are prone to commit suicide. No, no, it's purely from a marketing strategy. It's purely from a marketing perspective that you know, enhance the sales and the sales lady and you will boost up if I if I could only transmit the pain of that sister. Is there any way

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that I can read that this woman will decline the offer? I said I wish I knew that law, my sister. But I just cannot convince my husband I don't want to doubt him. But knowing him very well. Why does it deliberately go and put himself into such a situation? nonetheless, I should say this suspicion gripped my heart it gripped my heart. And that is why it is important. Islam believes that we should conduct ourselves with dignity that we don't leave room for people to harbor ill feelings against us. One of the reasons why the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said that Avellino nica announced your marriages is so that tomorrow when you work with the girl in society, officially you are wedded to

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her. Give no person reason to sit and accuse you or to tarnish you or to implicate you or insult you. Officially you will read it read it in the machine. So everybody is acquainted. Anyway, I started your lawn I said I was left ashamed. I was left embarrassed that this is what Cross my heart perhaps is going to visit one of his other wives. To my utter surprise, I found him standing in the graveyard making dua for the Muslim ummah.

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And in wondering why it comes, I went out, I started looking up and down, I paced around. And when I returned, I found he was in Salah in the room. And then he was making such a lengthy set up that for a moment I thought he had passed away. For a moment I thought it now that would happen to our wife then phone when we don't come back from shop. We'll come back so late What happened? His phone is just ringing. There's no there's no reply. The Office phones are just ringing. He hasn't yet come back. What has happened, unfortunately, that thought will only cross us when he's in the shop. That is when he comes back. So I sort of Yolanda said there was a panic in my heart, I tend gently put my

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hand on his foot, and I felt warmth and there was movement. So I could say with relieved that he was alive and he was well but so lengthy was is such that

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when he completed in Salah, he then jumped into the bed with me again. And I was pulsating. So he said I shall What's the matter? So again, this is again the beauty of Islam. Be honest in your relation. You picked up by sister You picked up your husband's phone, and then he asked you if I needed to make a call. Don't say you needed to make a call. Tell me why you picked it up.

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I want to see who you've been smsc I want to see your phone. Look open, lift, run, don't doubt but lift transparent. Look transparent. I've got nothing to hide. You've got nothing to hide. So she said I want to be able to let me be honest, when you left this room, something crossed my mind. And I just felt that you were going to visit another wife on Monday night. So maybe at a salon first oh I saw Do you think Alice Navy will ever betray you?

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Do you think Allah will deal with you unjustly? And then maybe a salon took his blessing at hand and calmly rubbed it over her knees and said, I put you your body you exerted it so much unnecessarily. I look at the calmness of Nabi sallallahu sallam, how he conducted himself. There was the incident where he became angry with his spouses. And then he left them and he said I'm going for a month the Hadith is very long. Allah speaks about it in the Quran as well. And then he returned after 29 days. I saw the olana like any other woman, she maybe if we made use the word provoke, or maybe that's too strong a word. She She challenged me Sara Lee was She challenged. She said Don't be over la you were

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You will do without us for a month in your back. You said you'll go away for 30 days and you're back after 29. Now put yourself in that situation, you walk out and you tell your wife, I'm not coming for one week, and then you come back after two days, and then she's not so what happened? You couldn't do without me? How would you react? Let me set some set. I'm going for 30 days and he was back in 29. So I started the Atlanta challenge. So what happened to the 30 days? Let me on a Samson Ayesha I did not say 30 days I said a month and some months consist of 29 days.

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What what vision what calmness what vendors what maturity?

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Now that is what I want to speak about the Prophet sallallahu Sallam went to the grave. The visiting of the grave was not an exclusive feature of faustin Shabbat. I certainly Alanna says every week when he visited me he visited the graveyard. Scholars deduce from this that the bare minimum is that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam visited the graveyard weekly if not more, but this is definitely that he visited the grave once a week when he entered the grave. What are the etiquettes? What is the DA assalamu alikum he first would greet at what would he say they are according to the inhabitants of this land to the occupants of this grave and to set a funa when a new bill after you've arrived

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before us we will be joining us shortly. Young Pharaoh Allahu Allah. May Allah forgive you and us collectively

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navionics Salatu was Salam was set by the grave and make dua for his oma, as I mentioned often. And what did he tell us a haba control Kadena he took oma and zero till poopoo reefers ooh Ha. Oh my Sahaba initially I had prohibited you from visiting the graveyard. But now I'm telling you visited in abundance, visit it in up not as a ritual. But he's referred to death as the destroyer of all desires, is referred to if there's anything that can put an end, to your last to your ego, to your ego, it is death and death alone. So can we go out before you feel a hadith regarding the reality of the grave, so that when we stand at the side of the grave, whether we visit the disease today or any

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other day we reflect and introspect. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says when a person passes away, you know, the poet says it's so beautifully, bassoon AC avant la que ma ma ha pasado de la, la, la la la la, la la la la Harmonix, that when my soul has left my body the first thing that happens is my saliva becomes better. Then I am covered in a cloth without sleeves, but I have no choice in the matter. They take me forward and a salon is performed on me which has no ruko such that hopefully my lord accepts the intercession. I am then taken to the grave. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam says the diseases in the Mooney move with me quickly, hasten with me. He is then

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lowered into the grave. He is nobody into the grave. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam said in the Riva booth out in Nevada, yes, Muhammad Ali him either one Lomas Baron, or my Sahaba. Make no mistake as you're leaving. He's listening to what you're talking. Now. He can listen to your footsteps as well. As you have left to heart Oh, whoa, whoa, a lot. Just a nebulous term says the first thing that happens is his soul is returned to his body. His soul is returned to his body. You have left his or her they're shuffled around, and they have left to add to roho electricity he has sold returns to his body

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of money. A founder of Yolanda says whenever the Prophet sallallahu wasallam completed from any burial he stood at the grave. And then he would say it's considerably ethical. For indigo, Ilana you Sal was Allahu Akbar, the son all of you stay at the grave don't leave you've completed the burial but stay dry. ask Allah to forgive your brother. For verily he is going to be subjected to the most critical moment in his entire life. And ask Allah to keep him from the most frightening insight is to reveal and to unveil before him. I have received numerous calls where person one have a gun My wife is going into the labor room now. My God have taken my father into theater, make laws The

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interview is at nine o'clock make drawers. The court proceedings start at 10 o'clock. Vla Sam says make dua at this time for him. Luckily no mo Tonkin benign ilaha illa Allah encourage the disease with the articulation of the Quran Allah Allah Allah Allah. Imam Abu hanifa is of the opinion that we did to the dying man, Imam Shafi Rahmatullah says no, no read it to the dead man. Read it to the dead man when he's lowered into the grave stand by his grave and read in the line abundance Why? For in no use, now he will be tested. So what did the

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Hey Sam say welcome to Angel comm as to a dark dark skinned azraq on furious eyes. Now this is what the Quran says super authorities in developing this word but they've never did develop in the grave when they begin a sermon from a Raj and he may say tonight if I am a Salam if I told him that oh Mohamed upgrade in metric Amina Salam convey your omit my choices surrounds and tell them for the record Jen net is a barren land every man's gender is what he develops out of it every man's gender is what he develops out of it so by by its nature it's apparently and it would be very foolish for a man to say no no I want to stay out in the house is a very big you know my friend you pay for a big

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house then you own a big house. But the house is by itself it's nothing It was a barren land you develop it. The cluster you put up the house you will have in LA Marina Del Monte escuela ha in alethia kobuleti motika Neha Neha for him bunnahabhain Papa mosquito benahavis shchedrin kabani ha there is no house in which you will dwell after your death but the one that you built while you were alive if you built it well good luck to the accommodation if you didn't well it tough luck to you.

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But there's a poverty attorney Bina attorney Vina aloha lady in our in nama Mocambo coffee ha la casa de leeuw. You burn a dwelling of eternity wherein you are to love for few days, your life is so short in fact, the shade of a tree would have sufficed lacquer the canopy erotica lemon canopy hayata de hirato.

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So anyway, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says these two angels appear to him in the grave. Then he goes on to describe them as wautoma karate passive. What are the sorrow Martin Bertil heart if this site is like lightly, their voice is like thunder. Then they have a lash in their hand. They have a whip in their hand. Luigi Tamara la alumina Allah Muti por la. If all the people of Mena unite they tell and they try and collectively lift it up. They weren't able to lift it, but those angels will have total control over it. loads are a backup Ihara if they touch you with it once will be reduced to happiness over the man who said I have one question to ask in a narrow kulana what our logic

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insanity we restored when we visualize will we be focused linearly Sam says yes. Hey, Akiko Leo says I'm talking in you listening you will be in tech every organ will be intact. One revise or even a merger job. Who says most filati shamsuddin. The Guru Bihar is he will enter into the grave and the soil will be covered. And the angel will announce the apana dum couraged Amina Tora, Tora horas de pinata min waka waka Luca de novo you started from here you return here. The only thing is you started sinless and you return full of cells

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that you might have even imagine it will appear to this disease as if the sun is setting as you will enter into the grave and the sand will cover him and the relatives will leave the vision that he will get his most filati shrimps are in the gurobi ha that it's just sunset. It's just touching the western horizon. He'll get up according to one device in a gently rubbing his eyes Where am I? and wonder you might have a Buddha with usually sunny the angels will tap him get up my friend Get up. We got serious work with you. We need to talk to you he will get up these frightening angels before him in the loneliness of his grave in the darkness of his grave. How can you forget this grave my

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brother? I saw the Alanna said Mara Ito Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam Salma Salatin in la vida de nada amenable poverty, I cannot recall the number you have a law performing any son after which he did not ask a law protection from the punishment of the grave. I asked you if you have ever made the door to Allah mandrup vocuis you're not rugby Allah He will answer if he answers an amicus amongst those people. minorities a lot of Muslims. Right Allah Have you seen a lot?

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A lot? No, no, I haven't seen a line it's not possible to see the second question. Medina What is your faith? What is your faith? Not what can you drive?

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Medina What is your faith? What is your religion? geniale Islam my religion is Islam Madhava Rajan levy Baba feeco What's your take on this man that came as a prophet who will soon Allah He is the Prophet of Allah, ma you three? What's your proof that he is the Prophet of Allah? Allah for are meant to be here. I read the book of Allah and I am convinced that he is the nephew of Allah. Are you convinced? Yes, for your fortune teller now

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doorbell will be opened up for him. He will then see that the dog jahannam takaratomy azumi nullified tocado chmi azumino Allah says it is as if the fire wants to burst with fury. It is as if the fire wants to burst with fury Luffy has defeated zephie reefers refers to the brain of a donkey in the levina satipatthana homina, Patiala, Kevin Hamada dawn, Colaba, folgen Salah, whom has an Anima t community, he will see *, he'll see the torment you'll see the pain you'll see the agony it will be gentle to him. We are only showing you this so that you can understand the privilege Allah has afforded you you've been saved from this move on under a llama wacaco Allahu Minho under a

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llama waka la Minho, you've been saved from this so that you can appreciate your accommodation even more for your staff.

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Then the door will be open at him in rojava. tv ha will get the fragrance of aroma therapy now this aroma therapy nebulae Salaam, said,

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Mara when a woman applies deodorants, and then she leaves her house with strong smelling fragrances. Then the Prophet of Allah has referred to her in the words of an adulterous she who goes out to attract men by virtue of her fragrance by virtue of her deodorant, and then she passes by a group of people. Obviously the scent is going to attract people towards the Prophet sallallahu wasallam has used the stern words of immoral and adulterous upon her.

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Then Allah will announce Allah will announce sadaqa at my servant has spoken the truth.

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hoop Baba Niranjan now open the door, Jenna wafu, Allahu Allah genda spread out the carpet of Jenga, and then he will get the fragrance of gender. He will get so happy in America the only

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only give me a chance please I want to go and rejoice and tell my mother and my family that I've made it so that I tell him Relax, relax, or school numb can no matter how to sleep like the bride sleeps on the first night, nobody is going to arrest you, you go to sleep and enjoy it. That is Allah makes us amongst those fortunate people. But on the reverse on the reverse alphabet alphabet on the occasion when there was a solar eclipse in Madina munawwara and then the Prophet sallallahu wasallam delivered a sermon. And as mapping Debbie Becker of the Atlanta city is a Salah that is to be performed. A few years ago when I was studying and there was a solar eclipse we had the good

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opportunity of performing the SIR it is referred to as Serato inclusive. That is the salary of a solar eclipse and the ISA huso that refers to the lunar eclipse. There is a salon that is offered for both the solar and the lunar eclipse. So anyway, there was a solar eclipse in Medina, and this coincided with the death of the son of the Vla Salaam. So many people had the misconception that it was as the mark of mourning the demise of a great person. That is why the sun had also Eclipse but the Prophet said Allah is simply not latch on to this credit when this wasn't the reality. I mean, we like to latch on to anything. We like to latch on to something so why must I tell him if you

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believe that any belief if you believe that the owner Good luck to his beliefs? Maybe one day Allah will make me Who knows?

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The law says the Prophet sallallahu wasallam delivered a talk. Then he got emotional in the talk and he said what? Ileana contesta Luna de PUE Rico, Caribbean mean fitna tilma see that Joel, I have just been informed now through revelation that when you will be inducted into your grade, the tests will be so challenging, I equated to the fitness of the job.

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I have been informed that when you will be lowered into your grave, you will be subjected to such difficulties that it will be like the fitness of the job. Now let me digress and make you understand what is the job then you can appreciate what is the grave

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that you might have a boo mama Bagheera Delano in Hakeem it appears. He says Katana Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam kotoba the Prophet of Allah delivered a sermon sakana AXA hotspotting is the crude that Joel the greater portion of his talk was focused on the fitting of the job. What did he say in the LA LA LA? de la has done every interview that came on and caution his nation against the fitting out of the job. We're in the afternoon.

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I'm the last prophet You're the last nation

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of Nevada. Inevitably The judge will make his appearance for jaquan. If he can find a hottie Joe, if he makes his presence if he makes his appearance in my presence. I will defend the entity

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oma, but the likelihood is his appearance will be after my demise. And should that be the case every man will have to defend him on the strength of his own face. The likelihood is his appearance is after my demise. And if he comes after my demise, each man on the strength of his own man will have to defend and come back. Then he said he made his appearance from a place between Iraq and Sham, Arthur yameen and Arthur shamala. He'll move in the east and the west and he will cause corruption on this earth. Now what I'm saying is the Prophet of Allah said that you're testing in the grave will be similar to the testing of the jar. There's one difference that jar there is a collective

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woman that will combat him in the graveyard alone My brother.

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Then he paused and he said Yami by the lovefest Bhutto, offense of ally beg you persevere and remain firm. He will start off his deviation by saying in the Navy, you come, I am your profit. What are gonna be your body and let me remind you, there is no profit after me. He will start to miss deviation by saying I am your profit, that you might have Muslim Sherif Ali Salam said, Mashallah, Mashallah ambia him in probably commissario Julian beneventan. My example in those prophets that preceded me is like a house that was constructed. And it was completed with the exception of one brick in one corner. Such Allen so you're too soon to be here. When people came to admire this

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house. They said What a beautiful building, if only the final break could be added to complete this house of prophethood Sutton and lapena I am the final break that completes and concludes the house of profit would love to be a body there is no profit after me. So that's his first claim, but he will not enter he'll progress in his claim. He will then say, hon, come I am your Lord, and make no mistake. lento Rebecca Matata Muto you will not see you're not till you die.

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Then we're in Nam in fitternity. Fermin lucky Yahoo minco summon lucky a woman come forgetful Allah wa T. If any one of you sees him then advance towards him and spit on his face when he forgot the hasura coffee and read down in verses of surah cough and blow on him. And hamdulillahi

00:32:13 --> 00:32:14

Rabbil aalameen

00:32:17 --> 00:33:00

Sencha de de Mille I don't know what you mean and levena Madonna sorry, had another one. JOHN Hassan Hasina monkey seen a fee read open in person. Maybe I said I'm sad. Let me tell you what are his challenges he will be given access to a human use of Symphony Adam he come to that man. He'll tell that person do you believe that I am your diety This person will refute and say no I don't believe in fact you are the evil the job. They will say okay, I will cause your deaths in ribeye view is then split this man in half is split this man in half and then revive him. He'll tell this man are you now convinced that I am your piety? Is this person according to one reply it will be a very

00:33:00 --> 00:33:35

young pious boy cheban monthly on a mana Nebula Salaam described this boy by saying he will be a youth in the prime of his life but he will be brimming with a man he will be so he'll take the job head on. He will challenge him head on he'll engage him head on. He will say I am only more convinced that you know the proof of that is if you are the deputy then repeat what you did. He will try for the second time but he'll fail. But the message will still flock towards him. People will fall for one thing people will fall for one thing

00:33:36 --> 00:33:42

that's the first thing is we're in the mean fitness among these fitness is ma who

00:33:43 --> 00:34:23

he will have a * on his right and paradise on his left. understand his Paradise is the hands of Allah is * is the paradise of Allah. If you have to fall falling is * and not in his paradise for many petroleum Inari if you fall in his hair make dua to Allah he'll make it peaceful for you as he made it for you brought him in the main facility he understand the pls around said your grave will be like the fitness of the job then he says amongst the trials of the jar is he will pass by a group of people he will invite them to believe on Him for your amino wanna be here they'll accept him in point to the sky It will shower in in point to the earth it will give up vegetation will

00:34:23 --> 00:34:59

point to the clouds it will give up mode. In other words accepting his message will be taken on apparent prosperity apparent Can you imagine when accepting his message will bring instant prosperity apparently how challenging it will be. Today a man cannot resist the challenge or the temptation of interest when it's not immediate. So it's long term. It's long term. It's suppose that it's alleged, perhaps maybe who knows. But it's long term and he gets so tempted. you'll accept him in the sky will give rain you'll accept him in the US will give vegetation and that's not all the consequences will be reversed for those who deny him

00:35:00 --> 00:35:13

Pass by an X group will say you are the dog will point to the sky It will be trout will point to the earth that will be the end of vegetation. He'll point to the kettle they will start dying. It's a you see those that accepted me prosperity? Can you imagine? trying this moment is

00:35:15 --> 00:35:19

Sahaba said mama Lupita who Allah Allah, how long will he stayed

00:35:20 --> 00:35:32

40 days but the first day will be equivalent to a year to get the vision of Sahaba that day that will be equivalent to a year do we perform five selasa equivalent to a year where is the mine of Sahaba where they think

00:35:33 --> 00:36:15

he will tour the world's nebulae Salaam said he will come to Medina mama and Baba min ago ah Bihar Illa Allah He Malecon masala but my Allah will send angels at every entry and exit point of Medina that will be guarding the surroundings of Medina that will be God in Mecca that will they would not allow him and give him access into Mecca and Medina. And in one device it comes regarding the same incident of the the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told the Sahaba listen if I have left in my duty of discharging the responsibility upon you then tell me they said only be over lovey in one voice say but laughter is Allah Arabic When a softer neomatik waqqas I attended econ aliquid testify you've

00:36:15 --> 00:36:22

adequately discharged your obligation. He said Now listen to what I have to tell you. What regards to the solar eclipse, but Dharma,

00:36:23 --> 00:37:09

the Dharma botanist and nekoosa Javi he shoves Walker so Sahaja was the one I have in new dome, Lee Moti region in ozama. I mean, some people have this notion that the sun eclipses or the moon or the sun change in the galaxy or there is a falling star that this is associated to the death of a great person. Let me clear this the profitsystem says this is a mess. This is a must there is no reality to this year. What I mean is a law you have the bureau logo behind Riba but these are signs from Allah by virtue of which he examines his service. He then said while I engaged in the Sunnah of the solar eclipse, moon to come to an alley, and I stood here and I let you in, in congregation.

00:37:10 --> 00:37:15

Allah showed me every fitna that you will face till the Day of

00:37:16 --> 00:37:57

sustaining Allah unveiled everything to be alive you know sometimes speak to a doctor. He said, No, don't bro. You don't have to tell me your history. I've taken out your files. I've got your files, I've got your blood results. I've got your x rays. I just would want I've got everything. I've got everything yet. So don't worry, I know your blood group and everything. Maybe at a salon said every fitness that is to come till Tiamat was opened up before me now. And I found the worst of it to be the winner of the job. He will come in this world. Mcdo bambina. In a coffee on his forehead will be written infidel, Jaco khulumani only a true believer will identify it from and whoever will believe

00:37:57 --> 00:38:00

in Him, it will render all his good actions null and void.

00:38:02 --> 00:38:24

Now I can go and discuss the sweetener of the jar in much more detail. I only want to tie it up What did the Prophet sallallaahu Selim say? what occurred over here in a a, an account afternoon affetto recon kariba min fitna dilemma see if I was informed that the test in the game is going to be like that of the fitness of the dog in one day, why it comes Muslim in

00:38:25 --> 00:38:58

the dunya dunya makes mention of this year, that when a person passes away, and he enters into the great fatahna, Urvashi, momineen and mafia, then all the pious souls that had passed away they come and receive Him and they want to query from you What's the happenings in the world? What's the latest on this person? This is according to Hassan bursary mentioned in the dunya. So the melodica Sabine banana says the Mullah he doesn't intervene and they say oh Kobe for in Raja min Kirby. Navin doesn't take it slowly. The man has just died now. Because he tell you will tell you everything.

00:38:59 --> 00:39:30

You know, give him time give him time he'll report he'll report. He's come through a very critical moment a very crucial moment. Anyway, he comes down then the souls gather by him and the souls ask him for masala food and so and so in the world. What's the latest? Hi, Ron Alhamdulillah he's doing good. Then they ask masala Fulani What about so and so. So this person who has just died the new disease so to say, he says you asking me that name has died long before me I supposed to ask you about him. Martha probably.

00:39:32 --> 00:39:50

He's died long term. So I don't have any news about him. someone falls in us to buy furniture from Australia house. I thought he moved to Australia. He had to you're gonna give me information. I thought you're gonna he says no, but he hasn't come to me. So these souls didn't realize if the man is no more in the world and he hasn't joined the parties. That means he's going to help

00:39:52 --> 00:39:59

that I'm asking you about this particular soul. You're telling me he is dying? you telling me he's dying already.

00:40:01 --> 00:40:18

But we haven't met him he has set up in our own money and how that means he has been driven to the evil abode of *. Kava bar says is loaded into the grave. His good actions come and surround him if he has, if he has, so Salah stands at his feet.

00:40:19 --> 00:41:04

First Instance it is head. Soccer stands by his hands, and Hud stands and patrols the remaining part of the body. For the G omega equalizer. These angels of torment they enter into the grave. Tuna means the belly region a they advance and they attack from the legs. So these angels rissalah in the form of a handsome person stands up and says in a commando, listen don't try you're lucky you can go try another entry not from your pocket upon lpm Allah, Allah Allah Hema, these legs have stood for hours worshiping Allah, when or why Urbanus Roberto's leg was amputated. Then he said bring my leg year after his leg was amputated. He took his hand and then gently started stroking it over this

00:41:04 --> 00:41:25

amputated leg and he started crying. He said one lady hemani had a giffy a Tamati label and a massage at the Alamo and then Mr. mushy tubik ala Robin Pato Oh Lake I want to tell you that Allah who enabled me to put my weight on you and walk he knows Never have I taken one step putting my weight on your doors, anything haram

00:41:26 --> 00:41:51

he gently took his hand and rubbed it over his leg very passionately, and he cried. And he said that Allahu enabled me to put my weight on you and walk. I've never walked towards something around when Mr. oblate jumbo was injured, and his children were going in Bethel and they said, Dad, you are injured, you are exempted. So he came to the Prophet of Allah and said in Nepal, he will not only Oh, Johnny Mack was born

00:41:52 --> 00:42:05

at Harvey he will only be over now my children say that I must not participate because my foot is lame. But I want to vote with Elaine foot and I want to die within a foot and I want to march in gender with my name which

00:42:07 --> 00:42:16

I want to match with my name put in Ghana. So Salah will tell these angels you don't come close to him. You know this, don't talk to me talk to my lawyer.

00:42:17 --> 00:42:59

Talk to my lawyer. Talk to my auditors. I'll hand you over to my legal team. These angels will defend him you talk to me you don't go to talk to me. What's your problem? I am a Santa. So anyway they'll try their luck somewhere else you know sometimes you want to make a free entry somewhere you try one two days you try somewhere else. So anyway, they'll come to the hedge. His fasting will speak upon Allah tala, this man patiently persevered thirst for the pleasure of Allah. What was the draw the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us after breaking fast, Zaha dama babatel Latino Rocco pasa patella drew the thirst is gone. The veins are quenched the reward is recorded. What is what's so

00:42:59 --> 00:43:45

beautiful the day is over those that foster data is over those that did not pass the day is over. For those that fasted the thirst is also gone. The body is quenched, the stomach is saturated and the reward is recorded that Obama was elected with a bottle Andrew in sha Allah, then they will advance from the body. So it will speak at the other end of Soho, wah wah wah this man exerted this body in HUD then they will try and come towards his hands and what will happen sadaqa will speak what a great action. What a great action up to lightning Massoud has made mention I came across it in the writings of somebody that in the previous nations, Abba de la Narayan Sabina Sana, a person

00:43:45 --> 00:44:27

worship Allah for 70 years, some Masada Fisher, then he committed an act of immorality, because of which Xena or something else but an act of immorality. Allah destroyed all his good actions from Masada, who's the magnitude after that he became sick and paralyzed as a result of his sin or whatever. But he became sick and he became paralyzed one day and he seen one men distributing some food to the poor. So he went to this man and he said, Listen, I am disabled. Can you give me some bread and I will also give out to the poor. So he took for a full refund for Casa de Kala miskeen. He took a break and he gave it to a poor person. Allah accepted and appreciated and acknowledged the

00:44:27 --> 00:44:32

charity to such an extent, Allah pardon, he sent and restored the worship of 70 years.

00:44:34 --> 00:44:59

So when the angels will reach will come and attack him from his hands, they will say, the opposite will take the form of a handsome person will say, Come in Santa Putin. hora jetman artania Dane, do you know how much charity has been given by these hands? You will not come close. In the end these angels will have to return. As I mentioned the condition of Omar and this is intellect the Prophet sallallahu wasallam spoke to Homer

00:45:00 --> 00:45:40

He mentioned to him about the grave. It comes in higher to Sahaba. So then Satan almaraz few questions. And then he said, I want to be over law. Hopefully I will answer these angels. And then he stood up and he started walking. And then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said come Jamar gibril descended. And gibreel told me now that this is a privilege afforded to you, that when the angels will descend to you in the grave, and they will approach you before they start, you'll start you'll tell them who's your Lord minorities, Allah, who's your Prophet, my profit is Muhammad. What is your faith? My faith is Islam. Those angels will say Nana De La Salle CELTA Elena, I don't know has Allah

00:45:40 --> 00:45:47

sent us to question you always Allah sent you to question us? Really my brother that is internet? What did he say? I will

00:45:48 --> 00:46:29

now go and study Arabic grammar, the most intellectual human, the most intellectual human. That is why someone asked him Shafi that if a person says that when I die, my wealth must be given to the most intelligent men. That's his request that says what's the yet that I leave behind my essay for the for the most intelligent men? Who should the wealth be given to? You said the wealth should be given to the most pious because he's intelligence. If a person makes this worse, yet on his deathbed, that might well be given to the most intellectual human, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said intelligence has been condensed in prep preparing for their CD productions, bringing the sounds

00:46:29 --> 00:46:33

of assume Do you intelligence has been condensed in prepare

00:46:34 --> 00:47:17

mcdonoughs me Let him abandon mode. Now how do we go about what did say that I've delayed now Buster the alarm on Jose, he said if Gracia Baraka, Larry, big hill, molk, learn surah Tabarak, well Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, for Allah sake, teach it to your wife, teach it to your children, teach it to your siblings, in fact, teach it to your neighbors, what Iran is going to teach it to you we see today people are you know, on a on a particular mission and they promoting something going from person to person, you know, going from this one young promoting this, this theory, they say this people will fly. So this youngster was in the puzzle of you know, what, you must use contraceptive

00:47:17 --> 00:47:32

measures and we must curtail and curb down you know, the population crisis. So he came to one pious person is what do you believe about birth control? He said How old are you my friend? You said 20 years is that wish they started 20 years ago?

00:47:35 --> 00:47:38

At least we wouldn't have it you wish they started 20 years ago.

00:47:39 --> 00:48:05

Anyway, what I'm saying is a person is moving from person to person. You see these people promoting selling this article instead of the lead now buzzer go and teach the bottle to the whole world. Final Mona Jia. Final Mona Jia to Giada Novato, ha Simone de la Haley Korea, it will stand in the grave and argue your case before a law and trust me it won't leave you till Allah doesn't forgive you.

00:48:06 --> 00:48:09

It will not leave you till Allah doesn't forgive you.

00:48:11 --> 00:48:32

One day might have to be the one Savi says I pitched attempts and I wasn't even conscious of it for either an incision in your crotch subrata Tabarak suddenly I heard a man reading suit at the bar. I moved my tent I went straight to the belly Salam. So don't be over by mistake. I pitch my tent and then I realized it was a great and I heard the Barak read the bark what he's opening verses of Tabarak Allah, Allah.

00:48:36 --> 00:48:42

Allah, Allah Allah Mota, tal Hayato Lia Lovato mapsand Allah

00:48:43 --> 00:48:46

for Allah de la casa

00:48:48 --> 00:49:31

Mata Rafi moneymen tafawa how Allah introduces life I have created life and death Tony examine you if you obey me or not. Then he says, Look at the sky above you and look at the earth beneath you. Then Allah says I challenge you and I invite you to do me a favor don't look once look twice look thrice for GML basara karate, I challenge you look at my creation repeatedly and then come back to me if you find any fault or any flaw. Then Allah goes on to say, can a CAN bus or Rojas er en la la Cal bus or Rojas? Er, your gaze will return to you defeated because my creation is flawless.

00:49:32 --> 00:49:40

Your gaze will return to you helpless you'll give in enough to throw the towel in wait and I find fault in the creation of my Allah. Allah

00:49:42 --> 00:49:59

sallallahu Natoma anomia taken as a just ponder over what is mentioned in Surah Barak, every time a group will be thrown in *, the angels will ask them for the record we just want to ask you were you told Are you aware? No, no I was away I was over you know about the day of Tiamat

00:50:00 --> 00:50:02

You are in 400%. Our

00:50:06 --> 00:50:11

time Allah is asking in Surah Tabarak and look at the birds above you how they fly, my

00:50:13 --> 00:50:20

man, my music una Illa rough man. What is it that the law of gravity pulls you down?

00:50:21 --> 00:50:29

But the bird flies. I remember once I was in America, they took me to this place where they call it Mystery Spot where the whole system of gravity is haywire

00:50:30 --> 00:50:54

and ball rolls upwards. And you know, funny things happening. Allah asked you the question, what is it that this bird flies this law of gravity pulls you down with the bird remains above my spoon in law. It is only a law that keeps that bird floating. It's only a law that keeps that bird flying and gliding above you. So Sunita Barak recite Surah tabara.

00:50:55 --> 00:51:37

Then what did the VOA salatu wa sallam mentioned is what the Sahaba is out with the Sava three varieties in Muslim Sharif and he's mounted onto his conveyance. Suddenly the animal becomes restless aviary sentences looks like this animal has seen some punishment in the grave for either punakha sit to act or suddenly we found six graves. The Vla ceram says many ahref as haba the hill upper Is there anybody knows who's sleeping in this graveyard? Is there anybody knows who is resting in this grip so one Sahabi stood up he says, I know these people mark to finish rock. These are people who died before accepting Islam. Nabi sallallahu Sallam said in the heart, the hill oma to

00:51:37 --> 00:52:24

patella fee for Buddha, believe me, these people are going through some grave conditions in the grave. And I and this animal have seen certain things at this moment. And if it wasn't for the fear that you stopped varying your disease, I would have asked a lot to also show you what I see. Lola alotted Alpha no doubt Allah use me acuminata below poverty. If it wasn't for the fear that you stopped burying, I would have asked Allah, Allah speaks in the Quran and narrow your horoscope Yo. Yo, I see that every morning and every evening, * is opened up and it is presented before this the verse of the Quran. The people of Iran are shown that what you are suffering is not the worst.

00:52:24 --> 00:52:25

The worst is yet to come.

00:52:26 --> 00:52:52

Qatada said you call Lula whom has he managed to come? What do you say dinner and he says Mazel Nana ship Kofi Ada bill company Hata Anza Allah tada Allah Hakuna Taka sir, people kept on doubting the reality of the grave that Allah revealed the first and he said Allah Hakuna Matata for that the crave of more has blinded you. It will only be suppressed when you will be handed over to your grave.

00:52:54 --> 00:53:10

Robbie evening Anna says son who has the boomerang Wella says will punish them twice one will be in the grave. So anyway, in the Vla, Sam derivatives in Muslim Sharif, the animal gets excited nebulae salatu salam says come this animal after the animal is come

00:53:11 --> 00:53:50

listen to me my Sahaba tava Zoo Billahi min. As I've been asked Allah protection from the punishment of health Sava Sedna, who's a builder he may not have been now we asked a lot protection from the fire of *. Then he said tombolo billahi min ardabil kabra be emphatic and also law protection from the punishment of the grave. We said we asked Allah Pani protection from the punishment of the grave. He then sat down with rubella human fitternity mineral fit and Mahara Min hamama Pathan asala protection from every evil, the hidden in the apparent we said we asked Allah protection. Then he said thou was rubella human. fitna Timothy had the job, asked Allah protection from the fitting of

00:53:50 --> 00:54:35

the job. Now what is the greatest reason that leads to the punishment in the grave? This is a sad reality. He held the hand of his beloved wife maimunah. He said yummy Muna to Yama Muna to Oh, my beloved wife mamoon and let me tell you why people will suffer in the grave the most in a shutdown. Probably the greater portion of the torment of the grave will be because of two crimes. One is because of backbiting and one is negligence with regards to urine drops. One is negligence with regards to urine drops. I have been told and I say this out of concern, that at the Jamia many of our Muslims frequent displays, they tend to attend a place where to start off, people are semi *,

00:54:35 --> 00:54:59

if not totally *, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said Latins are in Africa at the high end well, don't look at the thigh of a living not a disease. Look at the level of hyah we've been taught. She is diseased she is a cop's she is late. She is old. She is wrapped yet we put an additional cover over the grave and she is lowered inside. What did I just say? Take us

00:55:00 --> 00:55:22

Say when the Vla saddam passed away, I would go to the grave and stand by the grave. At times sit next to the grave. My eyes would close and I would sleep because it was my room. It was my husband. Then my father Abu Bakar passed away. I would enter the grave one side was my father. One side was my husband, but then over passed away. I never entered my room without veiling myself because a stranger was buried.

00:55:25 --> 00:56:11

One rewired mind to be said my daughter Fatima. She is so modest when she was 10 up and announcer will announce drop your gazes Fatima wants to walk, and Taya hasher will be compelled to drop today when the bride walks in. If your gazes are dropped, they love to take cases in she comes in and then the girl singing aside and what is the beauty? The Quran the Hadith says that Fatima and she will stand up the entire hasher and who was Fatima Kapha Viki Shara fun Kapha bt shadowfell and taccone psychiat Anissa Hillel Chanda Fatima, it is enough virtue for you that you are the queen of the woman agenda. So she comes to Libya, a Salaam who is in the throes of death and she gets emotional.

00:56:11 --> 00:56:53

She seems the pain. I saw the Atlanta said prior to seeing the demise of Libyan a saddam, I always had the notion that if a person died with ease, then he's a very lucky person. And if a person went through a barrage of pain and difficulty, then that's an unpleasant death. But my theory change because I seen the extent of the perspiration on the body of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam, knowing very well that they couldn't be a greater human. I was convinced that the very theory of death was challenging. So Fatima says I came I seen how he was crying. What was never a salams words. Leyzaola a big kicker Robin Leone, or my daughter Fatima you seen your father crying a lot. But believe me

00:56:53 --> 00:57:38

This is the last you've ever seen your father cry. After he takes his last breath. It's only peace it is the end of all difficulties. Today Unfortunately, it is the other way around. So it's comforting luxury in this world. pain starts when our eyes close. pain starts when our eyes closed. What did the Prophet sallallahu Sallam say instance he who made a bowl abstain from urine drop, how sad reality that how many Muslims use the urinals. It is inconceivable for me literally inconceivable that as Muslims we understand how conscious we are of purity. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam says negligence towards you raindrops will cause you the greatest punishment in the grave.

00:57:40 --> 00:58:06

Half of us unfortunately cannot squat and relieve ourselves which is the correct way which is the main of the scientifically again they will tell you that is the best way because there's no contact with the body in germs etc. But from the perspective of the profits of the lolly was seldom today unfortunately sitting in the washroom or like one person or in the in the in the states they call it the restroom so you don't get placed to rest anywhere else. That's the only place to rest.

00:58:07 --> 00:58:08

The restroom.

00:58:09 --> 00:58:30

Be conscious of that. The second thing the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said is Reba. Reba because of backbiting This will cause you have major problems in your grave. Really speaking brothers, I can speak about much more about the cover. The only thing that I am saying this year is that we become conscious. When has the hammer even asked for the Atlanta was in the throes of death.

00:58:36 --> 00:58:40

His son came to him. Now make no mistake, Ross was the father

00:58:42 --> 00:59:16

the conqueror of Egypt, there is a brilliant book written on his his entire life and how he conquered and known as far as he had missed, you know, when he conquered Egypt and amongst the many things that the setbacks. One was the strange practice that the people had with river Nile that they would sacrifice a young girl throwing in the water and then the water would flow. And when he walked in there, these were rulers once upon a time. He said this practice will not remain that look at their authority. He then writes to him or he says Omar we have a problem here we have a stumbling block here. This was the usual practice that they would sacrifice the girl from her set in Islam a

00:59:16 --> 00:59:47

demo Makana cobbler, Islam is out to refute and to to destroy all these practices. So how do we get water from outside Okay, I write a letter, I write a letter to the water. Look at the tree we can write a letter to our children. We can write a letter to our children. We've got to be selective and we don't know how they're going to respond. We can communicate with our wives we can we can issue a decree we can issue a command the tone has to be polite, the attitude has to be passive. The approach must be gentle. It was beautiful. He wrote to the water when amirul mumineen

00:59:48 --> 01:00:00

is in higher to sahaabah. From top to seraphinite. in contemporary metabolic surgery, listen, if you flow by your own accord in fernleigh sake, don't flow. We don't need your

01:00:00 --> 01:00:05

Any free flowing by the will of ally asked him. He told Avinash you received my no dropping.

01:00:06 --> 01:00:17

He was out in better. He received the letter. He was out in Medina, the Sahaba. They wrote to him and they said, We need reinforcement, he sent resava he sent resava

01:00:19 --> 01:00:21

in the history of reinforcement

01:00:23 --> 01:00:46

so people asked him three he said, these three people have a line is nobody in their life totally. If you got them unless help is with them, and if they don't have Allah, regardless of the numbers or lies, not with them, never did this on but when on number three people is reinforcement. So the approach was to anyway, how many of us in the throes of in the throes of death? Then he starts crying.

01:00:47 --> 01:01:23

So it's sentencing mama Berserker? Rasulullah, sallAllahu, wasallam, because our Casa Oh, my father, what you climb in, I heard so many times the profitableness agenda is yours. He said, Yes, my son, but that's one side of it. There's another side you don't know about it. You don't know about it. We all have a negative past we have an evil past. And in May, Allah don't ever reveal it to anyone. None of us are proud of our own. This is the mercy of Allah. In fact, in one device, I read the kindness of Allah subhanho wa Taala, that a person will appear before a law. And then his book of these will be presented. Then he start going through his good deeds. And he started rejoicing, as

01:01:23 --> 01:01:27

you'll read his good deeds, I'll say, if I don't accept it, they say I

01:01:29 --> 01:01:31

mean, that's an hour you told me with another number.

01:01:33 --> 01:01:35

I know you will accept it, and I know you'll accept it.

01:01:37 --> 01:02:15

So I'll say go, I've accepted everything will fall into such outside people will say Suhana. Look at this man, then we'll get up again, then is you'll start seeing his sons, his face will turn. His eyes will become Moyse, his heartbeat will increase his heart perspiring. Along with, of course, our learners everything aloud, say I have forgiven it. I have forgiven it, my son, and don't scream so that others don't know you've made this mistake. Then you will fall in such awe again, people from the outside which indicate this man is only done good. He's only making sugar, not realizing the first gratitude was in acceptance of the good actions. That letter gratitude was on the pattern of a

01:02:15 --> 01:02:20

sense, such as the kindness of Allah, such as the kindness of Allah.

01:02:21 --> 01:02:39

So anyway, he said, Oh, my son, I have three errors. There was an error in my life, where I hated Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam, the most, prior to Islam. Prior to Islam. You know, Allah has given us this opportunity, I came across a quotation in

01:02:41 --> 01:02:57

Arabic dunya makes mention on the strength of ESG dividend nahama that there was an epidemic that broke out in one Muslim place, and one young girl passed away in this epidemic. Further Korea, Abu Hamza Moti Ha. And this is very, very important brothers.

01:02:58 --> 01:03:37

Her father seen her in the dream after she passed away, and he always had the passion to know I mentioned this to you. But let me say it again. Last year when I was in the States, then one day I spoke about the punishment of the grave. And whenever I visit any place, that I make it a point to visit the graveyard, whichever country routinely amongst all the people want is to visit the pious of the locality. And one is to visit the cemetery. I try my level best to make these two visits. In every country, every town visit the graveyard make drop. So anyway, I was given the talk. And in the crowd, it was a big audience. This was in California. I seen one brother in the crowd, he was

01:03:37 --> 01:04:05

literally sobbing, literally sobbing. So after the program was over, I went away. My host came to me says, You know what, my friends got a problem and he wants to talk with you. So I said, no problem. Tomorrow after therapy, I'll go to his house. So he agreed, and after therapy, I went to him. We sat down. In fact, I can still picture distinctly the whole picture is before me. We sat down in the car and we started driving towards his house, a very well respected, dignified, mature, composed human.

01:04:06 --> 01:04:25

Obviously, it was very emotional. He started crying. He said to me, just take you back few years and tell you the whole picture. I came here to America about 30 years ago, my children were born here. Alhamdulillah I have a good established practice here. We prospered. I had so many children. I lost one son last year, at the age of 24. I said, okay, right now I'm understanding what's happening. He said, But

01:04:26 --> 01:04:45

He then took me into the house took me to his room and he started crying. I pacified him, I tried to, you know, calm him down. He said, I'm not crying over that. He's gone. That was the one of a lot he had to go when the time Allah decided, but I'm very, very hurt. I brought him to this land, and I gave him everything but the

01:04:46 --> 01:04:59

and really Allah be my witness. My burning desire is not if I've given one choice, my choice is not that my son must be revived. My my choice is or my desire is that my son must be in peace. But there's a inner

01:05:00 --> 01:05:06

Feeling that haunts me continuously. Because in my whole life, I never told him about the law.

01:05:07 --> 01:05:48

I gave him everything. We lived here, the most comfortable life. Tragically, he showed me in Fremont. This is where the accident happened. He was coming back. It was this day and with his friends, and he passed away, but the thing that haunts me and he said since then, I started reading the Quran, and I started reading about the grave. And I cry every single day, three years if I cry every single day, and my desire is even lacking ever show me my son. And I just need to know how does he fit way easy by Allah. He then took me to the place where he said, the place where he slept, the place where he ate, and obviously like any father would, life would never be the same life would

01:05:48 --> 01:06:36

never, you know, like someone said, you will live on you will move on, but you won't you won't literally be there. So I comforted him, I consoled him, and I told him the beauty of Islam. So anyway, this person says my daughter died in the epidemic. And after she passed away, I seen a dream. So I'm told her Yamuna yet to ask Bellini until after all my daughter, tell me what is this life of accurate? Tell me what is this life of Akira? So she tells me in the dream, patina Allah Marina de, or my father, it is a different world altogether. It is a different world all together. I remember the first time when I was still studying I was must have been 1617 years when I completed

01:06:36 --> 01:06:58

my third year. And my first trip I went overseas to Australia for tarawih. And you know, first trip outside adventure is what it is. Now phone in back home, what you seen the talking of, you know, pre 94. So to see people would face skin cleaning the road itself was, wow, does this happen in the world? You're coming from an apartheid background. It was like something inconceivable for me.

01:07:00 --> 01:07:09

It says, Oh, my dad, we are in a different land. But then these words of hers left me thinking. She said, not a normal, normal.

01:07:15 --> 01:07:16

But we got formed.

01:07:17 --> 01:07:18

For me.

01:07:21 --> 01:07:40

My father we understand. We can perform it. You can perform the deed but you don't understand it. Suffice to say, let us be hottel cartoon, Hiram minute. Dunya Murphy, ha, give me a credit of one Suvarna law, it is more precious to me than the whole world's.

01:07:42 --> 01:07:52

Suffice to say one so behind the law. You know, one scholar gave the best example regarding the grave. He says it's like a person goes fishing.

01:07:54 --> 01:08:13

And then a lot of people fish some people fish for to eat the fish, some what they fish for the challenge for the fight. The other day, I met a buddy opened up another shop and I said are you you? For the challenge of opening it? separate is enough challenges in life, man. Do you need to put more challenges in your life? Let me take another wife.

01:08:19 --> 01:08:31

I told you that article that I read. There's good news and bad news. The good news is that married men live longer than single men. But the bad news is that married men are more willing to die.

01:08:35 --> 01:08:38

I won't say more. My wife's got to speak in the kitchen.

01:08:45 --> 01:08:46

What was the speaker?

01:08:49 --> 01:09:01

Speaking about the incidence, some people do it for the sake of a challenge. What a beautiful example. The fisherman comes across the rod Subhanallah Look, look at the vision.

01:09:02 --> 01:09:02


01:09:05 --> 01:09:06

am I on

01:09:08 --> 01:09:08

the moon

01:09:09 --> 01:09:49

because the rods he's got the bait hanging. The policeman on top. One fish comes advanced into the bait. 10 other fish surround him Hey, don't eat Don't fall for this. This is a trip. But you made a trip man. It's beautiful food. No, no. This is a trip my brother was the trip like the sun. If you bite, there's a man sitting outside. He pulls you out. As soon as you're pulled out, you die immediately to start to get the lightest penalty. You drop into his car into the trunk. You taken home. His wife then fries you in boiling hot oil. There are eight people that sit on a table with 3060 and they grind you to pieces.

01:09:51 --> 01:09:59

Okay, wait, I'll do my research and I'll get back to you. So you leave the bait. He goes swimming in the water. He goes he goes he comes back. There's no fishermen. There's no

01:10:00 --> 01:10:10

Road, there's no tea, there's no, but it's outside the water, how are you looking for it in the water? Mine obesity is going to happen in the grave when your eyes closed, you will never understand it in this world.

01:10:12 --> 01:10:37

So now it depends on this fish to decide. The fish either it makes the right call or the wrong, but the consequences are grave. It's tempting. It's tempting. I mentioned this last week when we went hunting. So, you know, the routinely with the few places whenever we go for lectures, and after that they take us hunting. And not that I shot anything, you know, blank shots. Although I was very close the last time

01:10:38 --> 01:10:46

as we work in in, I seen this the last time on the game farm and I seen it last week again. I seen it again on the same game farm.

01:10:47 --> 01:10:58

I seen few, you know, dead cattle. So I asked the owner of the farm, I said no. I said What is this? He said, Well, you're not gonna believe this, he took up a green plate of gas.

01:10:59 --> 01:11:32

He said this grass is greener than the other. But it is dead poison for this cutter. The temptation is it's green. If this cattle eat it, in six hours, they die instantly instantly. We try and familiarize them that it's poisonous as soon as they come in when we get new cattle and then again, then again, you know the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Look at the wisdom. People ask why this goal is permissible for the females forbidden for the male. If the goat eats it, nothing happens if the sheep he did nothing happen if a cow entity dies immediately,

01:11:33 --> 01:11:36

then the challenge of the whole thing is is greener than other grass.

01:11:37 --> 01:12:15

What is the profit immediately the studies came to my mind. The prophets Allah Islam said at dunya holberton javiera. This word is sweet in green. These are the words of the Prophet. So this is the challenge for the character that you remind them you want them but again, because it's green, they advanced towards it. Immediately they get constipated, it then leads to excruciating pain, and you cannot sustain them, they collapse. And he says we try and slow to them in time. If they happen to eat it, you can stop the growth of these tulips. And you can you can stop the cows and in this way since this year, we lost 10 cattle because of this. So again, the temptation the temptation is

01:12:15 --> 01:12:24

green. So that example of the fisherman is really an apt example for us to reflect. Let me end with an incident of American Astra de la mano.

01:12:25 --> 01:12:27

The throes of deaths.

01:12:28 --> 01:13:08

He tells his son I had three errors. One was there of absolute darkness when I hated the Prophet of Allah and I, if I had to die in that condition, my son, then obviously I would have gone to * fire. So much Allah Allah will Islam of people within Allah favored me with Islam. And I came to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and I accepted. And while he was alive, that was my best error. I wish I died while he was alive. You know, sometimes you see yourself going through different emotions. And when you see yourself dropping in piety you wish you would have gone or you have passed away at the time when you were in the climax of your piety, you at the best of your spirituality, but obviously

01:13:08 --> 01:13:10

time is decided by Allah subhanho wa Taala.

01:13:12 --> 01:13:47

Then, after the Prophet sallallahu Sallam passed away from molinara, Shia, the luxuries of this world opened up. So really my son, I don't know how he's going to judge me. But I have to request to you after I die. When I pass away, the first thing I don't want people to come and flatter me, you know, I don't want people to come in unduly praise me that he was such a man or what a great human. What a person I've mentioned. You know, my dad used to always say that generally women will praise woman will praise their husbands on two occasions. The first is when she is proposed to him before she got married to him.

01:13:49 --> 01:13:58

You know, I got so much about him. You know what a great guy everybody has given me good words, is a wonderful person. And the second is when his generosity is lifted from the house.

01:14:01 --> 01:14:03

Your late father was a good boy.

01:14:04 --> 01:14:07

I said with tears in my eyes tell the man when he's alive.

01:14:10 --> 01:14:14

The man when he's up does he take the deaths of a man to say your father was a good man?

01:14:15 --> 01:14:21

Praise the man when he's alive. Say a kind word to him when he's alive. Give me flowers, not at his grave when he's alive.

01:14:23 --> 01:14:44

I don't want people to come in praise me unduly because, you know, a person was working. Someone insulted him. He said, Listen, my brother. No offense to your criticism. There is a bridge between me and gender. If I make it across the bridge bridge, I don't care what you say because Allah considered me successful. But if I fail to cross that bridge, trust me, I'm worse than what you said.

01:14:46 --> 01:14:59

Because the crucial moment is this bridge. If I made it, it doesn't make a difference to you. If the university recognizes you, and you got official certification. Now, one ordinary person said no, I don't believe you're a doctor. Good luck.

01:15:00 --> 01:15:14

My brother Good luck. In fact in Arabic They say either attack me Nazi for your Shahada to Libyan economy do when an incompetent person frowns on me then does reflection on my competence?

01:15:15 --> 01:16:00

Because he's not a qualified man that is frowning on me. He's an incompetent men. He himself is not skilled if he's a skilled man that he's got an objection against me then there's merit but he's not skilled so he's objection is a proof of my perfection is the attack come at the mighty mean nothing funnier Shahada truly biani Camilo so I don't want people to come in praise me and flatter me. That's the first thing that he said Oh, my son, after you've loaded me into my grade from Khufu in the Kaveri koderma Yun Sousou sama, Maha stand by my grave, I'm asking you as my son, stand there for the duration that a camel is slotted and the meat is distributed and recite La ilaha illAllah

01:16:00 --> 01:16:08

excessively, by virtue of your spirituality, it will empower me and it will ease in it for me to answer my angels softly.

01:16:09 --> 01:16:20

That's the request of a dying father to his son, not my son, please take care of the shop. You know, I put my sweat I brought this business up. You know what I did you know what I brought up to put this business in this place.

01:16:21 --> 01:16:46

That that will not the words that were not the words, but rather the words Well, my son, you stand by my grave and remember me by my grave, then he my brother. If you've left behind children that know where you are buried, then you've left behind a handsome legacy. But if you left behind children who only know where your money lies and don't know where you lie, you've wasted your life and you've made the biggest blunder forgive me if I say

01:16:47 --> 01:17:10

if you left behind children who know where to visit your grave, and they know where their father is buried. Then Then there is something good you've left behind. Otherwise I'm afraid they will continue with your evil practices and you will suffer in the grave. Then he said Allahumma inaka Mr. Tanaka, Cena wanna heighten atana samanta hyena Allah Subhana

01:17:12 --> 01:17:33

Allah hamanaka we are in fantasy when our berean Fantasy when our Mustang Kiran Bella stuff Iran Allah you told me to do a lot of things but unfortunately I didn't live up to Allah you prohibited me but I did not abstain Allah it's your mercy and not my my actions. Then he said Allah I'm not strong that I can argue with the angel who you why you came.

01:17:34 --> 01:17:54

That was Satan or Musa a Salaam. In revite of Muslim Sharif, when angel of death came to take out his soul, the revival of Muslim Natoma toe masala Islam slept in one fell out even back to Allah and Sultani in the library to motel I need to report back to you. We had a strange happening today.

01:17:55 --> 01:17:56

Report in life.

01:17:59 --> 01:18:02

What happened? Allah you send me to a man who doesn't want to die.

01:18:04 --> 01:18:08

Allah said that is my servant Moosa. He was in a way that you were injured but go to him

01:18:09 --> 01:18:10

and then

01:18:12 --> 01:18:14

tell him you are the angel of death and tell him I have sent you

01:18:16 --> 01:18:37

and then tell him we give him an option. yada yada yada mahtani sorry for the who the Mt. lattakia to be in Santa, this is exclusive to him if he wants he can put his hand on the back of a bull and every strand of hair that he touches he will be granted extension of one years life

01:18:39 --> 01:18:47

go into this this is two Mussa number one we don't get this number two is we get it we look for the most Erica

01:18:51 --> 01:19:18

so he came to Musa Indra Vita Muslim Sharif Allah has given you this choice. Musa said okay, I will use my hands put it on the couch for so long then what he said then you still have to die. You still have to die. What does the law say? Yeah, what do I do home law your Amaro Alfa Sana Wah ma Hua Mustafa z Mina, La da da yo, hammer, left for 1000 years, it won't save you from your torment, you still suffer.

01:19:20 --> 01:20:00

So he said if I have to die at that stage rather now rather No. And then he asked a lot of overlap bring me close to this sacred land of beta look at this and maybe return to the Sahaba if I was there at that location at the at the foot of this heel of the foot of a red Hill, I would have shown you the location of the grave of Masonic Salatu was Salam. So anyway, he said a line not strong that I'm going to engage your angels and I'm going to send you where you come in from. No, no, I'm not shown I can argue What are very young and I'm not innocent that I can prove my innocence, saying this Hera deccani mine. He took his last breath. Really brothers. I made my talk exclusive to

01:20:00 --> 01:20:42

The cover. We've heard the virtue of this night we had the speciality of this night, but it's time we start reflecting on this grave. It's a we need to take it more seriously. We pass by the graveyard daily. routinely yet we don't reflect over. In one way right of Buhari. There was a janazah they pass levies or some stood up. Saba said it's a non Muslim Muslim said but it is somebody to death. It's dead. It's a disease. It's a corpse. It's leaving this world. It's a sign of the day it's dead. If it is going to bring a halt. It's going to just jam your movement. It's good to just interrupt your plan. It's just gonna abruptly you know endure actions of the day.

01:20:42 --> 01:20:46

Unfortunately that has not happened in your same project. Anyway, so we meet in on Monday.

01:20:48 --> 01:21:25

We meet in on Monday finish with Barry the topic gone and it's moved on this you know, when when that reality of life the reality of life, if it had to stop for anyone it would have stopped with a visa lesson but life carried on. If life had to stop it would have stopped when a bat Serato somebody carried on. I started to love on her when she lost her brother, man. And then she was in Medina. He passed away in Makkah. Then when she went, he said on the way I just passed by the grave of my brother. I wasn't there I was in Medina so I could not see the death of my brother and be there for the funeral of my brother. So when she came by the grave of her brother she sent few

01:21:25 --> 01:22:07

couplers she said what could not connect them on a jazzy metallic but Amina Daiquiri had tequila yet the saga fermata forgotten aka Neva Monica Lee to legitimize in Laguna Beach, la de ma, my brother and myself were like the two ministers of the king Jima who ruled for such a long period that people said they are inseparable. That is how bonded I was to my brother. But then out of the two ministers one died and the other one had to love and then life carried on for him in such a way that he used to say it is as if I never met my brother. It is as if I never met life carried on for him. After the death of someone, just the name will make you emotional. Then you will get groups you're able to

01:22:07 --> 01:22:41

hear the name, but you weren't able to see his clothes. Then a time will come you will pass by and you say my late brother with a smile on your face is buried in this graveyard. So knife will carry on my brother. It didn't stop for him. It didn't stop for me it will not stop for anyone. I will be noted and I will have to answer. We make God Almighty Allah did he make us conscious of our cover? He make us amongst those people that start developing their graves. It's time we start furnishing our grave. You know how many times people won't move in that house? Just because the paving is not done? Everything is done. The paving is not done. One remote indicates is not permitted. No, no,

01:22:41 --> 01:22:57

everything must be done. The house must be furnish and we want to walk into a grave which we know what is the condition. We know how it has been neglected our grave is what we make of it. So it's time we furnish our grave It is time we write in our grave. Allah make us among those fortunate people who said pollution

01:23:04 --> 01:23:10

salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali, he was probably here to Maui.

01:23:11 --> 01:23:13

Allahu Allahu magalies demand

01:23:17 --> 01:23:24

for LA Suma bollati, Josefina willamina, Manisha to Rama Rama Allah Habib Elena

01:23:25 --> 01:23:26


01:23:27 --> 01:23:30

to suka Allah Madonna amino acid in

01:23:32 --> 01:23:33

Virgina with Maria Tina

01:23:35 --> 01:23:37

Tina Emma, Allah, Allah.

01:23:39 --> 01:23:43

One between Phyllis Lamanna Burton kasana Allahumma barik Lana

01:23:45 --> 01:23:46


01:23:50 --> 01:23:53

Yamanaka was to do dinner with Taco Bell

01:23:56 --> 01:24:03

Bula fit dunya will have a look at masala coming to coming to be Yokohama de la

01:24:04 --> 01:24:06

when I was becoming coolly sorry Mr.

01:24:08 --> 01:24:16

Mohammed on Salalah alayhi wa sallam until Mustang para Hola Hola. Hola. quwata illa Billah Ignalina Avi subhana

01:24:19 --> 01:24:24

wa salam ala Marisa Nina Welcome to Lila Europe behind me.

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