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Daood Butt
AI: Summary © The use of Alay bills is a way to achieve goals such as reducing health risks and achieving success in life. It is also a blessing for individuals who have struggles with addiction. Pr prioritizing acceptance of Islam's teachings and the use of Alay bills is essential, and individuals should measure success by their deeds. The importance of prioritizing the way of Allah Sub UX is also emphasized, and forgiveness and love for loved ones should be given to parents and loved ones.
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morning Kumar long your account

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rather than later

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inhale hamdulillah

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monastery in order stone Pharaoh when eventually unforeseen our women's ideology Armanino when you have the Lagu fella who will warmer up little further DLL owner shanwa

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more sharing you can punish him to ana Muhammadan argue or pseudo summon logMAR they he was he was softly he was sending Tasleem and Kathy ribo law. We'll see come on FCB Taqwa here is origin cabal Paulo Subhana wa Tirana Burnett arugula Umina che on your Vadim, this means you've learned a 14 year Yohannes in tug of war back Kamala the Halima comin FC Mahinda what kind of I mean handsome Jana one but then in Houma region can you win is

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what taco la la de

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una be he will.

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In no law who can earn equal MerKiVa my brothers and sisters hamdulillah it's nice to see the masjid filling up once again. It was something we got used to throughout the month of Ramadan. And then as the day is carry out, we see that the numbers have dwindled.

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But Allah subhanho wa Taala has strategically placed days times

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practices within our deen that encouraged us to come to him in large numbers. And so it's a blessing from Allah, one of the nearness of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to be able to gather on a Friday, the day of tomorrow, the day that we come together in congregation a day when we can't reject the plan of Allah subhanho wa jal, a day when even those who don't pray often in the masjid or don't even pray often will still come to submit to Allah subhana wa Jalla and this is the plan of overhauling. Today we learn about the name of Allah and Ronnie but overall it is the predominant the one who does as he wills and rollin is the one who does as he wills and nothing overcomes him and

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none can resist his rule. None can resist what Allah has set forth for us as human beings.

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No one has the ability to repel what Allah has ordered for us to do.

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And nothing can prevent what he has concluded, so regarded

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as the name of Allah subhana wa Bucha, Adam shows us that he is in full control of everything.

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And that even when people feel the need to reject or to repel, what Allah has decreed, we cannot repel it, no matter how hard we try, because an Iranian has decreed for that to take place. So one might say, I'm going to eat as healthy as I can, so that I can live my entire life without any health issues. And then they find that after a number of years, the doctor says, Oh, your sugar levels a bit high and cholesterol, you know, blood pressure, and this and that. And a person says, How is this possible, and rollin is the one who decrease whatever He wills and as much as we try to repel it, it will come. And this is where we need to learn to embrace what Allah has tested us or

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challenged us with. And it isn't only challenges and tests, it is bounties, blessings, things that we enjoy things that are beautiful, that we also have to embrace from Allah subhanho wa taala. Because as human beings sometimes we tend to focus on the negative aspects of life. And we forget about the beautiful aspects of what Allah has blessed us with. And so a rod in this name of Allah teaches us that He is in control ultimately, and everything will happen regardless of whether we like it or not.

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Now this name of a walk comes in the Quran only once.

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A muscle cannaboids Allah says, Well, lo volleyball Narada Emery, when a king, villainous Isla Jana,

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Allah subhana wa Bucha, Allah says Allah Who karate when Allah Emery, and Allah has full power, full control over all of his affairs. Well, that can have a nasty layer.

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However, the majority of us, we don't know that. We may know it, but we don't live by it. Knowing according to Allah subhanaw taala is understanding and implementing and living by it. So when someone knows the Quran, it's because they learned it, they know it, they understand it, they implement it, they teach it, they recite it, and it's a huge part of their life. So Allah subhanho wa taala, showing us this name in a surah that is really important to highlight the importance of this name.

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So the use of

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use of Alayhis Salam, how many challenges did he go through? How many struggles do we see from the beginning of the Surah, that depicts pretty much you know, a bird's eye view or a ballpark, you know, idea of the life of use of Allah, his setup, Prophet use of an aid his setup. And we see that from the beginning until the end, there are multiple challenges that come his way. And Allah subhana, Allah says, Allah who heard even earlier that he is in full control full power over his affairs. So what happened to use of with his brothers not, you know, being nice to him, even before they took him out to play. That is the plan of a loss of habitat. And when you suffer, the incident

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is put in the bottom of the well, after taking an animal and killing the animal and taking the shirt and staining his shirt with blood and putting him in the well and coming back in line to their father is the plan of Ebola.

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And then being captured and brought to Egypt and sold on the slave market is the plan of Allah, and then being placed into the home of a person of nobility, and then the challenges that he went through with not only the wife of the disease, but then the women of the city or the town. It was the plan of Allah, and then to be placed in prison, and to be kept in prison unjustly innocently is the plan of Allah. And then for someone to hear the dream, or for someone to come in to share their dream with him. The two inmates that were with him is the plan of Allah and for him to

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interpret the dream. And for that to reach the king, and for the entire story that continues onwards is the plan a whole lot.

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And so Allah Subhana Allah shows us his name and avoid in the middle of a surah

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that reminds us to reflect on every single challenge every single hardship and consider that

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A blessing from Allah subhanho wa taala.

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Because in the moment in the heat of the moment, when we're going through a struggle, a challenge, a hardship, we don't realize that this can actually be making us stronger. This can be bringing me closer to Allah, this can be something that in the end, opens my eyes to turn to my Creator. And so Allah subhana wa Jalla shows us this example in Surah Yusuf, that Allah Subhana Allah is in control of everything. Now let's relate it to our lives. You're trying to make it to July,

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you want to be in the front row. You got up early, you took your shower, you clipped your nails and stuff like that your trim, trim, you know, do whatever trimming you need to do, you iron your clothes, you put it on, you put your perfume on you combed your hair, you get in your car, you're thinking to yourself, I'm gonna get to Jumar, early and hamdulillah I'll get there, I'll be in the front row. And I'll be able to pray X amount of sunnah, and so on and so forth. And you leave your home. And then as you're driving out of your driveway into the street, some of the kids are playing basketball, they don't want to get out of the way. So you're patiently wait for them to move. As

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they move, you get to the end of the street, or someone elderly is walking across the street. Now you're waiting again. Then you get to

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an intersection that has you know, lights, and then the red light kicks in. And every single red light on the way to the masjid is there and you hit it you hit it and red light red light, red light, you know, it's Pamela what's going on? I left early. I tried to get here early. I want to be in the front row is the plan. And the last one was Adam is testing us to see how much do you really want that front row. When you come in? Are you just going to settle for the back? Even though you tried to get here early, and the first few rows were filled? Are you going to find a spot somewhere and ask a brother or maybe not even ask your brother because tomorrow we don't want to disturb

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anyone and just find a little spot and make your way in and to begin to pre use him and know and trust that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah rewards us for our intentions. And so when we think of Allah as a raw name, but think of him as the one who's in full control

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another example stock market Takes a Dip cryptocurrency Bitcoin mashallah tomato Cola, all the brothers who are investing the lake in that Allah who are in a Nigerian, everything's gone?

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Well, luckily

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it is the plan on the loss of cannabinoids in hertz is difficult. It's not easy. Absolutely. It's our wealth. It's what we use for our livelihood, our sustenance, our provision, we feed our family, we pay our rent, we purchase our homes, we travel we buy gasoline, which is really expensive, it's hard. We need the money. But Allah is a result. If he is up was up, and he gave me that money and he took the money away then overnight, even quicker than the money was last

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revised and can bring the money back

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even quicker. And so when we think of ALLAH SubhanA wa Jalla as underwriting think of him as the one who's in control of everything, and we need to turn to Him in all aspects of our lives are cooler Holy * no, I still feel well first of all in the morning before

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how do you love your beloved I mean, all out to the team. What do some people send me more Allah Nabil Karim, Allah He of course Allah to attempt to see in another house, my brothers and sisters, Imam output to me, I think of Allah,

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famous professor of the Quran, he says,

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it is compulsory, it is a must, for every sane adults, every sane human being

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to understand and know that Allah is ozotic Look at how he says it is a must for every adult who is seen who can reason who can think to know that phenomenon him is that sorry to know that Allah is an orphan.

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And he says, Whoever holds on to him will be victorious. Whoever holds on to ALLAH SubhanA data as we turn to Allah will be victorious. Even if every single person on the face of the earth is turning and asking a lot for the exact same thing. At the same time. Amazon is able to do it

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And he continues by quoting a verse of the Quran. And he says, where Allah Subhana Allah, Allah says, get them Allah, Allah, Allah, even Anna, also de ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala says, very,

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I have written that I will be, I end my messengers will be victorious, as in anyone who follows the way of Allah subhana avoids Allah will be victorious in this life and in the Hereafter.

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And so Allah subhanho wa Taala is reminding us follow the way of Allah subhanaw taala through through the messenger, so long, I know he was sending them, of course, he was the last and final messenger. So we follow Him, any of the nations of the past that followed the message that came to the messenger from a muscle panel who went to Allah, they will be victorious. And that is the true way.

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Now, a point that I really want to make is that we sometimes especially after the month of Ramadan,

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find that we may doubt

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our achievements throughout the month of Ramadan.

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Maybe I didn't receive forgiveness from Allah, maybe I wasn't pardoned of my sins of the past. Maybe my fasts were not accepted. Maybe my VM was useless and pointless, maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe maybe.

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Never doubt that a violin will fulfill his promise upon you.

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If you worked hard, if you trusted Allah subhanaw taala for your rewards regardless of what the reward was in, regardless of what the action was, whether it's salah or cm, and we're on or suju, or do our Word of God or Southern, regardless of what it was that we were doing. Trust that Allah will reward you and has forgiven and granted you that and continue to pursue as Allah subhana wa Jalla says, I and My Messengers will be victorious, as in those who follow along will be victorious. So continue the pursuit of pleasing Allah, continue indura Continue in Estiva continue to ask and don't give into the way of shame on my brothers and sisters, sometimes we do things under the banner of

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And this is, you know, a lesson for many of our Muslims who are running across the province, and even across the nation in positions of authority positions that you know, political positions,

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a message for all of them and all of us that we have to prioritize the way of Allah before the way of a party. We have to prioritize the way of Allah before the way of our parents. We have to prioritize the way of Allah before the way of our children. We have to prioritize the way of Allah before the way of anyone.

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Allah is the one who decides Allah is the one who sets our deen and our way of life for us. And if we don't prioritize Allah, we've amended in the last panel attack. When we see that we are not doing what Allah likes, and we say Oh, but you know, it's a compromise. No, no, there are spaces and times in places where compromise is permitted. And there are places and spaces and times where compromise is not permitted. And we don't compromise with the dean of the last panel boy to have Nesco ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada to shower His blessings and mercy upon the prophets all along are unable to send up a lot more. Some of them are humble you are I think I might come up later.

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Or he might have even mentioned about a card having room and where I think you're coming from of our time that you are Hema learner, or he might make up we need to measure it a lot more fill in our Hamdallah so our Athena Allahumma Takata Mina and Elena Solly HYAH I mean, all of them as snow and mostly mean Yeah, Allah please have mercy on every single one of us. Yeah, Allah. Please have mercy on all of our family members, our relatives, our parents, our children, our siblings, our loved ones who have passed away and returned to you. lol please have mercy on them and forgive them of their sins and forgive every single one of us of our sins, that love please have mercy on the father of

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one of our brothers. On a Sunday you will put them may Allah subhanho wa Taala have mercy upon him return to a wall some kind of water had recently and while some hadn't we had a shower him with blessings and mercy and forgiveness to make his grateful by the opening sweet scented garden of paradise. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to grant us ease and strength in the ability to fulfill and uphold the Sunnah Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we have some awesome Halloween Allah to strengthen us in the

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ability to live by the Quran in the way of awesome Hannibal Lecter either. We ask Allah subhana wa Tada to grant us the strength to show a true example of the Sunnah and the Quran to our children and to be able to implement it in our lives so that they implement it in their lives and in our lives. I mean, in the law, what are we learning right if certainly what you tell you that when you are in if I showed you one

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more health problem when the rule we instituted a policy for money, but we have

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to lower the lower whichever

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is laughing. companies, a lot of companies are not alone.

Friday Jumuah Khutbah

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