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Learning to be useful along with Allah alayhi wa sallam katha Viki shut off and kakuni

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Jana wahconah salatu salam, many,

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many women

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honorable Ana microm respected brothers and elders in the previous drama we spoke about the Moto hora and in particular the Yamaha I thought it opportune to follow the discussion by introducing the daughters of Maria is Salatu was Salam. And briefly to highlight the life of the queen of the woman of Jelena Fatima Zahra de Allah Allah. Allah tala had blessed le salat wa salam with seven children, six of whom are from de de de la Maha and one son was born to him from Maria tipo de la Mancha, four daughters from Khadija de la in two sons, the three male offspring of nearly salatu salam passed away in the childhood. As we will discuss you will realize for yourself, one cannot discuss the life

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of nearly salatu salam without making mention of the great challenges that came in his life. One cannot fathom the amount of difficulties and harmony of his immediate family members, both his daughters and his grandchildren the Navy of Allah buried with his own hands. The first daughter of nearly salat wa salam was a nebrodi Allahu taala on her. She was born in a village Salatu was Salam at the age of 13. When this time he went his daughter of nearly ceram grew up and this was the primary concern as it will follow in all the other Daughters of nebulae Salaam

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Salaam gave priority to the aspect of marriage, as

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the mother suggested to the salon, that if you consent, I will ask Robbie, who is my nephew, my sister's son, I think he's a suitable person. Maybe I

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agreed, and his eldest daughters, Dana berean, law got married to her first cousin, Apple has he been arrabiata de la Mancha. In this union Allah blessed him with three children, the first being a doctor by the name of Obama, the second being a son by the name of Ali and the third child, the gender of this child is not mentioned. He was a baby and he passed away in his very infancy. When the v&a salatu salam made hegira to Medina, his daughters also made hedron all the daughters have also made 100 Xena brother in law, she was hurt and injured in the journey of hedron. And it was this very injury that came upon her which is sustained in the journey of Egypt. When she arrived at

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Medina it proved to be fatal, and ultimately it led to the death of Xena Brody Allahu taala ha ha. The lobby of Allah Himself was present at the burial of Xena Peruvian lung on her himself lo. And he concluded by saying he pyroban it we'll see but the Noblesse of my daughters she suffered greatly for my course. The second daughter of nearly salat wa salam was the rupiah and the third daughter was equal to the least two daughters of near a Salam. He respectively got them married to the two sons of Abu lahab Abu lahab was the uncle of nearly Salaam and his two sons autobahn in Otaiba Libyan a Sam got his two daughters married to North Eva, the Nico was performed but the marriage was

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not consumated. In the interim, allegan lesbian is along with Prophet wood, and Allah revealed the verses one

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carabin and all Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam lies and warn your near and dear ones about the chastisement of accurate the beauty salon gathered his family members together his Auntie Sophia, he gathered his uncle Abu lahab and then he conveyed to them the message of Allah. Abu Jamal was Abu lahab salaam were among those people who from the very inception of Islam very vehemently opposed the message of nearly Sam and he said,

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even young, Mr. Cha cha cha won't be to you if you get us here for this trivial message of yours. We have no regard for this year. Subsequently Allah revealed the verses that but he da Vila

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It won't be too hard, maybe perished and destroyed and with him is his wife, Ahmed Jamil, with this verse was revealed a Buddha came to his son wrote by in Otaiba and he said the regime in rasika Haram in Islam to live even better who are my son's listening to me your people's father in law is Muhammad and he's my nephew, his Quran he has revealed one chapter condemning me, I will not speak to you in May I will disown you until and unless both of us in my presence do not divorce his daughters. Both these two sons are in Ortega. At one instance divorce the daughter of nearly Salaam as the Father has happened to any doctor of ours or any sister, that girl who was fixed to a boy and

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then abruptly he terminates the relation. The psychological trauma that she goes through the family goes through or whatever who was married to the eldest daughter very politely divorce the daughter of the second son in law Otaiba he divorced the daughter of nearly salami he was very rude and very abrupt, and he started insulting the Vla Salaam, nearly

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I was very hurt when he was sitting with his father. And he was sitting with his uncle Abu Talib, who is also the uncle of Libya, a saddam Libya restaurant passed by and remembered the nasty remarks his ex son in law had made to him. Nearly ceramsite Allahu

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Allah, this ex son in law of mines has been very rude to me. And this is how he has dishonored my daughter over law as you send a divine beast to come in devout this man, a Batali that was sitting there. He looked at this nephew, he said, you know what you are my nephew and Mohammed is my nephew. But when this nephew curses No one can stop you from that curse. When this nephew curses then there is nothing to say if you realize the consequences of this curse. You became very possessive over his son and getting the long story short. It is tragic, my brother You and I don't know who what is the names of the daughters of nobility Salaam, we must I start off with as the children they will name

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the names of the soccer stars and the celebrities. But how many of us don't even know the household of nearly salatu salam

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they were traveling they came to a particular place on the journey to Syria they halted akula have made adequate arrangements for the protection of his son. Allah tala sent a lion to come. It leaves its way in and devout this person here hotel Eva, this was the the evil outcome of the son in law. The other son in law accepted Islam on the conquest of Mecca. What about the first one? What his third brother, they accepted Islam they became genuine Muslims. And in the Battle of her name, they fought on the side of the Muslims against the infidels. So when these two daughters of Vietnam came home, he had a great concern with regards to now the future of these daughters, but of course, a

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bright future ahead.

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Elena has been divorced. He came to his maternal aunt sada. He says I believe the eldest daughter of nearly Salaam, the second eldest, Rocha has been divorced or my aunt, do you think you can perhaps make a proposal for me? So the answer is not a problem. Let me go she comes to an aviary salatu salam, she presents the proposal on behalf of the horsemen. The first reaction was Mousavi to bonati when I came along, he was a widow who nah I do not decide the partners of my daughters. This is the choice of a lot. Nearly Sam contemplated Demeter and he consented. Then you go was performed signal earthman says I then went to visit my very same aunt sada Subhana lacob. You know, poety amongst the

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additives was unique. She looked at this match. One second was the third party for Islam, and once said the daughter of nearly Salatu was Salam. She said appreciate whatever you tell us and we throw some metadata with Allison okra, okra de tutti Masha lucky.

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naka de la Hassan Zahara

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de la Ozma and how nice to see you May the blessings of Allah descend upon you three times, make it six make it nine and one more make it 10 lucky. Takeo kita Sha, Allah divinely favored you and divinely protected, you know, gusta, la Hassan and Zahra what a woman was yesterday. What mortality What?

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Allah gave you the noblest of partners. When Satan our son got married to the daughter of Mariela Salaam. It was at that time when the hostility of the kuffaar was at its peak, the Muslims were compelled to leave their native country and journey beyond the borders of Arabia. We are not speaking of the honeymoon after after marriage. We are speaking of hatred. They barely got married in the middle. He didn't say no, I was mad at his wife that is the daughter of nearly two ever senior. When they got to a senior there was a rumor that all the people of Macau have accepted Islam. Hence, Islam is now a conducive place no longer remains hostile. So the Muslims return. When

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they return. They realize it was nothing but a rumor. Some Muslims stayed on others went back earthman was the daughter of nearly tsunami, the second he dragged to Syria when they got to ever senior, a period past Libyan Islamic contact with his daughter. He became very worried with regards to the well being of his daughter for avatar Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam Cobra Huma

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Qureshi, one crazy woman came, she said the law ito hatanaka I seen your daughter and your son in law, they in good hands, why they will ever senior Allah bless them with a son by the name of Abdullah. So he was known as Abu Abdullah, they returned from the second 100 they come to Mecca. It was at that time that the journey to Medina had already commenced. So the daily return and then the second they come to Madina munawwara was extremely happy brothers. He was very fond of us man. He often used to send a plate of food to us Monrovia llamando and he always used to advise his daughter or my daughter will be loyal and faithful to your husband. What message do we advocate to our

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daughter that he is leaving? One day he comes to the house of his daughter rupiah

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man and she was busy massaging the head of her husband, Othman. She was watching the head game. He plays his daughter he said yes, so my daughter loyalty to your partner will earn you 10 minutes. faithfulness to your partner. One day was mentioned a beautiful picture of food to the house of Navy. Lisa, Salma literally Sam comes home. He says loosen this food on Miss Alma says man

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Maybe only Sam loves his hands along the

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back of the hand who knows man my son in law tries his level best to please you by serving your Navy except his endeavors maybe only Salaam was very happy but Allah will but look at the test brothers I cried as I was reading this part of Islamic history. The 10th year of prophethood is referred to as the year of grief and sorrow loses his uncle Abu Talib, and five days later he loses his wife honey Dara de la Mancha. You cannot comprehend the nature of the challenges. Luca yamana comes to Medina one year a few months passes and she becomes sick. It is that it coincides with the time when the call of jihad is made the Battle of better her condition is critical. needs to lead to better so he

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tells us man was man your excuse. You take care of my daughter and look after your wife. The Muslims match to better they are engaged in the Battle of battle. Back in Medina, the daughter of nearly salatu wa sallam passes away. The rituals of porcelain can take place whenever you have a lie is busy, independent of whether they are about to lower in the grave. Someone calls out Allahu Akbar said now this man who is the son in law says just look in the distance Who is this year? One Horseman's even harissa comes and he says great it is the Muslims have been victorious in the Battle of butter sake. Now this man sees to the gazelle in the coffin. When he returns. He takes his

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daughter Fatima, and they come and stand in the grave of his daughter. Fatima stands at the grave of her sister and nebulae Salam stands at the grave of his daughter ruqayyah. He was out in the path of Allah when this came upon him

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to Turkey, Allah Shafi recovery ruqayyah Fatima stood by the grave of a sister rupiah and she cried, my neighbor used to den he cried that he felt that I wasn't even Yeah, she leaves behind a child at the age of five she barely made a solemn cried and then he just said one statement in hottie besana phenol thrown to my daughter and join the ranks of EPM has grown off man it was a Sahabi who was the 14th person to accept Islam went to have a senior returned to Mecca came to Medina, the first module they passed away in the first person to benefit from the module in international buffet. After a few days pass few months pass the deli Sam looked at your salon. He said, Oh, man, you're looking very

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sad. He said, How can I not be sad when your daughter was in my new car? I had the privilege of being your son in law align his wisdom knows this. I have a young child and my wife is gone. Let me pause for a few seconds. Then he said it was mine coming here now jabril came down in is confirmed to me that Allah commands me I give my second daughter to you in unica

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by virtue of this was man becomes deserving of the no rain. The only human in the history of Islam, who has the privilege of having two daughters of a Navy is Nika and the daughters of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, then he got to then he got to have to miss perform in the third year of he draw, test upon test challenge upon challenge. In the second year, he

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loses his first wife in the third year. He gets married to the daughter of nearly ceram. In the fourth year of he didn't he loses his son from the first wife. She was he was six years of age this son of man, he passed away in the lap of nearly salon and as a man buried his own son, Fernando de confini. Again came and picked him in his eyes and that is how he passed away and Mickelson stays in any countenance

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for six years, but alas, well there were no children in this union in the ninth year of Egypt in the ninth year of 100, bearing in mind Xena,

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eldest daughter of nearly Salaam, her one son, then Xena

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her one son, daughter upon torture China one child in the viola buried with his own hands. Then in the ninth year of the third daughter of nearly salatu salam

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Ala Moana passes away what Salaam abou ha, Libyan Assam crying profusely and he lowered her into the grave with his own hands. And then he consoled with mine by saying local nashawn less a man of man I only had two daughters. The last one is married four daughters All in all, the first one will never be the first one.

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And these two are married to you. But if I had 10 daughters believe me I was man I would have given every one to you. That is how much trust I have in you. That is how much trust in loyalty and faithfulness I have in the last photo is from the queen of the woman of gender. And again, I wish to implore to my sisters, that it's a high time Look at the life of the queen of the woman of gender. Allahu Akbar. She was born to nearly Salam

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when he was 35 years of age, at that time when the Quran is were involved in the construction of the Kaaba meridian La Mancha undoubtedly was the closest Daughter of nearly Salatu was Salam. I shall have your Nana saved in the wake of Timothy Mara

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ashba has something

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I did not see anyone who resemble the habits the nature the temperament, and had the common likes of nearly Sam like his daughter Fatima de la Mancha for acapella tongxi when she walked her walk was precisely the walk of

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vieri Salatu was Salam. One day delivery of Allah was performing Salah in the compound of the Kaaba, some high profile fire came and they took the intestines of a camel and they dropped it on the back of Libyan salam, some children observed this year. So they said, Hey, isn't this the father of the little girl Fatima funtana common penipuan why my little child at that age is playing with computers and playing with PlayStation and my child has no understanding of d&d. Look at how the nurturing of the queen of the woman of Jenga two plays funtana commented upon Ella Fatima, someone can run into Fatima and he said Fatima go and see what's happening to your father. Party Maria Nana came running

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to Nigeria salat wa salam

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ala la

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dee da. My newbies bless it ahead was in such a dark he could not lift his head up. Fatima came as a young girl. She lifted that intestines she dropped it off, and then she admonished them for America Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a Salah when the Libyan Latin military Salah he lifted his hands and he turns to every one of them. Allahu Allah. Allah, Allah. Allah destroy these people are eaten lady in her armpit and Isla de la imagine in all this hostile conditions in the view of Allah did not stop prostrating before law. Today we have wonderful places in a con environment and we still cannot bow before a law. How will we answer laundered in your family. When the levy of a lemon

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he's written he came to Medina, he left his wife, Isola his daughter in Medina in Makkah, they have the sensative niharika and

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that go and bring my wife and my daughter. So Fatima delana then came to Madina, munawwara as she grew up at the age of 15. Again, the concern that struck me really Sam, what about the marriage of my daughter Fatima, then we have a like a big priority. Satan says I thought perhaps let me take my chance and go and propose the noblest of daughters to nearly Salam. He says I came but I thought I had absolutely nothing I own nothing. But let me try perhaps luck strikes my way and I can become the son of nearly Salaam. He says I came to liberalism. liberalism says only have you come to propose for my daughter? I said yes whenever you have a lot. What do you have in dowry? I had

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nothing other than rocking it. I have a horse and I have armor that is all about what I own. The beauty salon said the horse you have to keep it for jihad. But this I'ma go and sell it. He goes and sells bomba for 480 400 denims you give to Fatima in in her man when we talk of marry party me and then with this year going buying some some fragrance for Fatima at zero Milla paid for in 2 million Musa

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salatu salam then performs the Nika in the presence of Omar. Othman eminent eminent Sahaba Let me tell you how simple it was the niqab, the queen of the woman of gender, and it was this simplicity that brought into existence that the likes of Hassan and Hussein Rafi Allahumma lenica was performed the nebula performs then he got some trial dates were given out after that immediately she was not sent home there was a period of time in the industry of Allah gives his daughter some true so my sister is flying to Dubai for trousseau shopping, and my other sister is going to Paris and someone is going to New York, only to know that that marriage is shattered within months if not weeks.

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Someone said it so beautifully. We worry so much about the wedding. Yet we worry so little about the marriage. The wedding is one day the marriage is to remain what was the true soul with which the Navy ever landed his daughter go the Navy of Allah gives his daughter one begun what was the building safety knowledge of the unknown who says naka de La MaMa Alana illogical that the shot I got married to the daughter of nabire salaam we had 1 billion which was sheepskin. We used to sleep on that and in the morning we used to give the camel further on that very same thing. Then we have a like a male we saw the one pillow which was stuffed with the husk of of a date three, then we gave

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it to grinding stones. And then we have a like a with two leather bags in which to put water. This was the trousseau of the queen of the woman of Genoa on my sister it's a high time as far as I live and if one system I message reaches to one sister who was playing in a lavish wedding and scales down her wedding in relation to acknowledgement of the queen of the woman of gender, you will see the market in that prosper in the project in

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the time comes the delivery of Allah sends his daughter home, the groom doesn't come to receive His Bride. It is the time of Isha Salah. Allah tells his daughter Fatima home a man will take you home, no coming and exchanging gifts and having a lavish occasion. I'm going for a shot you stay at home Don't speak to me until I don't come. I'm going to read something before you come in so married who was named Andrea lagana. She was a woman have ever seen in origin. She was the slave girl of Libya restaurants father Abdullah de la Mohan who, when nearly son's father passed away, this woman came into custody of nearly srams mother Amina de la Mancha. When the mother passed away she nurtured

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nearly a woman have ever seen in origin often was to say only the

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This is my mother. This is my mother. Her name actually was berkat from a first husband she had one daughter by the name of Amun. When when her husband passed away nearly Salaam made the statement, man, sir Hello,

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Aiman whoever wants to get married to a woman from Genet must get married to a married man. They didn't, got married. Allah bless them what has some sad alone in this in the in this union? Nearly Sorento name and you take my daughter, Sam performs shopping say he goes straight to the house Subhana Allah, she goes walk in the queen of the woman of Jenna goes walk into the house of her groom mainland comes and leaves her by the house. The beauty salon comes into the house. It says Oh, it might give me some water. He takes some water rinses his mouth and then he sprinkles it on his beloved Fatima he said along the new

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regime, Allah interest my Fatima and her progeny to you. Then the Allahu comes in. He didn't take certain water. He sprinkles it on LA Galaxy his hand and he says Allahumma barik Lama, while today's father in law is busy taking cameras of his daughter and he has the photographer and the entire thing is being videoed and the whole enhance in the kitchen. The lobby of Allah starts the marriage of his daughter Fatima with his daughters. It is high time we take the draw of nearly Salam. Well, our daughter is like nothing but the teachings of navionics salaam. And hence it is in the relation of the absence of the teachings of Islam that in numbers of prosperity and affluence those marriages

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see no happiness. Those marriages see no plus no prosperity. Don't be deceived by those homes and there's those palatial homes go in that house. There's absolutely no pleasure that makes you have to he tells his daughter Fatima. You are staying fairly far from me. I have a desire that if things permit. If Allah can give me a house, then I would be happy that you can stay closer to me. This is how close he was to Fatima. So Fatima Viva La you have a Sahabi Harry's been normal. He has many homes that Jason to muster. Why don't you make a suggestion to him? Maybe Sam says no, no, my daughter makes about whatever law decides. He said this he comes out hurry for the news, the

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delivery of allowance to relocate his daughter, he came running he said I'm gonna be over law. I have homes I swear by a law. It will be my greatest privilege if you accept one house for the queen of the woman agenda that was very, very touched by his loyalty and how he presented his wealth. He said this man has spoken the truth. He accepted the offer he relocated his daughter such simplicity in this nega Allah, what can we imagine what a couple they talk of, you know, you see these billboards of an ideal couple husband and wife smiling that also for commercial reasons. those very people on the board are not smiling in their marriages. satana afterlight now upon save the dwellers

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of general it will be in general Amicus among them say I mean brothers for men allamani Nava Kannada Simone they will speak about Alessia Mercy is wrong Nora? Suddenly internet they will be a blinding light. The Newsham site will be so bright people will say the sun is rising, then they will say no. But Allah said in the Quran, LA.

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de la, be no sun, there'll be no moon in general. So they will ask rezwan what brightness is the red one will say Harvey Fatimah.

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Lucky car No, no, this is Annie and Fatima. They were declining in Windows and they smile. The brilliance you see is the effect of the smile that entheogenic is radiance. What was the condition condition of this couple? Let me tell you how humble how simple this life was.

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Allah blesses them with five children in this union. How can I condense the life of the queen of the woman of gentlemen in half an hour? The greatest injustice is we've never taken a time to read their lives. And that is why even today how many men want a woman to love like this celebrity into this into that cutaway and walk like this and smile and talk and things that are totally contrary to Islam? Why don't you read the biography of Fatima rhodiola mahana Allah blesses them with the first son Hassan Satan. It gave him the name. He was very passionate we have the name herb, which means better. liberalism says no, no, his name is Hassan. One year later, like give them another son.

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What's his name?

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No, no, your name is not heard. His name is Jose. One year later, like him another son, who was his son in law. He was the name he said.

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The father of war. liberalism says no, no, you're not going to meet with me. His name is Marcin. The third sandboxing passes away in his infancy. Allah blesses them with two daughters. She gets married to Omar in the 17th year of Egypt, Allah blesses him with another daughter, Xena boliviana she gets married to Satan, Abdullah,

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Hassan and Hussein. He loved him so much whenever Fatima used

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to leave from the house of Fatima when he used to return is to come to the house of Fatima. One day he came to the queen of the woman of gender when Fatima used to come to his house and she used to knock on the door my neighbor used to say in the duck poo Fatima This is my Fatima not individually style of unluckiest meats by Fatima

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whenever she came is to stand up and say man haven't be able to come my daughter sat down is to stand up. He's to kiss his daughter. today. Unfortunately we kissing strange woman that is why we don't have time to kiss the daughters. That is the teachings of nearly Serato

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saddam is to stand up is to kiss his daughter. She's to sit down. And whenever I went to visit Fatima, she used to stand up in Kiswahili Salaam and he said, let me Salamis and remember saying come

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visit the site after balani em Gianni filani they are walking, they're falling. He does descend from the pulpit. He goes towards his children he hugs them. He said Allah has spoken the truth indeed your children is a test of Allah. I looked at these children of minds I could not resist him. He stands on them but he says people and let me tell you Do you know who is the luckiest of children? Simply Is there a tsunami we'll learn from said my grandchildren are saying their father is only the mother is Fatima a granny is Khadija the grandfather is Mohammed and then he points towards him. He said just as you see us today, it is our level rises from the day of Tiamat he comes to the house of

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Fatima from one petal Fatima puts a beautiful curtain on her door and allow a person to have bracelets of silver. He looks at a curtain he walks away. He looks at the bracelets he turns away Fatima realized a mistake attack et cetera she breaks the curtain she then breaks the bracelet from the children the children come running let me hurry some calls to ban is it so bad? Do me a favor, take these bracelets of silver sell it and give it to some poor people are ugly. You know Fatima is my daughter and husband in Hasina my children. I don't want him to have the comforts of this world. Go and buy a stunningly Fatima colada. tamina has been why not buy Fatima necklace of wooden pieces?

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Was he wearing him in hearts. And for these little children of minds go and buy the bracelets of ivory? This was the love that he had for Fatima one day

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when saddam had an argument with the delegation of NASA and they were debating the perception and the concept the concept of Trinity. So nearly Sam said that he sorry. Salaam is the servant of Allah. They said no, he is the son of Allah. Then they agreed Oh, can you come with your family? I come with my family. And then because strong party said no problem. The Quran speaks about this letter opener and

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when he saw when he saw him the next day delivery of Allah comes How does he come? He takes us in his right hand for saying in his left hand. He tells Fatima you walk behind me they talk of a presence what an appearance. What a privilege. What an entrance. Whoa, you know mind boggling. Can I describe it helped me with vocab I don't have it. The brilliance of the Navy of Allah Hassan in his right hand, Hussein in his left hand Fatimah behind him behind him is it as they come close the dedication. The priests of those Christian said, I see such brilliance on this face. If he curses they won't remain in the sada till the Day of Tiamat. They won't remain in Asara. Let me then end

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and tell you how the life what was Fatima in her life. One day I showed her the Atlanta says we were sitting with nearly Salaam Fatima the Ilana comes she worked precisely like nearly Salaam, labelling some sigma haben be able to come home my daughter and sit down. So Massara that he came close to her three items in Bukhari and Muslim. It was split into her ears for Becca buka. And she that she started crying profusely from Na Na when you seen the grief of Fatima Saba Tanya, he was split for the second time and she calmed down. When he stood up. He excused himself. I started the alarm. I said, I said, Oh, Fatima. What was the secret between you and your father? She says mockumentary

00:28:08--> 00:28:28

Oceana. Rasulullah sallallahu. I will not divulge the secret. When you live you have a law passed away. I said, Oh, Fatima. Now tell me then I'll be gone. She said let me tell you now. When I came in, I sat down. He was putting my ears and he told me Fatima. Listen, my daughter, Listen, my daughter every year jabril comes in reads the Quran to me once this year he read the Quran to me twice when

00:28:30--> 00:29:09

I think my time is up and I will be moving onwards from this world. But tequila Fatima holy patient, be patient and meet summer. late summer. Oh, Fatima when you seen I became emotional. He whispered in my ears. And he said Fatima you will be the first one to join me after going after him after he passes away. Tomorrow. He cried so much. I don't have time. She's saying couplets. your avatar A Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da. She tells us a topic not sukham Oh, Anna's Tell me. How did you pick up courage to throw soil on the body of my father? How did you feel lower than ever? You have a law. Six months later she comes to me who is the wife of Abu Bakar who was the former wife of Joffrey

00:29:09--> 00:29:42

near Vitaly. She says The time has come I will be leaving this world. Oh my sister It is time to reflect of the job. Forgive me if I'm clumping your toes like someone said it's better employers in this world and you can find some details of Tiamat listen to my sister, she comes to a smile. She says oh a smile I'm going to pass away. But I've observed certain journals as the woman's organs are slightly exposed. I'm very worried after I die, please see that my body is covered. As my break some punches. She makes a cut and she makes a coffin. She says I observed this practice in a procedure. She takes a cloth and she covered it. Fatima says this is what I want to do. She passes away six

00:29:42--> 00:29:59

months after the beauty salon. In the six months she never smiled but when she was told that adequate arrangements can be made that your body will be covered totally after your death. That was the one smile she brought on her body. She told she told asthma I am leaving this world now. I interest you that you must be give me a whistle. Let me tell you what was her modesty

00:30:00--> 00:30:30

That is the democracy of Islam. That is the honor I leave you with this minor beetle Fatima that on the day of Tiamat when humanity will congregate and then Fatima will also stand up and announce or will announce or people lower your gaze Fatima Mohammed wants to cross every man will drop his gaze and didn't Fatima will cross. It is high time we bring modesty into our life to be held Fatima's head and said Fatima asked me whatever you want don't think because you're my daughter. There's no accountability your account is separate mines is separate. Megan lines pious with reality.