Quranic Seerah #15 The Highest Aspirations

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AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the implementation of Prophet sallali wa sallam and the migration of Muslims to the United States. The military's use of salarized language and the implementation of the holy month ofecca are also highlighted. The importance of following Prophet's teachings and not taking actions that will cause harm is emphasized, along with the use of God as a guide for actions and the importance of not forgetting the mission. The struggles of Islam's first three years, including the return of Islam's son, the loss of a culture, and the use of the wa "they're waiting for the glory of the Lord" indicate that everyone is waiting for the glory of the Lord.
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began to accelerate and more and more of the specific definitive rules the legal frameworks were being established and solidified.

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And thus some of the Sahaba said the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was taken aback at a time when revelation was more rapid than ever.

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And that is also why Buddha Radi Allahu Anhu said, the prophet of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did not leave off a bird flying above our heads in the sky, except that he educated us about it in some way. Nothing was left that directed us to Allah's pleasure and his approval, or directed us away from Allah's Anger and his disapproval except that he directed us to its Allah Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam.

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And in the ninth year,

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he sent Abu Bakr so dearcroft The Allah Who and to lead the people to make hedge and he didn't make hedge yet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in Islam at least before prophethood he did. And he said, You lead why the scholar said so no one sees the prophets now. And people entering Islam in waves. Remember I told you the number tripled. But after the con, that was at the conquest of Mecca, then it got multiplied by over 10.

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But the first year in the ninth year after the migration, he said Abu Bakr to lead it and to announce that next year at Hajj, no more idol worshiper comes into Mecca, and no one is allowed to come make tawaf around the kava nude anymore, because those were the things that were being done.

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And then in that following year, sallallahu alayhi wasallam he performed that hajj and the 10th year, what was known as the farewell Hajj had jittered where there where he stood in front of now, a 110 to 113 to 120. Muslims show up and see him now for the first and the last time salAllahu alayhi wasallam and he gives the famous Farewell Sermon where he tells the people know that your Lord is one and know that your deen is one and know that there is no virtue for a white man over a black man or a black man over a white man or a red for over a yellow or a yellow over a red or an Arab over a non Arab or non Arab over an Arab elaborate Taqwa except by virtue of their piety, and Nasra Julen

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minutes, okay, we're fed your own shocky there's only two categories of people. There is a believer that is pious in front of his Lord, and there is a wicked man, that is doomed. That's it.

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And after the Hajj of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in those final four or so months of his life salatu salam ala sign after sign were beginning to emerge, that these were his last days sallallahu alayhi wasallam It was evident in his words, it was evident in his conduct. It was evident even in his body sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. When Abdullah had Michelle

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asked her mother Aisha Radi Allahu Anhu the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam ever used to pray while seated meaning is night prayers.

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She said Nam Bioderma helper Maha nurse

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she said yes after the he was worn out in the service

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in the service of the people, and then he began to frequence Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam, the graveyards, Allah telethia. And ever more more heavy reports this and I showed Alana seeing him sneak out over and over again to essentially bid farewell to all of the companions that are back here.

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And I will say that Houdini and all sudden Mr. Rue de narrates that one time he gave them a hot bug gave them a sermon in these final days, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he said to them, there was a man, that Allah gave him the choice

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over this world to enjoy this world for as long as he likes.

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And between that which awaits him with Allah, and so

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he chose what awaits him with Allah. And so the Sahaba thought nothing of this and this is a wise manifold, but then they turn to Abubaker. So vehicle always understood the Prophet SAW Selim best and they found him sobbing. So I was I was just talking about a guy who made the

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right decision, he picked the hereafter over this world.

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I will say it says what can

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he said what can Abu Bakr in Allah Mina, I will work was the wisest of us. Nobody knew the prophet like everyone.

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No one realized he was talking about himself, sal Allahu Allah himself

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and then the, the scholars mentioned the last four days of his life, Allah salatu salam.

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He led them so after maghrib and he read sort of almost like that. And then he returned to his apartment and the the illness became very difficult. He collapsed. Allah His salatu salam. And every time he regained consciousness, he kept saying a Salah, the people pray that the people pray.

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They say no, not yet. They're waiting for Jaroslaw, they're waiting for Russia.

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And he kept telling them bring me the water quickly. So as soon as he would wash up for the prayer, he would get up and he would collapse again. sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he would regain consciousness say the salah did they pray he did the people prayed

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until ultimately said tell Obama to lead the people in prayer. They have to pray, tell Obama to lead them in prayer, and he remained in his home sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for those three days. Jabara the Allah who answers I heard the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say, three days before he died, Allah Mutanda Hadoken de la jolla Silvana Villa

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make sure none of you die without assuming the best of all Allah as they're dying. None of you should ever die like otherwise. And then even Mr. Woodall the Allahu Allah would visit him and he would say to me, Rasul Allah, I can feel the heat of your fever from on top of your clothes. And he said to him, yes, Allah decreed that the prophets have the hardest tests, their test is doubled. We receive the fever of two men, so that their reward would be greater.

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And he kept warning them to never make this mission about him. And he said, Don't do to me like the Christians did to Jesus, the son of Mary, I'm a servant of God. Only forever say he was the servant of God and His messenger.

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And he made the eye against the Jews and the Christians who took the graves of their prophets as shrines. And he warned the Muslims, intensely emphatically warn them against doing this. Against forgetting the entire mission. It is about Allah azza wa jal. And then on that Monday morning

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he felt a bit more energetic, he felt a bit more spirited. And so he had i Li and an ibis Radi Allahu Anhu carry him on their shoulders in the middle between them and he they brought him to the masjid and he pulled the curtain

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and he saw the Sahaba already praying and that brought him more joy than anything

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he went back inside and he laid down on the chest of

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on the justify shuttle, the law Juana

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and his daughter is around him, the Muslims of course around him. She's seeing all the distress of my father

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and he says Terry, your father will not be distressed after today

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and then he continued to say, Allahu modifica Allah, Oh Allah, the highest company Oh ALLAH the highest company. And so they understood that this is what he used to tell us about that there was never a prophet that leaves this world except that ALLAH gives them a final choice here are there and so when he was saying the final the highest company they understood he was being given the choice

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and then he breathed his last thought he saw those setup

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maybe some people here I will close with maybe some people here struggled throughout the year with their salah.

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Let me leave you with that right. You know there are people in the world that may be the most heartless cruel

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corrupt people on the planet but for some strange weird schizophrenic reason they honor their father's dying wish my dad wanted x y&z

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And so the Muslim

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understanding that there's no share for them in Islam, there is really not much at all to prove that we love or follow the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam or believe that this religion is true for sure, unless we're holding on to the prayers. And so let it be that what can possibly mean anything to you of your Islam if the Salah is not? If we are careless with our Salah then what can we ever care about in terms of Allah's pleasure and making it behind the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and Jana, may Allah allow us to live perfectly, perfectly as best as we can perfectly do it behind his pad, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and march

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in his entourage behind him in between the gates of Jana Allahumma Amin or Sallallahu salovaara Carnegie and I'm Hamid are all early here.