Yasir Qadhi – Qur’anic Duas – Ramadan Khatirahs 2019 – Episode 21

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The importance of the ending of Surah Al Bccarat in Islam is highlighted, including the need for daily recitation of the holy Bible and avoiding mistakes. The importance of faith and forgiveness is also emphasized, as it is crucial for achieving success and avoiding failure. The need for power and fortitude is emphasized, along with the importance of shaping behavior to fit into laws and regulations. The importance of forgiveness and the need for a woman named Mo Farah as a means to overcome failures is also emphasized.
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Salam aleikum wa sallahu wa ala Council.

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As we wind down our lectures, one of our final lectures is today and it is very, very pertinent that we do perhaps the most important two out of the Quran or one of the most important to us it might be the most important but it is definitely amongst the most important to us of the entire Koran. And it is the dua that Allah subhana wa Taala chose to end Surah Al Baqarah with and Surah Al Baqarah is a blessing surah It is one of the most blessed sutras in the Quran. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam recommended and commanded us not to commanded his obligation, but he strongly told us is a common bill Bukhara I command you to read baccata to memorize Baccarat because holding on to it is a

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great thing and abandoning it will cause regret. Our Profit System says total Baccarat is a Baccarat that is a surah that is recited in a household the shaitaan runs away from it any household the recite surah to the Baccarat shaitaan will run away shaitaan does not live in the house where Surah Baqarah is recited Surah baccara contains the single greatest idea in the whole Quran. And that is what is the best idea in the Quran brothers and sisters ayatul kursi and that isn't suited to the Bakara. So this blessing sort of our profit system set on judgment day, Bukhara and Alan brown will come like they are two massive clouds of rain sheltering their people meaning the people who

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memorized and read back earlier and wrong, they will come like two massive clouds of rain. You know, when you see rain and you're in the desert, it's a sign of happiness, it's a sign of we have now salvation so baccara and Allah and Milan will come and they will cheer up the people on Judgement Day those who recite to them. So indeed the ending of Bukhara must be a very, very powerful ending. And we know this, for multiple reasons, have them in a bus narrated that one day an angel came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam when jabril was sitting with him, and jubilees said that oh messenger of Allah, this angel he has come down to earth for the first time. And Allah has told him

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to come down for the first time for this news. And the angel said that Yasuda law, I have been told to give you the glad tidings to the believers that you have been given to nor to lights that no prophet before you has been given. The first is Surah Fatiha. And the second is how our teams were told about Bara the ending of Surah Baqarah. These two no prophet before you has been given so pseudo Fatah Have I said at the beginning of my talk that this might be the best draft the only competition is Fatiha. If there is a competition with the whole team of Baccarat it is Fatiha between Fatiha and the end of Baccarat you have the most important two hours of the origin these are

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definitely the two most important to us for all of us to memorize from the Quran and our prophets a little long winded he was seldom said whoever recites the how our team of Baccarat at the end of Baccarat before he goes to sleep. It's it shall be sufficient for him Kapha tahu What does it mean it shall be sufficient for him. Some have said that it means that even if he doesn't pray to God, then he has gotten enough of a reward that is good enough that he didn't pray to God. Some have said it is sufficient to protect him against shape on both meanings are valid. So the Prophet system is saying before we go to sleep This is something we should do on a daily basis that when we are lying

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down, we recite the earth God and of those of God before going to sleep is the last how our team of Surah Al Baqarah. So what exactly is this? Do I have so little Bukhara and of course time is limited. I'm gonna have to zoom over it and I have given a longer lecture about the ending of Surah Baqarah from this very podium many many years ago in Ramadan. So in the ending Allah subhana wa tada says that ama Nora sukima owns de la hemara be well known that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam believes in all that has been revealed to him from his Lord. And the believers also believe what we know and hear me and also the believers believe that believers believe in what Allah has

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revealed Kowloon, all of them they believe, what do they believe in? So here, Allah is summarizing the main points of Islam. This is what Islam is. And by reciting them, we affirm our aqeedah, our tauheed, our kalama, our risala we affirm we to believe in all of this, Oh Allah couldn't do an AMA and a biLlahi one melodica t workqueue. To be he was truly they believe in these are can in Allah and in the angels and in the

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Books and in the messengers, lan ofori Cobain Ahad amoruso live. We do not distinguish between the messengers in the sense we don't accept some and reject others. All of them are from Allah subhana wa Tada. We don't accept you know Jesus and reject Mohammed as some groups do. We don't accept Moses and resurrect Jesus as others do know, we accept all of them as having come from Allah subhana wa tada learn ofori kobane amoruso they will call you and the believers say, Samir, and now what Alterna we hear and we obey, we try our best. That's the spirit of Islam. We're gonna try over law, we hear the command, we're gonna try to obey as best as we can hope franak if we cannot be perfect,

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we ask your forgiveness. A little frantic here means your forgiveness, Oh Allah, we are invoking the forgiveness of Allah. As if we are saying Oh Allah forgive us. So frantic literally translates as your forgiveness. But it is as if we are saying, Oh Allah, we want your forgiveness or franak translates as our love. We want your forgiveness. So we hear we obey, but we're not going to be perfect when we're not perfect or a lot. We ask for your forgiveness. Both Veronica and Veronica robina y la como si and Ola we know that we shall return to you. So this is the final pillar of faith and that is returning to Allah subhanho wa Taala as for belief in Qatar, so this list five

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points somebody will say but there are six points of demand. One of them is called in reality, technically speaking, harder is in reality incorporated in believing in Allah because Allah is all powerful and all knowledgeable and that is so true belief in Allah automatically implies true belief in other because there is no god that is incapable there is no god that doesn't know there is no god that is not all powerful. So when we affirm the entire pillars, this is a declaration of the pillars of a man. And we say to Allah, Oh Allah, we believe in all of these pillars, and we know what you want us to do. We are trying our best to Allah. But if we fail, or for anaka, we want your

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forgiveness, love, you can live long enough sin illa musataha. Allah is not going to burden a soul with more than what it can bear. And this is a constellation to all of us struggling with life's problems, because we all have problems, my dear brothers and sisters, financial, personal, marital societal, we have problems of Islamophobia. We have problems at every level. So we need constellation and this verse tells us, whatever your problems are, Allah knows them. And Allah knows you have enough faith, you have enough determination, you have enough courage to pass the test. Now you can live long enough son in law. If you are facing it, you can pass it. If you're in it, you can

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get out of it. That is what Allah is saying. Now you can live long enough son in law WUSA la casa, but what la hammock the Sabbath for it, for its benefit will be all the good that it does and against it tallied against you will be what you have done of evil. So Allah is saying, look, the chances of survival the chances of winning and failing they are with you. Let Hama cassava to LA hammock de Silva your good deeds are going to decide not your circumstances, not the people around you. You have to decide with Allah's permission and pleasure. You have to decide what you want, and the good that you do will benefit you and the evil that you do will be held against you. The hamaca

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Sabbath Wiley hamaca Sabbath robina Learn to hidden in Siena,

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our Lord, do not call us to task do not punish us if we forget and make a mistake, or if we make a mistake accidentally. So to circumstances we are saying Oh Allah, don't even put it into our hisab don't even bring it on our account. If we genuinely forget. And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam said, Allah has raised the pen, there is no hisab for the one who genuinely forgets or the one who is forced to do something or the one who makes a mistake. Genuinely forget you were supposed to pray for her. And it just you didn't see the time and you realize is there beyond the time accidentally, you are forgiven you make up on your own there is no casado or you make a huddle, you make a mistake

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that you thought you're praying in the right direction or you thought it's time to break the fast it's a hot up, you're not going to go to jahannam if you made a genuine mistake, you might have to make up too fast. You might have to make up the prayer but there's no sin other than the penalty of basically making it up so law to ask is now our law. If we make a mistake, or we forget then our law don't even count it led to a hidden in the center of Tottenham robina what timing Elena is Sarang karma cameltoe Allah Allah the name of our Lord Do not place on us a covenant on Israel and an Israeli

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is a religious covenant. It is a Shetty. That is a strict Sharia. It is the covenant of Allah subhana wa tada as Allah says in the Quran, from identical sleep so insert here one can say this is the Shetty of Allah subhana wa tada these are the laws of Allah subhana wa tada we are saying, Oh Allah don't place on us those religious burdens that were placed on people before us, meaning Listen to this. Our Shetty is the easiest Sherry of all, our laws are the easiest of laws. And if you study the laws of let us say that the Jewish people and how strict they have to obey their laws of the truth and the culture and whatnot, you will say, Oh my god, how can they live with these strict

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laws? But that was the law Allah gave them so we say to Allah, Oh Allah, we don't want those strict laws. We want an easier set of laws. So we make dua to Allah that Oh Allah the laws that you're going to reveal. Baccarat is an early revelation Bukhara came in early Medina. So a lot of the laws you're going to reveal don't make them difficult for us. And Allah says in the Quran, you read the law who be Komal, Yusra, well I read the Quran Rasul Allah wants to make things easy. Allah does not want to make things difficult. Allah says in the Quran, one Mirjana on a confident human heritage. He has not made the religion difficult for you. Our Prophet sallallahu Sallam said in the deen you

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Sir, this Deen is so easy. And anyone who tries to make it more difficult, that person shall be destroyed, not the religion so the religion is easy. So we making dua to Allah, Allah make our religion easy for us, don't burden us religiously. So luckily for law, Allah is saying he's not gonna do that. Then we say Oh Allah, the religion make it easy. Don't make it the way you did to the previous almost that was very difficult. So isn't uncommon, Hamilton alidium Halina are up by now whether to hem mill, Mullah Takata and Abby. Now we asked Do our that our law the problems of this world? The answer is the religious laws. The problems of this world over law don't burden us with

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which we don't have any power to do. So this is a reaffirmation that Oh Allah, whatever we find ourselves in, make sure we have enough enough power to overcome it. So this is a cheering us up of any problem that we might be facing in this world or the next and then we conclude this wonderful world water filled and water Hamner. So we've asked a lot if we make a mistake, ignore it. If we forget, ignore it, or Allah make the religious obligations easy for us, or a lot of the problems of this world give us enough fortitude to overcome them. Suppose we fail in any of these Oh Allah, if we cannot live up to the religious obligations, if we find the problems of this world difficult, and

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we kind of failed those of Allah then what what for and well, Filipina Warhammer, Allah forgive our own shortcomings. Even though the religion is easy. Even though the problems of this world we have enough to overcome, we will still fail. So when we fail, what should we do? Oh Allah wa for an alum and the guy who went to Apple Apple, this is the door of These Nights, erase our sins, cover them up. And then Oh Allah, once you've gotten rid of our sins, we need your mercy to move forward. Because goes back to our first few hours in the month. We said Mo Farah is one thing Rama is another monk Farah negates the negative Rama affirms the positive molfetta will wipe out your sins, but

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you're then at zero balance. You don't have anything Rama will give you a positive balance. So once we've wiped out the sins, we need to move forward and that forgiveness is going to come what Hannah Oh Allah have mercy on us. Then we say to a law unto mo Nana, you are our protector, our nourisher our sustainer no one can protect other than you. No one can sustain other than you. Who else can we turn to Oh Allah, you're the one who is our molar until mowlana. We're not going to get help from anywhere else. We affirm that you are the rub. You are the ILA. You are the medic, you are the molar. So Oh Allah, if you don't help, there is no help until odana. And then the final point, even

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from a political standpoint, we don't want to be failures. overload those that are enemies, those that oppose you from Satya Nadella, homerun caffeine allow us to always have the upper hand and be victorious. If you look at this drop. It is such a comprehensive, every basis covered every point is covered the basics of theology, the basics of our religion of Islam, every single facet of our faith, our types of shortcomings, there are all different an accidental shortcoming unintentional shortcoming, the religious ones, the worldly ones, everything is covered, and then our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, and with this we conclude

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whoever recites these last two verses of Surah Al Baqarah. Any word that he recites Allah azzawajal will give him that word. This Hadith is a Muslim

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Word every word that you say Allah has said I will give it to you. So this is a guaranteed do I. When do we say the last two verses a Baccarat Allah subhana wa Taala has said I will give him what he is asking for. So we make this to our to Allah. We memorize these last two verses, we continually recite them and insha Allah to Allah will continue the day after tomorrow with Solomonic molecules with loyal Baraka

Shaykh Yasir talks about the Du’a that is found at the end of Surah Al-Baqarah which is one of the most important Dua of the entire Qur’an.

It contains the best Ayah in the Quran which is Ayat Ul Kursi. Recite the two illuminated chapters, Surat al-Baqarah and Al Imran, for on the Day of Resurrection they will come as two clouds, or two shades, or two flocks of birds pleading for their companions.

We should also recite these ayaat – last Khawatim of Surah Baqarah before going to sleep.

What does it say ? listen intently and be left mesmerized.


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