Jamal Zarabozo – Ikhtilaf Differing Between The Scholars Part 2

Jamal Zarabozo
AI: Summary © The importance of following church guidelines and following evidence-based principles is emphasized. The speaker also discusses the need for evidence and a complete focus on following church guidelines. The speakers stress the importance of following a man's or someone's beliefs and following their statement to avoid rejecting them. They also discuss the benefits of being around people who can provide knowledge and help with learning to read books.
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If you come up late for the for

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the first line is cool.

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And you come and you're the only one in the second line.

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If you pray in that, that situation where you're the only one in the second line is your current valid as a bit of both.

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Harry football Sufism, it says that the one who prays by itself in a row by itself

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is not not bad, or he must repeat the prayer.

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So many people have different views of how to understand this. And even the fact that the third category is dealing with understand. So if you're coming out to the role, to the line, and the roles full and the audience for what you do,

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some people say you've got someone to run back and so forth. But this is, this is not confirmed from our domain or anything that they used to do this kind of thing.

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Seeing the strong opinion, like other aspects of the salon, and if you cannot, for example, join the metro

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next to the man, like other aspects of the salon, you do as much as you can, and the thing that you cannot do, and you're not responsible. So in this case, you have no way to join the line.

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You're You're supposed to join them. And there's no question that if you come, and there's room in the mind, and you pray by yourself in the back, this is what the editor, there's no question about that, if there's room in the line, and you pray,

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all the scholars agree that this is the kind of thing that there's room in the line and you pray by yourself in the back.

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However, if the line is full, then you don't you don't have the ability to fulfill the condition of either joining the line or having someone with you in order to handle a dialysis like telling

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you that Allah does not bear a

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burden any any go beyond working there. So in that case, you do what you what you can do, the only thing you can do is to not join the line. And you obviously the prayer takes precedence over being in line with someone else.

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Then you pray by yourself and that someone comes and join you, that's fine.

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The problem with tapping, first of all, there's no evidence for doing that. There's evidence as I said in the verse of legalism,

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we're not doing and and then when you do that, then you also disrupt the first line, you either make a gap in the first line, or you'll make everybody move, and then there'll be an opening. And that gap is also supposed to be full, because the first line is.

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So that means that you should throw someone back in and take his place in your mind maybe.

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So there's some problems with that other thing. This has been

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a mom,

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in many cases,

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a lot of people

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to follow them, instead of calling them.

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And a lot of them they say if you don't follow anymore.

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You don't follow me, ma'am, you know,

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they mean?

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That was not my statement. I was just repeating

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this sort of thing?

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as I said,

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in many, many places, we have to be obedient to Allah and

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said that there's no obedience to the Creator, as the creative involves disobedience to the Creator.

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there's no, there's nothing we can see in the Koran or in the Hadees that points to the fact that you have to have any man and photos come beside the email.

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Someone if someone's going to make a statement, right? I mean, the way you said it in between is

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either you have a mom or you're not a Muslim. And that means there should be some clear evidence about

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versus not just one word maybe versus many 100 developers.

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So the burden of proof was something that is upon the one who said that, and I don't believe we can all

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I mean, who were there for a while.

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You don't even have to bring the man into the picture. The question is, if, if we are obliged to follow in any manner about who they might be.

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And if we don't do it, we're not. Obviously this is something that must be proven wrong, and you cannot make the decision

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to speak about Allah subhanho wa Taala has been with us, and

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this is the greatest sin, one of the greatest sins that you could commit

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You decide

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to leave out?

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The one who

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does not have the ability

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to study different

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then you have to follow

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me even though many people nowadays we're talking about No, no, we don't follow any man at all. We don't believe in that.

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They're not around, they're following

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the forum. So I mean, probably even some scholar told them that.

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And even for themselves, sometimes they have met.

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If you have a headache, and you don't have the numbers, and you don't have the book that when it's gone, and so forth, and you don't have the ability to edit, you don't have to turn to the score of headaches and see what do they say about.

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However, the intention always in some of the things that I would have mentioned at the end of the talk has been

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a complete focus, because

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the point is, the intention has to be to call the truth.

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If someone doesn't have that intention, then he is a sinner. And in this is a sin, to have intention not to bother to number one, the truth confused, and it is shown to you and it is clear to you, and you still rejected and insist on following something other than that you're a sinner without any question is something agreed upon by all

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if you are showing the truth, and you can understand in theme that the truth, but you insist on following something else, and you don't have any evidence for the thing that you're following. This is a sin.

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So following any man or following

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score, I mean, for example, I mean, if you don't know something, you have to turn

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you have to ask

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if you don't know something.

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But if you ask a store and he gives you evidence, and and he shows you that what he's saying is true, you have no evidence to the contrary, you just heard some opinion or some statement from someone, then you have no right to reject.

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But to follow an email or to follow, follow the theme is nothing wrong with that as long as you have the intention to follow the truth. You are following him not because of who he is. But because you have intention for the truth and anytime you see the truth, as the Xenon said then you form the truth I mean, a true a true catalyst of either abanico leave America Sharpie or a true mechanic who follows their statements should also follow their statements. Many of them said something like if there's

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a problem and everything except that

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doesn't make any sense.

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The most most majority of people in India Pakistan,

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manage back to

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And also that influenced by the sheer size on the sheer

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part of the league, which we in our ship

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invoking the mouth to go to everything to cool a mouth. Big difference.

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Ordinary people like us, please

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Living in this town Bradford or coming to our mosque upgrade, we will try to get us down committing a

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crime or

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he uses a clever method to get us down his

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mom, do you believe it? Even if you don't tell

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me Mom, you, other viewer?

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You see, he will try to get you down in that way that you don't believe in. Very simple. You see, I confirm all the mom existed, I believe if

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you don't believe the

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basic history of Islam, you know, you say confirm that, of course.

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You will need

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our evidence now. What we are playing how we are not invoking the mom.

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A mom

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is a mom. My mom

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mommy becomes important. Because he doesn't ask for a directory like you and me again asking ALLAH and using the motto of the Prophet peace be upon him. That's

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what they try to put.

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They have no

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of course we believe in that.

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You don't believe in Mommy?

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love questions.

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The first question here says that most Muslims pray differently. And some argue that my mother honey permit the Father. And they prayed like him and his friend differently.

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Is this true?

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First of all,

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do not meet any of the Sahaba is not considered one of the longest.

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therefore the assumption that the Sahaba were correct.

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But actually, we have an even bigger problem probably. And this applies to

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If you read the books from from the different from them. And I mean, the standard book there, and each month, there are some standard books, like

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on the shelf.

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Anyway, Pete, if you read those books, the thing that you come up with a lot. And I've experienced this a lot, because I like to read, and I like to read different things

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in there

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in the different and

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what I found is that the thing that people claim, oh, this is the heavy metal We do this because we do this because

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many times that thing that they're claiming has nothing to do with

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themselves or even 100 or even a user that had opinions completely opposite to

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an even bigger problem. And I advise people that if you're going to fall

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forward correctly, if you are going in system for me forward correctly, because

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if you follow correctly, these are great sources and you will be much closer

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what do you do if

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the central which goes against the consensus?

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Well, if

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the question is asked in particular by consensus hearing,

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obviously if it goes against

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me, either all agreed upon something or or agreed upon something and he repeated the same because there are an agreed upon something it is obligatory on the rest of the government to follow them. Both definitions after

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discussing also

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books about what is

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If there is a confirmed edge, man, it is the truth man, there's no question about especially those from the early years in which really the only true and not just the first one that goes against

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the third source

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majority of Muslims lack knowledge and many are illiterate held your buttons

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nowadays, even if someone is illiterate, if someone is illiterate, I would advise them actually to learn how to read.

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I mean, it's not I don't think it's that difficult to learn how to read inshallah, you can, maybe your other brothers here in the mosque or sisters can help you. Because really, when you learn how to read, and I hate to

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be advertising

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to open up new worlds, but Well, it's true, I don't have to be, you're not just confined to the people that you know. And so, you know, you can read, you know, like, I've never met him in Samia or I've never met

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Rocky, but I can read their words.

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So it's really very beneficial to have the person has the ability.

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However, nowadays,

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you can see

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reading is doing their own way of ending the loss, dealing with good brothers who can learn from some people when you're when you're when you're around them, you can be around them for hours and you get no benefit from them.

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Be around them for a few minutes and you get

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some of them around them either for a few minutes or a long time and you get lost

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in the people that you should try to seek out

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or, and also turn to the state's income collection officer. Even if you're illiterate.

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You can get knowledge

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to increase knowledge

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