Ahmed Hamed – Lessons from Al-Isra Wal-Meraj

Ahmed Hamed
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses various actions and accidents during Surah Valley design, including the deaths of various individuals and the importance of sharing experiences to gain insight. The journey includes recounts of stories and moments of loss, including the loss of a community member and the Herba King. The importance of practicing Islam and recounting the story of a woman who died in a family's fate is emphasized, along with the need to teach children about the beauty and virtue of doing the opposite and recounting the story of a woman who died in a family's fate. The importance of testing and finding the father of all things is emphasized, as well as the need to protect oneself from punishments and commit to Islam.
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So I'm already

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logged he will log out

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and how are we I mean,

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we will set up right after Shut up and come via he will go to serene Nabina Muhammad weida he was Javi as marine

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I was gonna say

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Ravi Shafi sorry, what is silly only winder Coco de Mille rissani, yo holy.

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All praise belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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we praise Him, we seek his help, his assistance in all our matters of life.

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And we declare

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war vocally, from our lives, deep down in our hearts, and through our actions, that there is none worthy of worship, except Allah subhanho wa Taala. And we declare the prophethood, the Messenger of the last of the prophets, the leader of all the Prophet, Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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we said, these blessings and salutations upon him, upon his family, upon his beloved companions, and for all those who follow him up until the last day,

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my brothers in Islam

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the topic of this drama, which

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is very relevant to the time, and that is an extra work adage.

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We know for a fact

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that the life of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu law

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has got so many events and incidents and each incident, each event of the life of a civil law

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has got

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to have lessons for the Oman onto the last day

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in this image of Israel

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is one of the significant events of the life of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam.

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The objective

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of this pushback

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is basically to derive the lessons from this incident from this event, because for sure, one will never be able to justify a few minutes, then this great event, this great incident of Alexa

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in a very short period of time. So what we will try and show objectively is to learn certain lessons from the incident of our marriage

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objective with a Nia with a prayer that will

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help us to bring those lessons to our lives, so that we may practice in this world and gain success with dunya in this world, and the year after.

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This incident of our garage

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is absolutely

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So so that the evidence of x

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is mentioned in the Quran. As a loss of data, he begins to have an inside or Surah Surah Allah subhana wa Tada. He says I will do better he made a shape on emogene

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main idea

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in this very ayah in the first hour of surah Valley design, which happens to be Shura number 17

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in this

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Sure number 17. Sure. I

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for a journey of the night,

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the surroundings of which are less,

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to show off, to show the IR, to show the signs to show the evidence to show the truth.

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And the last panel dialogue is all here at all seen.

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This is the evidence of this incident of Islam.

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What is our gamma Elisa is a horizontal journey

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from Africa to Magellan is in

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this is a horizontal journey, and he just told us

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what is Mirage? Mirage is a vertical that was handled that took

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this to the heavens. So these two different aspects of the journey is

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the first lesson

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that we actually gain, if we actually study our love, and would like to tell you, my brothers

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is to go back, open the MassHealth opens up

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and read this ayah and go through the incident of marriage. That's a beautiful and long honeys, it's a

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boy before yourself because no one. By law, if you have a claim that

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we need to back up our claim, by our actions,

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we need to back up our claim by our action. So go back and study and we you know how some people are addicted to the newspapers. Every single day we want that person wants to measure what's happening in the world. I mean, he just can't have a start his day without reading the paper.

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the information about the most beloved to us

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after a bunch of data, we need to know about these incidents and the events of this lifetime. So, the first lesson that we learned,

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learn and study the Tokyo event is

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this world is down the empty hand, it is a place where each one of us are tested. Each one of us the test might be different, it may be different storage, it may be different,

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it may be different to a healthy person, it may be different to a sick person, it may be different, it may vary from person to person, but for sure.

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Because this life itself

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Surah number 67

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is life and death. So that

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show that we make test you

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live for the test. And the beauty is the more loves the person, the more we put them to the test.

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And that's how we see the people on the face of

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the prophets and the messages. They will

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a very short life

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tested a lot

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and he's

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so high that a lot of talented players in the world.

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vigora Allah raise his round, to the extent of the Dr. bhutta, to the highest level, when no one has the rich,

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my brothers, the more we are tested, the more we get through Canada, and this photos have basically analyzed these in four situations. One, you have a blessing you are tested. Don't think that you have money if you have children, if you have families that you want to be just so invest in your justice policies, whether you are grateful

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to them, or not, number one, number two,

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any trial, any tribulation, any change might happen. How are you traveling? Is access Are you being among the sabini among the patients or not? Are you being flown for your faith

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or not? That's true. So, lesson number four, number three is opinion, you see about cancer again you have the guidance, in order that you may obey

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how you experience

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the blessings of Allah tala

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these words,

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the greatest proof of our opinion is

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the root of our obedience.

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You have to tell us

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how great practicing Muslim I am in my actions. So, the biggest number four is distribution is somebody

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we immediately go back to a lot

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of us.

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So, these are the the elements are the aspects in the test that we are actually

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we know the background and the vibe of photography, that I pursued a lot and

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then the

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year on, in which this incident happened, it was considered as in the life of

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the euro,

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to be stabbed years in the life of a

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picture this imagination. I want you my brothers, to picture this imagination

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was the greatest battle that we could build.

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And in his life, he is so sad Why

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he died in that year.

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He was the greatest.

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The person who rejected his

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last breath, he was the greatest of

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distress. He was so sad.

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That is unreal.

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He died and because of two reasons. Number one, he died because he don't accept Islam.

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He passed away without accepting Islam and died on his on the family's fate.

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That's the greatest. You know.

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That's what he was. Number two. He was

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whenever there was any any issue.

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You should come and compromise and solve the situation. After a few days, his own beloved wife collegia Nadia la vida, she passed away. And you know how many jobs we had one webinar she was so close to refer to a loss of the Latin word

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that she was the first one who waited,

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who encouraged Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam upon receiving the revelation. She was so close to him and the homes of the soul, the status that

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he knows about all these things, what's happening with the life of a rock

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of a motivation, a kind of a compensation by taking him to the beautiful night journey from last season.

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right. And from there the attention to me Heaven, it was kind of a passive vacation, it was a kind of a motivation, or gift, a special gift, which nobody else got given to a lot.

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So what lessons would be great in the mother city, after every child,

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so don't lose hope.

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Don't ever lose hope in Allah, because after every hardship there is,

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School Board be any happens. But for me, this is the kind of

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why in our lives, we need to find out. You know, I just can't sit and say, oh, love you, me, give me give me a monkey like that. Unless you've

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taught us a lesson.

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We basically don't rely on what you do, we rely on it.

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much count. That's number three. Number four, the the beauty and the virtue and the blessings of must do the opposite.

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My brothers, we need to revise this thinking we need to teach our children how important vital knotless You don't have to deal with the vast majority. They know the virtues of of Mecca and Medina.

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But we should not forget.

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This is the first house. It was the first

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for the Muslim. It was the second house was built for the Muslims. It was the land where all the prophets

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added to the houses and they all gathered equals 11, which is beautiful. It is full of worship, and definitely about this bar.

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It is surrounded with a blessing. So we should always remember this a teach your children about the beautiful and gorgeous land. But

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number five,

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the lesson that we actually derive

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from the incident

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is beneficial to the beach. By the luck this he played.

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And he led. He led the JAMA the congregation for all the profits

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starting from Adam, up until Lisa, if you imagine

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all of them, they were the people who were there Mr. Lee, who were the people behind the

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quickie lesson is

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he was the leader of the problem.

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And we should never ever try to make a distinction between the profit however, that status of being a model of BIA number six

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taken up to be

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the greatest of all the gifts, the greatest of all the gifts that this demand went under your eyes as a scholar, they debate how the status of

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the entire man the entire creation, the creation including the genes, the gene and the entire feature. A lot of times Allah raised the ranks of the humans and among the humans he raised the hands of the prophets and the messengers. And according to the report, there are 134,000 prophets and messengers sent to this bull among 144,000 prophets and messengers they were 25 you know black messengers who are mentioned in the Quran

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45 messages, there are there are five

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they will find

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these are the five biggest of all the profits and these five data centers they were to honey then

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these two

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wahala taken

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that is

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that is the reason we have to testify every year to justify

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This is articulation

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taken up into the heavens, attention, the greatest of all the gifts that he got

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is the greatest gift.

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After all that decision, if you can refer back to that, you know, it was 50 and then reduced to 10, he came to the number of five,

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this is

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this aspect of

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it the only one which was given to us to the lesson.

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And that is the reason

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is the foundation of the river.

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There is no belief in

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The only proof or the first proof that you would meet are the slaves of Allah is that this helps us to demonstrate and declare the worship of our

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myself a few

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you need to

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come to bear

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in mind is no success

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salaat except in salt. So, you might be all are so much engaged in dystonia somewhat, some who might be or study some might be, you know, in the in the meetings, some might be working in five minutes, my brother is a gift which was given in marriage to school for the donor. And instead of,

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we need to respect that and implement that in our life. This is a gift given

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by one party and lots of them are using them as the connection that goes out to the last time to the last thing.

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So with where we are,

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in the meeting, if you say to me for five minutes,

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because we're learning if you actually realize that actually, this phenomena that you're meeting with the creation is much less of inferior to the meaning of Europe, we need order of everyday four times a day minimum, this meeting should not be abandoned, this meeting should not be canceled, this meeting should not be delayed, or should never be rescheduled.

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This meeting is much bigger than your million dollar deal than your billion dollar deal than your love for the children for the for the for the family. This is the time indicated

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by that time frame timeframe that you actually realize, out of the entire line. for 60 years in entirety, we are asked to give maybe half an hour or an hour to the max for Salah 23 hours you're free

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to worship of Allah but you're not commanded as an obligation.

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So let's establish our inshallah with desire. That's the greatest gift given in this section number seven my brothers which I would like to end inshallah is in the journey

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was given so many was shown so many punishments, so many punishments that he will show like for example, what happens to a backbiting person, what happens to a person who stutters what happens to the person who eats up the property of often what happens to the adulterer, what happens to all the people who bought the reason the lesson is we need to protect ourselves from all these punishments. And the final thing which I would like to mention, which I would like to add, inshallah is the land of Alberta of your love life. This is the benchmark we should have when everybody else in their metaphorical materialistic understanding could not believe

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that I traveled in one night, I went through my

00:24:32 --> 00:24:37

essentials and then I came back to my two year old must

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have been many other people have gone back. Now.

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What did you say? It was

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said that it must be the truth. So in this age of science and technology, we should not think you know how long he came.

00:25:00 --> 00:25:04

Vera from how long do we like about this and then from there such a

00:25:06 --> 00:25:24

divergence is much more superior than science, science get the Ruby aspects, the guidance from above, hands on that can improve your criteria. So we should have full belief in all the things which are related potentially.

00:25:26 --> 00:25:30

We ask us, to help us to gain the knowledge or

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to gain the knowledge of Islam and help us to love him the way Sahaba used to love

00:25:39 --> 00:25:41

closer level of that load that will

00:25:43 --> 00:25:47

help us to be the better Muslim and die in a state of Islam.

Khutba delivered in Dubai Jumeirah Lake Towers Tiffany Masjid on of the most significant events in the Life of Prophet Muhammed peace be upon him Al Isra Wal Meraj

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