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The speakers discuss the challenges of maintaining spirituality after Islam and emphasize the importance of giving a sucker to fix people's behavior. They also emphasize the need to stay true to one's deeds to achieve joy and achieve joy after the death of the person. The importance of fostering others' actions to receive rewards and showing one's face to Allah is emphasized. The speakers also emphasize the need for a culture of fear and a desire to worship Islam alone. They emphasize the importance of protecting from evil behavior, removing suffering and loss, and requesting help to save lives.

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Then what they require that they ever eat in the day for eat, you want to have eat lunch or supper with your family. If you have enough food for yourself and your family, and you have more than you are liable to pay a sucker to fix it to make sure that nobody goes hungry on the day that nobody is looking for food and they never eat. And it's required on everybody, whether you're rich or poor, everyone has the same amount. You need to give that sucker to fitter and it has to be paid before eat Salah. So if tomorrow is eat before the Imam says Allahu Akbar, it has to be distributed to the poor. And what do you get in exchange, as an assistant says that none of us who are fasting is

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perfect. We looked at things that were not permissible. We set things we opened our phone we checked into and supposed to do well in the month of Ramadan, now to wipe away all those blemishes, all those marks all those scratches to polish your Ramadan. That's the kind of filter that what is it? Between 25 and 75, grand whatever it might be, depending on the if you're able to give more you give more if you give less you that will remove those tiny imperfections so that when the deeds are presented to Allah, it is presented pure. So everybody make that intention. If I haven't paid my secretary fitter, and the Seattle fitter of the people under your custodianship, your kids your

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wife, then you need to pray today in sha Allah as a as a deadline.

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The next matter about Ramadan. And this is the real challenging part. The challenging part is not Ramadan. It is post Ramadan. Because we get so close to Allah during Ramadan, and we are so consistent in our worship, we are in the masjid every single day. We are fasting

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29 days straight. We do tahajjud we are reciting the Quran daily. Why is it that at the end of Ramadan, we can't hold on to any of those good deeds? Why? How do we maintain this level of spirituality, we'll never be able to achieve the height of spirituality like we do in the last 10 nights but we don't want to let everything go that you have achieved. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Do not be like the woman who foolishly unravels her yawn after it has been spun. So after the lady took all her time to sew and stitch together something beautiful a garment she then takes it bit by bit thread by thread, she pulls it apart. And that sort of Allah is giving the analogy of after

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you've done good deeds, you put all that effort in to make this beautiful, beautiful Obeida don't distract each part of it, bit by but after Ramadan.

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So we need to focus on is the karma is the karma is being consistent. And Allah says in the Lilina, cholera Boone, Allah Verily those who say Allah, You are my Lord to Mr. Karma, and they are consistent, that unnecessary, that unnecessary or the eternal pseudo Allah, human melodica The angels descend upon them, Allahu Allah subhanho wa Taala know that you don't have to feel scared, and you don't have to feel sad. Well, obviously it will be Jana, I'll let you continue to I don't and if you do this, so if you have achieved a level of spirituality, and you then maintain it, the guarantee for you is you will get Jana. And at the moment of your death, you won't feel sad and you

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won't feel scared. And this is the challenge. First, the team come out with Milter woman Turbomeca what to hope, and Allah say the prophecies stand firm, Allah says and stand firm and be be consistent in it. And so the real objective, obviously karma. And I think this is something that all of us need to think about. How do I mean what what am I going to maintain after Ramadan, it's not going to be possible. And let's be realistic, it's not going to be possible to do all the good deeds you've done, you can't force every single day after Ramadan, and you won't be able to make a taraweeh every single night. So take one of the deeds that you've done this Ramadan, whether it is

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charity, whether it was some vicar whether it was reciting Quran and say, Yeah, Allah, I am not going to be able to do all this that I've done, but I'm not going to let all of it go away. So choose one deed that you will maintain and continue. Remember the resources, the most beloved deeds to Allah are not the ones that are big and then even huge amounts. It is the small ones that are done consistently. So everyone make that near as we made the near before Ramadan, I want to have the most beautiful Ramadan of my life, make the NIA I want to have the most beautiful rest of my life. And I'm going to take this one DDR Allah, whether it is I'm going to wake up five minutes before

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Fajr and that will be my tagit or recite matura guys, that's my touch. Oh, if I haven't been if he was a certain sin that I was doing, Allah forgive us for our sins. If there are certain sins that we were doing, and we stopped it during Ramadan, don't let all of it come back. Make that near ya Allah this thing I'm going to leave off permanently, permanently. And that is the karma and that is a sign of your Ramadan being accepted. The best way of knowing if my Ramadan is accepted is to check yourself next week when we come when we come to Joomla next week, we ask ourselves how much of Ramadan is left? How much of Ramadan is left?

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One of the greatest acts of worship to do after Ramadan is of course the sick

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states of Chihuahua. So we remind ourselves after the first show Allah, Allah has gifted you the month of Shiva that if you for six days in it

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after you've completed Ramadan, and for the ladies who anyone who has sculpt, we have paid unpaid days Ramadan, you finish those days, and then you fast an additional six days of show. Well, the reward is like you fostered the entire year.

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So who of us can force 365 days a year? Can't do it impossible. No one can do it. But then Allah gives these freebies, okay? You force it Ramadan, I'm gonna multiplied by 10. So that's 10 months. So 10 months, you've got to lift two months short of a year. So for six days in Chawan, and we'll give you 60 days, that's two months. And so maybe another Nia to make ya Allah, allow us to foster six days of show well, you'll find it's very, very difficult to do that when it's up to you when it's you and yourself. And there's no one watching over you or there's no it's father, it's compulsory, now becomes the difficulty. And that is the is the karma. That is the thing that builds

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that through sincerely to Allah, I force it for you in Ramadan, I'll force for you after Ramadan as well. The next method to touch on and see a few things we need to talk about and see before we speak about our end of our series on dua is of course, the issue of Eid, Labrang. And another is always this discussion about Moon fighting the moon was Star Wars The moon was

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Moon fighting Luqman, citee And subhanAllah. Again, we just remind ourselves about the way we work with a lunar calendar. Allah says the US in the Quran was Aluna. And they asked you about the moon say that it is a means by which malarkey to it is to keep records of Hajj it's a means by which we keep time it is for us to keep time. And in the time going to be Salam. There wasn't fancy technology, there wasn't even spectacles. And so you had to go out and visualize and see the moon. And some cities would see and some cities wouldn't see. And it's, it was very, very common that you had in Mecca, they saw the moon and another in Medina, it wasn't. And so each one is on their own

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calendar. And that's how it was. And then as modern technology even developed, and that wasn't from the Western world, our our whatever, the leaders of science and technology and astronomy, the founders of it were from the Muslim world. And so already, almost 1000 years ago, we already had the concept of we have calculations, we have a timetable that can tell you exactly when the moon will be born. And at the same time we have new telescopes and binoculars and all these things that can see the moon we don't have to do to the eye. And so the Allama are now at the spectrum. Some said no, the Hadith says you go observe the moon. And if it's cloudy, you continue fasting, they are stay on

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literal to the text, while hamdulillah there is piety in that. Another group says, well let us use the technology, nothing wrong to use technology. And so what hamdulillah they observed the moon with technology. And you have a third group that says why do we even need to go observe the moon none of you go out and look where is the sun for the wintertime and Margarita and you just simply look at the calendar because we can calculate when it's sunset. So why not do the same with the moon and hamdulillah in that there is also goodness, the point of Edo eight the resources you keep Eid when the people keep eight, one community

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should keep it at the same time.

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And this is an this to prove this point. If a foreigner comes from another country, and he only Foster 28 days, you can't have 28 is not enough, you must force 29 And he comes to a country and they keeping it he's not allowed to force that day. You must keep it with him even though he's behind he will make up the day after Ramadan. You keep it as a community. That is the purpose of it. We force it together. We may do art together, we cried together. So surely we must celebrate and graduate together. You know at the end of the university, the graduation ceremony, all the classes come together even though they've never interacted with one another. All the faculties have one day

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of graduation and that is what it is all about. And on that point. It is the Sunnah of Nabisco Salam, when they eat time came. He did not have the Eat Salah in the masjid. Why because the machine was too small. Unless you remember we is the second holiest machine on earth. And he then took the GEMA out of the masjid and said we will make it eat out in the open. Why? Because everyone must be the the main the women the children and the ladies in their head we know the hate ladies can come to them as all of you must come out and have a together so the ladies in hate would not make Salah for eat obviously she can't make salah but she said they to be part of the congregation. And that is the

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Sunnah of Nabi Salam and throughout his life, except when there were some

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extreme weather conditions was raining. The eat the Eat was what we call the Eat gap. It was done outside and oh hamdulillah on that insha Allah and we're so happy that we're going to have our India year in the cukup inshallah tomorrow weather permitted Bismillah we will be having eat Salah in Wall Street and several of the massage it will join up. And what's beautiful is you're going to see your fellow brothers and sisters who fostered and they maybe they were attending a different Masjid but

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Now's the opportunity to do to greet one another. And so in sha Allah, we make dua that the weather holds. And we'll see all of you at the Eid masala and the timetable I'll give you at the end inshallah

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we conclude our series on Darfur. And we see that dua is the special gift Allah has given us where we can change. We can change any situation. It is the essence of worship.

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Really worship our religion. If you want to take Islam and someone asks you someone who never heard about Islam before, say, tell me what is your religion about your religion seems so complicated. There is Salah and fasting and and stingier and dal cheese and it's a lot. You know, I'm so confused. What is your religion about? Simply our religion is La ilaha illallah that we have one Creator. He created us. He watches over us only He can reward us only He can withhold when we die, we'll go back to him. It's just me and him. one on one relationship. That is what Islam is all about. To worship Allah alone. When I'm alone on an island or worship Allah alone when I'm in a

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whole gathering of people, I worship with me and Allah, no one else is going to take me to Jana. It's only my deeds and Allah's mercy. And so do Ah, is that most basic relationship for you speak to you creator daily, yeah, Allah, I speak to you, to thank you to praise you to glorify you, and I speak to you to ask you of what I need. And that is what do i is. That's why the Narcissus Da Hua li ba da da is actually the quintessential of worship is dA and it's the foundation of our relationship with Allah. And when we ask him, it makes him happy.

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When you ask Allah, the asking alone gives you the words.

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You asked for something I want this I want that I want whatever I was giving you, you will just for asking because he loves being asked. And no do algos on answer. It's a promise from Allah you promise when when you ask you will respond in one way in a manner which he wishes, you will either give you what you want, or you will give you something better, or you'll avoid a calamity or he will give you something in the akhira but he will answer your DUA, you will get what you asked for. And it has the power to make the impossible come through. Last week we spoke about all the impossible to ask the MBR made.

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You can't have kids, you can't get that promotion. You can't you know kill that disease. Do Allah is the thing that has no limits because Allah has no limits. And so at the end of Ramadan, we know the man the person that the man or the lady was fasting, you will do as armster job is answered. And on Friday, it's a special day we do as are answered, and the last hour of Friday is the most holiest hour of the day. So we have one last opportunity. One last opportunity. But one very special opportunity to ask will be answered even after Ramadan, every time there is answered. But you have a maximum opportunity now. And you can now see ya Allah. After 29 days of thirst and hunger and

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struggling for your sick, I raised my hands and ask you for your assistance. And so use this opportunity. Take that last half an hour or last 10 minutes five minutes of Ramadan before mothership and make that sincere do as of your heart ask Allah whatever it is that you want and need. And in sha Allah he will grant you we close the series with a DUA and the point of this dua is to show you the format as we spoke about, we don't start to do and so yeah, Allah Who line who line for you don't speak Do you have a process, how you make dua to Allah. And so we begin Bismillah Al Rahman Rahim, Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ALA, Moana, saline, saline and

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Muhammad Ali also have at your en la ilaha illallah wa ala Sharika that will Monica whatever you are up to our coalition COVID There is none worthy of worship Allah Allah but you you are one and unique you have no partners, to you belongs the heavens and the earth. All things in creation glorify You and supplicate to you. The stars and the trees bow before you were Shams will cover the husband and the sun and the moon praises you in your hand is life and death. And you have and you are ever living that does not die and all goodness come from you and everything is in your control. You decree but no decree is upon you. Subhana Allah will be having the other the holiday yeah Allah, we

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praise You and we glorify you, and we elevate you to the equal to all your creations that you have created, what Subhana call was Subhan Allah and we praise you or Allah equal to the weight of your throne and we praise you Oh ALLAH equal to the measure of your pleasure. And we praise you your Allah that for the inky to take to write your words Allahumma Inanna Stein Oka when I still feel okay, we're not going to be Oh Allah, we seek your help. And we seek your forgiveness. We believe in you. We're not a workaholic and we depend on you when you sneeze or like a Hydra and we we open and we declare all goodness to you when I screwed up.

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And we thank you for everything you've done for us one o'clock and we do not disbelieve in you wonderful walk through who may have jerk and we avoid all those things that disobey you Allah Who II I cannot I will do what I can do suddenly when asked you Oh ALLAH for you alone do we worship your Allah Ya Allah You alone we worship there's none we can worship other than New Year allah and You alone do we make Salah and you alone? Do we fast and for you alone? Do we make sujood where la kanessa And to you do we rush to you do we turn to when I first went to do Ramadan and we hope and we sincerely hope and depend on your mercy. When I've shared either back and we fearful Yet Allah of

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your punishment in other burqa will care for you will check that your punishment will reach those who disbelieve Fela Fela Robina Kolomna kala Robina alumna I'm Susanna what I'm thankful now nakulan Namaha sin Oh Allah, we have sinned against ourselves. We cannot hide our sins from you your Allah you know the sins that we do openly and that we should do privately. You know the sins that we've done deep in our hearts Yet Allah you are aware of them yeah Allah we have sinned against ourselves our sins only harm asiyah Allah it does not harm you for inlanta Filipina so yeah Allah if you do not forgive us and remove our sins, what are Hamner and you have mercy upon us then it wouldn't let

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me know ha city and then we will be lost. Yeah Allah we would lose Allahumma inika iPhone, the HIPAA law for that one. Oh Allah. You are the one who removes all the sins. You love to remove sins. So remove our sins. Yeah, Allah, Allah remove all our sins. Yeah, Allah. Allah Houma in Alka ridata Well Jana, we asked you Allah The first thing we ask the most important thing is we ask of you you're good pleasure with us and Jana Allah admits us into Jana Yeah, Allah wa wudu becoming psychotic our Nara and yeah Allah We seek refuge we ask for your protection against your displeasure with us and you'll fire up Jana Allahumma inna Oh to become an adult will cover Oh Allah, we seek

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Your protection from the punishment of the grave. Amina Darby, Johanna and the punishment of Jana, woman fitna till Muhammad and the difficulties and the hardships and the tribulations of life and of this woman Sharif that mercy hit the gel and we seek protection from the jell O Allah Medina FEMA and headache Oh Allah guide us along with those whom you've guided while I've been at FEMA and our faith and pardon us along with those who knew Paul and whatever well then FEMA into late and be our ally and protector of those who you protect barbaric Glenna FEMA outright and bless us in all the good that you've given us. Joaquina SHA Rama Cadet and protect us yeah Allah from all the evils

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which you decreed in Nakata Cody wala, you could have like, really you are the one that decrease but none decrease over you in who in the hula, you're the lumen wallet, whoever you support will be the reason why you're assuming either it and wherever you are base, they will be humiliated to Baraka Tabata, Robina. With Alec all praise and blessing this is in your hands. We ask you Allah not only for the goodness in the akhira and protection of the genomes in Africa, we ask for the goodness of the dunya we ask for all the blessings of this world Robina attina duniya hacer una Oh Allah grant us the base of the dunya Well, Phil Aphrodite Hasina and the base of the akhira Well, Kina adda

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Banagher and save us from the five Jana Allahumma ik Fini, Behala Lika and haram IC O Allah let Halal sustenance be sufficient for me. Let the halal risk be enough for me. Well, well Nina before Dickerman Sua and grant us to be independent of anyone have any job of any person in this dunya besides you Allah did our dependency be on you and you alone Allahumma in Nikka, who began with me what has an O Allah we seek protection from all sadness and depression and grief of this dunya Allah save us from all misery in this dunya while also becoming a largely white castle and save us from being weak and hopeless and lazy. We are also becoming a juvenile and save us from being cowardly

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and stingy. While we will become invalidated day in and protect us. Yeah, Allah from being overcome in debt and with being indebtedness, workaholic, rigid and to be overpowered by other people are a bit hum Huma Kamara Bayani Saphira yeah Allah we don't only make dua for ourselves, we make dua for all of humanity. And the first people make dua for our mothers and our fathers. Oh Allah have mercy on our mothers and our fathers as they had mercy for us when we were young. Forgive the shortcomings and the faults as they were easy with us when we were when we were children. Yeah, Allah. And we make dua for our children and our wives. Robina Hubbell Anna Minaj Virgina with booty Yeah. Tina

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Kurata. Even when jangling with Tatiana, Emma, oh Allah grant that our wives and our husbands and our children, be the coolness of our eyes, the happiness of our heart, the joy of our life via Allah and grant us to be families that are the best of the righteous people. We ask Allah to have mercy and to make easy and Shiva to all those who are sick to all those who are in pain malady move their pain for those who are suffering Allah remove this suffering as Allah I mean we we beseech the great Lord Rob will love him the Lord of the majestic throne and yesh Fiennes he managed to heal and cure all the people in the world as the backs of Allah remove the sickness. Robin nurse, You are the Lord

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of humanity. What should we untie? Sheffy you are the one that gives

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To the cure, you are the cure of La shifa, Illa Schiefer. Oak there is no cure except that it comes from you Shiva and allow your body to Sakuma, a cure that leaves no trace of the ailments, no side effects so Allah and we even make the ayat Allah and we ask for those who have passed away and can make dua for themselves. We ask amongst the people in the good Allah Murphy law, Muhammad Moschino Jana. Oh Allah have mercy upon them, forgive them and introduce them to Jana. What occurred in Missoula, who that Newsela whom and raise up the position in the cupboard or St. Mercier Mahalo and widen the graves while still whom Bhima you were telling you all about and wash them and purify them

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of basins with water, snow and ice went up to him in Hatha yoga was Anoop Kumar Yonaka. Filbert appeared in a dentist's and remove them from all imperfections, as a white comment is removed of imperfections and into them into genital Theodosia Allah, we make dua for all the Muslims in the entire ummah. Allahumma is Islam one Muslim, oh Allah help all the people across the world Yeah, Hola. Hola. pseudonym mujahadeen and we start our fina frequently McCann Oh Allah help the people who are struggling in your course and the refugees and those who are going hardship Yet Allah but he is instinct to this ummah, Wahid Kaluga, oh Allah unite our hearts as one Ummah, Allah and we'll

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make dua for all our friends, our neighbors, our colleagues, we have not tasted the beauty of Islam, guide them yet Allah to Islam, guide them to the Kalama of la ilaha illa Allah grant us to live on the Kalama of la ilaha illallah and to die upon La Ilaha illa Allah and the resurrected amongst the people of la ilaha illa Allah we end off by giving praise and thanks to Allah for making us Muslims and giving us pray and we praise Allah thank you for allowing us to stand in worship Him to be here in this masjid and to foster him We thank you we are Allah. We thank you for the blessing of Islam and the blessing of Eman and we end off with a salawat and we end up with call Allah to Allah in

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Allah. How am I the Eco saloon Island NaVi?

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You will in

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a while he was a liberal with us me email along my Sunday I say Mohamed Anwar say it

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was highly fondly so behind your abilities that you see who was

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really well handled in Europe. Lemme hamdulillahi rabbil aalameen Just a quick announcements. We said if it's eat tomorrow, the Eat go will be in well st seven o'clock is that we're fitrah SOHCAHTOA Victor 73 Rand per person and the video for those who have days that you need to pay in 23 Round and we encourage anyone who can do more. If you'd like to feed a group of people with a pot of food, please let us know and we'll join up in Java and we'll make Allama make all of you have a blessed and wonderful eat and I'll accept our Ramadan I mean chicken so much and I want to come to the cattle