Ask Musleh – What are the etiquettes of attending a janazah?

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Send Mr. Li Kumara to law he will borrow cat two brothers and sisters and welcome to Ask Muslim. Today we're talking about a really, really important question and that is the etiquettes of a janessa. Now, this is not necessarily for those who are conducting digit Gen as itself, we're just talking about the attendees, you and I, when we attend the jenessa, what are we supposed to be doing besides just go there and pray and leave? You see, the jenessa brothers and sisters is a time for reflection, it's a time for you to think about yourself, your state and your life. So when you go to a jenessa, the first thing that you should do is really set your intention and your mindset that

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you're going there not only to pray and perform the jenessa itself, but you're going there as a strong and powerful reminder for you alone, it puts things into perspective, you're going to see what Allah calls the yaqeen, the ultimate reality of this world, which is death, a person that you might have known, you probably prayed beside them, you went out to dinner with them, you've talked with them, you socialize with them. Now here, they're sitting in a coffin, and you're going to pray over their body, that's the first thing that should come into your mind. Number two, remember that jenessa gatherings are not a social event, you're really not supposed to be there socializing and

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talking and laughing. And in a lot of cultures, people go there for food, it's really unfortunate that things have reached that level. However, when you go to a Jeunesse and what you should be talking about our condolences and comforting each other's emotion and feelings at that moment. So you go to the person and you just say, may Allah make things easy for you make a lot of dough for each other. That's the third thing that you want to do. So you're not just saying, you know, I'm sorry, this has happened, I hope things are going to be okay. But the third is you want to make dua for each other, ask Allah azza wa jal to make it easy for them and the family pray for the deceased,

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your entire mindset should always be on the purpose of that gathering, which is the jenessa itself, then, of course, the prayer will proceed, the janazah will be performed, and then the body is taken towards the cemetery for burial. So all of these different things, brothers and sisters is all about your heart and your mindset. Don't allow yourself to get carried away. If you happen to see people laughing and socializing and talking about life talking about work and this and that, politely try to calm them down and keep their focus on what the purpose is, therefore, because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, anytime he saw a body that was taken past him, he would stand up out of

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respect. Even if that body wasn't even Muslim. We have narrations of the prophecy, some actually standing up, just out of respect for that deceased. Now imagine, that's just a body that's going by, it's being carried by and it just goes right in front of the process. And imagine if he was part of that jet as a part of that gathering, how much respect he would have not only for the janessa but for the people there. So it's really something in shallow that we try our best to take seriously. And we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make it easy for all of us was salam wa Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh