Tie your Camel and then Trust in Allah

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And the Hadith of the Prophet masala

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as mentioned someone tell me the volume number for chapter number 62 517 under 70 Malik Malabo peace with him. He said, that once a man he asked the Prophet

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Should I tied, that is my camel and trust in Allah or should I leave it, leave my camel and then trust in Allah The Prophet said, tie it, tie your camel and then trust in Allah

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that does not mean that you leave your camel and then say that I've gotten a lot of local law, I've got Arsenal law

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you can leave your door open

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and then then you know I've got Arsenal or no robber will come.

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You have to close your door and the international law. National Law is important, but also following the guidance of Allah is important.

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And for success,

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just analyze the most important

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Allah says in the Quran, insalata Moran. Chapter number three was the 160.

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If Allah helps you, then can work on me. If Allah for six you who is dead, then who can help you. So let the believers put the trash in Allah. Allah says in Surah chapter number 29 was number 69. That if you strive in the path of Allah subhana wa Taala he will open up your pathways.

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Allah also says in Surah chapter 16 verse 43, and chapter number 21 verse number seven first Alou Holly's decree in quantum Natal moon. If you don't know ask the person who knowledgeable as the one who poses the message for success. First, international law number two is striving.

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doing jihad in the way of Allah subhanaw taala. Number three is ask the person who knows