What to do if you forget to read Surah Al-Kahf on Friday

Abdur-Raheem McCarthy


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Did you forget to resort to caffeine on Friday, many times we become busy, or we just forget. And they will remember at the end of the day, most of time is coming. And we didn't get the chance to read salted Caf, and we're going to miss out on the reward. And many of us believe that we can't read it during the week. It's only for Friday. If we miss it, we miss it. But this is not the case. Our scholars had mentioned that if you missed it out on Friday that you should read it any time during the week because what's meant is that we read solitary calf weekly, where you get the same reward of that there are two different narrations in the Hadith one of them says human Juma on the

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day of Friday and one of them is general so in shallow Tana if we are from those who read sortal Calf weekly and something happened on this Friday because it is better to read on Friday, but if this week we missed it on Friday and we make it up during the week and show what's on inshallah we will get the reward as if we have read it on Friday inshallah.