A Translation Of The Qur’an Or The Actual Qur’an

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Which is most beneficial – the actual Qur’an or the translation of the Qur’an? What are the rulings on these ? How to channelize one’s time between reading the Qur’an and managing the Tafseer?

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi elaborates.

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Should I read the Quran in Arabic even though I don't understand or read it in English and understand it

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the Quran is only recited in Arabic to read the English is to read a translation, it's not the Quran, and the month of Ramadan is the month of the Quran. So in this month in particular, you should read the Arabic as much as possible recitation is done of the Arabic, if you want to study the meanings, then maybe take 510 minutes of so if you want to read the Koran, most of it should be in Arabic. So let's say 3040 minutes of recitation, then maybe 510 minutes, you can read a translation of a little bit of what you've read, but the emphasis should be on the actual or on as for studying the Quran, and getting the meanings of the Quran, well, then you have the rest of the

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year to do that. So basically, take your time, if it's one hour 90% of it should be with the actual or on and 10% if you want with the Tafseer or the or the interpretation. Having said that, take advantage of technology, YouTube and podcasts and whatnot. As you're driving as you're washing the dishes as you're cleaning the house. Listen to the Tafseer in English or in your language and you will benefit immensely but when you sit down to worship Allah, nothing substitutes, opening the book of Allah in Arabic and reading the speech of Allah Subhana Allah with that