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The importance of actions in Islam is emphasized, and the need for forgiveness and small acts is emphasized. Practicing actions is essential for everyone's well-being, especially for rewarding individuals. The need for forgiveness is also emphasized, and small acts are recommended for practicing. Practicing praying for Islam is highly recommended, and the Awa Academy is mentioned as a place to practice it. The importance of forgiveness and small acts is emphasized, and the need for forgiveness to be rewarded is also emphasized.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. He saw Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam for obvious roughly sundry or silly Emery, Lapa Dr. Millis any of our Kali so the Hanukkah email Anna in MA lantana. In Nikka Antara Lima Hakeem My dear respected Brothers and Sisters in Islam everyone online who's watching our program lifestyle Welcome once again to another episode episodes upon a lot today is where I am in Australia Perth today is 15th of Ramadan, half of the month has gone so quickly super quickly. Subhan Allah sadaqa Allah subhanaw taala Allah has spoken the truth when he revealed in the Quran that you know,

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speaking of China Ramadan he said I am a mountain that they are but a few days Ramadan is just a few days. So if you messed up my brothers and sisters in Sudan, the good news is we are still in Ramadan, still two weeks to go in sha Allah 15 days to go. So do your best exert the maximum effort to worship Allah subhanaw taala and do your best to be the best. Today's episode in sha Allah, we are talking about another important aspect that is and has been always a way of life for the believers and that is action. We are as Muslims, we are action oriented people.

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Islam our religion is an action oriented religion is not a theoretical religion, to just listen to reminders and you know, praise the words here and there and feel good about what has been narrated or what has been recited or what has been delivered and do nothing about it. Allah Subhana Allah Allah says in the Quran, yeah, are you and Lavina no limit to Luna Meloetta falloon Why do you say something that you do not act upon so action in Islam is absolutely part of our lifestyle as believers we are not lazy community. That's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to ask Allah as protection against what against laziness.

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Allow many hours of becoming ALEMI while husband while also becoming a jubilee Dewdney while while the becoming largely mineralogy while Castle, who Allah I asked you protection, the Prophet SAW Selim, ask Allah Subhana Allah to protect him against several

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behaviors and Ill manners and one of them is laziness. Ya Allah protect me against weakness and laziness. So we are not lazy community we are action oriented people.

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In fact, the prophets, Allah, Allah has made it very, very clear that Allah does not need your actions. Your actions is actually something good for your own self, for your own benefit for your own goodness. So if you are a person who will wake up in the morning knowing exactly what to do, you're a human being, but also you are a human doing, you have to do what is required of you. You can't just rely on faith alone in the heart and say, Brother hijab is in my heart or brother, you know, you don't know my intention. No actions are equally important. Subhanallah I mean, that's why the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam said, Your intention is absolutely, absolutely beautiful.

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Your intention is absolutely essential and important. That's why actions will be judged by their intentions. However, in another nation, that's why, you know, ignorance is to take part of the teachings of the process 11 highlight to avoid that would

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you know, that would would diminish other teachings of the process? I'm about the same subject. Yes, the most popular Hadith about intention is that your actions will be judged based on what you have intended. And that makes us feel that intentions are much more important than the actions. But actually, when you go deeper into the study of the prophets, ourselves, Hadith, you will see that there is another Hadith where the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that if you intended something good, but you didn't do it, because of the intention, the intention was so pure, Allah will reward you for that action, even if you didn't do it, because you are absolutely sincere to carry out that

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particular action. But the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that if you intended something good, and you did do it, so you actually intended to do something and you executed that particular action, Allah will multiply your reward by 700 700 times. So Subhanallah so

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act, intention is good, but it's not good enough until or unless it is accompanied by the necessary and good action. So actions in Islam are absolutely essential part of our life, you have to carry out

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your duties to the best of your ability. So the Prophet SAW Selim is telling us like, Listen, if Allah would were to just wipe out human beings, Allah wouldn't care, he wouldn't mind. He said in one of the nations that Allah subhanaw taala the Prophet SAW Selim saying in a hadith Bootsy, that he said, Sorry, it's Hadith in the manager. He said that I see what you don't see, the process of is telling us that I see what you don't see meaning Allah subhanaw taala is letting me observe things in the unseen world that you don't have the ability to do so to see heaven is every day is groaning.

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And it has a right to be groaning. Why because there is not a single space, the width of four fingers

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in the dark ratio of Allah subhanaw taala except that there is an angel who is prostrating before Allah subhanaw taala

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there is not a space of four fingers to actually stand for prostration except that there is an angel who is prostrating, you know, with forehead with his forehead to praise Allah subhana time. Now, what does that tell you that does Allah need your worship? Does Allah subhanaw taala want you to do a thing? Yes, he is demanding worship, but you will not increase anything in his dominion when you worship Allah subhanaw taala it is for your own goodness, my brothers and sisters in Islam

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in a hadith Kotze Allah subhanaw taala is saying according to the Prophet SAW said you said that Allah said Yeah daddy in the haram to volna Allah and FC it's a bit longer it's a bit long of you know, a long relation but I want you to really pay attention to everything that I mentioned here. So he's saying yeah, daddy ALLAH is talking now. Yeah, that in the haram to volna Allah and FC I made injustice oppression haram prohibited upon myself watch our tongue by Nakahara and I also made it between yourselves also haram so don't cause any injustice to anyone. So that of all um, do not ever oppress one one another Yeah, but if you could look on ball Ilam and had a to all of you are astray

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all of you are going to bound to be in hell follow the law misguided, except those who might have guided firsthand duty I had to come so see guidance of me so that I may give you guidance Hello Yeah, I barely could look up Jaya all of you are hungry Oh my servants all of you are hungry in lemon upon to except those who might have fed for stata Emoni otter income so ask of me for food so I may give you food Yeah daddy could look Omar in 11 Kasota all my servants all of you are naked or the biller except those who may have given garments so ask me for garments so that I may talk to you yeah by the knuckle knuckle will not be laying your now all my servants you commit mistakes and

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errors day and night. Do you relate my brothers and sisters down we commit mistakes day and night while other Alpha zero but it is only me who forgive sins for stuff ferony Alpha luck um so ask forgiveness of me. So that I may forgive you look at this, every almost in every department of these actions that we have mentioned. Allah is asking you to execute an action to go back to Allah subhanaw taala to take an action on your own part willingly to ask Allah for forgiveness to do your part. Before you meet Allah subhanaw taala on the Day of Judgment, you know with no nobody wants whatsoever.

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And then Allah subhanaw taala went on saying in Atlanta blue don't don't refer to the Rooney you will never be able to harm me in any way. And you will never be able to benefit me in any way. Yeah, buddy. LaWanda welcome. Well, if the first of you and the last of you were in second was in Nico and the humankind amongst you, and the jinn among you can know Allah Khan, Allah Calvi, Rosalyn Werehog, if they were all of these jinn and human beings were to unite upon a single heart of any man have you that will never increase in my dominion, anything that will never increase anything in the Dominions almost out of time. And then Allah continue continue saying, Yeah, I got you all my

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servants. If the first of you on the loss of you, the human of you and and the general view, we're upon the worst, and the most misled

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Human beings ever you will never decrease anything in my domain the idea again Allah subhanaw taala repeat the same thing

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that if you know if the first of you and the last of you, the human of you and the general view on Wolfie saw I didn't when I said I loony for our party to cooler in San Dimas Ultra if you gather together to ask Allah subhanaw taala for all your variety of requirements and and demands and prayers, I would have given every one his own request. If I do that, no not so that he can remind me that will never decrease anything of what I have already owned and that what I have I have on position he's already he's the ever rich Allah subhanaw taala and then Allah subhanaw taala indeed veneration but it's something that I wanted to highlight. Yeah, you bear the NAMA here Armando como

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si hola como. All my servants it is by but your actions that I count for you

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know a fee ha. So much for more frequently and then on the day of judgment, I will reward you for it. Actions in Nether Allah. This is an su casa Rojas This is a very specific term for people who carry out their activities perfectly as Allah subhanaw taala instructed in Nana, most surely it is but your actions that I am keeping account for then I will reward you or of course I will punish you based on the action, what you have excuted from and what are the hyaluron if you now go to Allah subhanaw taala with good actions from unwanted hyaluron if you find goodness as a result of your actions for the atma dilla let him praise Allah subhanaw taala woman what are the IRA Derek and

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whosoever found other than that? Bella lumen Ilana Epson, if you find other than that, meaning if you find evil in your own actions, then do not blame anyone except yourself.

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My Brothers and Sisters in Islam on the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam visited the cave of of Hara, the first word that was revealed to Muhammad Salam was a crop. We spoke about that in yesterday's episode, when we talked about knowledge i Yes, but if you think about it, the the verb a crock means what means an action take an action. A man who could not even read his own name is given a command to read to take an action to exert effort to learn action Subhanallah A few days later, my brothers and sisters in Islam, Allah subhanaw taala revealed to the Prophet SAW Selim another Surah and that's what what Yeah, I you have Mudassar home for and they're

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all the one who is wrapped in garment stand up, get up and go and warn the people go and convey the message no time for sleeping.

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Subhanallah few few days later, another Surah it's all about action, Accra, sorry sub the historical Allah.

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Glorify Your Lord the Most High and so on and so forth. Wherever you go by Brothers and Sisters in Islam, and then the prophets of salaam if you notice, the prophets of salaam never go to the Lord Hara ever again. He never been to the Lord or the cave of Hara after the first revelation. It was a time for him to act now. It was time for him to convey the message. It was a time for him to worship Allah subhanaw taala as instructed it was time for him to save humanity through manners and actions and beautiful preaching. That was the time no time for reflection just sitting now wondering because there is no need to wonder Allah has already revealed to the knowledge on the and

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what the back of auto has gone purify your gun guns, act, no time for or just sitting doing nothing. That's why Subhan Allah Ali, when you look at

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in the Quran, you see that Allah subhanaw taala is going to reward you for even the an atom wait of action

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from a young scholar relative higher on Euro OMA Jana, with kala dollar attention right now who's whoever

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carry out an action which is worth of a an atom weighed, an atom weighed, you will see that on the Day of Judgment Allah will reward you for it, if it is good. And the opposite is also true. Myth Coronavirus, the weight of an atom if you if you come to Allah subhanaw taala with an action action that is as light as the you know the atom Subhanallah which we cannot even see with our naked eyes. A law will punish you if that action was done.

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And to that extent, actions are important. That's why we see the Companions May Allah subhanaw taala be pleased with them. We see them competing in goodness or fee Danica was fantastic Quran, Buffy Delica affiliate and alpha cinematography soon in goodness let the believers compete. Let them compete competing with in doing what is necessary and doing extra activities. Subhanallah the sadhana prayers was prescribed or was revealed to the Prophet SAW Selim as his way of life as his lifestyle that we have adopted Hamdulillah we are not obliged to get to pray 12 raka every day and every night. Those are Sunnah prayers, right a certain robotic, the Torah car before Fajr the Fuhrer

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car before door that took off the door, the two after Meritor Thracia we are not obliged to pray but it is highly recommended to pray because the rewards are tremendous. Subhan Allah Allah subhanaw sadaqa you're not obliged to pay sadaqa but the reward of Salah is great. So Allah subhanaw taala will see that he loves those who draw near to Him with no effort or with optional actions. My Brothers and Sisters in Islam, don't ever think that just because you said La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, it's all Now sit back, relax, reclining on your chair, you are guaranteed gin. Now Jana is not cheap. Jana is not that cheap. The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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said, Allah in a Salop Allah if Allah, the commodity of Allah subhanaw taala is so precious, the commodity of Allah subhanaw taala is Jen And subhanAllah when we look at the example and how Allah Subhana Allah how the prophets are selling, described Jana as a commodity or a product, if you wanted to buy an expensive car, and expensive mobile phone, an expensive garment or an expensive anything, you work hard for it. You work hard for it, you save for it, until you are rewarded with purchasing that product. So Allah the Prophet SAW Selim is drawing our attention to this beautiful example by telling us that if a product a worthy product will make you work really hard, there are

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some people who work all the life just to buy a house.

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They work hard throughout the life to pay off the debt of the house of their home. Yeah, so is how much more will you exert effort in this dunya to attain genital for those the highest level of Jannah May Allah make us among the people who have genuine desire to Allah Hi on my brothers and sisters Islam may Allah make us among those people who are always ready to act in accordance to the Quran. And the Sunnah Amenia blood I mean, please my brothers and sisters in STEM, share the videos with everyone share the knowledge with everyone so that may Allah subhanaw taala reward you in the process. And don't forget to head to the AWARE Academy YouTube channel page in sha Allah and just

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subscribe to the challenges of law. Hi, I will see you tomorrow with another lifestyle of the believers of the Muslims desert and located on the salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.