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Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala shopping with saline CD ROM humbard, not only he was such a big man in a beloved brothers and sisters salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Hope you're well Hamdulillah. Night number eight, one week of Ramadan, finished, one quarter finished Malaga Montes, acceptance and grant us the best of Ramadan, so to come mean, today we move on to the second sign of the second major sign of the AMA. And that is the descent of the true Messiah. Risa immodium. Amis Salam, and as we mentioned, the NABI Salam amongst the 10 signs, the false messiah, the gel, and then of course, the true Messiah and the visa. And we just we just continue with the gel and we said that often mahadi would unify the Ummah and there will be this great walk, and there would seem to be some success that John will be released, and he will cover

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the earth with his fitna and basically no Eema. No one's Eman is strong enough to challenge him. zpanel are going to be summonses. The only defense you have no matter how pious and he's telling the Sahaba then at least was telling Abu Bakr Allah will ever have you years of the digelar Let him flee from him or run away from him. You will not withstand the fitna that he will bring by then at least by Allah, a man will go to the jail considering himself a true believer, but will instead follow him because of the doubts that the gel will create in his heart. And then every Salam and narrations, the believers in Ramadi and who they are in the those who are with him, they will not be able to

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fight the gel. And so they will flee from him and they will hide in caves and hide away from him. And the prophets Allah mentioned forms of protection, the best way to protect you is to know that what we believe in and knowledge that to understand that Soraka for example, gonna be something we ever once prediction of the job if you were to live to the time of the job, you should memorize that first investor should have enough time to go into detail. But what is the first universal so to have it mentioned those young men who when they will face with tribulation, they couldn't fight it, they couldn't resist it. So what did they do? They went to the cave and they made dua, and so that is

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part of the understanding. And we mentioned that this dua that Allah made dua in every single Salah in the fight of the Salah, every single Salah he made this dua Allama, India Ludovico Allah CQ prediction min Adobe Jahannam the punishment of Jana, what are the other main features here? Well, Matt, I mean, frequently mercy hit the gel that we make to other Allah subhanaw taala protects us from the gel, I mean, so the gel will be controlling the world. And it will be at this most difficult point, that Allah subhanho wa Taala will then allow the descent of never Isa, Jesus Christ, at least was salam, the son of Mary, and we talked a little bit about NaVi ISA and all of

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you have a know about him some interesting about never isa than me some seasons, okay. Behati there were only two people on the history of mankind that were born and were not touched by shaytaan at birth. So every single person when they are born, he believes immediately out of either something when he touches the baby, and he appoints your colleague, your person that will be with you forever Eugene, companion, except to people that was Maria, the mother of maybe Isa, and maybe isa himself because when Madame was born, her mother made this to Allah may Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Houma in Nisa, Metromedia Ma, are either because Julieta administrator and Rajim she said, Oh Allah, I seek

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Your protection over my daughter Maria and her children. And so this to our of his granny was so powerful that he predicted mme and NaVi ESA and so that he was not touched by shaitan when he was born, and of His Names. He's obviously isa the son of mme, because he doesn't have a father. And he's called the mercy, mercy or the Messiah. What is the word mercy? I mean, Master having stood up, so he's literally the one who is robbed. What do you mean robbed? When a person was appointed as a king, he was anointed meaning they put special kinds of oils on him. And this was you weren't the chosen one. And so He is the Anointed One, the Anointed King will one day rule the world And

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subhanAllah that jail is called the Mercy hate the job the false Anointed One because he will also be appointed, and he will also rule the world but he will be out of deception. He is also called the rule. Allah calls him the Quran of Isa is the ruler of Allah. That doesn't mean the soul of Allah, a soul belonging to Allah, right? It's not the essence of ALLAH, you'll get confused. And he's called the Kalama. Why? Because Nabil Issa was created with coolfire Khun Allah said couldn't be and he was created. And so whenever isa has this high

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status with Allah subhanaw taala and we know that before he was

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in his lifetime as an MD What was his message?

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His message was in Allah Hi Robbie, My Allah is my Rob Rob boo companies Europe for Abu so worship Him

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How does Rotman stuck in this is the sweet part. This is what he taught this is what he preached. And this is what he had come to Bani Israel Bani Israel asked for in a be asked for the Messiah, they were living under extreme difficulty. So Allah sent them the Messiah, and then they rejected him. And so when they rejected Him, now the ISA turned to his disciples and said, My people have rejected me who's going to support me, and how are you? And he said that they would support him. I just add this idea because all of you should know this is when the two outcomes so when he says it, who will help me Oh, my disciples, they responded, Rob Burnett, and we insert our terminal

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Rasulullah factor when I'm Asha heating, what we decide now is the dua of the Harada Yun, the disciples of Anomalisa. When he said that people would the Jews have basically rejected me. And so when they obviously we know, they then plan to crucify him and then Allah subhanho wa Taala say to never Isa, I will raise you up and I will save you and what was what was then what was crucified the person that was crucified made it was appeared to be never ESA Allah subhanaw taala made him to resemble the visa that's our belief obviously, and he was not crucified we are clean and Allah says or masala whoo hoo yeah clean that he was born Nakatsu masala whoo hoo that they did not kill him.

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And they did not crucify him. Well, I can shoot me at home. We're in the La Nina Stella movie Latisha came in, they are in deep deep doubt when Maya Cataldo we are clean and but definitely they did not kill the kill Nabhi Isa, rather he was raised up to Allah subhanaw taala and for appointed time to return again. That is why he will come in second time, of course. So we sit amongst every Easter. The Jews rejected him in my yard. The biller said that he's a son of Xena, and he is wired to be loved the murderer, the False Prophet. The Christians believe that wire the biller he is the son, but he's Allah in human flesh, and that Allah was crucified and died.

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And Allah will come back again a second time. That's the belief of the Christians. Our belief is that he is the Messiah born without a father, a nubby and a servant of Allah who was saved from crucifixion, and he did not die but he will return again Allah raised him up and kept him as again certain calf the sleepers in the cave, 300 years they slipped and then Allah caused him to come conscious again. Now ESA is like that. And this is the same message the message of the Quran is the message of the Bible. When he was asked to be Isa was asked, Oh my master, what is the greatest commandment? And I mean, he said, basically your Lord is one Lord, you must you must love that Lord

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your God, with all your heart with all your soul with all your mind, La ilaha illallah basically saying, the most important this is the Bible. The most important commandment is La ilaha illAllah. Sidenote, so when did not be easy to go from being a man to God?

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Remember, the man who established Constantinople

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Istanbul, that city that we talked about so much, the man who found it was Constantine, he was the first Roman Emperor will became Christian. And when he became a Christian, he called the Alama of the Christians who were all over the world. Tell me about your religion. And he found there were so many different groups. So he said we'll have a picture of a fatwa committee. And the agenda on that committee wasn't is this halal? Or haram can I do is what is Jesus? Some cities a man some citizen, maybe some cities, Allah, and eventually by decree of the Mufti is the police. They declare that Jesus is the same substance as the father that he is a God. And so by vote, by Democracy, nobody

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Issa was elevated, or yet oh, we shouldn't be elevated, but he was converted into a God. And so this is, this is of course what happened and his followers eventually went away from his message. Is there anything that mentions He will come again?

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Is there anything in the Quran because the Quran doesn't mention the gel, that's the Quran mentioned that we saw coming in, but is one area which is not that direct, but Allah says, we're in a hula elements, Lisa, that nobody ISA is a sign of piano, maybe ISA is a sign of piano. And in other Aya, Allah says that they will, we need that before maybe isa dies, all the Christians and the Jews will eventually believe in him. Alright, so let's talk again about the gel. So the gel is now ruling the world. And his last objective would be to enter Medina and we said that when he gets to Medina, you will be blocked, and no one who they face him except this young person, this teenage boy from Medina

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will come out and challenge the gel. And the gel will at that point in Medina perform his greatest medical. And it's amazing sopranos a side note, because he's gonna resurrect this man that Allah had given them the ISA the ability to resurrect the dead before but not now. And now he gives the jail the ability to resurrect the dead. This is the fitna, and so Allah will, the jail will so cut this boy in half, and then bring him back to life. And the people then will obviously see that this is the greatest miracle of the jail and he will be followed throughout the world. At that point in time, Imam Mahdi and his followers are hiding somewhere. And then in Damascus, and Allahu Allah, why

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in Damascus of all places, the Hadith mentions at the White menarik of the measure of Damascus

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Now when Annalisa said this hadith, Islam was not in Syria, Damascus was ruled by the Romans. There wasn't a single Masjid in Damascus. Now, there is a ministry that stood there for over 1200 years, the grand Masjid of Damascus and it has exactly at the spot the missiles and said there is a masjid with a whiteness, a menorah, the white menorah that I was gonna say so on a certain day at Fudger

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Imam Mahdi will be somewhere else getting ready for Salah and they'll be Isa will descend with to melodica on each of each side of him and he will descend from that minute and as he comes down a smell will emanate from his body and it is the most fragrant smell and anyone that does this believes will basically perish with that smell and then nobody Isa will be taken to wake him up Maddie is about to perform salah. And as the modern gives the econo Imam Nabi Isa will appear. And they'll say this is never Isa. So yeah, in Ibiza, you should be the Salah and he will say no, out of honor to this Uma. Your Imam Imam Mahdi will leave the Salah and Imam Mahdi will actually lead the

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Salah was never isa behind him and shows you the honor also shows you the Sharia of Nabi Salam will remain intact. Nummies is not going to come up with a new Sharia. Then when the Salah is done there isa will say to him, why are you hiding waster JAL, we need to go and fight him. And the Imam Mati and his companions will say but we can't this is basically Emoto and so now he says no, I will deal with him. And so, the Hadith mentions exactly the way the gel will be encountered by an ISA, the Zhao obviously be in Jerusalem, and every Isa will go and chase after him and at a place called loot gate, the loot gate. In spite Allah, the loot gate is known wait isn't Israel, it is way the airport

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is a gene that he will run to the airport basically, to escape, but he will be overtaken by never ESA and the visa will stab the job. And the gel will when he sees every Isa he will, he says he will try and melt your mouth like salt. But before he can disappear, now Isa will stare at him. And that will be the end of the gel. And so the gel will after his corruption of the earth, he would be killed. And this is when maybe the Allah says in the Quran, or in Amin al Kitab Illa manana Biggie Kablammo T, that may be ESA that before he dies, every single Christian and Jew will then believe in him because once he defeats the jam Palace, now there's only one religion. And the Hadith says that

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he will break the cross meaning that he will in Christianity, and he will stop the jizya Jizya is the text that non Muslims pay to the Muslims know much easier because he's not going on and Muslims, everybody now is Muslim because he's the Messiah. And for the first time in human history, all of mankind will be united under one religion with the Messiah as the visa as the as the as the basically the ruler of the world. And he will go to the people who had lost so much he says he will go to people and He will speak to them and he because they had lost you've just come through World War Three, you're just fought in the jail all these things and he will say your place is guaranteed

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in Jannah. And he's giving them consoling words when Allah will inspire and he's not gonna be so doesn't speak in Ibiza directly. But Allah will inspire in the ISA Allah mentioned to him, I have brought forth from amongst my slaves, and a group of people we army which whom none will be able to fight. So a new enemy has now emerged just after the jealous defeated, Allah will say I have released a new

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army of mind that nobody can even fight them. So take the people that are with you to safety and hide in the mountains. And this is the release of George and George. This is the release of Georgia March. And we will know and we'll talk about the future modules tomorrow. But Allah is telling Teresa, unlike even the gel which you could afford, you cannot fight the adhesion molecules, it's impossible to fight them. So just run away and hide. And we'll talk about them in shallow tomorrow. But just to conclude, after Nerissa defeats the gel and then he goes through juja modules he will survive you will survive possesion modules and then and then he will die and the Hadith says he will

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die a natural death and he will he will rule the world for a number of years. And in this panel there is a narration which is weak but it says Nabil Issa will live as a natural person you will get married and he will have children and then he will die and be buried in the cupboard alongside Nabi Muhammad salallahu Salam and actually in Medina besides the visa Salam or bakr Omar there is a place that they have left a fourth cover which is meaningful inshallah Nabil Isa Al Islam. So Allah Allah and that is the

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what will happen in the future? All right, moving to our questions yesterday, which one of the following is not a major sign in my mouth is not a major sign. And let's see who won the price today. So option B, option B, and if it Masai. MashAllah says and Sally Sally.

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Keeping in the family, masha Allah Okay, today's question Where will the gel be killed? Will it be killed that loot gate hood gate new gate okay gate

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it so that way they can work