Sulaiman Moola – Tafseer of Surah Al Kahf #36

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The Reaper name is a powerful and important way to describe the meaning of a person. It is used to describe three journeys, including the first in the westerly direction, the second in the easterly direction, and the third in the carnation. The speakers discuss the meaning of each journey and how it relates to the meaning of the Reaper name, highlighting the use of "we" and "we've" to describe the journey and potential outcomes. They also touch on the importance of grammatically in English and the use of "has been" and "has been" in the context of money, emphasizing the importance of generating revenue and being happy to make others happy. The speakers stress the importance of morality and selflessness in achieving success in a war and emphasize the need to avoid claiming revenue and not claiming anything.
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Tina on Jamba

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Juice Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim from Atiba answer Baba. Hi.

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Bella verbena said dine Eva Giada amin Dhoni Hema qagoma

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dooney Hema Toma Corrado Kahuna tabula sadhak Allahu la vim. We concluded verse number 91 in the previous segment and we spoke about two of the three journeys of the Reaper name, the first being in the westerly direction, the second being in the easterly direction coholic verse number 91, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, and this is how it happened, what could I have to now be my La Habra, we surely had knowledge of everything that dholpur nine possess. We now move on to verse number 92, which speaks about the third and the final journey of the carnation. However, one difference compared to the previous two journeys. In the third journey, Allah subhanho wa Taala does not

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identify the direction of the journey. Allah subhanaw taala elaborates on other related details of the journey without highlighting the direction scholars unanimously agree pretty much that the third journey was in the direction of North Schimmel. Okay, let's have a look at what Allah subhanho wa Taala conveys to us in this third journey of doodle coordinate of this just pious ruler, Allah subhanho wa Taala says at the Baron sababa then he set out on a road meaning he then embarked on his journey had died Ava Bella verbenas said Dany Vijay Domine dooney Hema Boma, and he continued traveling in this direction until hotta either until Bella Rahi reach Bane as said Dane a pass

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between two mountains said they are so sad then in Arabic literally means a blockage or a barrier natural or artificial in FIFA the Judas talk about said den lil BB to block the door of evil and at times they talk of fun little Bob to open the door in a figurative context, not literal Of course. So said they so do means any form of blockage or barrier had that Isabella Bane has said Dane until Carnegie traveled in the northerly direction as expounded by the scholars of the seed. He came to a place there were two mountains and there was a pass between these two mountains were jedem in Dhoni Hema, and he found and he observed and he know does that toman a nation besides these two mountains,

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Dhoni Hema Jolene interprets as a mama Houma head of these two mountains, Coleman and nation, Leia, Kaduna. Yes, una Cola, Allah subhanho wa Taala describes this nation, this group of people as a group of people who could barely understand anything.

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So there's great emphasis here, Allah subhanaw taala did not only say they could not understand, Allah said they could barely understand and this is incorporated in the meaning of your cardio cardio cardio hydroforming mokaba. So this is the beauty of the Arabic language when we

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recite Surah Fatiha iya Cana Abu starin Allah v alone do we worship and V alone do we seek for help? Now the question is, where do we get the translation of alone exclusive? Right yaka means, you know starving means to seek help from Bobby is the fall. That is to seek our own means help iya cannot about Abba abou to worship. But the grammarians will tell you philologist will tell you experts and the language will tell you that tuck the de morishima for roll up doodle hacer to bring them up roll forward because the general construction of the sentence grammatically is the fail firewall and move rule. But here there is a slight change in the format of it. And you have brought one aspect

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forward. So Dr. de Manila for all eufy don't hustle creates the meaning of exclusiveness. Hence we say V alone do we worship v alone do we worship so harmful mokara adds to the emphasis they could barely understand which means according to biannual Quran, they were clearly known for him, their understanding was impaired. So it was not only a language barrier because the language barrier

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does not mean a person cannot understand if it's you speak in foreign languages, it is challenging but if the person is wise, he's intelligent, he's smart, he's calculated alarum pianoteq fee Shah Jahan lunatic figure rissalah, then you can still do that with with little gesture and expression and sign and it will say a lot.

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Once I was conducting a workshop in the UK in Birmingham, for people who have speech impairment and hard urine, and after I concluded the workshop, I asked them of course, it was then interpreted via the interpreter, that if I meet a person who has a speech impairment and hard hearing, how can I engage with such a person? What would be the way to reach out to them? And the brother gave me such a profound answer.

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He said to me,

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via the interpreter, for example, you traveling you bought a flight you speak English you speak Arabic You speak or do you speak whatever language and you meet the person next to you speaks Dutch or French or speaks Chinese or speaks German or speaks any other language? How would you interact with him? And I said, just the basic Good to see you know, expression, gesture, sign, smile. Kindness is a language the blind can see the deaf can hear. And he said, Well do the same for us do the same for us. And it really struck a chord with me and it really, you know what drove a message to me that if you can just be kind and courteous, then a lot can be accomplished while I attend. So

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we'll first do that buying a gun. Do not omit courtesy amongst yourself be courteous and cordial be courteous and cordial. How often between quarreling couples more so when they are in advanced age, we forget the basic etiquettes of life.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala says in verse number 93, La Jolla, Kaduna yes buena tabula they could barely understand, which means in addition to a language barrier, there was also an impaired understanding. However, verse number 94, says, despite the limitations of communication, and despite the challenges of communication, the carnales somehow engage them and they got their message across, they got them as it across a person says, oh, ours, their dialogue with so and so Oh, my word. It was so agonizing, it was so frustrated, this person just could not be rational on any level. But in the end, well, in the end, we had a breakthrough and finally we struck a deal and sign a document.

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But it was it was tedious. It was challenging, it was daunting. So it was challenging. It was daunting, but ultimately a communication was established. And some says that some scholars mentioned that amongst the many privileges that doodle Carnegie enjoyed work on OTL Oh God, he was a man who spoke multiple languages. He was a man who spoke multiple languages falluja there are nine in Urdu Giovanna jo jo ma se doon FL our first number 94. They communicated however, through sign through expression to indication, whatever, but the Quran conveys their sentiments.

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And again, on a different note, can you imagine the tolerance of this king? Generally, unfortunately, when a person cannot express himself, or it's difficult or communication is a barrier, how many of us would give additional time and patience and perseverance to such an individual? How many of us will afford that individual time? But so behind Allah this pie is king gave them time and allowed them to convey their message and that's not all. Listen to what unfolds beyond call. Oh, they said Yeah. Car naini our car name inaya jo jo. Jo. Jo. Verily, yeah, JoJo and ma judge cog and Magog. We will expound on it briefly in with regards to the related details of

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these two tribes is money. Two names for two tribes Right. Yeah. Judge my judge I Jimmy Of course, non Arab tribes move sedu nephele are are causing mischief here they are causing mischief here. So they come over here they lose. they they they cause mischief, they cause mayhem anokhi lawlessness and corruption here in Nigeria I do jajuan I do gem of Sado and I feel are

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the * nyjah I know nakahara john, can we arrange for you some revenue hydrogen ager Alan some revenue we gather some money and we pay you for your skill and your expertise. You have the clout you have the muscle you have the strength for Hannah john hula gohara Jana Allah and Allah bei Nana webinar whom Allah Dima that Allah and Allah bei Nana obey No one said that so that you can erect

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A wall you can construct a wall a boundary wall, a ramp bed, you can put up some form of boundary and protective and defensive wall for us here. Would you consider we gather our money, your presence is really much appreciated. But while you are here, can you help us Subhanallah Now listen to the spy is Allah Furin just ruler. And that takes us into verse number 95, verse number 95.

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So they say a lot of God name responded by saying, My mechanic here or beside. And in terms of nahama mcenany, Rob beefy, he heard that my lord has aided me sufficiently in terms of strength and wealth, Allah has given me a lot, I have power, I have mind I have clout, I have wealth, so I'm not going to tax you or take any form of compensation from you. Now let's pause for a moment my brother and my sister at this is what distinguishes the selfish from the selfless to make a distinction is every moment of helping someone seen through the lenses of generating revenue? Or can you come to a point in your life that you know what I have enjoyed, and I have had a lot in my life, it's now time

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to add value to the lives of others. We surely cannot help everyone. But everyone can help someone and that will have a ripple effect. And that will change the demographics of life around us. I was once in Australia and I will not forget this in Perth. We were having breakfast, and there was a reason revert into Islam. And he asked me again a question he said Why is interest in usually forbidden in Islam? And without going into academics, I gave him a logistical explanation to him. Of course we know categorically explicitly, emphatically Allah subhanho wa Taala has spoken about it being forbidden and prohibited.

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In alladhina colonna Reba Lyon Pomona in la cama Pomona lady yet the hot button Shang pan amin el Mas, Allah speaks about the grave consequences of those who consume interest when they will stand up from their graves when they will stand up from the grave. So I said to him, that the system of interests thrives on exploitation, it thrives on exploitation. A person has $50,000 B has doesn't have a dime, he needs $1,000 or 1000 rands and he comes to you know, a and he says, Listen, I need to borrow 1000 1000 the, you know, brother a has $50,000 it is sitting there, he doesn't need it. He says, Now, I will borrow you 1000 but you need to pay me 1500 so now you making the wealthy

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wealthier you making them super elite, and you take in the poor into abject poverty, you taking them into abject poverty and penury. The man who is battling to have 1000 now has to pay back 1500 and this is the system of exploitation, in which you created this gap and gulf between the elite and the poor, which then gives rise to a host of social evils given the disparity in society, while Islam advocates to you and impresses upon you that give that $1,000 borrow it to the brother and if you can be lenient in giving him grace, so be it. We're in Ghana Doris rotten finale rotten Ella main Sarah. And if the debtor is a destitute, then give him Respighi. It is easy for him to pay. pay a

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bill when a cable barrier bow when enabled. What does Sadako and if you can be graceful enough to waive it, you can be graceful enough to waive that loan.

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It's good for you, my brother, it's good for you my sister in contempt alimony If only you knew.

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Recently I was driving and someone was unwell, admitted into the hospital. And as I was driving past I passed by some of his buildings and his assets. And I looked at his empire and I said the poor person is unwell in hospital. All these assets now have no value of no meaning. And as his life is slipping away, it's becoming you know, less valuable and less valuable till it comes to the point where he takes his last breath and now it doesn't belong to him anymore. It belongs to his heirs.

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So Islam would tell you borrow, be graceful. And if you can waive it all the better and then what would happen? Your 50,000 became 49 or became 45. But now Allah will cause blessings and Baraka to descend in that 45,000. And then what's the benefit, that $45,000 will give you more mileage than somebody else's $450,000 and this is not far fetched, what is Baraka, l manaphy. Cathy raw, be as bad Bill kalila maximum output with minimum provisions. So, we generally interpret Baraka as the growth and the development from one to two, while that might be correct in certain times and situations where things are growing, advancing, evolving, increasing multiplying, but the scholars

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say Baraka is that same little small shop from there your children got married, hygiene aroma was performed, so many people were helped and assisted Baraka and goodness continued. That's the beauty of Islam. When say that our use of Allah is Salaam was sitting on the throne, my brother and my sister, and his brother was walked in, during the years of famine and drought.

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And a formal procedure took place where they gave money and they were given grain and food. But what did say now use avallon? Salaam, say to the servants in in the court, and to the servants in the palace, is that a Jolo, ba ba I don't one theory highly him. These are my brothers. You've taken the money, give them the food and the grain, but return their money to their saddlebags. I'm not going to, I'm not going to drain my brothers. I'm not going to exploit my brothers. I'm not going to take money from my own blood from my own kith and kin. And these were the very ones who plotted his assassination.

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Her son been obese enough hasn't been obese Xenon. Well, I'm coming back to the point here and that we are laboring the point of verse number 95, in which Donald Carnegie tells these people that listen when it comes to money, don't worry, Allah has given me enough Allah has given me enough. Ma Daniella hierro but and to be hidden Yeti comm tefra hole Oh my word. Oh my word. The 19 Jews of the Quran surah to Nemo the chapter on the colony of ends when the queen of Saba right bill P is trying to impress the Mandalay Salaam with a kingdom and her Empire. And she sent 1000 bricks of gold and silver and valuable gifts and handsome gifts to impress. And she said let's see if he's

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one of the regular kings and monarchs that will

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be 10. July is the by the embellishments of this world. And so the servants game in the pomp and the glory in the opulence and the affluence and they came to flesh the wealth. What did today Mandela is salam, SE MA Daniella, Hiram mimma targum what my Allah has given me is way more superior than what you have been and don't be high D come for home. Go through yourself go fascinate yourself. Go impress yourself. Era j la him Fela na de uno whom Biju la de Bella whom behalf.

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So the point i'm saying is, of course you need to generate revenue, and you need money. But I'm sure you can differentiate between the wealthy and the poor. My brother Allah has made you a doctor, will you turn away a patient who comes to your surgery and your practice and who doesn't have funds? And I think I want to share a moment here and pay tribute and homage to many doctors who I know very personally, and I don't want to mention anyone's name leaves I exclude a another Subhanallah amazing doctors, amazing a selfless individuals that I can press a button and they would respond. And I have seen how my mum has prayed for them and I pray for them. At the odd hours of the night. You know

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what to be in service of people. Hats off to them salute to them great, wonderful. It just it just it just brings joy to the heart. It just brings tears of happiness to the eyes. So we need that selfless spirit. A person comes in your shop, he wants to buy something. It's lunchtime. I'm asking you my brother I know you need to make money. You can see this man is laboring outside. He's trying to put together some coins and he seen if he can afford himself a soft drink and a buy and you know what there is a shortfall of some small amount Are you going to Delhi

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I'm sorry, No, unfortunately not get it income, no my brother, then you've lost your touch of humanity, then you've lost your touch of humanity. No problem. That's fine. Whatever you have, it's okay. And to you, my brother who might be standing on the side of this person, just telling take it and walk away and just pay the bill. Just pay the bill. Surprise someone surprise someone. The other day My dad said to myself and siblings. Wow, what a what a profound advice. May Allah reward him handsomely. I mean, he said, If I have to give you, My children, a formula of my 76 years of life, you know, my ears popped up before I heard what was to follow 76 years, if I have to tell you, what

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I have discovered is the formula of happiness. I swear by Allah, my children, the formula of happiness is making others happy. The more you make others happy, the happier you will be. And the more you wait for others to make you happy, the more miserable you will be my word. I said, my dad, may Allah reward you. I hugged him, I kissed him. I thanked him. I profusely appreciated. You know what, how profound, how profound. And then he said to us, you drive in you see an elderly person walking home, you see a person carrying the load, stop your car, take them on board, just buy them something they might be going back to a simple little heart. You know what, in a village without any

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amenities and luxuries, but for them you have brought happiness to their life. And the happiness that it will give you will just be indescribable, indescribable Hassan bin ABC Nan Hassan bin, ABC, Nan,

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a woman came back in by him, and then

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he gave a just modestly gays that and then he gave a 400 Durham's, so the servant observed the entire interaction. And then this lady left, so her son when Abby Sinan after the lady left the servant asked him that oh respected teacher mentor. This was a beggar you could have a piece there by a simple Delhomme. Why did you give her so lavishly, he said, I observe this woman was a woman of beauty. She was a woman of elegance. And she was in a crisis and desperation. And I did not want her desperation to compel her that she has to offer her body in lieu of revenue. I wanted to dignify her honor her privilege, wow. Unfortunately, this is the difference between us and our bias

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predecessors, they would pray for the vulnerable PR A why, while we unfortunately be our EY prey on the vulnerable, there is a big difference. If only we can convert that into a head instead of preying on the vulnerable start praying for the vulnerable, the world will be a different place my brother, we employ someone not to aid them but to exploit their desperation. You can impress the world with your action, but you cannot impress the creator until your motive is pure and clean. And remember, Allah will judge you by your motive as well as your action. So that is the difference. And that is what little carnation said to these people Mama canovee here up behind what my Allah has

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given me is adequate for our reuni bitanga helped me physically but I'm not going to take a dime from you. No, not at all. And Allah there are people out there there are people out there who are selfless I have interacted with 10s of hundreds of such people. And Allah knows how I pray for them. Allah knows how I pray for them. And it's just amazing that it's just an amazing quality, the sense of happiness and fulfillment it gives you to just you know what buy a meal for someone or pay a bill for someone or surprise someone or excited someone or just do some gesture for someone you know what Okay, this this time we're not going for all the day. We buying and arranging a holiday trip for

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someone who never went for holiday, my word, my word.

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I often say it's very difficult to poison the mind of someone against a generous person. If you want to indoctrinate someone who say this man is evil, evil, you know, be careful, you can do whatever. But if the person against whom you are trying to indoctrinate people is a generous, it is a losing battle. Because generosity and selflessness is such an amazing feat and is such an amazing attribute that it blocks out hundreds of negative traits while in keturah to buka Phil Bara was a rock a corner

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Has it Oh, that's a therapist circa a fecund arrive in yoga de Gama de la sahoo these are not the words of Suleiman moolah These are the words of Muhammad bin idrissa Shafi Rahim Allah We're in kathrada to renew buka Phil Bara Yeah. And if you have committed many crimes and perpetrated many offenses, what sir Raka Khun Ella has it Oh, and you're desperately searching for a venue to cover your voice and your evils that said that rubbish Sakai you're guaranteed safest way to venue and screen and block and cover your vices his generosity for cool New Haven yoga t comma t let's see Oh,

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okay, let's move on verse number 95. We're still discussing Mark McKinney a mama can Nev hear up behind what my Lord has given me is sufficient for me new Navy aid me physically agile buying a gun webinar hombre de ma, I shall construct a fortified wall between you and them.

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So they agree they oblige they happy, they excited they elated and the process commences. The process commences verse 96 and Tony's oberle Heidi Zuckerman says to them bring some pieces of iron. So the Quran only speaks about iron but of course, other raw materials were also used in which are implied in the context as mentioned by the scholars, like they would be some wood etc. You know, that was also used in the process.

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Probably, you know what, the iron was used as bricks while there was wood and coal as well that was used in the process or Tony give me Zuber. Zuber is the plural of the word zoek beratan like war phone is the plural of the word war refer to and and the same was that so our tone is oberle howdy give me iron pieces iron sheets, had da da da, da da da thing. He then placed it between the two mountains. So sadef means Johnny bully Jabba the cliff of the mountain, the cliff of the mountain. So they brought it and in biannual Quran, it is mentioned the reason why the iron pieces or iron sheets were mentioned, because this was one of the more difficult things to find in that strange

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isolated location in the northerly direction. And this was focused or highlighted amongst the other raw materials that were used in the process by the Carnegie in the construction of this defensive wall had until either when saw why he leveled bainer between Southern Fany the two clubs of the mountain, then what did he do? Lorenzo. He commanded them, you know, to ignite it first of course to ignite it. And like I mentioned there were other raw materials in it as well as it was ignited. And then he told them to blow he told them to blow garland for her own for her blow. I tie that gyla hoonah run a cannery and now it became red and it became flaming and he became hot now he said to

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them, Do me a favor I really hated para give me some molten copper scholars say of course he had teams to help him and assist him you will do this do this and remember this is the alpinia nation will do me good Bailey communicate so number one selfless number two no charge number three doing a solid structure number four communication barrier barrier Wow Wow. This is the message my brother This is the message reading the Quran knowing the tale knowing the narrative I used to always tell my students we come to a verse we understand the logo we tactic we know the etiology, the grammar, you know the variation of the crops you know, a mum waters reads like this, you know mm Suzy reads

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like this mm Hamza reads like this mm kisai reads like this year, you understand all the related sciences, but you do not execute the injunction, you do not execute the injunction, then you've missed the boat, you've missed the boat. The aim is to understand the beauty internalize it, imbibe it and executed toony of regulated rock, give me molten copper. And he pours it on that, you know that that process. So we have that iron sheets, there are other raw materials, it's then ignited and then the molten copper is poured in so that it covers all the holes and you know, it's met the wall is now made solid, and the structure is very firm, which will not allow them to scale it in any way.

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We'll conclude on that note, and that wraps up verse number 96. The takeaway point for us is that do someone a favor without claiming any recognition or claiming any revenue

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mean you're blind I mean, what suddenly level no suddenly mother Nabina Muhammad was early he was happy emmalin will come to rely on me.

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