Sulaiman Moola – Tafseer of Surah Al Kahf #13

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of leaving behind wealth and being aware of one's words and actions in relation to one's spiritual health. They stress the need to be mindful of one's words and actions to avoid confusion and negative consequences and emphasize the importance of preserving and respecting one's professional career. The speakers also mention the use of "verbal" language in English to avoid embarrassment and fear.
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Jamie Bissonnette Bismillah your Walkman you're watching Waka danika Baron snam Nia

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lubaina hoon, ba ba minhang Camila baystone Bhanu Tabitha Yeoman Oba.

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Bhanu Robuchon, Allah movie malibus Don't

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be worried a coma Javi el Medina, Fallon young.

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As gamble Rama failure, it can be resulting in wildly I tell our portfolio you should rerun derbycon had sort of Allahu Navin. So we continue exploring verse 19 out of the 110 verses of the 18 chapter of the Quran. And we currently in the discussion that the youth have taken shelter and amnesty in the cave, Allah subhanho wa Taala preserved their bodies in different ways that an onlooker would assume them to be awake. What that said boom, a carbon wall whom Roco would you would assume consider that they are awake while they were in in sound asleep? He saw Ratan Ella under whom I'll help you be Abba Danny him one more I'll have to be Ottawa him Wow. This was so amazing again in

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biannual Quran is our Antonella and a woman to be Abba Danny him. It releases a hint that the external bodies were with the creation while they internal selves their souls were with Allah subhanho wa Taala often you find a child in class physically present but mentally absent his mind strays his thoughts stray he is then in in physical as a person you can identify him but the thoughts are wandering and strain elsewhere is your Antonella and whom I felt a bit about Danny him externally apparently outwardly what their bodies yes you could touch you could feel they were on earth warmer, I'll have to be rewashing him but the souls were elsewhere and we also lay but the the

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point on you know how when they got up and and that is what we were in the process of discussing and the episode, you know, we had concluded it is when they when Allah subhanaw taala revived them from their sleep and the discussion came about with regards to the duration, then it's the Kullu a yarmulke we Salli wa katha shot no shot till Jamali, I mean these words they just they just consume meat that how they trivialize their stay, because these were moments in the obedience of Allah. So the richness of these moments were very different to them. Were your call and it is often said Mata. More and more habima Habibi were in para la casa Juran was the man who ajt ma were in cathodal ese

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Ron is Allah jacoba Amina Habibi, what Tarun were infine or dahiru Amala that the time spent with the beloved even if it's long to the lover, it is short and the meetings as often as repeated as they are, it appears to be very brief and concise, even if years and decades and centuries have to lapse, when you do your

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Layali either ganache curry row line a Beluga Sol de la ilaha illa Allah and you cannot expect or ask or impose on the lover to monitor the time when the very comfort of his eyes ease in spending time with his beloved of course we do not attach a a physical proximity to Allah subhanho wa Taala. But what we are implying here is the closeness Menzie Latin lamb and zillah. And that's what aluminous Avery has made mentioned under the verse in Lavina ainderby law Yes, that could be Runa and I buy that they those that are buying the Lord in the larina render of Bay, but by referring to render by the Lord. He says men will attend in station in rank in position in status in recognition

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and not men Zilla in location. So they decide that listen, let's now not you know go back and forth and prolong this discussion in fixing the time Rob Bogum Allah mobicom because Allah knows the exact time but moving forward, we need to eat we are hungry fiber has

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So I heard that GM BYD t GM IV el Medina furbearer to send a haidakhan one of you be worried become worried upon silver coins which was the currency heavy he does. So from that we did use and this is the deduction of Allah Makoto to be that although these were pious people, yet they felt the need to can keep some money with them and it is important it is essential. Lola has he done any letter men della Bina hula Lola has he done any letter men de la Vina hula was it not the quotation of one of the Salah for Salah hain if it was not the weld that we had by virtue of which we enjoyed a degree of independence then these people would have abused us mean deal in Arabic literally refers to you

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know what tissue are some things you you you use and then you dispose of right mean deal could could mean your your Kleenex or your tissue

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you know, that you would use so these people would use us and then just dispose of us. So we learn from this that it is not against our goal. It is not against our goal and it's important for us to have the correct balance in place. Good Eva la comida hamara hai de como in taraka hiera el wasapi A Toulon Wiley Dane katiba Allah has decreed upon you la come upon you either when hahaha Kumari mode when death approaches you, I was so young that you must make a big quest in Tanaka. Hi Ron if you've left behind wealth.

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So the fact that Allah says that you need to be quest and this was a verse that was first revealed. Subsequently, the injunction was abrogated, or it was put into context with the more detail verses that were revealed with regards to inheritance in chapter four Jews for in Surah to Nisa, and this was the revelation prior to that chapter two Surah Baqarah so Allah says in taraka, Hira if you've left behind wealth, so the scholars say the fact that Allah is advocating and impressing upon us to have a will and to have a bequest if you've left behind money. That means in principle, it is permissible to leave behind an estate, it is permissible hence, Allah has regulated it legislated it

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and governed it. So we learn from this that when you're traveling, it is fine to have money. The other thing we learn from your and this is also mentioned in zero portobay or I came across it in one of the other facet is that they

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delegated appointed someone and they did not ask or beg. So this is also something from the friends of Allah subhanho wa Taala that they will persevere and do and they will not beg lie. Yes. aluna NASA in have larious aluna NASA will have

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several more money DJI Hilo Alinea I mean, the iPhone that you will find the pious are such that though they experienced poverty, binary difficulty, adversity, a stranger will perceive them to be self sufficient, independent and wealthy. Yeah, semuanya healow alvernia. A stranger will say no, no, he's wealthy mean at the iPhone because of his abstinence. He doesn't ask anyone.

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Lie is alone and NASA l have they do not persist and ask. Some scholars say il half a year doesn't really mean that they ask but they don't ask persistently. But rather it is to negate the fact that they don't ask at all ly yes alone and NASA il have the RDF boom bc ma home. Yes, you will identify them from their signs. You will see poverty you will see your melody you will see piety on the external and under that in a camel or on Mr. Abubakar just sauce has made mention that in the absence of evidence, then at times you have to base the opinion on the signs and the symbols that ready for him bc Mom, it's a very academic and detailed discussion. So let's get back into the

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verse, verse number 19. Allah has revived them 309 years at labs. There was a bit of a discussion how long they said, Listen, we don't know Allah knows moving forward. Take this well, so we learn from the few things. Ferber had to hide the gum We also learned the permissibility of doing partnership partnership, and also

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appointed one person appointed one person, take this money and go a little Medina to the city. So Almudena in Arabic would refer to a puppy

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Related a develop a well established city, which according to accord to be the name of that city, at that time was to reduce to tools that was the name of that city. Of course, according to them, they install back in the years they still back in the years you know, the clock has done it's it's a it's a it's it's a it's a different century, if not centuries had had lapse. So go to the SETI friendly young door, then that person should be careful, watchful and vigilant, as far as Gopal Rama, he must be conscious, and take special note, which out of the food is halaal halaal. So at the time that they took refuge in the cave, at that time, idolatry and idol worship was rampant was dominant was

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common was was found amongst the people and they were slaughtering on the names of their idols. Hence, it was impermissible unlawful to consume. They according to their understanding, it's the same error. idolatry is prevalent idol. idol worship is around policy yours is disbelievers, so be very careful. Now, can you imagine Of course it's a miracle that Allah kept them alive and healthy, but surely once they return back to this, you know what worldly life there is hunger. And generally generally, you know, people who are even conscious of halaal when they are on journey or they are abroad or they are extremely hungry, then the rules somewhat become very relaxed and become very

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easy and they drop their guard and that should not be the case. That should not be the case we need to be particular about the consumption of halaal. The famous incident that are often goat where it's a dinner idea of the Allahu anhu came to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam under the context of this idea or the commentary of this idea in the 28 Jews in Surah muda de la and yeah, you're Latina. I'm no either Anna Jane Tamara Zola vaca demo by Anya de Niger welcome sadaqa Delica

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I came to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and I asked him few questions. And amongst those questions I asked him Oh messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mother us not only nyjah DFC, what can I do for the salvation of my soul? And in Salalah in some said, cool Hello Alan, what can you say the can eat that which is halaal an actor that which is through Subhan Allah, you are loving I'm an otaku. La punto Colin Sadie that oh you who believe fear Allah, an artist studied what he studied. Look at the beauty of the Arabic language studied means it is truthful, it is correct. It is candid, it is not a distortion, it is not incorrect. It is not a fabrication. It doesn't have a

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twist everything that is accurate and correct study the utter that which is correct and through the messenger sallallahu wasallam said to sadra the Allahu anhu that update matter hammock. As a matter of fact, the good Mr. Jabba Dara is that which is your and your prayers and your supplications and your doors will be readily answered.

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So, go to the city finally under au as gamma, then he should make sure and see which of the food is as God the purest right is with the veal as we would say in Arabic grammar. Finally, it can be raised the Minho then tell him to bring some food from there, when the lack of well yet the lack of and he should be very, very subtle and very, very polite and very, very gentle. And he should be very discreet and camouflage. So when we get a lot of some say it means in his interaction with whoever he means you should be polite meaning horsnell hope you know good character good character, what the person with whom is interacting what and that's the teachings of the messenger. sallallahu

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wasallam Rahim Allah hora jolin Samhain is our bar what is the star what is at the top tava may Allah have mercy on that soul which is polite which is gentle which is soft, when he purchases or he sells or he demands us do i mean demanding your do that is owed to you by its very nature is not an easy interaction to phone someone up and say you know what?

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30 days of lamps and your credit is still outstanding. It's not a it's not an easy interaction, but the man

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messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has prayed for that person who is polite and courteous and go do even when he demands is due. And I heard something very amazing from one scholar well he had a lot of as we know marks the half of the Quran from one perspective.

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So, at that point on the note marking the half the word that is there is softness gentleness, is it not given a strong message about the beauty of Islam, that Islam impresses upon us softness, kindness, gentleness, tenderness,

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inner riff in the Rift Valley whenever softness is brought into the equation, it enhances the beauty and whenever softness is taken out of the equation, then it defects it, it defects it, that same message if it said in a polite way, it has a different approach, the demeanor the body language, the tone, the expression, the context. So May Allah subhanaw taala grant us softness in our life. Allah subhanho wa Taala tells the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in chapter three Jews for Furby Mara my demeanor ly healing della whom is through the grace of Allah, that you are soft natured Oh Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Willow couldn't afford Bengali, Belleville and fog boom in holy

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and if you had to be stern and harsh, they would have dispersed and Allah didn't say lateral cuca all of our cuca they would have withdrawn from you or they would have left you Allah said infobar in for the means to dash, they would have abandoned you they would have you know what dashed away and this is if softness was excluded from the equation. So softness was the catalyst. Imagine us we deny we be left of knowledge of wisdom, of intelligence of of maturity, and then we deprived of softness as well. How can we then attract people to the beauty of Islam? Yes, Sera, Sera bashira. Well, Donna Farah did not the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say to those companions, who he was bidding

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farewell to Abu Musab Allah and when his companion yes sera make matters easy one to us, Sarah and don't make matters difficult. Of course there's a context and of course it needs to be regulated. It is not a blanket open an ending you know what ruling at any matter just make it easy so you die you don't perform further Salah you tired so don't perform the ablution it's been a tough year so don't give the god no No, no, we're not saying that in any way. But yes Sera, Sera, where things are, you know, an opportunity has been presented, you are on journey Allah has given concession Allah has given ease, take the eve one in the framework that the sharing AI has legislated and regulated.

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Accept the legislated concession who were Jetta barkham Allah has concluding verses of Surah Al Hajj in the 17 jewels of the Quran. Allah has selected you wama genre Allah Allah comfy demon Hara and Allah has not made religion a complex matter for you.

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While he atella tough, so be discreet, be soft, be subtle, be polite. You know what, you're gonna have to maneuver yourself in a very stealthy manner, so that nobody is alerted about you. While you're sure you're gonna become a hoarder, and let nobody become informed about you. Can you imagine they slept with a watery and they woke up with that worry three centuries later, my Eman and the protection of my Eman and the consumption of halaal. That is what overwhelmed them at every time. May Allah give us that concern. And that, that that passion at each time. And like I often say, when you traveling. And you know what you're so concerned about your passport and I touched on it briefly

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yesterday, but I didn't you know conclude the point. You hold on to your passport, your phone and your purse. And you realize that if you lose either of this you stranded and it makes me think how much are we holding on to our faith? How much are we holding on to our values. Of course Eman is not something tangible that put your hand your Put your hand there. But it is a matter of upholding and preserving and honoring those values and those teachings of Islam and anything that equates or is tantamount to encroachment or infringement of violation on that faith. Then we need to realize that that's a red flag. That's a red flag. That's an invasion to my faith.

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Well yeah telepath what are you gonna become? Haha we move on to verse number 20 in omya baharu yarujie muqaam Oh you redo confirming letting him surely in the home in if you're the hero and a GM if they become aware of your presence they become conscious and they discover that you are around then your Rijo mukaan they will certainly stone you Raja Miyamoto stone

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either it is a metaphoric interpretation of killing you or they would literally stone you literally stone your either your Jomo comrade Yama Yama regimen means to stone so either you're a Jew mukim would mean that these people will stone you and this is how they would deal with anyone who left their faith of polytheism and idolatry or your Jew muqaam would mean yuck to lucam in some way or the other, they would kill you. Oh, you redo comfy miletti him or then they will compel you and return you to their religion that you have to accept our faith follow our creed and accept our own teachings while en toughly who is then Aveda. And then you will not in such a situation in a

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hypothetical Allah for bed, then you will not attain salvation and success after which you will never be successful. Okay, let's unpack this year in terms of the academics of this idea. So, some say his name was Tommy Lee ha I didn't say his name was yummly ha. If you recall yesterday, my brother and my sister I told you one name. And I wish I could quiz you now and ask you what was that one name? It was MK sell me now mK salamina and many say he was the ease he was the leader from amongst the group Paula illumine home.

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Like I said, it's not the usual names. It's not the common names. And now they've appointed delegated assign one person and some say his name was yummly ha Some say his name was dumb li ha Allah if Allah tala falls, as the different would pronounce it and whatever the variation is, anyway, he leaves he's given this guidance and counsel and advice. Watch yourself, you know what, maneuver yourself very, very, very, very gentle, polite, discreet, etc. Don't let them discover your whereabouts. Lee's they kill you or compel you to go back into their faith. And if they do so you will not be successful. Now there's a question yeah. Academically, from hfcl perspective, from a

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jurist juristic perspective, is that well internally when I hope I can simplify the academics of this year but the point is so profound, that it's irresistible for me not to share it with you. So learning in Arabic comes from emphasis of how you flow if laugh means to be successful. Even means then Aveda means never write about that not at all other than other than Mr. Hale. No, no, not at all. Not at all. Not at all. So if they return you back to their faith, you will never be successful. Whereas in the 14 Jews chapter 16, Allah subhanho wa Taala says Illa men okay ha what palombo motto my inom bill Imani when I came and Shara have been free for the run for him. I mean,

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Allah, if somebody is put under do less, and somebody is threatened, and the person who's threatening has the cloud to execute the threat it mustn't be an empty threat. Of course. It comes and says denounce Allah deny Allah utter a statement of gopher or else I will kill you in law but in law bad man the one Okay, Accra yokocho ekra who is compelled meaning to add a word in lemon okay hurt bilco free that deny Allah wa Tobu while he is hard moto my income bill Eman is deep and comfortable with faith then such a person is excused Yes, while I came man Shara have been kufri sadra but the one who openly declares his schofer for Allah invalid Baboom min Allah, the verse

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continues about the Wrath of Allah, etc. So if somebody comes and puts a threat to you, and he has the muscle to execute the threat, then it is permissible for you at that time to verbally utter that statement of cover, but in your heart, you know, that you believe in in Allah. So the question then then is academically How did Allah

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subhanho wa Taala say, narrating this incident of these people to your maleeha autumn li ha, that don't let them compel you into disbelief because then you won't be successful. Whereas Islam allows the utterance of an statement of disbelief to rescue your life, provided its organ threatening, or life threatening, organ threatening or life threatening, and the person has the muscle to execute the threat, Allah has given the permissibility so how is it that upon this willing to flee who is an ABA has been a you know what conveyed and the scholars given two beautiful explanations? Well and tuifly, who is an ABA, you will not be successful will refer to you will not attain the absolute and

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the highest level of success, though you will still be successful, because you had uttered that statement of comfort reluctantly and not willingly. So, this then goes into the discussion of rock solid and azima rowset means concession, while azima it means the ideal. So when you are in that position, and somebody threatens you, it is permissible to utter the word of cover. It is permissible, but it is ideal to hold on to your faith. And that is azima and say No, I will not at eight. And that is exactly what Mr. Bean Yan said Ravi olana Yasser, Allah know, that they, they they threatened him, and he said, I will not utter the statement of cover and he passed away so well

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and to flee, who would refer to that you will fall short in attaining the highest ideal of success. All the other explanation could be that they will compel you into Cofer, you might reluctantly attain it momentarily. But gradually, the devil will then make the Xen of tougher. So for the moment you say, Okay, listen, they put me under pressure. So let me just say the word of cover, and then you attain to appease them. But after a period of time, the devil will say you've said it already, man. Just carry on. Just carry on. So it might become then a nice for devilish indoctrination. I hope you understand in the depth of the Quran, my brother and myself. And really what I'm giving you

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is Mullah Hassan, Aqua. I'm giving you a summarized version. I'm giving you a very simplified version. So the focus what what's the takeaway lesson today? You got up after so long? You concerned about your Eman, your concern about halaal your last advice and counsel. I mean, if I'm hungry, and I'm like, Listen, go now and go quick. And bring the food hot and make sure it's tasty. And I needed to be juicy. And I needed to be sumptious and scrumptious and tantalizing and finger licking and make sure you know what I need these. You know, you need to make sure the burger is garnish like this. And the fries are crispy like this year, and the soft drink is still that's my concern. You

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know what? I might make an odd comment that it must be halaal and that's about it. You're the focus is on halaal and the focus is whatever happens, Let it not be that they influence you to go for because then there's no success for us. May Allah subhanahu wa taala give us that concern of Eman in a world where the attack on a man is so strong. The onslaught against a man is so strong name there's an onslaught against religion leave alone a man leave alone a man there's an onslaught against religion in any form, shape or size. How often people mock at the galaxy of profits. Mark at the galaxy of profits. I often say and I'll leave you with this thought and food for thought.

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We are a nation more concerned about profit as in p r o r b r o fit we are OF fit, then P r o p h et our concern is more profit returns revenue than profits. The galaxy of MBR Allahumma Salatu was Salam. May Allah protect our Eman And may Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to leave this world with a man. I mean you're blind I mean was Sunday luevano Salim ala nabina Muhammad while early he was happy he edmontonian al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen

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