Hatem al-Haj – Manāzil al-Sā’irīn #90 – Chapter on Constriction

Hatem al-Haj
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the meaning of "iosity," which is used in Arabic to describe the physical feeling of the feeling of the person and environment. They stress the importance of avoiding mixing with people and isolation for reducing exposure to extreme events, and emphasize the need for consistency in actions and presentation of all arguments in a wise way. The speakers also touch on the topic of "good times to stay away from" and the importance of avoiding confusion and mixing with people in public.
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expectedly beginnings, and the last section would be expectedly and higher and things and we are in the section of

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realities. So

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under the station or the chapter of a pub number 85

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who died in the year for anyone after the

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book necessary in Stations of the wayfarers under the station palasa journalism Elena poder de Sierra

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mighty said thereafter we grasp that to us an easy or gradual grasping and I'm sure a lot of a lot of second Madonna centrality that Elena Papa and Sierra Have you not seen to our Lord now he extended the the shadow.

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So, this this particular

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era and thereafter we grasp that to us an easier graduate grasping preferred preference to

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the shadow.

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So the last one,

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because, you know, we grasp the word that is used in Arabic as it comes from the and copper is the hamfest. So

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tough to grasp oh by the hand, but it would be to construct to contract construct.

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And that is why the chef used this here. See, he talks about Boston capital, talks about expanding and constructing the shadow so that she wants to talk to talk about the cup. cup here is the cup of the spiritual cup.

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So he starts by saying that he has a basement in Chateau de la in LA Vina

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and NFC.

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This morning Chateau de la McConnell Donna en la Vina del Carmen Hakuna posted on Linux, for home sellers. ofera construction in this chapter refers to the station of the Donna and Donna and the precious ones I translated the line as the precious ones.

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The na in Arabic means too precious to be shared publicly, he means it is too precious to you to share it with people

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that didn't know what it means that your time is too precious to you to share it to waste it probably will be optic. So Bama and would be the people that are like into there is too precious to share with others, he wants them for himself

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because of the station of the Dharma and the precious ones. And Athena

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enough see whom the real and it would be translated as the real or the true one. It could be translated as truth and reality could be both you know, verbal sort of, must not

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route you know, so it could be both a name for loss of pinata It is one of the names of a loss

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Tada for sure.

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But it could also mean truth or reality.

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But most of the time here it means

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it means the true one or the real. And we have talked before about why in soupy terminology they

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particularly like and how

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they want to hint what

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that you're not happy that you're not free and certainly most of them are particularly in sunny south, they do not mean that you're ontologically non existent, they mean that your existence is contingent, disposable, etc, etc. Therefore, your existence is almost you know, non existent, almost is like, because it is contingent and disposable.

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So, that's why the the like to use that particular name over last names are very

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enough See, whom the real has spared for himself on set. So, they are three groups, forgotten Cabo de la COVID, la toffee, or actor.

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It's different transcripts for them by him on our unit, I mean, a group that he protectively constructed cobalamin A tepee would be protectively constructed, to protect them, tip him to protect them up that our fee comes up from it welfare, which is basically to take them back,

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as in taking the spirits back in this. But here to take them back, even though they're still alive. So, probably home in a turkey therapy protectively constructed

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towards him, Obama became an iron an army, sparing them from the eyes of the people here, sparing them from the eyes of the people is actually about the actual eyes of the people. So, he is talking in this particular

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phase, about the people who are who have been constructed, you know, the normal boat.

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In Arabic slang, particularly an Egyptian slang, they say

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they don't say a word Egypt.

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But anyway, so they said abou lb Mahmoud, which means my heart is constricted.

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This is actually in this is, this is basically the trickle down effect of Sufi terminology. And,

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you know, among the public,

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because the when they say Adam abou, means expanded, Mahmoud means constructed, they say I'm upset, I'm happy. They mean I'm happy when they say I'm absorbed, but actually they are, it is from that particular terminology pump and bust switches to expand and constrict the heart, the spirit etc. So when they say album abode, my heart is constructed. That's what they mean.

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So their hearts are constructed this particular phase here, their hearts are constructed,

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meaning that they feel discomfort, aversion to mixing with people actually mixing with people, they feel aversion and discomfort and they're mixing with people so they move away.

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They physically move away. And this is what this phase is about.

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They physically move away meaning that they are

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the they prefer isolation and seclusion. That does not necessarily mean that you move away to the mountains, but you

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prefer isolation and seclusion. They just don't mix with people. They prefer isolation and seclusion. But it could also mean that you move away to the mountains.

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And it It all depends. It's all situational. circumstantial depends on whether when moving away to the mountains, is actually preferred. The profits of the law sallallahu Sallam said UC Santa Clara met a Muslim when ammonius about

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the value of property a federal BDD he mentally fitted

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So, you should call the quantifier American Muslim grant ammonia to our behalf shafa amavasya federal BDD middle fitten

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there will soon come a time when the best property Muslim can own would be few sheep that he takes to the mountaintops and the places of rainfall, forbidden even escape with his lien from trials.

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So, when it when is that time, in circumstantial situation, it depends on whether a person like sir can be a you know many of the prophets and scholars and preachers and so on. They put up with a lot of trials, tribes,

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they continue to preach and we know that when you want to sell a Salaam left his people without permission from Allah subhanaw taala, he was blamed for this by Allah subhanaw taala, he ended up in the belly of the whale be because he had left without permission. So, the idea here is his situation.

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And taking one hobbies in isolation from the other hobbies is certainly a slippery slope to,

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to fitness. And slippery slope to misguidance.

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Some young person may take this hadith and say that, you know, this is the time who told you this is the time this is now it's about application. Now.

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Who told you that this is the only Hadith and

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it's not only how easy this is, there is another Cadiz that may look or may appear conflicting with this one. Which one

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at the moment Olivier

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de la Katana Soleil.

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So the believer who mixes with people and puts up with harm is better than the believer that does not mix with the people and put up with their harm or tolerate or endure their harm.

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So you put them

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both together, and then you try to figure out when is the right time. And this requires that that sort of

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reconciliation between the Hadith requires some deep understanding and some understanding of the objectives of that area and so on, to be able to actually establish a

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an action plan to come together with an action plan,

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application proper application.

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But, you know,

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the balance between us has to be it's an ongoing

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it's an ongoing

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dilemma for the believer, how much and how much water, how much isolation, how much mixing, it all depends on the person and the circumstances and it depends on their community.

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As long as there is clear, well, it's a certain aspects of mixing are obligatory, so you need to come to certain jomar, right. And according to some you need to come to the five daily prayers if you're a man, according to the honeyberries in one of the reports, so it's

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so so there are aspects of mixing that that are not to be compromised. There are other aspects of mixing that can be given up.

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But in general, what the prophet sallallahu Sallam says is that as long as there is any benefit, any purpose, wisdom and mixing with people mixing with people is preferred to isolation.

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And that also reminds us of something else. So when it comes to the hadith of Satan, when it comes to the habits of if

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you do want or the Hadith of the end of times,

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you do want to be very careful in the interpretation of those Hadees. Very careful the interpretation and interpretation of the Saudis. Do you remember when the Muslims interpreted? You know, when the Muslims applied the Hadith of the Judean dude, eggnog and Magog to the Tatars. What do they do? They just ran away.

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Because the Prophet said they have no idea how to invoke Italian no one will be able to find them. So the Muslim said, well,

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that's who they are. And no one would be able to find them. That means the Prophet is telling us you know, give up.

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So they were slaughtered like sheep because

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They just didn't, then they didn't pick up any fine. So that's the that's the tricky part and basically Miss interpreted the habits of Satan. You do want to get the gist of it the lesson, the moral of the Hadith, but this particular application contextual application is extremely tricky, therefore, the

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except when it is clear when they asked the Prophet sallallahu sallam, for instance, when he spoke about

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one of his days will be like a year, and one would be like a month, one would be like a day. And then they asked him, How do we pray then, and he said, you know,

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so estimate the times of the prayers, so that and that one day, that is like a year, you will stand pray, five times,

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five times 354.

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And so you would still pray,

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you know, you're not going to just pray five prayers throughout the whole year. Anyway, we even take some lessons from those hobbies, in terms of

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people that are that live in areas where there is no sort of normal, day and night or the day or night can be too long or too short. So,

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so the hadith of unfettered lateral

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lock for action. Most of the cases, you just want to learn the more of the Hadith, the lesson, you know, whatever the Prophet, is trying to communicate to us in the hobbies. But also, you want to be very careful, particularly with the use of the fit, and if there are a particular hobby of the fitting that some people are unable to handle.

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They don't have to, and

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they should just believe and

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proceed, sort of they, they don't have to have any particular interpretation of those hobbies, if they just can't wrap their head around, they just don't need to have an interpretation of the hobbies, and they should resign to alert wisdom and, and so on, and certainly is not motivated, then it is not a matter of certainty that it comes from the Prophet sallallahu sallam, we still have to believe in every Hadees that is,

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that is authentic, that is traceable to the Prophet sallahu wa salam, according to the scholars of Hadith.

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But for the people who who just can't

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believe in a hadith that is not motivated, they don't have

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in the sense of it is not a matter of certainty.

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They can always say it is possible that it didn't actually come from the Prophet sallallahu possible, is it obligatory that we believe in them? Yes. And certainly when it comes to Ahmed, when it comes to action, it is obligatory also that we act upon them the act upon all of the parties that are sorry, but that's an important distinction because only the Qur'an

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and only the explicit implications of the program

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are the ones that you must come to terms with you must accept and come to terms with

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so when you have a hadith for instance, like

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the Hadith

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had to condemn a civil

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war had

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to kalama Raja Raja to salty

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Sirocco knotty

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to better who is the Who? The woman body. So, the hour will not be established and the predators speak to people

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and the tip of a man's web speak to him and the straps of his sandals.

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And his own thigh will tell him of what his people his his family had done after him.

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So, this had his purpose. Some people

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some people said that this this is arbitrary quarters. Some people said that this is talking about cell phones.

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But that is that is your just own wishful thinking guys, I believe because the Hadith is talking about disruption of the universal laws. It is not talking about us man

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During the universal laws of physics and this covering, you know, cell phones, it's talking about complete destruction of universal laws. So

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and then it talks about the end of times, and then the times it may very well be possible that there will be complete disruption of universal laws, as an indication that the life that the life of this world is over, right.

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So all universal laws will be disrupted as an indication that it is over. The life of this world is over. We had universal laws established and we have a snap and we had,

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you know, all of these sort of normative

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phenomena established for the test to be a real test.

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But now that the test is over,

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none of the universal laws

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needs to be existed. You said something, someone raise their hand.

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As long as

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I didn't tell you not to take the hat. I told you that if someone is having complete difficulty, that had are not a matter of certainty. Certainly some of the scholars said that they had a certain measure of certainty, particularly those that are agreed upon by Bukhari and Muslim

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scholars like Vanessa La Habana Tamia been harder and so on the

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oven even harder, also better Minnesota hypothermia for sure.

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They said that the hobbies that are agreed upon by Bukhari and Muslim are a matter of certainty,

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their certainty in their circle and transmission. But that particular position is indefensible. Despite my extreme love for the scholars mentioned, that particular position is indefensible.

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And the majority of the scholars have also they consider to be vulnerable, which means that they are

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speculative in their in transmission, not Papa is to boot.

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And that's the position of the majority of the scholars Oh, soon. And that is, that's the stronger position. No doubt.

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That's a stronger position, though. So, but let's go back. And and I'm saying this to you, because, like, sometimes when people have extreme difficulty, you just tell them that you have

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accepted Islam on the basis of certainty, and you know, and now, investments, hobbies, that, that you're just not able to come to terms with is not established through certain transformation. So in this case, just move on.

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Move on, you don't have to have an interpretation of bodies that you're comfortable with just move on.

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Now, when it comes to the parameter water bodies,

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you do have to accept like that, because it is a matter of certainty, you do have to come to terms with the explicit also not the speculative implications of the Quran or the Hadith. So it is not the Quranic coordinate, and so on. So, it is a parameter according to the explicit implication of the Quran.

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And if it is speculative, then you don't have also to accept.

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Now we're talking about people who have comfort, discomfort, we're talking about people that are going to fall off the cliff, we're not talking about the advice to the average Muslim, the advice to the average Muslim is you do need to accept and commit, you know, to,

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to all of their hobbies.

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And you need to come to terms with some explanation, some explanation, you don't have to come to terms to my explanation of the hobbies. So if someone tells you that about too salty, the tip of his weapons and cell phone, you don't have to buy this, and you're not this Muslim in any way or less of a confident Muslim. If you don't buy the sort of the popular explanation of certain hobbies by the scholars for the average Muslims

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so the bodies need to be reconciled. And the implications of the hobbyists need to be

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with carefulness and caution.

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So you can you can accommodate Muslim, Rahmani Dhabi has often developed maka Roubini minute minute fit. And this is the first phase here that we're talking about. And no one Oxo criminological. Also, can you be really confident that this hadith is about a particular area? Can you can you really tell that this was not about

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between, you know, Adi, and while you're the lover at home, can you say that this hobby was not an indication that stay away from that fitness that this hobby was was not basically

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was not basically corroborating the position of Abdullah, Omar and Osama

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who wanted to just have nothing to do with this fitna, and they did not join or area you know, the camp of either one of the fighting parties. Is it possible? It is possible, you know, for what a good What a better time to stay away from Kevin and to take your few sheep to a mountaintop or two places or rainfall? When the believers companions of the province of Southern are fighting each other?

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That could be

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can we can we be sure? No. Could it be about the end of times? Yes.

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But anyway, as long as there is still some good, that can be done,

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then mixing with people and putting up with their harm is better than isolating oneself. And this applies to everything. Also, it applies to every discussion that you have with people. When do you know that you that you need to stop?

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When, when there is no more sort of arguments, you know, to be added? If you go back, if you feel that you're repeating the same argument that you said just two minutes ago, that is Mira.

00:27:21 --> 00:27:46

You should now stop It's futile debate that is not dialectic sort of a mutual sort of investigation or inquiry in the truth that is actually a mirage that is disputation that is feel tired, and you should just move away. So make sure that you have presented all your arguments in a very good tactful, sort of wise way. After words, just don't

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move away.

00:27:49 --> 00:27:53

And maybe invite them to lunch or something if they're still good people

00:27:55 --> 00:27:58

buy them ice cream. But stop

00:27:59 --> 00:28:24

them the chef talked about the next the next level here when it comes to the pub. So the first people are mockable they are bought from the people they are they just feel this comfort around people they feel this aversion to people and the isolate themselves from people that's the first level and they are mock booed from people not simply because

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because, you know the because they lost in a business deed or something No.

00:28:33 --> 00:28:49

Good for people for spiritual reasons. They are spiritually boot from people they are spiritually not comfortable mixing or mingling with people spiritually not comfortable. This aversion is a spiritual diversion. It is not because, you know,

00:28:50 --> 00:29:11

he had an altercation with someone or, or the he doesn't like, you know, the people in his mastered because they are just this or that? No, it is about, you know, their religious commitment. Their religious commitment makes them uncomfortable mixing with people so they isolate themselves, but that's the first layer.

00:29:13 --> 00:29:17

A second layer. And all of this property, by the way is not the club

00:29:19 --> 00:29:56

that belongs to the bit to the beginnings because we are in the section of ad hoc realities. This is not the club where he will you feel constricted because of your sins. So the last one that constricts your heart because of your sins to basically remind you of him to remind you of Toba of repentance. This is not the cup that belongs to the station realities or the section realities. This is probably also but it belongs to the beginnings where you know that this is where people are

00:29:59 --> 00:29:59

you know

00:30:00 --> 00:30:07

beginning the beginning of their journey to Allah subhanaw taala, you know, the earlier stations,

00:30:09 --> 00:30:11

then the second

00:30:12 --> 00:30:45

home beside him feeding the beast who asked him a killer resume for home, or utilize a group that he constructed towards him by covering them with a garment of confound meant, and draped them with forms, so he can see them from the eyes of the people. So I grew up that he constricted towards him by covering them with a garment of confound meant, okay, so now he constructed the second group, but he

00:30:47 --> 00:31:15

covered them with the garment of confound them and the best base and the base or the garment of confinement. What does it mean here, because there'll be as we come to the base in a second in a different station, and we'll see what the check means actually vital base in general. But base here probably means that these people are actually mixing those people and confound them into here is because they are.

00:31:18 --> 00:31:31

They are not different in any way. They walk through the markets, they get married, they dress in regular attire, you can really notice a difference on them.

00:31:33 --> 00:31:37

They're just acting like everyone else. But they are actually higher than the previous

00:31:39 --> 00:32:11

level, aren't they? Because there's a second, the other one was first. So these people are staying these people are a moment, whether you call it or nurse or the believer who mixes with people and puts up with the harm they are saying and not only that, they're saying he can't distinguish them. He can't figure them out and Bs. You cannot figure them out. Sometimes they do that and Bs themselves. Sometimes they try to avoid notoriety, they try to avoid distinction. They do that at least themselves.

00:32:13 --> 00:32:24

But certainly, that's a whole different discussion was when you do that. And these you do not do anything haram to do Toby's because some people could have done this in the past.

00:32:26 --> 00:32:52

Or you do not give up the obligations to database. That is not that at least that is meant here. But you're acting normal. You're acting normal, you're not acting you cease to help some people particularly when they start to become practicing, they start to immediately speak a different way. They just look at different way they will try to walk a different way.

00:32:53 --> 00:33:07

And it is it is apparently sort of fake. But But these people and this level, they're just acting like very normal people. They're just you can't tell them apart from anyone.

00:33:09 --> 00:33:24

So dress covered them with a garment of confinement because once they have been recognized, then that's a fitna, that's a great triumph for them, they do not want that trip ignition, so they want to stay

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and drained to them a lot draped them with forms.

00:33:33 --> 00:33:36

But Allah Immaculata so what forms

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natural sort of phenomena and natural for

00:33:44 --> 00:33:50

sort of normative customs of everyone else, they are doing what everyone else is doing.

00:33:52 --> 00:34:00

And these are the sort of the pursuit, so they are part of this dunya like the rest of the people in dystonia.

00:34:03 --> 00:34:31

So that's why they can't be told the part so we can see them from the eyes of the people so you can see them from the eyes of the people then this concealment from the eyes of the people is not like the first group because obviously this group are still mixing. They are still part of the community. And they are not distinguished in any way shape or form.

00:34:32 --> 00:34:36

exteriorly they're not distinguished in any way, shape, or form.

00:34:37 --> 00:34:43

They can be dressed in three piece suits and they would still have the heart of the

00:34:46 --> 00:34:47

four jeans, I guess.

00:34:51 --> 00:34:56

But anyway, so we're forgotten caba home men home a lie he has

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a serene from the Himalayas.

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cutting carbon minimum in a facade farm Masada serene funded Mr. Lyon,

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agro did he consider that he constricted, he caused them to stop their construction construction he constructed from themselves. Oh, now though these people cannot tolerate cannot put up with themselves either cannot put up with a shoe who themselves cannot put up with being conscious of themselves. Remember, it is extremely important to you, you cannot actually penetrate the thickest hijab for veil between you and beholding the Lord, certainly in dystonia, it will be with the eyes of your heart. And beholding The Lord

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is the hijab of your ego, the hijab of yourself. So those people now are, you know, they're not distracted by, by others. They're just with themselves. But now, they can even put up with themselves with seeing themselves with being conscious of themselves conscious of their ego, Kaaba min home, he lay so he can distract them from themselves towards him. They have this aversion to their own ego.

00:36:29 --> 00:36:59

So he brought he brought them secretly into his intimate company for Safar, moussaka to search for Barnaby mala him and spare them from their selves. So, so those This is usually dedicated this level two finance, those are the people who are who have a complete financial hood. And as we said, before, this certainly is

00:37:01 --> 00:37:07

an era that and financial not not the ontological finance, but the perception

00:37:11 --> 00:37:22

of Wales, that conform to the Divine Will, entity or will, is always conforming to His will, until you have no you know,

00:37:24 --> 00:37:30

you don't, you don't choose for yourself anything. And you have complete delegation of lead to a lot

00:37:33 --> 00:37:57

of love. And you can form completely happy economic regardless to be until his desire is in complete conformity with that which I have brought forth. So he is talking here about not being conscious of yourself, not being conscious of your ego. And you can never walk into the Divine Presence of Hydra.

00:37:59 --> 00:38:12

Except if you have walked away from your ego, you can enter into the divine presence with your ego or while being conscious of your ego.

00:38:14 --> 00:38:17

That's it was a station of construction the station

00:38:18 --> 00:38:31

will take seven minutes and come back because we have a lot to finish today. And today, I will execute myself right after the second session

00:38:32 --> 00:38:35

because I have to run

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call you later.

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