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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of patient actions and being patient in order to achieve success in life. They stress the need to be patient and stay away from negative actions to avoid negative consequences. The speaker also mentions the importance of being patient and grateful for the benefits of actions.
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One time there was just one brother giving another brother advice and he said, you know, what's one thing that you see in me that you would advise me to where, you know, you see me act this way in front of people. And if I continue to do that, it won't be a good look, it won't look good in regards to my character, and things of that sort. He said, Don't rush. Don't be a hasty person. He said, Okay, what else did you advise me? And the brother said, Don't be a hasty person. Don't rush. Calm down. He said, Okay, okay. Okay, but what's something else? He said, You know what, if I were you, I wouldn't rush. Don't be a hasty person.

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This person, obviously was getting a little agitated, but at the same time, he realized the importance of the message. This is similar to what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told one of the companions of disciples, he said, he asked him to give him advice. He said, let's talk about Do not get angry for the demerara. And then he repeated it again. He asked him again for advice, he said, lead toggled up. So every time he said, Give me some more advice, he would say the same thing. Some scholars mentioned, that this person's characteristic a personality, this was a test for him, from his wiring that Allah has created them with this whole look, his manners, this is something

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that he needs to refine and work on. And every one of us have something one aspect of our manners that we need to work on and refine and beautify. So firstly, it's possible to do that. But it's important for us to understand that we must be patient throughout this process. And that's one of the aspects of manners, that we have to be very, very important to remind ourselves of, at times of the final frontier of hardship, to where we have a choice, to act in a good way or act in a way that is detrimental to ourselves, and those around us to be a person that is patient. And this God has mentioned three categories, patients with Allah, patients with what has been predestined, and what

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has happened on this earth, your patient with what has taken place, and you act in a way that is befitting for someone that knows that Allah is watching and listening. The second is patience and doing actions of good prayer five times a day may not be easy for many of us waking up in the morning, and making them do with cold water, being honest and times to where you may face consequences that you don't want. That is patience, with doing the actions of good impatience and staying away from the sinful actions, the things that we may desire, even from food and overconsumption of it, even from doing things such as leaving off a good deed, which is an X amount

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C, which is a sinful practice and obligatory deed, leaving off the prayer, choosing to lie because you want any immediate benefit, instant gratification. You have to be patient with that. It's not easy, but that's why the struggle is real and the struggle a lot is a well aware of it. What can I say you must call as Allah says, And verily your toil and that what you what you do in your actions, your struggle is something that will deserve gratitude and that warrants gratitude must score Ah, so May Allah Subhana Allah make us of those that practice patients on a continual basis that look at the patients and see the bright light in the benefit of that for really Allah soprano with that

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loves the sobbing a cinematic That's why many cats. Thank you.