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Bismillah he was Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Robert, we often hear today about different medical conditions and we ask Allah to grant us protection from all illnesses and diseases. And amongst them we have about a DD, attention deficit disorder or some would say, ADHD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, some would present in adolescent kids, others in adults, etc, etc. I want to just tweak that slightly and adjusted and say s DD, spiritual Deficit Disorder. And this is the question I asked to you and I posed it to myself, how long can an average person today sustain a spiritual span? So if you had a Ramadan booster, or you had a vitamin, or you

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had some spiritual retreat program, how long are you able to sustain that spirituality? I'm afraid by and large, we cannot sustain our spiritual momentum for a long period of time. And hence we need wisdom to energize us and invigorates us. And I share with you today something very profound and amazing. Have one of the early scholars of Islam XM bin safey Rahim Allah who had passed away in the year 242. He was very, very intelligent. In fact, one Sophia and binaural Yanina, he had a discussion with Sophia and in Argentina, and Sophia had been or yo arena was a great scholar of Hadith. So Sophia was quite sad and depressed. So actually, when Sophia asked him limited Vicki,

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what makes you cry, he said, bully to be more or less, I think, burger as happy Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam that I had the privilege of sitting with some companions of the messenger sallallahu sallam, and after their demise, I find myself sitting with someone like you. So for me, it's an anti climax, that I had the privilege of sitting with giants and legends and Star Wars like the noble companions and now I have to sit with you. Now obviously, that was not the best of answers to tell someone on his face. But Subhana Allah, look at the wisdom and this is what they refer to as Elijah to the mosquito, you know, answers that just silences the opposition. He said, for Muslims,

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but to us happy Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam be Mooji less Attica, aka mummy mercy. But then if that is the case, then really speaking, the pain and the plight and the condition of the noble companions was more challenging than your condition, because you have to sit with me. And they had to sit with you after sitting with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And when Sophia and Benin Raina heard this, he said

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to a young boy, you have great wisdom and knowledge. And soon the rule of the time will be knocking on your door. And exactly so did it happen muda biro Malacca T.

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Moon, he was the leader in the kingdom of mamoun.

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He was talking about he was the chief justice. So once a person came to him and asked him, you know, for some words of wisdom, and in that he posed few questions and that is what I share with with you today. The first question he asked come out good.

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How much am I allowed to eat and indulge? Now we live in a world today where everything revolves around him and boom boo home as the Prophet sallallahu wasallam had prophesized an era where everything would be about what you eat, everything would be about the entire focus of a person would be regarding food, eating, indulgence, etc, etc. So he gave this amazing answer. He said, folk and jewelry, do not ship in that much, which is adequate to suppress your hunger, but not to your brim. Wow. And honestly speaking, if this act can be balanced and can be regulated, it's a formula to stabilize our health and our spirituality. Was it look man Hakeem who told his son that isn't it? No

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matter what cotton

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hikmah Oh, my son when the belly is to its blem then wisdom is out of the window. And then you lose focus in life and your your organs and your limbs become lame and lethargic, you are unable to perform any virtuous actions. I often give this simple piece of advice for people traveling for hygiene aroma, if it's one thing that I can say to you perform aroma on a light tummy perform Hajj on a light tummy being a fart on a light tummy when the tummy is light.

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The tears will flow, you will able to stand up in nocturnal prayer. You have been wired Rahim Allah used to say, Logan and Joe Are you beruf is soap la Cana yamba de la ville de la gusta Rosa era, if hypothetically hunger could be sold in the marketplace, then those that are seeking us should not purchase anything from the marketplace but hunger. And there is another quotation that I read, which is so amazing that a person once asked Dr. Matt de la de la de la, sometimes people speak about this is an illness for which there is no cure. So this was a question as to a physician, is there any cure after which there's no illness? Is there any formula any recipe or any exercise that a person

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could do after which there will be hopefully no illness? And he said yes, if there's something it's one thing, and that is a lot cooler in

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antetokounmpo minute Tom and detest a bomb that you only eat when you are actually hungry. You only eat when you are actually hungry. In fact, in the Quran, Allah refers to the meals of the dwellers of gender. When a woman is spoon feed her book rotten washi in the morning in the evening, some say the one can I need the warm it means throughout the time, but many others believe that the actual time is two meals a day and not three meals a day. So the first answer given by this amazing person you have been XM Rahim Allah. He said that you eat that much which is above your hunger, but not to your brim. Okay, come up, Huck. How much am I allowed to laugh in this world? Wow, what an amazing

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answer. So there's two scenarios. That is the pain and the agony in the world that's happening. So because of that, do I do away with laughter and cheerful nature and human? All there are some happy moments happening. He got married, there was a child born, he got inaugurated he got he was graduated. He excelled in his exams do I share in these happy moments and just love? So what's the balance between the two? And he said, My use fear? What do you hope when you lose? Oh, this is so amazing. You should love to the extent that your face is cheerful, you are bubbly by nature, you give off a sense of warmness. But at the same time your voice is not raised in a manner that it is

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insensitive to those that are in pain. So in the life of the prophets of Allah, Allah was seldom more important more of a movie at the best song by and large, it was just a smile. He was cheerful. He was pleasant. There was never a parka. Ha that is an outburst of laughter. Someone asked what have you been would have been Rahim Allah, I can have Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam he Hakuna the the companions of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam ever laugh? He said yes. But their faith was stronger than the mountains. So that's the second question and that's the balance in which we indulge in moderation in meaningful laughter. The third question come advocate. How much should I cry? To what

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extent Should I cry? And he said lemon lemon and bukom in Hershey Attila there is no limit to how often and how much you should cry out of the fear of Allah. Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about the Pioneer servant's heart Rosso jeden were buki they fell in frustration tear in before Allah subhanho wa Taala Iran and in Azerbaijan, yerba goon was the doom horseshoe, and they fell on the gems grind before Allah subhanho wa Taala. And the Quran would increase them in humility, when slowly moves and he had seen the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in a dream. And then the Prophet of Allah said read Quran and he read Quran and then the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said Dr. salejaw, the NL buka

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Oh, sorry, this is the recitation of the Quran. But this goes with with tearing the Quran in tears are something that you separate. So you've read the Quran where the tears sadly we have moments while we read in we laughing we indulging Our hearts are heedless, but how often do we cry? So the third question, how much should I cry? Or how often should I cry? He said, let me let me know Boca min hace la jolla out of crying out of the fear of Allah. The fourth question that he asked he said, Come on family,

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my good actions, my virtuous deeds, how much of it should I conceal? Should I reveal it? Should I expose it or should I conceal it? And he said, must tatata conceal your noble, pious deeds to the best of your ability and that's what Allah loves. Someone gave a description of a class is when you are passionate to conceal your virtuous actions, just like you conceal your own. So when a person has done something wrong, he doesn't want anybody to know about it. People are so possessive over the devices

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today because don't open into it don't get the password. Unfortunately, there are unsavory things in it. So the passion with which you conceal your virtue, your your vise, conceal your virtue in the same way. And then he concludes the the dialogue, the rich dialogue by asking, come, come over here, Amina Emily, I, you told me that I should be concealing my good actions, but am I allowed as well, from time to time to reveal some of my virtuous actions to others? And Subhana? Allah, He gave a very amazing answer. He said, My yakata Db can borrow, it is fine for a mentor, to divulge to his disciple or to a father or father to his children, or a tutor to his students, or a colleague to his

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colleague about some of his good actions, to the extent that it motivates others to follow in the same footsteps. So sometimes the father should sit down and say, Listen, my son, I'm aging, and I don't know what my lifespan is, or what do I have left in the years ahead. But I want to inform you that these are the practices I have maintained over the years, and I did not whisper it to you so that it could remain a secret. And the only reason I share it with you today is so that you can continue the legacy in the 13 Jews in Surah, two rod, Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about the pious servants, yet the owner will have sanity say that they resist evil in a good way. And Allah says

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anthropo Mimara zatanna, whom serve Anwar Allah Nia, they spend from what we had given them secretly and openly. And the scholars say, Why has Allah highlighted spending openly in this verse as well. And the motivation of that is so that it can encourage and motivate others. May Allah give us the ability to imbibe this wisdom so that we can have spirituality for longer periods in sha Allah barakallahu freecom