September 18, 2023

Sulaiman Moola


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I have nothing to claim about nothing nothing. I am a fallible mortal, but I am grateful to Allah for one time in my life with time I become oblivious of is when I'm studying the Quran. By Allah I cannot tell you that ecstasy. Imam Shafi said what Dharma you will lead to Robin Lee Halle are we sought in fifth Darcy I should have me Madame mateesah Or B to sell her on do whatever be to whom Noma what I believe the legally Harkey, I sway with euphoria with ecstasy with jubilation, more than a person who probably had the top of the best alcohol can sway after he enjoyed it. Out of this overwhelming euphoric joy, happiness excitement that I have resolved one complex aspect of the dean.

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I spent the night convincing with my lord studying the texts appreciating the Hadith. You bump into me in the morning, and then you say to me, Shafi, please pray that I can be with you in Paradise will be to Sahara Anna Duda. What the V to who Noma but then your night was sleeping. My night was up. I was in vigil. You were in slumber