Sulaiman Moola – Daughters are a blessing

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a verse in the Bible that describes a woman who blesses children with their firstborn father. The woman describes themselves as "by extension" and talks about their power being complete. The woman also mentions that they release a hint of blessing, which is a sign that a woman is complete and is "bleird with children."
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There is a verse in the 24th Jews of the Quran Chapter 42 Verse 49, in which Allah subhanho wa Taala says Leela human because somehow what he will order to Allah belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth. Yeah Hello Puma Yasha he creates whatever He wishes Yeah habonim Aisha or inner warrior, her booty Manisha Zuko goal. Some couples are blessed with daughters others are blessed with sons. Oh user widow Hamza chronoa. In Eartha are some are blessed with both genders, boys and girls, sons and daughters were drawn to mania shirt or Arkema and some he does not bless them with any children in the who are Damon Cuddyer. His knowledge is complete His power is complete. What Philippine as

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per the Allahu Anhu was a great companion. He says we take a hint from the verse of the Quran, that when Allah highlighted the bounty and the boon and the blessing of offspring and children, Allah commenced with the gender of daughters female, Allah didn't start off he blesses them with sons. He said, Yeah, Hubballi mania sharp or inother. He further said that he releases a hint bless it is that woman and by extension, Blessed is that couple whose firstborn whose new baby is a daughter Subhanallah

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