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Salam aleikum to all the esteemed listeners out there, the listeners and the viewers. So yes, I think the entire world is still trying to deal with the shock that has gripped and plague the entire planet. And I have done a host of series on YouTube regarding how we should be dealing with this. And is this an affliction or is it a test? Does it equate death for a believer etc, etc. But going forward today again from Quran and Sunnah I want to share some reflections. The first thing that I would like to say is you know, prior to tiama, Allah subhanho wa Taala says that the earth will be jolted either the Latin or reduces Allah azza wa jal arado, Escada when the earth will be jolted,

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and the earth will vomit out its

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contents. In order to have a thought the plural of the word fatal, it will spew out that which contains within it be the corpses, be it the treasures, etc. What are left in sun or mala? Ha, and mankind will kind of object can say but what's wrong with the earth? We've never seen the earth do this before. And this is precisely what people are saying. But what happened to the earth? Someone said can you just stop the world for a moment I want to get off? There's no getting off? Can you unplug? 2020 and put it back on? No, I'm afraid you cannot. And people will react in shock and in you know, they will be absolutely perplexed by the happenings of the earth. So they will say mala ha

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what's wrong with the earth? And Allah subhanho wa Taala says B and Rebecca Oh Ha Ha there's nothing wrong with the earth it's precisely operating by the decree of the Almighty and exactly the same is happening in the world. Many people will speculate many people will speculate the listen there is the virus but there's something beyond the virus, the ease the illness, but there is a deeper agenda behind this is the imposition of vaccination is to dry out the nations it is to introduce another currency etc. You know whether that's a reality or not again from the Quran, we learn a you know, counsel and guidance in this regard, where Allah subhanho wa Taala says that conspiracy in the

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manager Amina shavon, Illyana Latina manual, whether you submit by him say and in lobbies Neela. That this is a conspiracy of private discussions is one of the you know, minute minute in the manager Amina shavon is from the devil, Leah zone alladhina amanu to inflict grief upon the believers whether it's a bit badly him Shay and Elizabeth Neela. Ultimately, it cannot harm anyone until and unless with the permission of the Almighty. So that remains our RT de and our believe that whatever is happening is happening by the allowance of the Almighty, you know, I was reading and that's going to be the focus of the days as we progress how we can take solace, guidance and comfort

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from Quran and Sunnah. And as a believer, one of the greatest comfort we can take and I will share this from Quran and you know, the scholars will appreciate it probably more than anyone because of the verse of the Quran is that regardless of how daunting and complex a situation is, a believer always take solace from the fact that it could be worse

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regardless of how paralyzing incapacitating daunting is, I mean, this is this is no ordinary deal. What is happening in the world, this is not micro, this is macro, this is not local, this is international, this has an impacted one segment of society, it has had ripple effects right across the globe on every front on every front. And of course, as believers the biggest blow for us to know that in you know, in in part of gurbin, or trying to contain the spread of this virus is that even the haramain had to be closed down and hence the Boo tala and the massage of Allah. So there is a verse in the 13 Jews in Surah Ibrahim in which Allah says what interrupt do amatola he suha that if

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you were to enumerate the boundaries of Allah to suhar you simply cannot count it. Now listen to this year and when I read this, I said Subhana Allah, you know fi he will he will outlive

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When I can deposit Anwar munez the Quran will always have the knowledge of the past and the future is just human intellect that will evolve gradually to tap into it under this ayah in biannual Quran in Masai rasuluh, it is written hackmann omarama hola writes cuando hattah Allah Alina, La ilaha illa Allah

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the boundaries of Allah are in finite, are innumerable, are limitless. And every one of us is a recipient and a beneficiary to the bounty of Allah. To the extent even the occupants of hell, the unknown are also enjoying a type of a bounty of the Almighty. Now one will pause for a moment and think but Wait, hang on Hell is the pinnacle of pain, agony, distress, anxiety, etc. Allah says in the 15 Jews in Surah, Bani Israel in Naja Hana jazza. I'm jazza mo for a while feel that hell is the ultimate and it's a complete and a wholesome punishment for the occupants of hell. But he writes that even the occupants of hell and I don't want to digress and speak about the intensity of the

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dome. And the point I want to focus on, regardless of how bleak a situation is. A believer always tells himself, it could be worse, it could be worse, it could be more severe, it could be more intense, right?

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So Bani Israel were restricted to the value of tea. And that was not a shutdown and an isolation for three weeks for 40 years. But Allah reminded them that during that period of isolation and lockdown, we favored them with money and Silva. That was the time on which men and sell our game to them. So as part of the lockdown and the challenges that we do face and we contain and we limited and we desk bound, and, you know, for people who travel for people like myself who are on the move all the time, it's fairly challenging, but he goes on to explain in this ayah and then he gives the reference of Romani on the strength of a bit dunya and very happy that the author of Abdullah venomous Rudra the

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Allahu anhu is mentioned. He used to say in La Ilaha Illa, Allah denarii Mina, follow OSHA law as the boom be a shed domina not

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in La la de Allah Allah Healy nanny Mina fellow and then I opened Romani allama Shahabuddin Lucy Baghdadi Rahim Allah, not that I would doubt whatever is written in biannual report on I mean, I love it a day doesn't pass in my life where I don't read bionic Quran, and I have a book before me shoot a weapon, which I hope to expound and elucidate on is also the writings of Hakeem and Omar Rahim Allah. And the backdrop of this book is that in India, in the district of masa for a nogada, there was a plague that lasted for an extended period of time, and it created a lot of doom and gloom and sadness and depression amongst people. And Hakeem Omar Rahim, Allah said, I felt the need

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in my discourses, to let people know that Wait, hang on, as much as precaution is vital and integral, death is not something we despise. Death is not something that is despicable to a believer. It's not something that he he withdraws from, it's not something that he is an easy towards. And he said I started focusing my discourses on the positive energy of mode etc. And in a period of few days, I observed that people came out of that sense of depression, there was some sense of brightness, there was psychometric. So, he then you know, enumerates, all the ahaadeeth pertaining to Tyrone and plague and philosophy commences with the Hadith pertaining to general

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illness, sickness, disease, etc. And how Allah rewards. So Abdullah even msre Allahu anhu said that indeed, there is a specific bounty of the Almighty upon the occupants of hell and that is, if alone one did a lot of good subject them to a tall man more intense than hell.

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Allah is in absolute control. Allah could have paralyzed the world more than he paralyzed it. He's brought it to his knees, he's brought it to a halt. That's the eye of a believer it is challenging. I mean, when I read this alliance, my witness I called my spouse I call my kids I put it on the family jet. I gave a talk in the mustard the same day, because for me, it was an answer not only understanding the beauty of this ayah but in every challenge of my life, if if the occupants of hell which is the pinnacle of misery and the pinnacle of a pain, right, Allah speaks about a host of difficulties. So now you you in your house, and each situation makes you

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Think about so many different things. And that's what I'm hoping to also expound on, you're probably going to first you're dealing with being closed doors locked up.

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And, and, and and just being limited. Now you have the children having their own squabbles and their own feuds, which is a separate challenge of itself. Allah speaks about the pain of the occupants of hell, the punishment and then Allah says their arguments is a separate affliction in La Liga La Quinta, ha sama Halina in Nevada, can you say Okay, you know what? I can be indoors. I'm isolated. I'm quarantine. It's fine. But you know what, these kids are just on top of me? And how do I keep them at peace? So it's a separate pain now, where they arguing? And now you sit and think about those pains. I mean, for me, I have been thinking about this another reflection. Is that how your

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own environment overnight can become so strange. When I came here on the street, this is not the cuckoo Avenue. I know. When I exited of my house. It's not the ganic circle. I know. When I drove in the streets of lenasia it's not the lenasia I know. And for me, it was now thinking of carbon Malika de la Manu fillet said he allowed the lady coming to RFO ha Tana currently allowed. Allowed gabin Monique said it wasn't the Medina I knew Hata como Elena from soon la la 15. Long nights, nobody would look at me. I would agree. I scaled the wall of Abu Qatada. I said and shook up in LA Qatada ice In the name of Allah Do you know I love you. He didn't say anything. And he was even though I

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mean, he was my cousin, why things have changed. And that's again a lesson for us, that the environment in which you are Allah can just the reverse things. I like in just doing things. Sometimes you you in a company, you the CEO, and then they just go liquidated. And once upon a time you used to sit here used to issue decrees, you are a household name. Yeah, you had your own PA system, you had your private office. Now you walk in here, neither the company remains nor the building remains. Or there is a particular person married in a family probably in the context of a woman or a man. And you know what? It was a good Empire. It was an opulent home, the husband passes

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on the house becomes now an issue of contention amongst the siblings. And suddenly the the spouse and children have to move out. Yesterday, this woman was the queen in this house. She was the reigning supreme in this house. how things can change, things can change. You walk around you now you like over your shoulders. Is this the same place where I could walk freely yesterday? Well, now I cannot anymore. And that brings me to the couplets of Iran Shafi Rahim Allah what are the law? He was Yeah. What are the law he was lacking either and sLl kodava consider

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the land of Allah is so vast, you can travel and traverse now I'm going to Durban I'm going to meet the cousin we off to London next week. Yeah, my daughter's called me there. And then yeah, my my nephew is getting married in Dubai. So we fly in. And the poet says, The land of Allah is vast, and you can move around freely and openly and casually. But when the Angel of Death knocks your door, then even your one house cannot accommodate you. Then even your one house now you're looking over your shoulders, you must give yourself you're loving yourself. You're coming out for basic necessity. Catherine Malik said I would walk in the streets of Medina. It's not the Medina I knew.

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It's not the people I knew things had done. Of course, then I prayed for the Salah. And then I heard the call of God out of sheer yakob glad tidings Oh, God, Yeoman marva. La comunidad como for the greatest day since your mother had given birth to you. And then I knew it was my Toba and that had moved on. So the point is as bleak as challenging as the situation is, Allah is in control, he is sovereign. He tells us and for me, it's just looking at Quran for me, it's just looking at Quran all the time, and it gives you a reflection, that he speaks about how he paralyzed the Pharaonic power. Pharaoh the tyrant, what did Allah say? I

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was the father when he jawwad La ilaha illa Allah, that Allah Akbar aligns them with locusts, with frogs with lies under common in the footnotes of jalala and there's different opinions if it's the regular lies, that sets into a person's hair or something else's men, but take the interpretation or the the infliction of locusts how to reveal a creature frogs for free Tommy da da, da da da da da, da, da da da. Would you know de la e la dama. Louie has seen him

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do you know the law here?

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I will personally Nigeria Rahim Allah writes that this was the army of Allah and for the army of Allah, you can equip yourself you can take a position okay, right. Where's it coming? So yes, Allah can turn things so that's the reflection. The second reflection just to tie up again is as bleak as the situation is. Allah could make it worth that stuff. I have a believer

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in everything although I've been so bad when he lost his one leg and he lost these ones son. He said in the law attorney arbeiten mineral, water bottle melbournian

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de sala de la la la la la mini Pauline de casa de la Merton Fabiola. panem Allah, that Allah gave me four sons. He took one, he could take three and leave one. He gave me two hands and two legs. He could take three and leave one. But he left he took one and left three. That's the I have a believer. And let me say to you, my brother and my sister, my listener, my viewer. You know what? It hurts me to see the level of doom and gloom that has gripped the oma. It's in fact, if I go Who am I to go the opening the foreword of Hollywood on my industry, the book shelter what on earth with a good friend of mine from London? He called me and he said why don't you do a dance on this? And I

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said, Yeah, okay, I am doing some YouTube series I'll see and I'll take some equity by Assad, hakimullah Morocco Hola. Right, that during the time of plague, I told the people sadness on the face of a believer is due to his lack of confidence in the system of Allah and trusting Allah and dislike for death that can only take a believer into that situation. Otherwise a believer surrenders himself to the will of the Almighty. You know, there's another reflection I read that the question arises that when Benny is thrown in isolation and in quarantine, and it was 14 long years, then say that our Moosa and Harun Allah, Allah had a salad with Islam, they were also there. Now they were of

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course, pure, innocent, sinless souls. So why is it that they were subjected to that when they were sinless and they were pure and they had not committed any crime and said now Moosa had even asked Allah subhanho wa Taala that I will let you make a decision between me and my people, because you know they have not they have not complied and obeyed for enamel had Ramadan Allah in him albarino San Antonio de una fill out a lot bien Nila emblica Ilana

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ropa Bane and our bien el camino faceting and burning Quran something very profound is written. It's written that say the NA Moosa and Harun Aileen Hema Amina la salud with this limb we're physically in the valley of the but their hearts were not gripped by the anxiety of the other people. So they had a piece and it's a light day it was the the restlessness of the hearts. That was the real infliction more than the limitation of the body. So physically they were they were they were limited to a place but that was not the real inflection. In principle that was part of the inflection. But the real inflection was the inner restlessness that they were uneasy and say that our Moosa and

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Harun were at peace. And then you further right similar to how the malayaka that are in charge of hell will be in hell, but this will not be any punishment upon them. The occupants of the hell will be in hell, the melodica Allah, Allah, Allah,

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Allah, Allah says they will be there but they will be in the fire as bees

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you know, Fire Rescue workers will get in with the gear, they're not burning, they clothing is not flammable, there's their life is not threatened. They have the hose to extinguish they have the gear to protect themselves. So the point i'm saying is that

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a believer he is at peace. Now, you know, one of the things that probably each one of us is, you know, questioning himself and doing some self introspection, which is great is the aspect of I need to change my life for the better. I need to change my life for the better. And everybody does. You know if I can make an appeal. I posted it on Twitter yesterday as well. I said, isolation won't kill you. But being hooked to your device will kill you. Isolation indoors won't kill you but being hooked to your device will kill you. It's no crime to delete something without downloading it. It's no crime to delete something without downloading it. There's no obligation upon you. There's just an

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overload of information. There's just an overload, shut your device, put it aside and reflect now often. And this again, I give you a cue from Quran we go into a mode of regret. But let me tell you sure regret, if it is not coupled with action is inadequate to attack the mercy of Allah.

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This is mentioned again in the Quran. So in the tale and the narrative of our elders, siblings, the two sons of Adam alayhis Salatu Salam kaabil and Hubbell when Tarbell, you know he killed his brother. And then for us bahaman and 90 min. For us by hominin Nadeem in the Quran says he's became regretful remorseful he regretted by another Quran hakima Rama writes in masala Sulu saboteur, be he and Nicola de Martin lays a bit over.

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suburbia he and Nicola and the Dharma plays a bit over. This ayah releases a strong hint to say that every regret does not constitute repentance. We're in the matoba do neither moon yaku barra de vous la de la rue. Well, in kisara, we're at Mahmoud todoroki

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Lola heilala. He says Toba repentance is a regret, which is followed by humility, which is followed by humbleness and which is followed by active measures to atone and compensate and XP for your previous mistakes in your life.

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So we need to make the Toba we need to put our thinking cap on.

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And if we are moving towards action, someone said in the English language, everybody wants to change the planet. But nobody wants to help mom clean the dishes.

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Everybody wants to change the planet right? We want to we've got this amazing plants, but help mom and by the way they do Islam's got this. This unit kind of ties up with their whole campaign of husbands in the kitchen and chef and you know, doing their butt to display of the old kind of culinary skills etc.

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You want to do you have this amazing plan, start your tober now do your things now. So just to recap, some quick reflections. A believer is not one who goes into a mode of depression who doesn't lose himself.

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He needs to it's very important that we understand that precaution is is has its role, but precaution as in Arabic They say

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through law yet enamel has found

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that precaution cannot ever destiny. And again Hakeem and Omar under this ayah right so amazing where Allah subhanaw taala speaks about the nation in 10s of 1000s that left the community and they left because there was a plague and as they exited Allah cause their death for God Allah Houma, la Muto without any apparent cause, because they were away from the plague, through my Yahoo then Allah revive them without any apparent cause of life. It's not like you know, drink this water or touch the sin or there's an angelic touch from an angel or something. So there was no apparent cause of death and there was no apparent cause of life. So Muhammad Allah revive them. And then Allah says in

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Allahu fuddling, Allah nurse, la la la la. Indeed, the grace of Allah upon man is profound. So under this ayah, he writes, what was the grace of Allah upon those people? And what is the grace of Allah upon us to tell us the tale?

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What was the grace of Allah upon those people? And what is the grace of Allah upon us to narrate this tale in the Quran, he said, the grace of Allah upon those people was the Savior aka eating him to rectify their belief that live in a place of a plague does not guarantee life. And to be in a place where there is no plague doesn't mean that you will live forever. And it doesn't mean if you die, then there is no possibility of life that was the father of Allah, and the father of Allah upon us, is to narrate such tales to us what they say in order that

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the tails of the previous nations, the tails of the previous nations, is just not a story. But it came must have to become good to know Banco de has.

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Right, Mr. Bill Kelly got a new manga, that it is a compass for the sailor. So it's just not to know what happened in the past, to read about the past is there it's a reality, you read about it, you learn about it, you understand it, but the aim is just not sure transmission of information, but it is to re align your compass. And I think that is key that we re align our compass. So I just want to start off, I know our 30 minutes is close to ending here. Basically hachimura himolla writes here

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that a play get broken out in India, and the magnitude of this was quite severe, and it always has remained the teachings of Islam to help people during difficulties and to rectify them.

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aka Mr. Noble he has made mention of it in the shadow of Muslim as well that

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he was second and last in the Phaeton. So he likes it one place here that,

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that after this year, you know, after changing my address in my dogs, it became a sense of comfort for people and signs of happiness and contentment became manifest. In many people, all the distress and difficulties will turn into contentment. And I think that's the aim that we have here. I found it appropriate to name this booklet showed the one because the year after is our original one and our original abode. So I'm going to conclude on that note and inshallah as of tomorrow will commence with the first chapter. And that's the chapter the reward for illness and hardship. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to grant us ease and alfia to grant secure to grant a safety. But for a believer

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it's a win win situation for a believer it's a win win situation, that if he perseveres in his home and he remains content on the decree of the Almighty, then for him is a judo Shaheed for him is the reward of a martyr. So our takeaway from today, our takeaway from today, there were multiple things that we shared, the takeaway is one, regardless of how challenging your situation is, it could be more severe, it could be more intense. Comfort yourself, that Allah Allah reduced it to three weeks, Allah minimized it to this level, Allah had the ability and has the ability to make it more severe, more intense, more, more, more overwhelming. That's the eye of a believer in every situation, and

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every affliction that comes to him. Allah subhanho wa Taala gives him that inner contentment under this ayah the scholars right the same thing that Allah basically law he taught my inner polu by the remembrance of Allah is comfort neuron you feel Oh Allahu Allah, Allah pulu bill Alia. It's a divine light that Allah gives peace to those that worship Him and OBEY Him and I had peace with Him. May Allah make us like how say even our Moosa and our own, although they were in the valley of tea, but for them, it was a place of ease and comfort. I mean, you're balada mean