Tafseer of Surah Maryam 12 – Do not worship the devil, O my beloved father

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him in a shaytani R rajim Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim is calling or being here

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at the Matobo Duma smart room whether you do Slidell Wanda yovani cache

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Betty in

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an emunah, Lorraine Lima, lamb, tikka fat Bjarni, DECA slot one, so we saw that Allah will love him. So in the previous segment we kind of introduced the personality of Satan or Ibrahim alayhis salam, as made mention of in verse 41. And Allah subhanho wa Taala reminded us about the honesty and the truthful nature of Satan it Brahim Alayhi Salatu was Salam. And we spoke about it briefly. Remember in the hadith of Bokhari, right in the beginning when Abu Sufyan was summoned in the court of Iraq, and he was questioned regarding the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and at that time, he was a foe to the believers. He was an adversary to the Muslims and they he was spearheading every anti

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Islamic campaign. But he said well Allah He low level higher wala he lol higher if it was not for the fact that I am embarrassed to be stigmatized as a liar like Azerbaijan who I would have spoken a lie, I would have spoken a lie about the messenger SallAllahu sallam, but I cannot deal with the stigma of a liar. This is a non Muslim. And then when Heracles questioned him about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he answered honestly, and he did not distort it. Although at one point he himself says that when hirato asked him that Hollier the deal, did the Prophet of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam ever deceive? And the straight answer was he never deceived because the

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messenger SallAllahu wasallam like every Nabhi was Rasulullah Amin honest and trustworthy. But what was the response of Abu Sufyan at that time? He said, I replied by saying, he has not yet deceived he has not yet deceived and I don't know what the future holds.

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But Subhan Allah He spoke the truth. And then Allah brought the day the conquest of Makkah, that Allah subhanaw taala gave him Iman and he was a man of prominence. So the Sahaba said to the enemy of Allah, he's a man of prominence. So to be said Allah is and respected his profile and said mandala Dara be Sophia and for whom Amin, mandala, Darby Sofia and for Hua Amin, whoever enters the dwelling of Abu Sufyan will also be saved. So my brother my sister, my message is honesty May Allah bless us with honesty May Allah bless us with honesty. I mean, you're blind I mean, if parallely I be here by telling my terrible don't Hala Yes, Mara wala yo, bizarro wala your knee and cache. Verse

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40. To remember the time when saying that Abraham Allah His salat wa salam told his father Oh my father, why do you worship things that cannot hear cannot see and cannot be of any assistance to you. So practically all the experts intercede. They labor the discussion year to reflect over the personal Adam the personal adapt, the protocol applied by Satan. Ibrahim alayhis salam is a newbie he is amongst the whole Azim Ambia he is a bull Ambia sha Allah Kamina Dyneema was sabe he knew how well they are high now in a coma was saying Abby Ibrahim our Musa, were inside an agreement Deen, Allah speaks about the oral asthma. And they are there by name in that verse of Surah Surah.

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say the night Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam addressing his father whose name is mentioned as other who was an idol worshiper and an idol merchant. Look at the respect look at the respect look at the personal other look at the personal Adam. And this is a message to me, my brother and a message to you, my brother, when you're talking to your Dad, what's the protocol? What's the respect? What's the veterans? More what's the veneration with which you address your dad? And again, again, another point when we interact amongst ourselves and we want to alert someone to a wrong do we apply the necessary protocol or do we go in a condescending way do we go on an attacking spree? Do we go on a

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vituperative way do we start saying nasty things? Say tonight Ibrahim and as mentioned by Mufti Shafi Rahim Allah Satana Ibrahim in this entire dialogue, where he addresses his father who's a polytheist and Satan Abraham is calling him to to hate not at one instance, that Satan Ibrahim alayhi salam make a derogatory reference to his father who's an idol merge

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And and then we have derogatory language coming in from a scholar. I simply don't know how people can reconcile what that and the new source of them May Allah guide us and protect us. Study the entire dialogue, no derogatory language, no foul language, no obscene language. If Carla when he said later be he to his dead, ya apathy apathy. The scholars will tell you we don't want to go into all the logorrhea. Oh my respected further Lima taboo Mala yes my or whether you pursue what are you running and cache? Why do you worship something that cannot hear cannot see and cannot benefit you? And it doesn't mean that anything that can hear or anyone that can hear and see and benefit you is

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worthy of worship? Right? You got to as we talk of what people will do what people will do in aqidah, but it's a topic of its own. So all the more year understand how helpless everyone who sees and yours doesn't mean they can be worshipped because they are not watchable. We do Allah subhanaw taala is watchable. Whoo dude. But you're the object you worshipping doesn't even possess the qualities of humans leave alone anything else? I follow your own Allah Yahweh Elohim golden cola when a young liquid a home run Willa nefra But but won't they post that will they reflect but don't they realize? Allah? Allah him cola? It's not even replying to your message. When I follow your own

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Allah your journey lay him colder weather Yummly Willa NEFA and it cannot avert any difficulty nor secure any benefit limit tailboom Allah Yestermorrow Allah you pursue whether you have the knee and cache

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Allah subhanaw taala in the Quran refutes polytheism in so many ways I'm Hala Cuca healthy Fatah Chava hull hull quality him is it that other deities have created like how Allah has created so the matter of creation is now confusing for you. Ha ha Paula for Rooney mother calapan Latina mean Dooney this what you see around us what Allah has created, show me what others have created. And what Allah says they are dead later ah they are not living. Why am I Yes? Runa Jana yo baritone Allahu Allahu wa hide your Creator is only one your Creator is only one What are your knee and crochet? They cannot benefit you in any way. Okay, verse 43, the dialogue continues. The respect

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continues. Yeah, but in the ledger and even

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take all my father's such knowledge of Naboo has come to me which has not come to you. So follow me and I will show you the straight path in the matter of guidance. I have the divine knowledge, you are my father and that respect is in place. But yeah, I am the possessor of of guidance from the Almighty and I am the selected servant of the Almighty and Allah has made me his Nebby Khadija and emunah like me, yeah, Betty. Oh, my beloved father. Look at the respect. Look at the respect.

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Unfortunately today, respect is just out of the window. Imam Shafi Rahim Allah said to her Madani Minister Catherine ferati, which are nebulin Nasi heterophilic Jamara for in a news Hebei and being a nurse in order Amina Toby Siddhartha is Tamara, if you want to rectify me, take me aside and talk to me. And you can advise me from morning to evening, but don't advise me in public because I don't know if that's an advice or that's, that's reproaching chastising and rebuking me la vida is Tamara, I don't appreciate it. I don't appreciate it. These are the words of the giant and the Juris Imam Shafi Rahim, Allah Allah and then we want to advise people with foul language with foul language

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counterproductive, counterproductive, your ability to the journey menerima Allah miotic Oh my dad I have received guidance which you have not received any W and N and again I just have a flash here where Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about his powers that your gradual high Yemeni will make you at were more collegial may eat him in and how you will feel out of the moody how you will see all the scholars expound upon this Yeah, so you can it will highly I mean, I'll make it even more critical in my YouTube channel Hi, that Allah creates your critical hire minute minute Allah creates the living from a dead right so from a dead semen Allah creates a living human from a dead egg Allah

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creates a loving chick, and then from the loving Allah creates the dead. So from a living human comes out the dead semen from a live hand comes out a dead chicken. So that's the literal translation as the scholars explained, but in Metallica tansy alumna Sufi gives another explanation of what mockery God may usually do will highly amenable may yet that Allah creates living from the dead, meaning Allah creates from the line of a disbeliever a believer. So from the line of sight from the line of answer, Allah says

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Anahata Allah created so you didn't Ibrahim alayhis salam and remember without Iman then that is equal to death our mankind animated family you know who our men gonna meet and for our you know who love who Nora someone who was dead we revived him with Imam and blessed him with with with faith. So yeah Betty Oh my beloved father Khadija and immunol enemy verse 43. I've received divine revelation which you don't affect the beginning follow me I think as Robin so we Yeah. Verse 44. Yeah, by Tila Dara. Booty shape on, observe over the choice of words of the bride Malay, salaam, no nasty derogatory, inflammatory, condescending, useless, hopeless, wicked, evil nasty. What? No, no, no.

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And this is someone who is a mushrik. This is someone who was a mushrik. He was not only an idol merchant idol worshiper, he was an idle merchant, as mentioned by the scholars, but look at the respect and the decoration and the dignity of conversation. Yeah, Abdullah, taboo, the shape on Oh my father, do not worship the devil, do not worship so you literally not worshipping the devil, but you doing what the devil told you to do against the will of Allah, which equates him a parent would say, you know, child says Daddy, and then the father says, no, no, I'm not your daddy, your daddy, your daddy is your friend. And the mother would say no, no, I'm not your mother. That friend of

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yours. That's your mother. Yeah, yeah, go there by her. Because you, you reveal her, you worship her. You salute her, you obey her, that's your mother go there, meaning you obeying your friends at the cost of the disobedience of your parents. So then that's pretty much your parent, that's pretty much your parent. So then just go and live with them there. So likewise, when you are obeying the devil, at the cost of disobeying Allah subhanho wa Taala then that is like worshipping the devil. You have any LMR had la Cumbia bunny Adam Allah Darboux che Bong oh the Children of Adam do not worship the devil in the hula Komodo Moby and is your open enemy. Well maniacally shaper I don't

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know who Corinne and fossa ocarina whoever makes the devil his friend he has an evil friend. Be yourself Ballymena by della evil indeed is the substitute of the oppressors you're supposed to be friend Allah subhanho wa Taala you relations supposed to be with Allah. I often mentioned this and I just marvel at this deduction in no matter where you come Allahu wa rasuluh who will Latina I'm Anna Latina UK Munna salah, where you're doing as a character welcome Rocky Road. Allah says your friend so in the means verily Ma is hacer meaning exclusive. Will you come your friend? Allah is Allah wa rasuluh and he is believer. What are sunnah who and His messenger? What a sunnah what Latina Avenue

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Latina up Munna Salado, you tune as the catacomb rocky road, and the pious and the noble and the devoted servants of Allah subhanho wa taala. So grammatically, academically the

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you know what, the philologists and the grammarians, they asked a question here, that how come there isn't? Metallica? How come there isn't coordination and synchronization that Allah speaks of three friends, Allah speaks of himself, the messenger SallAllahu wasallam and the pious believers, but Allah references the word friend in a singular form and not in a plural form. So Allah didn't say your friends are Allah, His messenger and the believers, Allah said your friend, singular, and then Allah spoke of plural. So how do you reconcile the mention of multiple friends against the expression of a singular form of friend? What a mute Jamar annually you were in Canada math guru

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Jamar written them be Han Allah and tambien welcome Ujima already you alumnus of he says, And the word friend has not come in a plural form. We're in Candlemas guru Jimmy Wayne Cannell must go to Java, although Allah has made reference of multiple friends can be hung to impress the point and Nell Willa tell Allah He Aslan when he later he doubloon to impress the point that your actual absolute total exclusive friend is Allah fellow killer in nama hola Yo como la hora, su la mia Conville Calamy Aslan wala double Ron. And if Allah subhanho wa Taala had said, Verily your friends, Allah and His Nabhi and the believers, that there would be no distinction in impressing the

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friendship and the Wilayat of Allah subhanho wa taala. So, oh my father, why is it that you have befriended the devil? You got to befriend Allah in a shape and a canary Rahmani? I say Yeah, indeed the devil is disobedient to a Rahman verse 45 I bet in Atlanta for AMS second, boom in a rough mud for the coonelly shaytani when he Oh, my friend, Father, I'm afraid again when he came to the strongest of words.

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As the most stern have of interaction then to look at the choice of words prior to this, oh my father don't do this on my father. Why are you doing this on my father? What's the wisdom? You're in masala Messiah pseudocode. So there's a whole academic right up here and know who Alayhis Salam if Tara horsnell Adam, how he and his salatu salam adopted adopted that soft, gentle diplomatic, euphemistic approach. In the aha for NAMI second, I don't mean a rough man, I am afraid that you will be gripped by the punishment that Rahman would afflict you with a punishment for the coonelly Shivani weary Yeah, then you will be a friend of Chapin, meaning you will be a partner with him in

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hell. If you persist on the practices, the deviant practices of the devil, then you will be paired up with him in hell.

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So that was the advice and the message and the respect of st night Brahim Ali Salaam and that was verse 45. Now look at how Ibrahim alayhis salam is further as a response and retorts. Verse 46 Ba RR reborn enter an era t ibro. Ibrahim is further retorted, do you dislike and renounce and turn away from my gods? So you know in Arabic basically lovely but in a roundabout means to incline and rally bar and would mean to dis incline? When the Scylla is on when it is followed by and then it would mean to disinclined or are they born under an early hottie? Are you turning your back to my gods? Are you turning your back to my gods? Oh, Ibrahim, the 1110 de La La Romana. If you do not desist,

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and you do not stop and you do not back up. Roger my yard Jomo could mean both ways as mentioned by the scholars, then I shall stone you Right. Or I will verbally attack you. I will verbally attack you. I will say the most nasty things to you. Or I would stone you so strong, harsh, aggressive response from the Father.

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German Nicola jewel me Melia why journey and leave me Melia Medan taweelah Jalalabad for a long purchase, leave me and back up. I don't want to see you. Can you just vacate this place and go from here? That's how stern that's our harsh that's how abrupt that's how uncouth. That's how hostile ours are was to say you deny Ibrahim alayhis salam, again, look at the teachings of Islam, my young brother, my young sister, your dad could be wrong. And if he's wrong, he will be answerable to Allah, my sister, your mom could be wrong. And if she's wrong, she would be answerable to Allah. But it does not justify for you to respond in a harsh in an abrupt in a disrespectful way. So Ibrahim

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Ali salaam stone is is measured. His approach is dignified. He's Darwin is euphemistic. The father is harsh, abrupt, uncultured, uncouth, hostile aggressive vituperative condescending first 47 How to Say hi Brahim Ali Salam respond to the provocation of his dad. Carla Salah Manali, salmonella Lake, peace be upon you.

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The scholars will tell us salamat Mata raka Salam and matar rocket we party in wasia we parted ways Yeah. Okay, we'll end it on that note Peace be upon you. I think we call it today and we move on. We'll have to move on from here. Still fear oh la cara B. So as to the funeral la cara be. I will continue asking Allah to guide you. To stop Finola canopy ask Allah to forgive you. And of course forgiveness here means guidance and from this is the establishment of seeking asking Allah for the guidance of this believers. Sir, certainly, surely, soon, a stove you know, I will ask Allah to forgive laka you all my father in law who cannot be heavier, verily, Allah is Most kind and most

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compassionate. That is the approach of unabIe and that is the teachings of Islam, that give the Tao with with respect and love with dignity and honor. And if perchance, and this was clear cut, this was clear cut, that was Iman and that was Cooper, this was the eighth and that was Shall we often inviting a person to a view that is probably a better view between two views, not that between halal and haram between Paradise and Hell? And unfortunately, we do not have that respect and dignity. And often when we parted ways we want to curse people. We want to curse people. What kind of concern what I do, man is hasty under this idea in Surah, Bani Israel, it is made mention of by Allah Allah

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Lucy bye

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Daddy that feeling at the mall is there a geography dua we learn from this year Don't be hasty in your prayer. Allah see Yama la see Yama either kind of Derbyshire more so when you curse in someone walk also son. We have delayed Wahoo Susan Lil inter-terminal Enough see here moreso when you can send someone out of your personal anger and rage kamatera cathedra Meenal muda in a little machine yoga and motor jewelry in Allah Allah heeta Allah al moto Rena, Beto, wholemeal, Qubool. Yet Aruna al Muslimeen of relevantly unfussy him while you're alone anima yet Giuliana elsina Team Love Buddha Yeah, Tara *a Anil Milka will Mallacoota fee add him what Allah Allah, Quran Allah, what Allah

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Allah to Quran Allah Azza Mihaela your own, you would find people who perceive themselves to be noble, and then they will make strong statements cursing people, and assuming that they curse will inevitably strike. And it is quite apparent from the tone of the Quran, how repugnant their behavior is. So here's a message to myself and to you, my brother and my sister, speak to your parents with utmost respect conveyed the downward with dignity and respect and if somebody does not accept, continue making dua for their guidance