Sajid Ahmed Umar – I forgive you, but I will not forget!

Sajid Ahmed Umar
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I say that some of the scholars say that allow for is to forgive. And a soft is to forgive and forget La Ilaha illa Allah to forgive and forget. There's a difference. Sometimes we forgive somebody, but we don't forget. And we tell them and forgive you. But I don't forget, isn't it? Right? Have we have we heard that from someone before? We forgive you call us. It's okay. Let bygones be bygones. We have to work together. So let's work together. But now that I don't forget.

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For the record,

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be aware and tread the path of caution. Now, a surfer has the scholars have said some might have said is to forget, and this was a quality of use of it he Salah use of Allah he Salah we all know, was abducted from his home as a young boy, as a young boy by his brothers, those that he considered his closest protectors. Wouldn't you hold the biggest grudge against your brother? If he did that to you? He took you and threw you down the bottom of her well.

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Wouldn't you hold not any graduate the greatest grudge wouldn't you?

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Use of Allah he Salam went through many tests as a result of being abducted from his home. Because as a result of being in the well, he was taken as a slave. And as a result of being taken, this was harmful. And as a result of being taken as a slave, he was transported to Egypt and sold as a slave. And this was harmful. And as a result of this, he was forced to live in a home of shirk, and home of no morals, and this was harmful. And as a result of this, he was tested with adultery. And this was harmful and Allah protected him and as a result of this, he was thrown into prison. And this was harmful harm after home after home after home. And the scholars of Tafseer say use of Allah he's

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Salem between his abduction and being reunited with his family went through more than 40 years, which means use of either he Salam was in his 50s when Allah reunited him with his brothers so use of either he Salah meets his brothers and they are in regret and what does use of Allah he Salam immediately say letter three Valley Coolio, your your Allahu Allah Quran says there's no harm for you today. There is no blame upon you today. Allah will forgive you. Well who are Hamra? He mean, and Allah subhanahu Attallah is the Most Merciful of all those who show mercy Subhana Allah Allah, if it was you and I, and we, the minister of Egypt, and these culprits walked in, immediately would

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have arrested them and throw them into prison.

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Not so

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years decades of injustice, because of the injustice, but immediately when he sees them and he sees them in regret. He says that a three Braley Camileo you are forgiven. Now let's see what happens at the end of the story. When Jacoba he Salam arrives yeah hope Allah He Salam arrives and you use of Allah he Salam praises Allah subhanho wa Taala and says

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what are the center OB in our Harar journey mean as Sujan YJ

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vehicle Meenal bedel

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milk by ID and leather or shape on benei ouabain Whitey use of anyhoo Salem says after he's reunited with his family, and Allah was kind to me when

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when Allah removed me from the prison

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did he say when Allah removed me from the well

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which is more difficult for use of Allah He said I'm going to prison or being thrown into our

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in your view, a young boy around seven years old, which is more difficult being thrown into prison as an adult when you've chosen prison or being thrown into the wealth into the world. So why does it use a writer he said I'm saying Allah was good to me when he removed me from the well why does he say Allah was good to me when he removed me from prison? Why? Because he forgave and forgot. He forgot about the well when he told his brothers in a few if before letter three Valley Coolio there is no blame on you young people Hola Hola, como and Allah will forgive you.

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So use of Allah he Salem exercises this quality of suffer this ability to forgive and forget La Ilaha illa Allah may Allah subhanahu Attallah grant us the qualities of of his Gambia Allahi wa Salatu was Salam Amin

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