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Sheikh Zoubir Bouchikhi talks about death, funerals and how Muslims should deal with it – part 6/6

Feb 2012

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And I invite you on insha Allah when you go to Hajj or Umrah and you go to visit the masjid never we go to Albania back here is called gender genital.

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They can see from outside, go and see sisters and brothers. Do you know some of the greatest Sahaba are buried there? And there is nothing

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nothing to show the grave big or nothing Sahaba

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I mean we're talking about Fatima, the daughter of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam we talking about Asia the wife of Rasulullah saw some were talking about this man or the last man may Allah be pleased with him the third grade Calif of all time. Grant, I mean, son in law of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam berry there,

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I see some of the greatest Sahaba nothing.

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So am I better than them?

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You think people didn't love them?

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They love them more than you and me. Go speak bad about the sahami. And you will see what people will do to just speak bad and say freedom of speech, they will show you what does freedom of speech. You're insulting here. You're asserting that that person, a Sahabi, of Rasulullah Salah.

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In this I opened a bracket and say,

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we should never ever talk bad about the Sahaba

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Be very careful. There are people who who speak very bad about them and they attack them. It is enough for them as an honor that Allah chose them to be what only to be okay, well, he very good to to, to be with the Prophet. He didn't choose me to be with the Prophet, he chose them, to see the prophet to hear from him. And enough as an owner, that the Quran was revealed in that time.

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He didn't give me that honor. He didn't give it to you Sorry.

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And then I go speak bad about them. There. They already score high by just being listening to what I said them, as soon as you believe comes to him and revealed to him the Quran, and then they hit it fresh, fresh as Allah revealed it. from the mouth of their ears heard the Prophet, I didn't hear the Prophet. So who am I to come and talk that about any Sahabi?

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And what did they do to me? why I'm saying this because there are rewritings now spreading and people are reading and they're good people but they might repeat something that the author who's putting his poison there without you knowing because you you are coming to Islamic knowledge you want to know all the Sahaba Oh, this happened between Omar and and Fatima may Allah be pleased. He treated her like that. We must be rude.

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Who are you talking about? A man that the Quran came four times, four times agreeing with him. Imagine Allah agrees with Omar. May Allah be pleased with him. Imagine that. Allah Subhana Allah above seven heavens agrees with Omar's opinions and he leaves for an to be read till the Day of gentlemen, who am I to talk about any sahab?

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I should worry about my hair after I'm about to go to ephedra. I'm getting sick every week. My children are growing up. I don't know what will happen. I should worry about that. Why should I worry about the past?

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And why we always look at the past as Muslims.

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Apollo probably had our stuff earlier. Welcome. Yes. Yes.

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Excellent, excellent. This is very good question. How about if a loved one dies overseas and his family are let's say in Malaysia and he dies in London.

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If it is his was the year if it is his was a verbal or written that if I die, please bury me in Malaysia next to my mother next month, then you can bring the body although that's not the right thing to do. But if it is his was a year because he left he left a well testament. But if he did not the best way is to bury him wherever he dies, to bury him not clean and make sure by the way, make sure they bury meaning. Even if the whole family cannot travel one at least goes or make sure his friends bury him to go to the masjid wash him and then burying because these people can take the body and say we'll take care of that. We take care of that. Don't trust them. They can cremate. They

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didn't even take care of their own soldiers. Did you hear recently 270 bodies of the Air Force US Air Force from Afghanistan they throw them in a dumpster?

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Yeah, in a in a in a in America?

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Yes. 270 buses they you don't hear this news.

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You hear only

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Democracy Mitt Romney

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he's coming and he's got me McDonald's. McDonald's all Americans are obese now that's that's what by the way most Malaysians are obese to

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between the 90s when I was here and now when I came back I mean Malaysians are getting this big

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I cannot understand that in a country that is full of food culture. There is lot of food here and hamdulillah it's not like you're in the desert where you eat on the from certain time to certain time 24 hours hamdulillah there is food here it is not cinema there is this there is that? Also what made the Malaysians big now is

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McDonald's and so the western food

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Western food

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No, very good. Does the soul come back? No. It does not come back to the family it goes back to Allah

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the Korean maybe be careful

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the shaytan the shaytan of so and so may visit you

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but not there the soul of the body of the human being Yeah

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no, no halus hobbies hobbies very good Nana because she is very right because this question is being debated by some Muslims that the body can come and let's talk to it. And yeah the soul.

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Yeah, no, no, no, they wait for look. The grave in the grave. If you go and make dua and do hamdulillah especially that is Heidi that's on Monday and Thursday. The psalms wait for their loved ones to come visit them at the grave but not coming here to you know.

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Yes, you make dua, but but they will not they will not interact with you. If there is any interaction we can follow. If there is any interaction that's the shaytan talking to you. Who has the same voice? Who knows everything and the whereabouts of that person? Because he has been always a straight man. And to some bombers you go, and they tell you Okay, you want to talk to your daddy? Yeah, okay. Wait here. And they start hearing your dad. Dad. I miss you. Yes, I miss you my daughter to a decent dad. I miss you but I don't want to be with you in our data. You have to we have to agree on this. You can't tell me

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who's talking to you? That's not your dad. Your dad is with a law already. Who's talking to you is the shake line of your party in

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the car in the car? He speaks exactly like him. He knows everything about him. But you cannot see him karenia

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in them is in the fasting month same thing. You meaning to visit them

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the sword Yes. Same thing in in Ramadan or other than the Ramadan. The sauce if you go to the graveyard on Mondays and Thursdays

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Ah, if you want if you want if you want this is the beauty of Islam handled when a Muslim dies in his grave and buried in his grave?

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If he's a good Muslim, may Allah make us all good by following our socialism by loving the prophet SAW the seller

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right? I mean

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your stay in your grave even if it takes centuries will be just like a nap between door and ask

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for a Muslim for good Muslim May Allah make us all when we go to our grave even if we stay centuries like the Sahaba for now 1400 years use you feel like you spent only a nap between bar and acid go sleep after you pray those are good makin you pray though, and then go sleep and wake up. That's exactly how you will feel. But for a non Muslim or for a weekend Muslim God forbid they will feel its Eternity is too long, too long, too long, too long, even if it was one day. For example, they die today and tomorrow is the day of judgment.

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So please remember that Allah will make it easy for you inshallah. Okay, yes.

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Ah, very good question, organ donation after death, even during this, I mean before this before death, can I give part of my body you can as long as it does not lead to your death. For example, if you give one kidney, usually one kidney does not lead to your death, but two kidneys lead to your death.

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Here you cannot do that. Can I give one I? Yes, you can give one I

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know before that I'm talking about before that, can I give skin so that they plant on somebody who got no problem, any donation of your body that does not lead to death, actually is highly regarded, regarded by Islam, as if you saved all mankind. Imagine if you save one life, if you save one life, one human being Muslim or non Muslim, as if you saved on mankind. Now, how about after death? Because we need to first before that and after that there are two opinions of scholars some of them I say no. Why, because you have to respect the body the body died as a as you cannot take off, send it back to Allah. This is their rationale. The other opinion is no saving life,

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even after death, like if, if I am clinically dead, that's it, my brain is dead, but the heart still pumping in the blood. They all the doctors, Muslims and non Muslims numerous of them said that this man is dead his visit because Allah wants to show His justice. If it is if it is not, if it is relevant to you, it is not for others, because they cannot see that.

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They cannot see that. For example, some people were not buried at all, their bodies were never found. So they didn't go through the process of seeing.

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The body was not there. Just the soul for the day burned, they exploded they, they they went into pieces. They were cremated. God forbid they were not entered in their grace, had that's one. Number two.

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What's wrong with me knowing the outcome before judgment, there is nothing wrong. If I know that I'm going to be rewarded, and I be just waiting for the day of my reward. And for the person who saw his place in hellfire. halus at least he got a news. And Allah is torturing him already.

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not physically yet, but but what's called his sword spiritually, his soul is being tortured, by knowing the outcome that he has been a loser all his life. So when Allah creates his body again and put the soul in it, for one more time to enter Hellfire, he will be ready for the punishment.

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I don't see the contradiction between knowing the outcome and the Day of Judgment. Because the judge is fair. For example, I give you an example. A person who has committed a murder.

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And this murder has been planned, well executed, and with all kinds of intentions to kill, and the person is caught. What do you think he has to think of himself? He's got

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and he knows that in that country, they execute the criminal. So what does it should tell the judge? What What should he expect from the judge?

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What should he

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with what what's the punishment? The same thing? If a person did very bad, very ugly, and then in the grave, he sees a window of hellfire. What does he expect? He did bad? Even if he doesn't see the window, he'd already did that. So he should expect worse. It should expect worse. Same thing because remember, brothers and sisters, their reward and punishment is according to the deeds.

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In Islam, we don't give you reward for bad deeds, and we don't give you punishment for good deeds. Otherwise, it's it's unfair. So whatever you have done, you will find accordingly and no one will blame Allah in the day of judgment because Allah will ask you, did I wrong? You are my slave. Did I wronged you? You cannot say yes. Oh god, you're onto me. You cannot. Because Allah Subhana Allah to Allah will show you will show you and He gives you a speak. Don't feel anything now. Speak your mind. Did I wronged you? Didn't you do this? Didn't you do this? Didn't you do this? And he shows you a movie. From the moment your mother gave you birth until your other mother hugged you, which is

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Earth. Tell you come come back. My son to me. Come back.

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My daughter to me,

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and it's serious sisters and brothers. I advise you and myself, every, every week we meet we actually supposed to hug each other. Do you know that? sisters, sisters and brothers? You know why?

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I know because I got lucky. Because it's a new birth is a new online, it's a new chance. Yesterday I went to sleep. And in this morning I said, Oh my god, imagine I didn't wake up. It scared me. It scared me and I'm never going to see my children and my brothers and my sisters is it really scares you? It should it should move you at least why to make that day productive for Al Qaeda because definitely you're going to be productive for the dunya and you'd be loser for not being productive for dunya and akhira. All watching the United making money. United Manchester United making money and you Oh, why Suarez didn't say hello to ever? What's your problem? Why Muslims are not saying

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Salaam to Muslims. At least they are players they are making my money. Oh you know he you see he's rude. He didn't say Salaam to him.

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on big news. Muslims are not saying Salaam to Muslims. Muslims are not saying sellout to Muslim brother is not saying senator his brother that does not ring a bell and the non Muslim not shaking hands as if a big deal.

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Ah, thank you. You are good. The good news. The good news. So last as an end it was supposed to come but I kept it for next week. But the good news is I promised Rasulullah saw Sam said if 40 people pray Salah together Jenna's on yo Allah forgives you.

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If 40 people

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yes insha Allah is generous. If 40 people pray salata, Jin, and he said, people it can include men and women and children no problem. That's why call as many people as you can and make them at least three rows. You heard me saying that when I made Salah Jenna's on brother Halima Hi, Mama. I said, three Why? Because the prophet SAW Some said three rows at least 123 even if there is only 40 men and women 123 at least.

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So hamdulillah The good news is that I also saw some said if a Muslim dies and 40 more women attend his or her funeral Allah will forgive them

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44 or more?

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More hamdulillah isn't this good news? This is more than a million dollar gifts I'm telling you. What do I do with a million dollar one? When I'm going to leave it after I go but to go while Allah forgive me because of my brothers and sisters praying for me hamdulillah

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should be happy. Okay very good. No, there is no event there should not be event in the grave.

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After we build we bury the person there is a student to sit next to him

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or her and then say or Abdel haleem son of so and so. When the angels come to because they are right there they are there already with him. Yeah, he can hear Yeah, he hears never saw Selim said

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this man is hearing all of your footsteps right now as you are leaving his office meaning if a man sits with a person who passed away and say all Zubair son of so and so or Fatima, daughter of someone so if the answers asked you who's your Lord say Allah, if they ask you what's your religion say Islam so you are helping him you're like telling him these are the he hears and he thanks you for that.

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He will hear but cannot talk.

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champion. This is tough day but not as bad as then is to call the living lousy Muslims to move their behinds and go pray

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and anytime to make do add to the dead ones, Allah subhanaw taala will answer your job.

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It doesn't have to be specific time is specific. Anyway. You are on the aeroplane you are in Mecca. You are in Johannesburg. You are here you are in a market. Remember your brother remains a father mother shall allow for me.

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If the husband is the one who has arrived over his wife, if the husband I mean if a woman dies, her husband buries her and her son

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then comes the Father. If her father is still alive, Is this clear?

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Not a stranger to you, especially your going your last encounter with the humans. You let the foreigner touch your body. Make sure your sister say when I die. You You're my husband, you

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Can't be man enough. Put me inside. Don't say where they are. This is their job they are professional sorry.

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Professional to dig the grave and we pay you

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that's wrong. That's very wrong.

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Look look even if their intention sisters, even if your intention is pure the action is wrong.

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family should Yes.

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Then the son, son, if not Son Son in law,

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your your your nephews, your nephews, those who are haram to you to marry you. maharam a person who cannot marry you bye bye In Islam, like your nephew, your son in law, your son.

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These people have to otherwise What's the good of having a family one day Don't come to my

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burial? Unless they are traveling or overseas. That's another thing. But if they are in town, come on.

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You're in town you're supposed to come.

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Okay, my brothers and sisters, May Allah forgive us. hamdulillah The good news is that a 40 Muslims attend your funeral and pray for you salata. jenessa, Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah. And usually more than that, more than that, more than that attend hamdulillah. And that's why I always say wait for the harasser. so that more people come for the salad anyways plus the family and friends who came all the way they play

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Ah, we need each other we need you to and we need we need each other. Okay, brothers and sisters, we stop here. May Allah accept the or attendance and accept my lecture, mailing And may Allah reward you for listening. And May Allah forgive us all and May Allah bless brother and his wife for opening that house, the zamyla head and thank you very much I'm truly honored to teach you from whatever Allah taught me Sharla next week we continue with this subject and then we finish it we finish this subject of jenessa and we go back to our subjects and this time we are going to answer some very very very unknown subjects of Islam

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and non Muslims I'm yet to hear Muslims talking about them because to them is like

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you should talk about these issues. To us Islam is Voodoo wasn't solid and when we are going to talk about what is this

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what is how to deal with people

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what is how to deal with a Muslim versus a non Muslim

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so many things when you see Oh my God my God, we don't know this much. This much we don't know we know this letter and we think we were going to Jenna May Allah forgive us?

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panic alarm mubychem decrescendo en la la land the stuff we will cover today, Allah homogeny schema and a schema and mahoma what the federal economy balita pero con la Suma weather to Jackson and Amanda Shapiro Rama Rama robina attina Mila Don't call me Emily Natasha and I've been at Neff Indonesia has an awful Alfa Santa. Okay, na na, O salam wa Sallim wa barik ala Sayyidina Muhammad Ali he was married in Santa Monica

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Santa Monica