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The transcript describes a series of disconnected sentences and phrases, including comments from various speakers about humanity, challenges of life, and potential consequences of events. The Shaka-speaking world is discussed, where the woman is surrounded with thorns and is not considered a minor ineligible. The importance of fear and desire is emphasized, and the loss of family members and difficulty in graduation from school is discussed. The transcript also touches on the negative impact of excessive sinning and the importance of giving evidence to one's followers. The segment concludes with a brief advertisement for coffee and a drink. The history of Islam, including the implementation of Islam upon the US and the UK, is also discussed, including the UK's history of abuse and abuse of men and women.

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In Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah una una sala

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de when

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a woman say Dr. Medina, Mayor de la dama

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de la, la la la la la hula Sri cara, Vanessa Donna Maulana Mohammad Abu hora pseudo Amma biographer protocol along with the Baraka with Allah.

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For corneal, Hamid altavilla. humanists a Pani, rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, Omani tequila Hi, Jon Loomer Raja, or you're superhuman hi solaia disable May Allah Allah Allah, Allah Hospital in Allahabad Evo ambrane Khadija Allah Allahu la coalition in Katara we're calling Wu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, it tequila Hayato makuta what is to be heard senators say? Dumb hoo ha will call up NASA behalten Hassanein Oh kumbhakarna helenius Salatu was Salam sakalava Molavi masakazu NaVi Yun Karim Allah Allah comunista he Dena was shocking enough al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa honorable order microm respected brothers and elders. Today life has become so challenging that we have become

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immune to your in tragedies calamities catastrophe that it can be safely said that like the other day someone asked me for some good news. So I told him the best news is if you haven't heard bad news, there is good news. There is our life has become and one of the prophecies of maybe a creme de la usnm stay at us with an A B of Allah said a time will come the challenges of this world will become will take its toll upon men, while men thought you will technologically advanced and you will have so many amenities at his disposal and life will become simplified, yet life is becoming so frustrating. Frustrating from every level within a viola said a man will come to the grave not to

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pay his respects to his deceased brother, but rather to tell his brother yarlington econ to Makana Sahaba del cobre. Oh my brother you gone You're better off I wish I was in

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the Navy of Allah say such a time will come like the poet says allow mo to neova study HIPAA law issue mala europei Can you tell me where they are selling death I want to buy it I'm tired of this world. Brothers dietary mother I have recited Allah tala in the most comprehensive ways, provides us with the solution of every problem. Regardless of the nature of the problem, regardless of the nature of the catastrophe. Then Allah tala in this ayah gives the answer in the solution to every problem. In fact, maybe a creme de la creme commentating on this I had said one line he lo aka the nurse who Bihar in de la jolla. I know when I in the Quran, if people have to grab onto this ayah I

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swear by Allah this idea will surprise them. Woman yet tequila Jan Laguna Raja, the person who fears Allah, Allah will make an opening for him from every difficulty from every challenge from every hardship. Allah will when when when the night will darken. And apparently there will be no light on the other side of the tunnel. And every type of calamity will take its toll upon you. This is the one that appears Allah, Allah will open in revenue for you. And that's not all. Zuko. Moomin hi solaia Allah will provide for you from avenues which you could lease perceive and comprehends.

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Via creme de la Valley was seldom seen this is repeatedly to his Saba. Now what is taqwa? The Quran says woman yet tequila the one that fears Allah what is taqwa? Cunliffe de Nova Sahaba Kabira hoffa Toka abandon all forms of sins, whether minor or major was not a commercial enfocado the Shaka Roma era and live in this world like a man walking in a thorny jungle. Person walk in with surrounded with thorns. If this pieces of glass we tell the children don't come here, you're gonna get hurt, you will cut yourself. The poet says live in this world like you're surrounded with thorns. Can I walk here Can I talk to you can I speak here or not? even necessary? Do not consider any sin as

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minor ineligible minahasa it is the combination of tables that make a mountain. What does Allah say when this level of taqwa Libya, Karim sallallahu Sallam said online Ala Moana Adam, Allah if you only had that consciousness of Allah which I have loved the victim kalila baccatum kathira you would cry more in love less woman intelligence. Don't be nice and in Photoshop. And you would not derive pleasure in seclusion with your spouse's brothers. One day while reading this hadith. Allah put a thought in my mind. today because of the absence of that level of fear. Allah forgive you and I still derive pleasure with strange woman in seclusion, nevermind our own spouses.

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We're gonna be over let's say that if you hate to be so conscious of a law, if you had to be so conscious of a law, you wouldn't have derived pleasure in seclusion with your own spouses has invested in rock metal Laurie used to say, I mean ojama son and worship Patel, a believer is one who combines within himself the obedience of Allah in the fear of Allah. When Mona few pajama Isa attend Ramadan, and an evil hypocrite nasty person is one who disobeys Allah yet is complacent about his outcome, yet feels himself secured against the torment of Allah. So when a person will have Taqwa what will Allah give him your Jalla Maharajah Allah will give him an opening, maybe a cream sauce

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and he himself commentating on this is right on this commentating on this is addressing the Sahaba says, min Shabbat dunya woman hamara teen emoti woman shatta idioma de Yama, Allah will safeguard him against the anxieties and the depression of this world, along with safeguarding against the pains of death, and allow will ultimately save him against this severe horror of the day of damage. Perhaps the three most critical places in the life of every human in this is Allah Allah says that if you will develop taqwa, the consciousness of Allah the awareness of Allah, then Allah will safeguard you. Furthermore, law says when you resume in high school is the same, and along will

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provide for you from avenues, which is inconceivable once a hobby comes to be criminalized, and only viola, my son has been captured by the mushrikeen by the policies. And at the same time, I'm going through some financial problems at home I am you know, there isn't sufficient food. My son is captured I'm going through a crisis in my life.

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So there will be over losses. It could be lufia Allah, Allah was there and make supper as far as the hunger that you are going through mom, Sally Ali, Mohammed Medan. Let me tell you a hunger is not only today in my house, it's a common feature in the house of your Navy. So you are hungry today. Let it be known to you your Navy is hungry every day. And as far as your son's condition. Go back home and tell your wife to make taqwa and recycler hola quwata illa billahi la de la be abundantly Allah will make some Avenue Allah says Maharaja mockers literally means an exit you know you might wonder how can something open up your the Savi Sun is captured. Anyway, he comes home he tells his

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wife Loki I presented my case before the interview of Allah. He said we both must recycler Hola, La quwata illa Billah abundantly and we must make server so the wife said now mama may not be here wonderful is the advices you have come back with and they both started reciting this da. It was barely a few minutes that had passed when someone knocks the door. To the other surprise when the father opens the door he finds his son standing there with 100 camels. Immediately Allah reveals the verse omega tawakkol and allowing you for who has the one who puts his trust on Allah, Allah will become sufficient for him.

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In the lower belly Juan de alidium reiterates the same thing. Verily Allah accomplishes his goal. Verily Allah reaches his goal. So breath is the answer out of every problem as we learn from this ayat of the Quran is taqwa

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not acquires to translate itself in every aspect of our life. When nebbia came Sasha was reciting this ayah, one levena, whom be if Europe became, you know, one Latina woman, European language record, in the eight inches of the Quran, those people who brought a man on Allah, those who fear Allah, there are two types of fear that Allah speaks in the Quran, one is mushiya and one is hope. One is fear, motivated by love, and one is fear. Because the thing itself is frightening.

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Allah has not asked us to fear him because Allah is frightening. But Allah has asked us to fear Allah motivated by the love of Allah. So when we are teaching our children also to fear Allah fear coupled with the kindness of Allah with the mercy of a law, like an obedient child will fear his father, because of the many flavors of his father that he can imagine Hershey araba yuck shone out of the womb you have shown means those that fear Allah out of the love of Allah. So I saw the US Navy ceremony, this date analyzing these people fear Allah, is it those that commit Zina, those that commit fraud, those that abuse this site? Let me start since it No, no, I saw these are those that

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obey Allah yet fear Allah. The commentary of ASEAN plus three is then mentioned in the Tafseer. He says, Well, I have seen such people a lot but listen to this brothers. I have seen such people who after obeying Allah fear Allah more than you feel after disobeying the law.

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In other words, after performing surgery, that man walked out of the masjid what fear is my number has been accepted or not more than how much fear you got up with after not performing further namaz. He says we have seen such people who fear the law more after painting and this is the quality of a believer. So the point is to translate you have an awesome law to have and that means this will turn in my domicile Pani Bhatia are my seven don't feel any King as long as I'm the king and I ruled for

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Wherever you have another law how often I mean vehicle is the mme or Casa de Mallanna wakasa. In the Latin, Fatah, oh my seven don't fear, shortage of sustenance as long as my treasures are there and the provisions of my treasures will never be exhausted.

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taqwa is to translate into certain armor. Once the Navy of Allah said, you know what the Sahaba he then delivered the talk, and they were motivated and they all were melted into tears. Once a hobby came to LA Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah a school la casa de kalbi, I feel so hurt that I could not cry and this is what I want to focus on. Brothers ALLAH forgive because of sinning today our hearts it becomes so hard that you can see tragedies yet it doesn't make a man cry. Well not more sad than depleted. He is. The irony of the whole thing is such a great tragedy has come in your life yet it cannot concentrate you about the law, yet it cannot make you cry. There are some people who

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have a heart and so much like the Quran says Tanaka. satco lococo minbari danika Cali haidara cassava with excessive sendings your hearts have become so hard they have become like rocks. May they worse than the rocks. Then Allah says there are some rocks were in the mineral haidara llama has shocked up they split asunder and rivers Gosforth when Amina llama Yahoo bitumen Casa de la while you take note in cognisance of the sign, beware of falling rocks, my Allah says they fall out of my fear.

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Allah says even the rough split out of the fear of Allah, they are certain hearts Allah say they become harder than a rock also. So he says whenever you have a law, you give such a wonderful talk. Everybody was motivated, but I couldn't cry. In the time of Sahaba the one that couldn't cry was odd to say is today the one that cries is odd in our gatherings. What has happened to this man? Why is he crying? Why? Because crying is not common. This is one of the signs of a believer. Sally hamadani Rahmatullah. He says, I seen whenever you have a lie in a dream, and he told me read Quran I recited the entire Quran. He told me you're sorry, how the final book, or sorry, don't you know the

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recitation of Quran in tears go side by side, you have read the Quran via tears. Brothers, when last did we cry out of the fear of Allah amongst those seven people amongst those seven people whom Allah will give shade under his throne? Rajan when the Corolla haya is that man who sits in seclusion in solitude, and then revives the past of his life, and then he starts sobbing Allah What have I done with my life? Allah What am I done? I swear by Allah, may Allah favor every one with those moments but at the same amin lavc layli him, I let them in. I'm in love with the love with him. The moments when you sit in seclusion, and you cry over your past and you learn to pass and you throw your heart

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out before you Allah, Allah what will happen to me the joy of those moments are better than those spending the nights in clubs and in the lips of woman. It will literally feel ailing him. But that is that is a spiritual ecstasy.

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So I want to be over LA I couldn't cry and I feel hurt did such a talk was given but I couldn't cry. What is wrong with my heart that I can't cry? navionics Salatu was Salam said jumeau to nine min Swati local workers were to local authorities, no workers. No meanness Yon in most of my Sahabi the lack of tears is because of a hard heartedness. Once I became tenability salaam Yara Sula, la escuela la casa Toby, whenever you have a llama heart is going very hard. You know I'm not getting motivated enough and listen to talks, but I can't cry. Then we have undertone him.

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In cilia team, what will miskeen start sitting with the orphans more common and start feeding the poor Allah will soften your heart. I gave this talk many years ago one place one project came to me crying it says one on how through other words of nebulae Salaam. I used to do this Yeah, I know. I could sit I could attended janazah and a cheer won't come out of my I could see a man dying and I wouldn't cry. After it. Allah gave me to the tofik I got involved in some social work. interaction with the poor with the less fortunate with the destitute with the orphans. Allah has softened my heart so much before someone starts speaking of Quran I start crying. Then have you ever LASIK,

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bring the orphan close to you higher up till muslimeen are between your team and feeding your son la they cannot be a better house in the eyes of Allah in that house in which daily one team comes in it's so whenever you have a llama heart is hard. I'm not crying enough. Then if you have Allah says let go of tears is because of a hard heartedness

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workers what are called min castrati knowband hard heartedness is because of excessive sending. Brothers every sin is distancing you from Allah is making the chance of your repentance even more bleak is jeopardizing your entry into agenda is making you immune to all of this obedience. What will be your condition if you keep on living this life? What was the no meanness yongle mode and excessive sinning is because of negligence

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of death. When he siano remote, mentally ill, and, and mindfulness of death is when you become ambitious in this world. And you only become ambitious in this world when you embrace this world, which is the mother of all evils, whether it comes in

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one day gibreel ericeira met with Maria Kareem sallallahu sallam, and then he described janam and the consequences of those that will enter into Jan Nirmala COVID and save us all. And as describing the first level, the second level, he came to the seventh level and gibreel amin disposed and he was silent. So nobody Salam told him what about the highest level the top dog Johanna meters seven doors, who will enter man Sukarno hodel, Baba sub Savi. So gibellini sam cried and he said, I will cover your main medical living in America, what am IA tubo Oh Mohammed sallallahu sallam, that door is designated and reserved for those followers of yours who live the life of sin and died without

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abandoning it. It comes in a white for three days, then we were like crying consecutively. Then Fatima comes home and he says I want to be able to know what is really transpired and if you haven't let him elaborates. And he says, I'm originally from in Doha. What must I tell you Fatima, the men will be dragged by the piers towards the handle. The woman will be dragged by the hair and they will be screaming what embarrassment what disgrace, the youth will be dragged then they will say wash ah bah bah. However, we wasted our youth that this is the condition but I come to the climax of this hottie hottie de Vaca, who became Allah Shafi Rita Hanim finally these people from the summit Allah

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save us all will be brought to the age of jahannam. They will be staying in Monaco is in charge of Jana. The character to me as women LA is the place in fire staring at them. They will tell Malik who is in charge of jahannam Can we take us out? Can you take out our last bit of regret Yeah.

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Yoko Ono la tanika jump to the hierarchy study the Quran Allah will tell you how many times men will say I wish I did this. I wish I did this. I'd rather spend my life in this I'd rather spend my life in this.

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So they will ask Molly can we cry? Monique will say by all means go ahead and cry. It comes into rewired this woman will then cry. They will literally cried tears of bloods money will make one statement ma Sana ha De Luca Luca dunia What beautiful tears only if you could shed it in this world out of the fear of Allah. What beautiful deer they are like pearls they are like peers is that Becker abdomen hace que la la Rahim Allah will tell you can only be buka Decalogue when a servant cries out of the fear of Allah. Allah takes pity on dead nation because of the shrine of dead servants, brothers crying out of the fear of Allah is the symbol of a believer, then Have you ever

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liked sitting over a blank copy of reciting Quran and then he reciting and he comes to this place for K phi G and amin couldn't even met him before he the oj da, da, da, da da, O Muhammad sir. So what will happen when we will present you before a law and your followers will come? And then you will have to give evidence against them the very Samson's just wait for a moment obey and then obey the law says I look up and I see it was the tears for the remaining part of the nights if I'm Oh honey, if I say you don't use an image the dean is reciting this if we really daily in your scene, wanted to know Jerry Mo, he cries from a certain future when Allah will announce that in this world

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things were camouflage in disguise, the religious with the religious, the pious with the evil, the true with the false everything just got blended in life was carrying on. Yeah and announcer will announce will the evil transgressors come one side

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he called his show he says when he says I am amongst those people, but there's a love forgive the number of eldest son is nine and he starts crying of drama and says only be over love with his crying. Now he says since his crying is the mercy of Allah. Karim is the quality of the believer. Nearly salat wa salam is setting an agenda. Zappa says he stands up and he starts crying. Someone says whenever you overlap, but that is the death of a yahoodi. That is not a Muslim, but then to be a witness if it's death, Doesn't it remind you of a law? It's something like dying, only you will see versus going by and it won't cause anything to your hearts. What has happened to the hearts,

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crying out of the fear of a law in moments of solitude, rajulio in the Corolla, Holly and father, Karina, one day, we are the Alon who was sleeping at the time of whether someone comes in taps him and says mo muawiya Stanhope, how valuable these tears are in the eyes of Allah.

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Allah forgive, a man will suffer some material harm and you will cry. One day one youngster came to my house. He had some problem with his wife and his wife left him he went to he came to my house, a lobby my witness, I'm saying this in the house of Allah He cried in such a way I haven't seen anyone crying like that over janazah

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I was saying that this man's talent, these very tears if you dare to go over his gonna what won't Allah do with this youngster? how Allah will elevate these stages but crying after one woman was not bothered about him.

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Material harm will come in a man will stop and every odd overlay is broken in his life never ever did he cry never in moments of seclusion did he think yellow What is my future head? what is to happen with me my grave my family, this this this this thoughts ever cross your heart and mind. So while we are the online is sleeping, someone taps him he gets up he says Who are you? He says tenable while at the time of further. So Mario delana said I will go but First tell me who are you? He says I'm the devil. While we are the London us in astonishment, what makes you come and awaken me when you are the devil? He says I was afraid that you will miss your fissara somehow we are the

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alarm more astounded and astonished. That is your very object and your goal that people must must forgive Salah. Why have you taken the trouble to awaken me? So the devil said that no, you know I was an angel. So I have some of the qualities of the pious while we are the one who says oh evil wretched devil going deceive someone else tell me why did you come? This is also how I feared Amaya. I feared that if you will sleep beyond further namaz. You will get up with such regret. And you will cry in such a way that every tear of regret of disobeying the law will be more valuable than 200 rockets of Nepal Salah I thought I need to take you in some wrong. I said if you will miss your

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further you will regret it so much that in the end you will come closer to Allah with your repentance. I felt it was better for me to revive you so that you can perform your further Salah nebulae Salaam says a tequila fear Allah wherever you are, what we're up to be I say Atal Hashanah and after committing or wrong after committing or wrong brothers at times we succumb to our evils in environments, maybe our excellencies follow it up with a good deed after every sin that you've committed at least follow it up with some good deed. It has survived Casa Neto was our advocacy. I mean, when your good deeds bring joy to you, and your disobedience to unloving sadness to you. When

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will they happen when you walk home and your wife from the symptoms of your face can say you are not okay. And you tell it today. You know what my wife alarmists forgive me I must use my site too much. Yes, she knows when you walk home, you're not happy. Perhaps you haven't done your target. people haven't paid you you haven't met your commitments. When will they come when the symptoms of your face will manifest sadness because you have disobeyed the law and the gesture of your face will indicate joy because you have obeyed the law. Now via a salon says after disobeying the law immediately immediately do some good action so that it can serve as an atonement for the wrongs that

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you have done. For others. I end with one incident in Bullhead City first volume on the occasion of a BIA.

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The BIA was a test of emotions of the Sahaba with Sahaba came and they were halted it with a BIA and the kofod did not give them access to perform hombre. And then negotiations took place between the Muslims and the kuffaar. And then worldwide numbers came and he was he was obsessed. He was really taken aback by the level of submission resava displayed before nobili salaam. He says what long imata calama can imagine while lying in Montana Commando harmattan in lavaca advocate pierogi Minh home whenever this Navy split before he could split the saliva was grabbed by his Sahaba they would then take that saliva and smear it on the body. What is that Tabatha de architetti Luna was he when

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you perform the ablution they would fight for his water. And if perchance someone could not get the water, he would take his hand and rub it on the moist hand of his brother and apply it on his body. Perhaps today we don't have the water of nearly Salam. But voila, we have the student that have never had a Salam which has been thrown out of our homes, which has been thrown out of every aspect of our life. Nevertheless, the Navy overlapping compromises and he tells the kuffaar he said today I'm going to agree whatever they tell me provided they don't ask me to disobey your law. Anything in everything I will compromise they said you will go back without a mirage and a viola said agreed.

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Then a viola wrote in the Name of Allah the Most kind the Most Merciful. This is a peace treaty. They said we don't believe in these two attributes of kind and merciful era is in the lobby of Allah said I will erase it. Then have you ever learn Oh, this is an agreement between myself the Messenger of Allah and the co founder of Makkah. They said the whole contentious issue is we don't consider you as in the viola take of this title that used to be over la Saba should only be available Why must we agree in the beer itself says Never mind either is it then they said if a coffee comes from Mecca to Medina you don't harass him. Wherever Muslim comes from Mecca to Medina we will keep him

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then it'll be over la said it is on save now Omar says when I heard this he came to a climax I said oh no Viva La Can I can I take you aside? Can I speak to you for two minutes? That we are a sunset What is it? Less now? I'll have people who model is it not what we do? Correct and what they do incorrect. assumption correct. Elisa catalana fifth Gen Nova catalog unfit nor is it not those that have died from the Muslims are in Paradise and those that died from the disbelievers are in Ghana. We are a subset correct. Is the Quran the final revelation correct. Then what's the compromise for whatever you will now when you are saying we are correct, Allah is with us. Everything is right. Why

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are you compromising? Then we have an asset over I am the Navy of Allah.

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I will not disobey a law. I'm one of the Alon who said, I said this and then I moved out. And then as my emotion settled, the thought crossed my heart. And I said, Omar, who are you talking to?

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And I asked myself over tomorrow when you will stand before a law and law it no matter what gave you the rights to raise your voice before my nebby what will happen to you? It comes in the rewrite of Bukhari, this one unintentional mistake that satana Omar made, he regretted it lifelong for me to leave the common law. He gave charity he performed Salah he made heard, he said slaves free with the hope that this can serve as an atonement for raising his voice in the presence of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam brothers what wrongs they haven't really committed? What sins they haven't we committed? We make dua to the Almighty Allah, He soften our hearts, our lawmakers among those that

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can cry, look at the Kaaba and cry, stand up in moments of seclusion and cry. Think of your past those moments where you cry to ally in solitude. Those moments are very valuable to Allah. Those moments are very precious to Allah. May Allah give us the trophy that we can cry when listening to talks of a line is Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam May Allah soften our hearts that we do not regret on the day of the yamawaki Donna