Sulaiman Moola – Tafseer of Surah Maryam 28 – The Pious Are Loved by All

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of feeding illnesses and creating a solution for problems. They stress the need for recognition and honor for certain characteristics, a funeral, and a child to stand up for loved ones. They also discuss the personality of Jesus, including wealth, family, and actions. The conversation uses a poetic form of Islam and a photo of a woman wearing a dress and shirt to describe love. The speakers also discuss the concept of "immediate of" and its linked to a person or situation.
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what's going on feeding Kitabi?

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Sheldon dia

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rajim Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim William Bell Delia Rukmani a Duffy though WELEDA good lumen is somehow it will all be in your Walkman your hybrida la Sol whom we're I don't

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want to lose them it here woman might've Ruda saw that hola hola when we concluded the previous segment on the note of the grace, kindness, clemency and respite of Allah, that humans blurred the statement and they utter this monstrous utterance of ascribing partners to Allah subhanho wa taala. Yet Allah is so kind, so merciful, you are feeding him or your resume, Allah gives them wealth, Allah gives them sustenance, Allah keeps them alive, etc.

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Take a human if somebody attribute something to you, which is offensive, which is offensive, which is untrue, which is incorrect, which is fabricated, we become so offended, we will cut off every form of perk to that individual and we will deny and curtail all benefits of that individual. How dare you ever after this year are accused or implicate or put a blush or blemish on my name or my family, etc. Allah subhanho wa Taala is kindness, His mercy his clemency is inconceivable. And like I concluded in the previous one, the minimum gratitude we owe to Allah subhanho wa Taala is that from the bounties that Allah has given us we do not use the bounty of Allah to disobey Allah. Sadly,

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unfortunately, with our eyes we disobey Allah with our hands we disobey Allah with every Lamb of our body.

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America, Hawaii took a feely rebirth in Wella, Hama Latynina Ha Ha Ha Tinh. Regionally well outside the new summary well a bursary la wala Delany, actually Wella, la

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Neelam to Sydney, Masood

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Azhar but fatten methylene or whatnot. Zubayr when he lost his leg and it was amputated and severed. And then he sang the couplets of man, Rahim of Allah in which he says that Lambro coma Hawaii took a fairly rebirth in Allah knows I never walked towards the wrong. I never stretched my hand towards wrong, I would never fantasize wrong. And I take solace that that if I've been afflicted, then surely others have also been tested. In verse 92. Allah subhanho wa Taala says a woman yam birthday Leia Rahmani al Qaeda. But don't you think don't you apply your mind It is not befitting of Allah subhanaw taala to have any children. To have a child is a need. And a need is a weakness. And Allah

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is free from every need and every weakness. So a man is lonely, a woman is lonely, and then Allah subhanaw taala pays them up. And for a period of time, that partnership and that pay takes away that wash it and that loneliness and after a period of time, that very pay, which after they got paid together and they brought comfort and solace to each other. The Union needs some more flavor, it needs some more excitement. And then Allah blesses the union with a child and I make a dua for all those who are desirous of children may Allah graciously out of His mercy blessed them with a healthy bouncing baby. And if anyone has a particular gender and desires of another gender, may Allah bless

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them with that gender. So now you you need a child and you want someone to say dad and someone to say Mum and someone to say ABA and someone to say oh me, and so on. So that's a need and that's a weakness and that's human. Well am I am but really rough money and yet nothing that will adapt. Verse 92. Allah says it does not be fit Allah. Allah is pure he is free from any need or want. Verse 93 In Coloman fifth sama wa T will orally Allah Rahmani Aveda, whoever is in the heavens and the earth will appear before Allah subhanho wa taala. Buddha as a servant as a slave. And yes, we need to know that my brother in this world you might have certain titles, certain degrees, certain

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accolades, but we enter the grave as a diseased as a dead person may turn right in a coma. You don't we're in the home may you do as a disease as a motorhome as a layperson. And now it's done. You know, probably in this world you will recognize or distinguished or differentiated on the grounds of certain privileges or

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Certain accolades a feat that you had accomplished. But once you go down there now it is the recognition is the same thing. We all are servants and we all are slaves in color manifest somehow they will or they will. The Rukmani Abda. Oh, insaan, Yamuna, Adam, the mood to whack. Oh, you have an item tomorrow to whack oh the son of Adam, you will die yourself to torture that you will stand up yourself, meaning you will have to deal with this yourself. And I'll come there in part of your interview in the grave and I will I will assist you and I'll tell the angels No, no, no, no, you left to do that on your own strength. I remember my teacher once mentioning. We attended a funeral

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and mashallah scores and droves and multitudes of people came and of course that's a good sign. Everyone will supplicate to Allah and hopefully the intercession will be answered in his favor. But then he said something so amazing. He said the way people are raving about the multitudes of people, as though some of them are going to join Him in the grave. There's so many people that came there is like, you know what, they go in with him? No, no, you go down yourself. You go down yourself, you go down yourself, and I'm reminded of those couplets. Oh man, I think give me a shiver in my back. That gives me a shiver in my back. Abdullah bin Kurukshetra, the Allahu taala. And who were the Prophet

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sallahu wa salam spoke and I just shared with you briefly, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam spoke about a person

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who has three brothers, one is his wealth. One is his family, and one is his good actions. So the wealth says to this person, that as long as you live in, I am with you, I am will surround you, I will buy for you, I will support you, I will assist you. And we can do a lot of things together. But as soon as you start leaving this world and your eyeballs start turning and your soul reaches your collarbone, you and I parted ways and we done the reason Allah is the master Sahaba What do you say about this person? They say La nesma, Amin Jota Elan, no benefit is going to launch you there's no good to him. Okay, then comes the other person. He says no, no, unlike wealth, I'll be with you,

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I'll support you. I'll be with you while you're alive. And even in the throes of death. And even when you pass away, I'll be there at your bedside. And then ultimately, when you do pass away, I'll go through the rituals of Bath and I will Bayview and then I'll wrap you and clared you and then I will come to the grave and I will lower you. And whoever comes in terms of the mourners, I will cry and I'll wail and I will sob and I let the world know the relation we had. But yeah, you go down in your grave, and then I need to come back. And I need to carry on with my life. Maybe Salah and some as the sahaba. And what do you feel about this man? And they said nothing much probably better than

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the first but definitely is not going to avail you at the crunch time. And then comes the third person and that's your good actions. And he says when the other to launch and abandoned. That's the time I come in, and then I will sit with you I will be with you in your grave. When the angel of death comes I will come to help you and assist you and the messenger SallAllahu Sallam then asked the Sahaba and what's your take on this one? And they said he is the best? And I'm the Lead Nikolas Radi Allahu Anhu then said I want to be of Allah allow me some time. I want to put this in a poetic form. I want to put this in a poetic form. And he's Allah Islam said fine for my birthday, Leila. He

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spent the night and he came back. And then he composed this amazing couplets where he took the theme and the message and the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and then he quoted this year in me will levy enough see

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Kadar in LA Saba Husum somata le li what either homesellers to is what in Reno Allah Amarin BL Yamuna zili Farrakhan pobail en la rama defeating be from Isla de confy Levy who was la for Carla Maru Amin hum and Assaf Abel Levy, OT or coffee machine into public desire usually for a man either just Delphi, Siracusa in any lima bean and I mean whole letting us really for hotma rattle around I mean for in Nusa use Lockerbie if he mahi mahi ylim in maha usually, where Abdul Salah Han Pablo had three more ideally this is so amazing, so amazing. He gives the same flavor but in a poetic form and the Sahaba used to call him Estancia do who come up the Lebanon course and read for llama and

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shudder home whenever he would read this they would cry where the time person and his family comes and that's his wealth and they say No I'll only help you for a period of time. But as soon as the crunch time comes I walk away and then comes the family and Asahi bola the OT Roca fi mash into tabula rasa, usually for either just dial FIRA for in nanny Lima banana Minho, Latina Yoruba Swilley for hotma ora. And then comes the family. We're Carla Maru. Minnewanka going to Jaden okay

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Whoa whoa whoa through whom in Bellini him fifth tougher volley runner a ninja he don't like announce it on either don't carabiner Euro McCarty amazing, amazing. Amazing. It's an Hayato Sahaabah in the fourth volume and the bubble miroir is those that want to see the academic reference to it. The family says not like well, I won't launch and forsake I'll sit with you. Yes, but once I bury you, then Allah Jeremiah Karuna Berman who has shall really I need to go back because all my mentors have been just left in the you know what, in the balance I haven't been attending to my health, my family my business because you've been unwell. lemmya Combining Verbena Kahala tune wala

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hasna with democra 10 feet above the lip then the time will pass is as though like we never met on past the graveyard and I'll see ya my late brother is buried here with a smile in life we'll move on. What parliamo Amin home, but then comes the real rescue and that is Arman and actions and what will action say?

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I will sit with you let that look brutal. Connie wona Lika Lida, let them cook burrito Tani Hoonah Licata, you know, my brother on a side note when things become difficult, and if somebody comes to your rescue at that time, and I know they have certain memories in my mind that are edged and embedded of certain people that I really make dua for because people who, who rescue you or assist you at the point where you're vulnerable, you hurt you broken, you shattered and at that time, that person would take your dance like to another level at to another level. He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam praised the Khadija or the Allahu anha Armineh to be if kefalonian Nurse sat dichotomy if

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Katha bunny and us well I certainly remind you if harmony and us some might do more for you, but at the time when people want to do and others who do for you and nobody wants to do you need to magnify that? He said Allah Allah wa sallam said Khadija believed in me when people denied me She trusted me when people doubted me. She gave me her wealth when others were skeptical. Garner to a candidate she was amazing. Your actions will say I will sit with you will aparato young woman was Neville key fertility Taku la ha ha he didn't fit thoroughly. Fella 1070 Rolla maca McCarney for in nee alayka Shafi Canarsie Coronavirus, V Lee furtherly Kumar calm in Calais Solly Han tulagi In Asante Yun

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Mattawan slowly this is the good actions that you did that will come to your rescue.

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May Allah give us the trophy to prepare for that day. I mean your beloved Amin okay so Allah subhanaw taala says in complementary Sama, what you will already, Rahmani Abdullah verse 93, you will appear as a servant and a slave to Allah. Verse 90 For

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whom Allah has counted them and numbered them all precisely meaning everyone is in the podra and in the Hatha and in the grip of Allah. And Allah has a detail account of everyone you always intolerable letterform income Harvia nobody can escape from ALLAH SubhanA who would the Allah what couldn't know whom the young melty Amati Farda and everyone will appear before Allah alone might mean coming? In enlasa you can Lima Hora boo les Sabina who will be in a hotel Jumaane every one of you will converse with your LORD with no translator between you and your Allah for young a man I mean who fella Euro Illa Maka Damn you will look ahead of him and he will see nothing but his

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actions when zero on he will look ahead on the inside and you will only see his actions when the rush I mean who fella Euro Illa macadam and look on his left and it would be his evil actions when Verbania de Falla Euro inland Nara Tilka YG and it will look ahead and it will be nothing but the blazing fire factor Pune, Pune, well Odisha Rita Mara, so rescue yourself from the fire, even if it is by giving a date in charity, familia la mia Jade fabrica limited by yerba and if that's not possible, then a kind word in the Latina Amanullah amylose Salahaddin say yo Johanna Homer Rahman who would da verse 96, out of the 98 verses, as we draw to the conclusion of this amazing chapter of

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the Quran, for those who bring him on and do good deeds, Allah subhanho wa Taala will soon authorize love for them. So Hakimullah oma in biannual Quran makes mentioned in the above verses, Allah spoke about the consequences in an era that the criminals will be driven like thirsty cattle, while the pious will be ushered like a delegation in the presence of a king. Now Allah speaks about the Namath and the nikkormat of authority, the punishment and the reward of Accra. Allah spoke about the Agora in the brief

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is verse Now Allah speaks about the boundaries of this world. As for those who obey Allah subhanho wa taala, Allah says for them, Allah will instill their love in the hearts of people. Let's understand this. If so the hadith is very clear in Sahih Muslim in Allah Allah. When Allah loves a person nada, Gibreel, Allah calls Gibreel. And Allah says to Gibreel, that I love this person, you must also love him for your Hibou Gibreel, then Gibreel loves him.

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And then all the melodica in the heavens love him for you during the whole Qubool fill out. And then his love is poured into the hearts of the pious people. Now there's an important point to reflect here. When we say he becomes beloved, it doesn't mean that nobody will dislike him that you know, nobody on earth will dislike, you know, there will be people that might have their own issues, etc. That might dislike him. And you're the love that is spoken about. Someone might argue, well, it's not only the pious people that are loved. I love a president I love a celebrity I love a prominent person. No, no, no. Let's be very, very clear and understand this objectively. Number one, the love

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here refers to been loved by the pious people. Number two, the love year refers to love without any benefit. So if I do a favor to someone that is going to love me, and I'm going to be indebted to someone who does me a favor. I'll Insano Abdullah Hassan, the person who is a slave to kindness, so that is the principle of indifference, that wherever there's benefit, you're going to love wherever there's harm, you're going to dislike, unlike that you're the pious are those that without them directly giving you wealth or giving you honor or giving you're doing you a favor, you will just be attracted to them, you will just love them, and how true and how real. They are people who don't

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know us there are people who don't know us, but we've read their books, we've heard their lectures, we've attended their discourses, and they don't know us as in one on one yet we have that intense love for them. We have that intense love for them. Is this not a manifestation of in the levena amanu where I'm in? Oh, Sally Hardy say Yeah, John, hola. humo Rahman, who would the that those who bring him on and do righteous deeds, Allah will instill the love in the hearts of the pious, I often go that incident of Zainul Aberdeen or even for saying benign Ali, right the grandson of Satan earlier the Allahu Anhu that one day he was walking. And his son bin Abdul Malik, the ruler of the

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time was also walking. So people started giving, you know, some signals that Hashem is coming, and everybody started moving aside to allow the ruler to come. But some people didn't give much importance to him to say well this is the Kaaba forbade to Baitullah oneness which me and Abby do who everybody are the servants of Allah and you know what, this is the Kaaba, like you are. We are slaves to Allah, you are a slave to Allah. And then suddenly after a period of time people just heard that could be and there was a movement and there was a bit of shuffle etc. First up, but now

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and people started raising their heads like who's this coming for either Rajon FICO Coubertin? Mina nurse Cassini Moon was Simone Obama will just meet what do you all what he led his Akina tune what God at this young, beautiful luminous phase? Well, a tired person come in, and who was this? This was nothing, not none other than zinal RBD. So he jumpin Abdul Malik obviously felt threatened, that I'm the ruler, I'm not getting the presence that he is enjoying.

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So somebody turned to a shaman Abdul Malik and said Madhava let the Accra who knows who who's this person that's enjoying more honor than you, Your Majesty. So he sham said la de feu I don't know who he is, I'm not sure, downplaying it, downplaying it. So for us, the famous poet was present. He said, either Ganesha Mongla and for who for Anna Marie for who were dunya Kulu her daddy for who if he sham doesn't know him. So what? Actually I know him the world knows him and you know what, even the Kaaba knows him. And then of course he's saying the very very amazing couplets are the lead the dowry for the butter ha oh what I told you, when you buy into yarn for who well hello al horombo

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Other Ibnu Hyderabad he could Lemo that 30 you nothing Utah urine Alamo

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ha Ibnu Fatima in Guntur Jaya healer who be jet de Ambia Allah Hill Kado Timo Fulani, circolo caminhada Viva la de Allah Allah buta Adi Fuhrman and kereta Well, I Jammu amazing couplets qilta. Your day he also nominee for humor. Yes. Toki funny Wella Ja Rule humor demo, sir. Hello, Helene Padilla, Tasha bois de rue who

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if he Sam doesn't know him so what? I know him the cover no

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him and everybody knows him. This is the descendant of Fatima the Allahu anha. This is the great grandson of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He is the most generous person. He is soft in nature. He is humble in his demeanor. So this was love this was love, that that as soon as people seen him after all being the descendant of the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam and then being the grandson of Jose Andrade, of alira, the Allahu Anhu you can just imagine that love so Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Lavina, Amanu, or amylose, Sally had say your job and all of whom are rough man who would die, Verily those who bring him on and do righteous deeds, Allah subhanho wa Taala will

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instill their love in the hearts of pious people. And this love this love will not be a love connected or associated with anything material. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make us amongst those fortunate people that we can also be from the buyers. And if we cannot be amongst the buyers, as the poet said, or hippo, Sally Hannah Wallace to mean home, la isla Yasukuni Salah ha then the least we can do is to love and associate ourselves with the buyers. Hopefully we can also be resurrected amongst the buyers Amenia Bill Alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Adjumani when hamdulillahi rabbil aalameen

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