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Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the trend of young people posting videos on social media and creating false false false fan views. They encourage viewers to wake up and be true to themselves and not the people who liked them to wake up and comment on them. The speaker also warns of the high suicidal rate among teenagers and advises viewers to not try to get to the Hall of Fame by just taking the escalator and elevator.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. my young friends, the trend out there is that you have YouTube videos, you have some tik tok videos, and I don't know what other platforms are gonna come up where you youngsters are getting on those videos, you're doing things that are funny that your friends will laugh at. And you're gonna get loads of likes, whatever you might be doing. You know, there's all sorts of silly things I've seen out there. I've seen people's that I'm not person who's who looks at all of this, again and again. But this funny thing that people falling off staircases, people even going to the extent of causing themselves harm, just to get their likes. Now, I want to

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tell you, the world is going in this direction today for you tomorrow is going to be very different, my friend, you're going to grow up and you're going to become an adult, you're going to have so many people commentating and making comments on what you did when you were young. I want to tell you look, life is not about these few likes, and these few followers that you've got, in fact, one day, you're going to see that the very people that liked you or they followed you, they don't really care about you, I want you to wake up honestly understand who are the people who really care for you. The people who really care for you are the people who are close to you. It's your parents, it's your

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brothers and sisters, it's those people have been close to you all your life. You might think well, no, I disagree with my parents, my parents don't understand me, my my brothers and sisters on different lines, my brother's really older, whatever, I don't really connect with them. That might all be true today, fine. But you know, tomorrow, if you have an accident, and you're on the road, let's just say God forbid you had an accident, you're on the road, you've been hit by a car, those same people who your followers will want to pull out their phones and they want to video you on the floor, maybe with some bloods spilling out on from one side of your body. And they don't care about

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you. They care about their own likes, they will want to video you will receive this not 10s of people out not around the person. Maybe one person's gone out there and said Are you okay? Shall I call an ambulance? Are you breathing whatever, but others are just stages is filming. Now I want you to wake up the the way you got likes from these people, you just got some attention of why is not for you. They do it for themselves. Yes, they did it for themselves. When you become a person who others are liking and following whatever. They're doing it for their own needs. Why? Because there's a trend going on. And you've become the trend setter. And they're talking about this out there. And

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they're the first one to go to their schools and to go to the colleges and to go to their social circles and say, say you know what, have you seen this? When they become the first person to show others than others? give them credit? Others give them the thumbs up there after their own thumbs up? When it comes to that crash? God forbid, when it comes to an accident? Or let's just say you're not feeling well, at what moment in your life, it comes to that part. What are you going to do? You're going to find yourself in a very small place in a dark place. No one really all those followers, none of them are there to help you. This is being done again. And again. Why do you think

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there are many, many celebrities out there who will start taking drugs and he will start having issues with depression will have issues, you know, with with not wanting to be with people and all sorts of issues. Why? Because of this problem. The problem is when you become someone who's out there who's got some fame and got others who are now looking at you who giving you the thumbs up in the grid, you know what they're all doing that for the trend, then the trend becomes the when you slip when you fall, they all want to come in and they want to comment on that they want to watch it they want to make that they want to get their own followings on this. And if you do slip a little

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bit more than you know what tomorrow they're gonna make your life horrible by making so many comments. Now, my thing to you is, guys, please, you're young, right? You've got a whole life ahead of you. This whole YouTube thing and this tik tok thing and the social media thing. We don't know how long it's going to be around for seriously, but your life is going to be there. You know, ahead of you don't spoil your life for a few silly videos you do when you're young, and then it haunts you for the rest of your life. In fact, you kind of feel You know what, I don't know I'm connected to all these people and all these people follow me. But you know what? I feel lonely. That's another

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thing that happens. And do you know that in America, one of the highest suicidal rates The second reason for for suicide rates in America is teenagers between the age of 12 and 18. And a lot of it got to do with them how they feel and you know, on social media and how others are seeing them how they feel within themselves and so on. This is a fact I'm telling you go and search it up. Why do you want to put yourself through the same thing? My advice to you is, is look don't try and get to the Hall of Fame by just taking the escalator and elevator there. Sometimes you have to ask

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Climb up up the stairs. You know what is probably not the place you want to be in. You probably want to just lead your life with a normal job and work and just carry on doing that. So my friend, just don't do anything silly, just to get a few likes because it's not worth it. Solomonic. Hey,

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