Daood Butt – Friday Jumuah Khutbah – November 13, 2020

Daood Butt
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the characteristics of a kingship, including its use of palemoon and worship of animals, its loss of certain fruits and animals, its use of governance systems, and its importance in protecting everyone. They emphasize the need to not allow anyone to take control of everything and to focus on individual position, as well as a new initiative to help people achieve their goals through donations to the GTA and Canada. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of understanding the actions of individuals and the loss of certain fruits and animals.
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no more water so

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whenever we will be learning Show Me

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Money and

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why you may

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to assume some of all he

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was the promoter CV

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come along to the

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bottom 14 is still

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barking. Yeah, Johannes, he talked about

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what coming has

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over seven regional

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data center

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from Arqiva

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my brothers and sisters, as we continue on our journey of learning about the neighbors are going to have it this week we learned about the king and abetted and how Allah Subhana Allah is in ultimate control. And of course we know that we'll look at some of the aspects of Cain, who is the king? And are there many kings? Can there be multiple kings? And when we say the word King, does that simply mean the ruler of a country or lens? Can it be some, like the king of your household? I like the one who's in charge, but one who is overlooking others. And so also,

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of course is automatic.

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Who won't want to

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either have

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a family with us and we see it's

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almost impossible, which is this name slightly different

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in the second part of this book, but just to remind us and haven't

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barking mad at you.

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And so who is

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who is

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when we think of Russia, when we think of being in control, we think of a wasp.

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No doubt every single one of us knows what is the port and what is our role and he is our

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provider and sustainer and we took

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we learned about the nature of Apostle kind of water

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but today as a medic, we break it down into the

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three parts.

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I like First of all, part of the kingship of Allah some kind of want to add is affirming the characteristics of a king. So a king or the leader or a loss of kind of what we think of him as being in ultimate control of every single one of the creation, whether human or rock or stone, or about two or three, four, that error, the oxygen, also kind of with data created everything. And so, we need to first off affirm that he has those characteristics

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and characteristic characteristics of a king who is in control, what are these characteristics, he has the power and

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he has the strength and the courage, he has the ability to do anything, he also has

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mercy, kindness, compassion, right. Also,

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he cares about his creation, he wants goodness for us, he continues to provide for human beings even though

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they disobeyed.

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So there are so many characteristics that are needed for a king to possess. Also palemoon also has knowledge of the world. And knowledge of the unseen and knowledge of the heads. All of these characteristics are links to the ultimate King, the King of Kings an advantage over produce on wall.

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So the first characteristic of kingship, remember is having the characteristics of a king. Right, that is the first aspect of secondly, all the creation are the servants and worshipers alone. And

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so every single thing is worshiping alone. Now, it's easy for us to understand that for our own selves, because we're sitting here submitting to a wall, we're here we're shipping a muscle cannon wants to happen. But what about the person sitting on?

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But the clothing that you're wearing?

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What about the glasses that you're looking through?

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What about the car that you just drove in?

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What about the house that protects you and shields you from the heat of the summer and the cold?

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What about that we eat? What about the pets that we have at home if someone has a cat or fish at home, for example.

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All of these creations of the loss of cannabinoids are worshipping along and submitting to law and the servants and worshipers of a loss of counterpoints. Now, when you think of it, how is the carpet worshiping a lot

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It is doing and what to do.

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Now for you and I are grains, things like, obviously, it's not going to get up and walk away, doesn't have legs, but one has the power to make anything happen. also kind of gives things the ability to move enough to move our cars we know it takes us from point A to point get in our car every single day thinking confidently, in fact, probably don't even think so confidence knowing that it's going to bring us work and bring home that we don't think of the car ever breaking down. But you get into your car one day and you push the button or you turn the key and all of a sudden it doesn't start or turns on when you can't get it into.

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You can't get it to move. And you're wondering yourself put the cars on why isn't it able to move?

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Now logically, we start to think

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but also leaving the command that day and at that moment, not to move

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to make you late.

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You think to make us understand that we are not in control of everything that we may put the key in and think we have control to a lot of students.

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So when we think of

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when we think of the king, you submit to Him and everything submits to us, of course, certainly my brothers and sisters

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is that his system of governance.

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His system of governance is perfect. The the rulings that we follow in the plan, the life that we live, this study that we talk about as Muslims is the surely all of the human beings the way that we live as Muslims shown to us in the Koran or the way that we live or the way we're supposed to live as Muslims shown to us under the sun.

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It is the way that every single human being shopping for us for the purpose of gaining judgment in the direct.

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But I happen to be on something. And

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I really wanted to see the person sisters every week.

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Having more data shows us examples all the time. And we see what happened south of the border, right, where a leader of a country was in place, and then all of a sudden an election happened and everything is haywire. Nobody even knows what really is going on. And this is a prime example of how I was ultimately using Trump, right? And he says,

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Watson says, say, a woman

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was paralyzed and is not just the king is the King of all kings. Because on Earth, you might find kings, find leaders, you might find great people, but most of the time is not a human being was in control. And it falls back on the three characteristics that we learned

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in the first part of this cookbook, that every single thing so

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even the kings of this, or the Queen's of this, and the prime ministers and presidents of this earth, and the leaders of certain lands, and CEOs, and managers, and supervisors and business owners, and fathers and mothers and men.

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Every single one of us has a position.

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Don't think that you will be the father of your house for the rest of time. Don't think that you will be the mother of your household until the end of time. Don't think that you will always have a job. Don't think that you will always have wealth, don't think that you will always have health. Don't think that your children will always be there for you don't think anything will always have your team don't think they will always have your exam. Unless you've

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got some kind of badasses to come into sharp. He gives that strength he gives that he gives that position of authority to whoever he wishes with tendencies to work and he takes it away from us. So don't think for a split moment that we will always be in that position of leadership that we are in this world. One day someone offers 3% increases upon the pockets of

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many young

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lot more female on our app, along with

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a lot

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of recent one of our efforts as opposed to previous of our season to change them from tendons to good deeds, and to place them heavy on our scale so that they act in favor of each other as colossal

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exemplary dividuals and a great community in this town in the GTA and of Canada and of this globe. We are supposed to have more to add to protect our children and protect ourselves and to blessings upon

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them and to grant us peace and mercy and His follow up on every single one of us

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in the

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center of eternity.

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He's making

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So far

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and having to learn

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Meet me.

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are they

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patients coming and going today in

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the parking lots. You see the construction of guns please do be as generous as possible your donations on the way up today. Please do visit the monster website

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icna.com where you can donate as well.

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