Ramadan 2023 – Reviving the Spirit #20

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Episode Notes

Making Time for Reflection and Contemplation


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The importance of remembering oneself and actions in order to change one's life is emphasized, along with the need to be aware of oneself and avoid negative consequences. The speakers also touch on the concept of "The be all" and the importance of testing one's behavior with fear. The segment emphasizes the need to learn and educate oneself about one's potential success, especially during difficult times like the current crisis. The importance of researching and proving one's findings is also emphasized.

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Lailah to call the refining.

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Fish Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. My brothers and sisters Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah.

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contemplation, and reflection. Those are part and parcel of what Allah Almighty wants from us. He says we need to think about things, contemplate, reflect over what? Well, there are two types of things. Number one is the creation of Allah in order to understand his greatness and grandeur. And number two is within ourselves, in order to be able to look at how insignificant we are and again, the greatness of Allah so that we can change our lives in a way that is suitable to where we are heading. Many times we're leading our lives in such a way that we don't even think about where we're going. Take a visit to the graveyards, and remind yourselves about the people you knew, who were

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powerful, they were wealthy, they were healthy, they were good looking, and where are they? They are no more they have returned to Allah. Their bodies are lying in their graves, and decomposing in most cases. However,

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they are returned to Allah Almighty. And in a similar fashion, we will all return to Allah. That's why when we hear of something news of distress, it's a sunnah to say, in Alinea. He was in LA Ha Joon. We all belong to Allah and we're all ultimately going to return to Him. Many of us say the statement but don't think about what exactly we're saying. So Allah Almighty reminds us, that reminder is we indeed belong to Allah in the same way that this disaster calamity happened. And something that was not good has happened. And the person may have returned to Allah in the case of death, or in the case of some sickness, we all remind ourselves, we are all going to be in a similar

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situation where we will be returned to Allah Almighty. So to think about this, and to pause for a moment is very, very important. It is termed a great act of worship. Allah Almighty says in Nephi helped me somewhat he will, indeed in the creation of the skies and the earth. What a lovely lady when the heart and the change of the day or rotation of the night and the day, how it rotates.

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Work the laughing lately when Lucha Libre yachting live

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indeed in those there are Signs for those who have sound intellect, a Levine I have grown Allah those who remember Allah. We've spoken in previous episodes about how we need to be conscious of who we are, and who Allah is, and conscious of how we're supposed to be carrying ourselves at all times. So Allah says, the ones who ponder the ones who remember Allah, DRM and will call them while they're standing while they're seated, while as you know, being while they're on their sides, they remember ALLAH, ALLAH Medina has grown Allah, to remember Allah means to be conscious of him, to remember you're answerable to him, to praise Him, to do what he's instructed to stay away from what is

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to recite the Quran to engage in acts of worship. All of this is remembering Allah, unconscious of him. So Allah says, the ones with sound intellect, old Al Bab, they are the ones who will remember Allah be there standing sitting on the sides, waiting for Corona, fee help is somewhat evil. And they ponder and reflect deeply over the creation

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of the skies and the death of banana. And then they say, Oh, our Lord, Martha lokta, however, about the law, you have not created all of this in vain. When Allah created the skies and the earth, He did not create it for fun, nor did he created to mock us or to joke with us, or for us to just come in and forget him. And think that you know what, that's it. We're here, and it's the be all and end all. Allah Almighty has indeed created this with a purpose or Bernama HELOC to hide about the law. Oh Lord, You have not created this without purpose. There is a purpose

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Subhanak Glory be to You, oh Allah subpoena that Allah, so save us from the punishment of hellfire. That's one of the two hours or the supplications, that a person who ponders and reflects will make, oh my Lord saved me from the punishment of the fire. She saved me from the punishment of the Hereafter save me from calamity in this world, in this world, things will happen to you and I that are not nice, they may not be good, it might be negative, we might suffer loss and so on. It's part of the Promise of Allah, I will test all of you well, in a blue one. With what we say in health with a little bit of anxiety, perhaps fear, the term health refers to fear, but it includes in it

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anxiety, because anxiety has an element of fear in it. So Allah says, I will test you with a little bit of fear, will joueur and some hunger, whatever way that hunger is going to come to you. Whether you cannot eat what is there, or you don't have provision, you don't have the food, maybe you may not have earned it so on, you might have lost job and whatever Allah includes thereafter, do alcovy will do one accent Minute, I'm one loss of wealth, whether it is your own business, or you're employed, or whatever it may be loss of wealth, you have to lose some of your wealth, if not all of it, take it in your stride. Allah promised this to you don't become depressed because you lost

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money, or because you lost some of your property. In fact, as difficult as it is, praise Allah, asking for guidance, seek forgiveness from him, and improve yourself. Pray that it's not a punishment from Allah. But rather, it is a test to elevate your status, you're going to have to have a test and the beauty of a test. And the difference between the test and the punishment is when the punishment comes, it comes with the destruction and it comes with a lot of

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difficulty hardship that a person cannot come to terms with. However, when it comes to a test, when by the time you've ended the test, your status is elevated and you're in a much better position. Allah says in nama illusory usara enamal most of us are indeed with hardship there is ease and with a hardship there is another point of ease. So each hardship there, there is more than one point of ease. But you have to go through that hardship. Don't give up during the time of the hardship. That time of the hardship may last a month or two a year or two more or less. It's okay. Seek help from Allah, keep trying, keep, but don't give up. When you come out of a test, you will always come out

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better, happier, closer to Allah, you come out a much more beautiful person, you're more conscious of where you're going. You understand the greatness of Allah, you're softened towards people as well. That is not a punishment. That is actually a test from Allah subhanho wa Taala and which is good for you. And like we said, Allah Almighty says we will test you will one simulate, and one will emphasize we will even test you with loss of life. You will lose people around you, you may lose so much. And Allah Almighty says to us loud and clear, but she was sobbing, give good news, glad tidings to those who are patient, give good news to those who are patient. What do they say

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Alladhina Inasa Tomasi button, those whom when calamity strikes them, they say Palu in Narinder. Anyway,

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indeed we belong to align, we're all going to return to Allah Almighty Everything here belongs to Allah. So to ponder over the greatness of Allah and His creation, even if it were documentaries, that you're just sitting and watching about the telescopes that we have, and so much more.

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That which is looking at the rest of the planets, or the creatures and the cells. Watching those documentaries with the right intention is actually an act of worship. Because you're pondering over the greatness of Allah, the skies and the planets, the Earth, the creatures that uniqueness, amazing. Look at medicine, check how the human body works, to watch and to learn and to educate yourself about everything your eyes, your nose, your tongue, your voice, your identity, your uniqueness, and so much more is actually an amazing act of worship that many people do not consider an act of worship. Allah Almighty.

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He asks us to ponder, to reflect, to look into to study his creation. Because by studying His creation, you're going to understand that this is no way a coincidence. There has to be a maker who made this, it is absolutely mind boggling. And Wallahi It is everything about creation, including the lips that I have, and you have the saliva, the digestive system, that list is endless. You spend your entire life

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baffled about how the heart continues to beat 136,000 times a day, for years on end, with no battery, just with the power of Allah, may Allah Almighty grant us goodness, if just one thing can baffle us so much. And it's just mind boggling. Imagine the rest of the creatures of Allah, they say, the smallest of creatures of Allah, if you were to spend the time studying it, you would have to spend your entire lifetime and you still won't understand every single aspect of that particular creature have a look at the way we sleep. How amazing is it? it replenishes it clenches it strengthens and it gives us a refreshing feeling when we're awake. And while we were sleeping, we

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were dreaming. What is a dream? How does it work? How exactly is a person when they're asleep? And as they wake up? Some of these fine details, the finer details we will never know. And the strange thing is as much as we're studying all of this, studies are proving that what Allah has revealed is correct over time, they're adjusting their findings. So something that might sound absurd. Later on science comes and proves it. No actually what we found earlier was wrong. We're adjusting it to come in tune with what Allah has revealed. And that's what it is. So may Allah Subhana Allah Allah grant us from His greatness, my brothers, my sisters, may grant us from His favor. let's ponder over the

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greatness of Allah and change our lives in the process. Akula Kohli had a Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Heba cat Laila to call the reifying Oh

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