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In Alhamdulillah, in Alhamdulillah, enough men who

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struggle futile who behave when they want

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to run fusina women say Dr. Medina, Mayor de la Vela Medina,

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de la. When I said to Allah, Allah illallah wa ala Sheree kalon when a shadow anessa Donna molana Mohammed Abu rasuluh America protocol along with America tada

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Hamid altavilla ministry Ponyo rajim Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim what is called a Musashi Fatah.

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Leah poobah, WOC Allah tala. When Obama was in this polynomial Tia met a fella talamona say when can I meet Carla Betty Minh hordenine Athena Bina waka Bina has he been recording Wu sallallahu taala Allah Salam Eva da da Cunha the movie Tommy he filed a mutualist Roma who fell Yuna will who look much and I will look at a NEO kiloton Okay, Latina

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de la john. Calling is salat wa salam. ala wama Malik is a man who can overcome echolalia his Salatu was Salam Ala Moana nabin basato su una bejewel Karim Allah de camino de novo cerca de novo Al hamdu, lillahi Rabbil aalameen. Respect respected brothers and elders, the hurry that I have quoted before you a very short, very brief, but very encompassing Hadith. And indeed, a very significant Hadith in the compile ation of Hadith. For the simple reason that this was just not an advice from Libya, Kareem sallallahu wasallam. But the scholars unanimously agree, this was the final advice of nivia Kareem sallallahu Sallam for his entire oma, every child wishes to honor and cherish the last

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moments of his parents. What were the last words my father said before he died, even if I did not obey him throughout his life, but I feel it is my duty that I honor cherish Libya and uphold the final parting advice of my father. Let us look in view today. As a matter of fact, we were supposed to know this advice from the time we very understood Dean, it is unfortunate that we have understood and we cherish and we honor the last words of everyone other than Libya. Kareem sallallahu wasallam. The scholars unanimously agree, we haven't got time to discuss the fatal illness of Libya Kareem sallallahu sallam, and as it started, you know, turning and day by day, and the symptoms of death

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were now becoming more apparent and more evident gradually. On the one instance, he was unable to come to the masjid and he even points to the Sahaba and he says Moro Ababa, Korean foliose and livingness. They tell Abu Bakar to now lead the people, which was a clear indication also that optimize the minds Abubakar of the Alona will take in charge. It was in these few days towards the latter part of his life as the son of Nepal what which rose and brighten the entire world was now coming close to setting and the time was coming whenever you're getting set allows him to leave this world the last final parting advice, which he has left. Lola has not been for his daughter's or his

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wife. But he has advised the owner of certain pertinent points, which the owner might say, in essence is the summary of the entirety the Hadith, which I have quoted to advisors nearly Salaam has left for his own in his concluding words. In fact, this was set at that stage where the speech of nearly ceram was not only very was not very audible as well, why it was the very latter part of his life. It was before leaving this word before asking a lot the highest of abodes in general. His last advice for his own mouth was a Salah wama malakut. Mr. Newcomb Oh my Sahaba I summarize my entire stay amongst you in two words, the Quran, the Hadith, my noble personality, I leave behind two

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things which summarizes Deen fear a lot with regards to the performance of Sarah and only Sahaba and from you onwards to their own machetes to follow, Fear Allah with regards to how you treat your subjects, your subordinates, those under your employment, those under your control, Fear Allah in these two matters, saying this he took his last breath and he left this world.

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We don't need the month of May or the first of May to remind us of our obligation to our workers in those under our employment as Muslim, though what am I explained in this hadith of Maria Kareem sallallahu wasallam entire deal. The summary or a synopsis of the entire Deen has been given the first advice with lamesa sunset. Fear Allah with regret

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To set up the 1am I say that that person who will be particular of his Salah, insha Allah, He will be more conscious of it I have his other obligations towards Allah, woman

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and he who is negligent with regards to the PErforM performance of Salah, he will neglect the other injunctions and commandments even more than Salah. So as far as our rights and our obligations to Allah go the most important being Salah, he will preserve the Salah inshallah, he will uphold and preserve all his duties and his obligations to Allah. The second aspect of the final advisor may be occurrence and alario seldom, he will be kind to his servants is those under his employment, those working for him, those upon whom Allah has given him certain access and power and authority at this crucial juncture, if he will be kind to them, where he has authority, then inshallah such a person

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will never fail in the duty of his next Muslim brother, his neighbor, his parents, his seniors, we know it is broken down into many denominations, we have rights towards our neighbors, relatives, etc, etc. The one who will be particular about this in safeguarding and maintaining good ties with those under him. Because brothers really if we want to understand or we want to identify, or we want to measure a man's kindness, on the day of Tiamat a man's kindness as I will substantiate in the light of today will be measured by his attitude not towards the customer. That is customer courtesy that you smile, and you deceive yourself that no I'm a good man, my customers loved me. Brothers, we

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have to understand I've mentioned this before as well. Unfortunately, we have consoled ourselves that we are good people on the ground that so in so love that honor that respects us, whose joy holds no basis and recognition in the eyes of Allah.

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By way of example, a man speaks of himself proudly Alhamdulillah my boss he loves me man he is promoted me has given me a high job and he's made me you know the form of it made me the in charge of the particular firm or he's made me the directory manager. my in laws allowed for my mother in law say unlike a son to

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my mother, she's never happy mother worry about the she's never got nothing to do with your boss in your neighbor in your in laws. Allah has everything to do with your mother, your person that the world loves you but your mother doesn't love you take away our love will judge you.

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I'm not saying right. We all married we have in laws don't get me wrong. Respect your in laws and have good relation. If it can be done while pleasing Allah you can accommodate please in your in laws well and good. But this attitude that I'm taught because my neighbors have been my boss loves me, my in laws love me, my brother in law, my sister in law, this one that one, my mother, she's never happy, she's always naked. Allah has everything to do with your mother.

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You tell yourself that the customer is happy, my brother Allah will not judge you on how you treat your customer. If that servant working in your house, you can convince him by virtue of your character and he is happy with you rest assured I lived happy with you.

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And if that man in your house under your employment is been abused as unfortunately happening, then remember as I will explain in the light of the metal is going to be critical on the day of geometry.

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So that one will be kind and loyal to his servants and his subjects and those that are under his employment. inshallah such a man will never abuse the rights and what he owes to anyone in everyone. We find the ice cream I that I recited in the beginning, the first principle that the Quran teaches us all that cautions us with regards to dealing with our subjects and our servants. And today I wish to focus on that aspect speaking to those that are domestic servants, so it is under our employment working at home, which we very well know are working for meager amounts. Many of us have such people under our employment, who are apart from being poor or the size of the column Allah Allah Allah

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Allah who has those that perform Salah

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sutra moosari salat wa salam, and dev is to go on a journey to acquire knowledge. The Quran says why is Karla Musashi pata hula Bara?

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The first advice that the Quran mentioned here is

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how does the Quran refer what was the word that Allah uses when speaking to a servant? Allah does not refer to a servant as a servant in this verse, but rather Allah refers to it as a young boy, the owner my economic explained, one is to say worker come to me and one is to say my young boy you don't do me a favor please. Allah isn't referred to the servant of Musa is the servant of Musa although everybody agrees he was the servant, but Allah has used the word Fatah in Arabic and Fatah in Arabic means the young boy so the first etiquette in fact under the commentary of this is work only everybody

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no Mohammed Salah is me telling my servants to answer

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That which is correct. Under the commentary of this, I just call it say that it is incorrect. It is unlawful. It is prohibited to speak in a harsh tone, even to a country beat a servant to anyone. Yes, when the need comes to wage war, Allah has made it lawful to even kill them because by virtue of that you're establishing the deen of Allah and jihad is taking place on the earth, but by speaking harshly, arrogantly proudly you know what you demand in authority. The Quran says nothing no Casa de tocqueville hayata dunya It is Allah who has proportion to your livelihood, making some superior while others are inferior, Leah's Takeda, bourbon superior not inferior in color or

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complex, but rather in position in apparent position, some are in power, others are lower than them, Why Allah is part of the system of aligning this word is to to create or to make inter inter you know, to promote dependence on one another, while one is dependent for the wage. The other is dependent for labor. This is the system of Allah and Allah explains it clearly in the science and we learn from the hadith of navionics. Around that Nebula Larson says he whom Allah has given power and authority over some of his bondsmen over some of his creation, he should think, ponder and reflect that this is the kindness of Allah upon me, Allah has the ability to reverse the situation, just as

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this man and his son is under my employment, unlike in reverse the tables tomorrow, myself and my son can be under his employment. What gives us the authority to speak to that man harshly? Yes, he is a servant of Allah is either desperate or he has sense and is noble. So he doesn't come in. When your child speaks to him, arrogantly addresses him in the most unpleasant ways, as though he's speaking to I don't know what creature the man tolerates it. He, he accepts it is quiet, is silent, is desperate for the job. He needs to feed the family he needs to feed children. But let us not forget that man's hurt in Iraq will bring such calamities and mysteries in your life, while other

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positions in the wealth of the structure of this world cannot remove it. Every time you insulted man in front of the family. Every time you offend him, you criticize him, your child has the right to speak to him how he wants to sway Tip Number corinium revita Muslim Sharif said we had one slave one day the young child in our house went towards that slave for Natoma, Verona and the child seen that the parents were treating the child as a servant anyway, so the child slept the servant when the release Rama heard about it, he commanded us immediately set the slave free otherwise you're done me that stick, your agenda is at stake. What will be your condition on the day of Tiamat so the first

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principle that the plant teaches us is politeness to speak in a good way. For others those are humans they have feelings, yet they might be desperate that's a different issue. Today Allah has given us power tomorrow and luck in reverse the situation. Let me call him Sir senseis in the right of Buhari and authority of Abu Zubaydah, which I've quoted before you let me le ceram says a DA has a kamikaze Mojave, Tommy, when any one of you is presented was fooled by your servant. How unfortunate how tragic. What don't MIT was supposed to reflect in the o'clock of nearly Surat wasallam What are we reflecting to our subjects and really because we cannot respect them. That is

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why we have lost respect in our life. That men will tolerate it. He will live his life he will take his weight while your child will grow up with a rotten tongue.

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They really are unsafe when your servant brings the pleasure of food to you. We said in a proud way. Put up the price then bring the charcoal

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that man comes he works. He puts up the price and prepares the barbecue. empties the charcoal brings the feet brings the meat Brian's the meat in any new men when you sit by that won't he is a hot also desire after being hungry, preparing the meal. You arrogantly walk in there more when I finished you come and clean up

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our mess old buttery Rolando save.

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I was hitting one of my slaves

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going to add remove column and V. And I had him like this. As you see one hand he helped him and with the other hand is about to slap him. When suddenly I heard a boy from the back. Yeah, Obama so in the rally coming Colorado.

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I heard some voice but because of my anger Pelham app homies so to me now, I couldn't identify the voice. Neither did I understand the message. And I kept on hitting the men. But I'm not done. I mean me as this man threw closer to me, and I turn suddenly I seen it was Libya Kareem sallallahu Sallam for socrata Soto mania demon Hey Betty, out of the striking personality of nebulous around my work and my legs fell from my hand there and they told me Oh, Babu Massoud. Allah has more authority over you then you have over the slave. Allah has more power over you than you have over the slave. Allah has more rights over you within you have over the slave. I walked into a shop Few days ago, while I

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just had it flashed through my mind

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sermon came in a good way in a polite way to ask the boss something and this meant personally I know May Allah give him a diet and of the anti oma. He addresses the man in a very harsh way I'm the boss you don't tell me what to do I

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just had it flashed through my mind my friend you the boss you interfering with Allah. Allah has more access wait you feel you can return to wait when Allah retraces you feel you can beat wait when Allah beats you feel you in control wait when Allah exercises authority

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is around me of Allahu Allah can I release the slave and say he is free here in the valley Salaam says is just as well You said it otherwise done will not leave you alone. law cannot let me say when your servant brings food to you by a lamb you jealous, Huma, who if you find it below your dignity to tell him to sit down next to you, then it is human sentiments and emotions and compassion that should compel you not to allow him to sit there and wait and see how you enjoy the meat and eat it variously, call him forward, prepare one pleasure for him. He has prepared the words of mockery and authority of Abu huraira for in Nauvoo. Well Elijah who he prepares your food he brings your

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clothing he decorates your table. You come in said they arrogantly he doesn't hurt you. You boast in your break and you flatter yourself and then when the meal is over, you call him brothers 100 on the day of Tiamat one other Wilma was in this polynomial Fiamma will save the scales of justice will be presented on the day of Tiamat. Today ALLAH forgive our attitude is that our servants cannot speak with us. We are so inaccessible. We are so proud. We are so arrogant. They cannot make any comments they cannot ask us. You don't ask me is the dog

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mamoon even a moron after like no matter how long he said only we have a lot. How many times a day should I overlook and part in the wrong of my servant? They are bound to make mistakes. How many times should I overlook? The big Salaam looked down? He paused. Then he looked at his gaze and he said up to 70 times a day you should pardon him

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up to 70 times a day you should pardon him. If you want the lotto pageant This is your chance.

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Until we will not conquer this aspect of our life and convince those that are under our control. That we are people who love kindness and Peace and mercy we are telling ourselves that we will reflect an image of piety in obedience to the world, those that are under our control over whom Allah has given us authority. This is the contentious issue. This is the crucial juncture where men forgets his position.

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What happens daddy?

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Mama Mona Abraham, she says one day I had some visitors. So I told my slave girl bring some food.

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The slave girl excited this but it is my master My boss is wants me to do everything properly. They have feelings also they are human. And she was coming. She slept and she fell in with her fell the platter and the glass and the cold ring in the beverages. Now apparent embarrassment in front of my visitors. But this woman was intelligent and well are more intelligent than her was her boss. She said my master is such a man before whom bronze means law. I'm not going to speak to him. I am going to let Allah speak to him. I am going to now read the verses of the dwellers of gentlemen.

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So as she's coming, she can see in your billing into her master human emotions anger, overpowered so she started describing the verse of the Quran wildcard the mean as

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Allah says, the second quality of the dwellers of gentlemen are those who constantly perpetually suppress and swallow their anger from a workman who's telling the master his slave. He looks down he says to Heidi my slave you have it I have solid my anger well RP na na na those who forgive for the pleasure of Allah my slave your hair without photo hanky I have pardon you? What long will you have masini Allah loves those who do good, my slave you have it you are free for the pleasure of Allah.

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Allah those working for us who are 20 years and our employment have never questioned us about Islam revived this o'clock they will come into the flux into pole of Islam in a minute we won't understand why and how it's happening. Let us reflect that o'clock. In the device of TV I haven't got time there's so much to explain.

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One person comes to nebulae Salaam Yara Sula, Lima, Lima, Luca and whenever you have a line of certain service yet the Bonelli they sometimes speak a lie to me, Yahoo normally, they betray me Yasuni, they just obey me as the moon was removed. Sometimes I get upset I verbally abused them and sometimes I physically hit them I'm telling you the truth whenever you have a la times they anger me at times they to blame and say

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I'm to be blind, but I need to know how will Allah view my situation with how I deal with my servants on the day of the Yama how are you going to view the situation in the light of Quran and Hadith that provided us intermediary under the commentary of the side? Whenever William ahwazi in Aleppo spring mill Yama, where Allah says, we will present the scales of justice on the day of the AMA, we very quickly tell the man that doesn't want to pay us. My friend is something like kiama my friend does something like Allah. My friend does something like john No, my friend, I'm telling you that man is quiet. Otherwise His heart is reminding you daily of your attitude is something like

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geometry. There's something like Archer, there's something like accountability is not only for those that only and for who I owe allies.

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Now, Vla ceram says you will be summoned in the courts over law and all your servants will be lined up before you Allah. Today no Master, no slave, no boss, no worker, no ruler, no subject, you are a human is a human.

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Follow up soon say no soul will be dealt with unjustly. He is the soul he is a human is the creation of Allah.

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Allah the entire creation is the family of a law.

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A law in human action, a law and the best in the eyes of Allah is He who is chained to the family of Allah. Levy la Salaam says there will be someone important in the court of Allah. Allah was in us and Allah will view your situation for in Ghana. You have several you have several Master nuca why while Soca workers Abukar acaba, Yahoo. Allah was measure, they are wrong. We haven't got time we are not for a moment suggesting that the employee should be negligent in his duties. No, no, they should be commitment. They should be competent in his work, they should he should convince those that are above him that he's out to work in the fire Minister COVID you will I mean, the two desired

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qualities in every labor and every worker as the Quran says he should be trustworthy and he should be hardworking. If he's hardworking he will fulfill his work. And if he's not trustworthy, like we see, he will abuse the phone of his boss, he will abuse the power of his boss he will abuse the money. This is not between us in our boss. This is not as between between us in the Union. It is between me you and Allah.

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Everybody else is going allies watching everything in the office you are abusing the rights of wavered from my Asakusa May Allah make me like this. I'm far from this you know in numbers when we teach cushions are provided for that will start to set on and give birth in his class in his hall. We have heard from a lot of his own stuff, that whenever any person came to ask a masala from outside he would get off the cushion and he would say that the mattress is provided this for me to teach the students and not answer your question. If I have to answer your question I have to get off this I cannot use your their property to see something which is not part of the my agreement with

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them. So of course from the from the employee, they should be commitment they should be competence they should be dedication and devotion. Anyway, we are a serum says they are wrong they transgression will be measured proportionate to how much you abuse them verbally or physically. For encana Jacobo Caprica de Bono became Canada. If your punishment and your penalty is equal to the wrong they had done kind of cut off your account will be clean Malika well olika no punishment for you, no reward for you. However, if you are more tolerant to them and they are wrong, the Hadith is lengthy in theory maybe if they are wrong was more than how much you admonished him and reprimanded

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them, then this will be credited to your account, like it comes in the Hadith masataka and Hajime that sucker is not only given the Vla, sir I'm saved if you lessen the task of your servant that today is the day of eat. Let's Let's relieve them of the burden today. No cleaning the house no cleaning the shop no cleaning the cup. Today is our happy day. I'm releasing you have all your burdens the Vla Salaam says as long as you relieve them of any burden, Allah Park records that is perpetual charity on your path. So if you did not admonish them, you tolerated it, your patience with them will elevate your status in general, however, reverse the situation. If you punish them

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and you physically or verbally abused them beyond they're wrong. Then the bench will be taken from the boss from the master from that man with power and arrogance and and haughtiness, they will now enjoy your good and you will enjoy their own. Yeah, it won't be a master enslave human and human. This man came back he held his head and he started screaming. Since only we have a lot Do you mean it's gonna be so critical? That we are assumptions? Yes, this is how Allah will judge you says well, then I don't think there's any better way other than me setting them free. Or she took unknown Coloma for Olivia Bella. I made you my witness that I'm setting them all free for the pleasure of

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Allah nebulae. ceram says, if you want to do it that way, that is your choice, the better for you. So brothers. In conclusion, the final advice of nebulae ceram. Study the books of Hadith was fear Allah with regards to

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performance of salah and pure Allah with regards to kindness towards your subjects, kindness to though under your employment, it comes in the Hadith that that person who will accuse the servant which happens many often something goes missing without us looking immediately we accuse Libya, a Salaam says the words of the Hadith, he who accused of his sermon will be brought on the day of Tiamat. And Allah directly will arrange for him to be less in front of his servant until or unless his sermon is found guilty of the accusation. If he's innocent, and he had not committed that crime, then the very boss or the owner will be accused against the accusation that he had made against his

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servant. We make grace with Almighty Allah, he instilled within us this noble o'clock these teachings, we have to judge a man and authority alone who was the servant of knbr eckstrom. Brothers don't judge a man by his attitude towards his seniors say he's obligated with authority. This is the crucial place where men forgets who he is. This is women abuses his authority and authority alone was the servant of Libya is Trump. He says for 10 years I serve nobody else around you cannot tell me as a young child, Libya was not provoked into a situation of anger any time in a huge impact. In one revise it comes under threat the alarm Who said I actually one day intentionally deliberately

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delayed the task given to me by nearly ceram to examine his reaction if I don't do what He tells me. Allahu Akbar. So I actually did it. One person. We haven't got time, the slave girl of one Sahabi he told me she told her master You know what, Master for the last year I've been giving you poison? Could you not dying? For the last one year? I've been giving you a poison? You don't know. But really, in the end, I have to tell you the speaker what's happening you're not dying. So the Sahaba said, What? What provoked you to do this? She said, No, I'm not happy with you. Since for the pleasure of Allah I have forgiven you also, I have fun you also and I set you free also. We need

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this applet to come out in the world really the world is desperate. At this time. When there is global focus on condemning and reflecting an unpleasant image of the Muslims worldwide internationally via media and paper. It is time all the more that we revive the noble o'clock of nebbia Kareem sallallahu Sallam and let us start off in our own home with those that are under our employment. Let us open our hearts help them provide for them. Maybe le Salaam say kindness to your servants brings good fortune brings divine aid and assistance and harshness and rudeness and cruelty to them will bring divine calamities miseries, and it will come in such a way that we won't

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understand how to cure it may have left America with Allah instill and infuse within us this noble quality of kindness to our subjects and our subordinates while through Darwin and his company.