We can dispense with everything and anything

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Number three, be free.

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Be free. Amen. Monica, Sadie said that the most freeing thing for a person for human being is that they realize that they're able to dispense with everything in anything. When you realize that you're not going to take these things to the grave with us, or clothes, or computers or stuff, our own children, they're not coming into the grave with us.

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And they're not going to stand on human haisa with us either. It's a very freeing thing.

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Because the more you work, so it's one thing to have possessions, it's another thing for your heart to be attached to possessions. And the sooner you can realize that, that death is a cup we all shall drink from

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the easier it actually gets. And this is not because the believer is a morbid person, but it is the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that when people got a little too jolly and a little too

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He would remind them with the destroyer of pleasure, meaning death, you would bring up death, and then everybody would kind of like get balanced, get balanced again, right now not despair down here and not like to balance and that was his way so a lot of it was.

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What we're seeing right now though, is I have to tell you, it's a beyond and above what a normal person ever would have seen.