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In Alhamdulillah

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in Alhamdulillah enough madona style you know who want to struggle through one

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day when we learn him in Sudan fusina say Dr. Medina may de la hufa Medina homie

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wanna shadow on?

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The moon? Sorry.

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When I said when NASA Donna, Donna Mohammed Abu humara sulong amudha con la Rocca wa Taala in Quran illegible for recon ng Hamid

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immunoassay Ponyo? rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rodney la de la Molina, Dena monomial Konami no salahaddin is Dr.

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Phil gusta la Vela Dena mean copy him. What are you macchina da da da da da da da da da

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da the whole thing

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yagoona nila una BC. Woman cafaro barra de de de cada una ecomondo first eco McAllen, OBO. Salam O Allah alayhi wa sallam Madhava de la German Adela de Bella Menzel. Allah in a sonata La Guardia Allah in a sonata La

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la la de Sala to a Sarah SATA Allahumma Allah Allah Ravi Masada para su Luna bu will carry one afternoon Allah The li kameena shahidi Noah shocky de novo al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen honorable Allah microm respected brothers, elders, mothers and sisters, the oma once again finds itself in the midst of a crisis such a period such an era, perhaps unprecedented, a time and an era where in the oppressed cannot be called the victim wherein the tyrant cannot be called an oppressor. Where actions are justified and reactions are criticized with a murderer knows not why he's murdering the murdered knows not why he's been murdered. Laia drill Patil FEMA Patel well maptool

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FEMA put in a time when the voices of truth are suppressed and the truthful ones are marginalized when lies and falsehood is being promoted. And in the midst of this crisis in the midst of this challenge that you stalling on the oma that is straining on the oma. The challenges of the preservation of eemaan are intensifying. Hence the Quran says while other phenylethylamine cappellini Allah will Edina Sadako can be been indeed and law tested the nation's that preceded you so Allah could make known those that was sincere and Allah could expose those that will lie is wa Samba Komiyama Takayama Ronnie for beginning La Jolla Allah Malmo meaning, one IANA mela Dena firpo.

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And the challenge that stared at the Muslim woman in the barrel of oil let us not forget the last thing is it was to make known those that were sincere and it was also there to expose those that were false. And hence the current happenings also makes us know makes it known to us that the challenge and the tests that is coming upon Donmar that is straining upon the oma safely we can say You and I are living in a time from which our pious predecessors had asked a lot protection against the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, Allahu Allah you directly summon along them Allah Allah you directly Samana en la, la de Mola, you stuffy human and haleem Allah let me not live up to see an

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era where divine guidance is ignored. Allah let me not live up to see an era where shamelessness becomes the order of the day. Brothers you and I find ourselves in the midst of this very error. The only thing from which we can take solace is that what is to come is worse than what we experienced in Segura. mahavihara, the young man who said my Rufus Zamani, Naaman carosa man in komaba, woman Kumara mangalam Yachty that what we consider noble in our times was considered a sin in the previous times. maruf was a man in Amman carrozza man in padmaja, woman Kuru Maru Zamani lamb Yachty. And what we consider a vise and a sin and transgression today, rest assure in the years to come this

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will be considered pious, virtuous and noble. There was a time which I can recall when a youngster walk in a machine with a hearing on his ear. Then all gays went on to him the poor Chinese of course what has happened to me which family he comes from? Allah forgive today This has become part of the muscles of our Masjid we use with earrings I know what must change. The other day a young boy came to me he touched my heart and He brought tears in my eyes, a boy at the age of 10. He says one and I want to ask you a question. Tell me what what punishment has allotted for that male who wears earrings. Tell me What punishment has ultimate. But there's one and I mentioned that if we will not

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Stand up Allah will replace us. I got back a month ago from Australia.

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As I landed in Perth amongst the first people to receive us was a young boy by the name of Solomon, and Australian revert in the young prime of his life Subhan Allah. In fact, my last meal was at his house before we left from day to Sydney, in his 20s Allah gave him he died, he accepted Islam. He kept on reading the man at home for two years after the after he accepted Islam. And after two years his wife decided to accept Islam was of Italian origin, both husband and wife. The wife is in absolute hijaab. The young boy is an absolute descendant of Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And he's such an example that when I looked at the simplicity of his house, it brought tears to my eyes.

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We left Perth, we flew to Sydney, it's a long flight is about four hours. We got to Sydney, it was around about a certain time we performed outside the airport. And then after the program was just I was briefed on the program that we will be going to the masjid, there will be a lecture after Mother's Day after there'll be snacks after Isha there'll be a lecture. There will be supper in the morning there'll be a lecture and then the onward flight. So I even made a suggestion I said, can't we just rearrange it? Maybe we have snacks now and then we can have the lecture. So the host told me that apparently the brother that has invited you, he's fasting. So I said fair anyway, whatever his

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wisdom is, I'm hungry, but I respect his, whatever his intentions are. Up the McRib Sarah my program was over. So we went to this brother's house we had snacks at his place. A young Australian reverts in the prime of his life in his 20s so after the prayer, we had our snacks and we left from there to another place in Sydney for my for the program. I asked one of the brothers that were with me you know this brother Mashallah he was fasting what what what fast was he keeping? It wasn't a young maybe what what should not what not well, he said after the brother accepted Islam for the first three years he could not fast he found it very difficult. But unlike him, said he died now he's

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making all those three years fast. You will be astounded to know how many of our sisters have possession of the fast sitting on the shoulders for years.

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You will be shocked to know how many sisters have and yeah young boy in the prime of his life and Australian revert and first in 90 days consecutively.

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So really the current crisis that has come upon DOMA and has stalled upon the soma when Satan Abu Bakar the man who passed away signal Maria Lansing few couplets and he said

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he said the habit Lavina hit boom. Fredonia, La Casa La La to the Cyrene Alicia in Elijah Lee bada boom Geraldo in Nevada. We saw him walk the floor your removal pharmo that listen, those whom we are honored, cherished, revered, have left this world and they moved on. So then he addressed the word he said, Listen, my companion and my leader Abubakar has gone. Don't ever try to tempt me and mislead me and beguiled me with your temptations. My condition with abubaker was like a child that was been circled by his mother, and suddenly his mother died tragically, and he had to be instantly weaned off his chest of his mother. Can you imagine the anxiety the agony of that child satana Homer

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says that the sudden death of Abu Bakar I am like a child that is left were to be weaned off instantly and that is my same condition.

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In Neeraj ecovis Ali him what the flow your limo hood and FOMO when they say either Now speaking of Abubakar radi Allahu anhu Satan Ahmad even as he looked at Bilal, and then he started recording the difficulties that belonged to the Alon went through and when reviving the devotion of Babylon, he could not exclude the contribution of a Baba karate Allah has, in fact been in its essence if we study the life or we study our Deen we cannot exclude Sahaba from the equation and we cannot exclude Abu Bakr radi Allahu anhu summary vinyasa? The Alanna looked at Bella and while thinking of Milan he thought of Abu Bakar so he said just Allah hi Ron and Bella Lin wasafi here at econo observe Aki

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Hanwha by gently just Allahu hi Ron Villani in wa sahbihi wa kazuaki Hanwha Abba jelly, ashy yet and Hama Phoebe Lim bisso. At a while am IA Rama Yarrow Mirza Lockley, Beto a de Anam Eva toda he shall need to be an Allah Allah, Allah monthly fee to Luni up to Looney phenom upon Lusaka Rahmani Minzy Patil cutely.

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For your

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new scene, what musawah Isa and the genie similar to Billy, he said just Allah hi Ron and Bella Lin wasabi here it may Allah reward and grant a wonderful

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Handsome reward on behalf of belong in the lights of belong to Abu Bakr radi Allahu anhu, who purchased the freedom of Bilal watsa *y Hanwha by gently and in the same breath May Allah disgraced *y Hebrew Madeira, who was the uncle of Abu Jamal and likewise Abu Jamal, ashy yet and hammarby. So adding Phoebe lolly, they intended the nasty plot against Bilaal. While I'm yada yada, luckily, and they did not even display the courtesy of in any ordinary human of obscene logic and intellect. For the simple reason, though he didn't hear a bell anime, because he believed in the oneness of Allah. And he testified the finality of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. And hence Bilal

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said, for Egypt to Loney up to loony phenom upon Lusaka Rahmani Minzy Patil pithily if they choose to murder me, let them do what they sow deem correct. However, I will never ascribe partners with a law regardless what the schema demands from me.

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But others the price of preserving a man at every juncture was different in the Battle of whether it was the sacrifice of their lives and their wealth. And as hermana explained and explored the condition of today via the current happenings across the globe compels us compels us that we return back to our sources. And we study Quran and Hadith objectively and passionately and we understand what is the demand of the day and what does Allah want from us?

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Sahaba camrys one Allahu taala Li madman in alchemy agnihotra the Allahu anhu comes to visit Libya is salat wa salam O

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Allah he had fever them. One interviewer is Salatu was Salam gave a talk to the Sahaba so they all became emotional and they started crying.

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has observed that the young man was also present he could not cry for some reason. So he came to nearly Salaam and he said only be of Allah. I regret the fact that my heart could not cry when you gave a talk. And I often say that among Sahaba the one that could not cry was the odd one. Just as Allah forbid in our gatherings the one that cries is the odd one.

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The one that cries is the odd one people look at him but it is your right is everything okay? What's happening?

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And in Sahaba the one that could not cry was the odd one. So he said only be overloaded is the matter I could not cry nabire Salatu was Salam said Subhana Allah

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jumada nine min cosmetical wakasa to local authorities No no, no ministerial mode when you see a new remote mentor among

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a bit dunya dunya Katya, the neck of tears is because of the hard heartedness and hard heartedness is because of excessive sending an excessive sending only comes about when a man becomes ambitious in this world. And a man only becomes ambitious in this world when he loves this world. And when he embraces this world, it is the mother of all evils.

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While other times the world is so desperate today for fame, the world is so desperate for fame people are excelling in evil to be recognized. You get the fattest man in the world, just to come on record with the longest needs just to come on record. And the VR is around the abuser now VR isn't sitting with Julian and abuser walks by. So gibril A Serato Sam said how the abuser in Lucinda marinara Denali, your companion abuser happens to walk by I guess he didn't identify and recognize me. However, if he had greeted me I would have responded promptly to his greetings. So nearly Sam said Atari boo boo yah. jabril you know a buzzer. So gibreel is salatu salam answered and he said

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when lady basa kabil. Hakuna BIA I swear by that Allah who chose you for Prophet would abuser is more famous in the skies than the

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Allah The time has come that we be recognized by America. The time has come that we went satana University Sam was swallowed by the fish for Tacoma.

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Tacoma Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa Mooney. falola Anna, who can Amina Musa between La La visa fee but when he in a yummy yoga throne, Allah says he was solid and he had done an act that was worthy of blame Muslim at that time Cigna, Eunice. supplicates Allah, Allah hasta Monica you know who this is? So the angel said so tomorrow I mean, Bella arriba. We know the voice but we're not familiar with the location. We know the voice but we are not familiar with the location. So unless it this is myself and Eunice. So the angel said your prophet the famous common UNICEF nematode was sent to Nan WA, in Mosul. Sala said yes, they said Oh Allah if it is that person then we are very familiar with

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his voice. we collectively unanimously intercede except his intercession over line and grunting deliverance.

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Brothers today, you'll find it

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It is a sad reality. It is a sad reality. People have contexts in the parliament, people have contact in the business world. People have context in everything. But there are so many people that don't have contact with the learner than the pioneers, that when the genocide is nine in the house, there isn't one person to lead the genesis of that man.

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They don't have close contact with any pious learned scholar, that there isn't one person to perform the journals of that person.

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So anyway,

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he comes to nabire Salatu was Salam. And nabire santosa Massimo, Sahaba, Ekrem Allahu Akbar.

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So he said want to be over law we are believers, now via a Salam said substantiate your claim. You're a believer prove to me that you are a believer.

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Today we have different different symbols that we claim to say that we have believers. And we console ourselves on the grounds of this identity that we are Muslims.

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We have now is recent, this year in the tsunami, I had the opportunity to go there when this catastrophe came. And there were 1000s of people that were lying and mass graves had to be done. One of the greatest symbols through which Muslims were identified, by virtue of which they were privileged what Hussein and Jenna's animus was the beard

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has it it will bear me out. How they were identified was the beard, the Islamic dressing and that is by virtue of that they enjoyed the correct version and they enjoyed Salah

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in this very recent times.

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So nearly saddam asked al Qaeda you're a believer prove to me that you're a believer. He said Hamza Surah Taha sletten Hudson Americana Bihar kansen amaratunga, Bihar Rosado, Hansen de la Cana Bihar filta helia wanna know Halina anila Anton Hana Rasul Allah, whatever you would like and give you 15 qualities to prove to you that I'm a believer.

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ask ourself today if we are asked what is the proof that we are believers? comes from Mr. Tanaka five we heard from your five we heard from your messengers, and five we had from the very era of darkness, but we only need to respect it and review it. However, if you choose to forbid us from it, we will abstain from it. Maybe at a certain set run me through your 15 qualities which you refer to the qualities of a man or a woman in Latin America can be what are the five qualities I told you? So they said only Viva La Martina and Amina Villa to believe on the oneness of Allah, Allah equity the angels of Allah wakatobi the books of the prophets of Allah, well Patricia shall be him in a law,

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that good in bed comes from Allah, everything comes from Allah

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Marathi, who Allah intima score or in Managua in money or who Allah and tomato, oh my brother, if you accept my proposal, and you grant my visa or you approve my job, then in essence Allah has approved it however you will be appreciated. But if you refuse it in essence, Allah has declined however, you will be excused. We're in Managua in Delmon, Yahoo Allah and tomato kannamma Mohan silletti Amara combi marsali What did you hear from my messengers, Amara sudak Anisha Allah, Allah illallah wa to believe in the oneness of Allah, one of the masala mokuba to establish the salah, when the cattle enough roba and to discharge this occur when asuma shahara Ravana and to observe the

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first in the month of Ramadan, when I first gel beta in his Titania is Sybil and to perform the hype Viva la gran says the means then the Prophet sallallaahu Simpson, tell me the five qualities that you have from the era of darkness. Listen to this brothers. He says this was found in us from the era of darkness. But we held on to it after we accept that Islam.

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When shefali Indra Hema whom Allah was released from Malta, you read the episode of Malta, when he was imprisoned, a very, very emotional episode in the lives of our predecessors. And amongst the first groups that he addressed after his release, going back to the 1920s, was a group of theologians in an AMA.

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And he said, during my stay, and during my captivity, I gave much thought to the decline of the soma. And I reflected at length over the pitiful condition of this oma and I have safely arrived to conclusions. And this was a gathering of alama hundreds of theologians. Can you imagine the anxiety the statement had around amongst them?

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A man who was a great scholar of his time.

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He said, After much thought I have safely come to the conclusion that we have two problems. Number one, we've deserted and abandoned the Quran And number two, our internal fighting, which of course is as a result of the first. He further said an oma that could have been a billion strong, unfortunately has fragmented into billion segments.

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And Omar that could have been it is a sad page of our history. It is a sad reality, the internal bickering of the soma, the dissension, the division of this oma is indeed a sad reality.

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And let me end by saying when and discussing this year, which family is free from family politics, the minimum in today's time I often say, We seldom meet, we seldom socialize. I think in today's times on the seldom occasions when we meet, if we can say good words, then two, we've done a lot. We've achieved a great amount we seldom meet and when we meet also, it's nasty comments, or you lost your way.

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How you ended up here.

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So we met at a janazah We met at a wedding, it was after years, let that be polite. What was the Unity Sahaba had a MANOVA. We makes mention of it in the commentary of Muslim Sharif. Jerry rebny Abdullah pajarito de la Mohan, who says, Biafra nebia sallallahu wasallam. Allah knows clinically Muslim, I pledged to nabire salam that I will be faithful to every Muslim. That was the pledge I made.

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And I said, I will live by this pledge. So one day he sent one of his servants to purchase a horse. Mmm, nobody speaks about it in the history of Muslim Sharif.

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So he sent his servant to go and purchase a horse. And the servant went purchase the house for 400 did Holmes came back gave it to Jerry. Jerry Rolando said, No, no, I think you've paid too little.

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I think you've deprived the man of his do take me back to the owner. Where have you heard of such people?

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So anyway, Jenny, ready Ilana goes back to the owner to the farm wherever it was, he says listen, I send myself in any purchase the hospital he says correct.

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So jerrica the Alanna said you know what I think you've underpriced this year I need to pay you more so he said no problem paid if you want to pay more give whatever you want to give welcome

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so he said only make it 500 do not say don't make it more he says or at 600 he said make it more just make it seven he said no making more. So I said already let me double it 800 he said already at 800 Yeah, heavens. So anyway, as he comes out, someone meets him congratulates him ability borrow horses, yes what you paid 800 I could have got you two for the price. He said I also could get to for this price. However, I had pledged to nearly Salaam that I will be loyal to every Muslim and loyalty to my brother at this juncture demand that I give him more than what he deserved.

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Please, this o'clock in the treatment of this oma,

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please this character in the businessman of the soma. Allah has given you such talent. Allah has given you such an opportunity and through that Allah will give you such Berkut Alba Anibal harmala Mita farakka for inside acaba, Yana barakallahu, Murphy Bay, Lima, one in cassava waka Tama market Baraka to a Lima be honest, identify the false and the Vietnam's boys with the transaction, lie distort, manipulate, and deceive and nebulae salons burqa is out of the transaction.

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So many salons is one of those five qualities. It says a shukran

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shukran Baraka was sobrang del Bella was set up a female attorney Lippa, Robbie merill, para watarrka shamatha bill mercy, Villa de

00:23:31--> 00:23:41

la gratitude on moments of prosperity, Allah has favored us so much like the poet says, Allah you have given me so much.

00:23:43--> 00:23:54

Every time I fell short, in my gratitude, you increased your bounties can be a bit serious to double, as if the recipe of more was in gratitude.

00:23:56--> 00:24:00

As if the recipe of more is in gratitude Allah

00:24:03--> 00:24:14

every time I fell short Allah you increase the bit that serious God will follow the law. As if you want more be ungrateful. That is how you dealt with me. Oh Allah.

00:24:16--> 00:24:26

I shook Rhonda raha gratitude on moments of prosperity? What sobre hindle Bella and patience and perseverance in moments of difficulty

00:24:27--> 00:24:31

saving Are you willing Salatu was salam, what difficulties came upon him?

00:24:33--> 00:24:37

Instead of him big stretch and how he persevered in that difficulty.

00:24:38--> 00:24:59

One day his wife met with a doctor who it was shut down in the form of a doctor. And now when a person is sick, he would go to any length for cure. And this doctor told a rough mud. That was the wife of sabena a ubay. Salatu was Salam. She was from the descendants of use of a Salatu was Salam rockethub in Morocco. Hyah Tamati. He was a hottie.

00:25:00--> 00:25:14

He was on a boat See, he was gonna he forgot it will Halima zodia Shackleton sabirah she was a pillar of support in his difficulties. And she stood by his side, even in prosperity. And she was a unique woman. She literally was mercy. Her name was Rockman.

00:25:15--> 00:25:50

She was the granddaughter of Satan I use of a salatu salam. So one day she met this doctor, the doctor said, Listen, I will cure your husband. I only need one thing he must acknowledge me and say, You know what, Doc, you've cured me. That's all I need nothing more. She said taken. She had not fully comprehended the implications of this statement. She came home she told my husband, you know what the metric is sorted out. I met with a doctor. He's promised to cure you only one thing he wants acknowledgement, save. Now you've got up and he said that he's the devil. And that is a statement of shame. And even though I have accused me I will bless you 100 times because of what

00:25:50--> 00:25:50

you've said.

00:25:54--> 00:25:56

His wife does it make dua to Allah that Allah must kill you?

00:25:58--> 00:26:19

It does his wife Oh, my wife. How long did we enjoy prosperity? So she says 80 years. How long is the largest terrace? She said eight years? He answered. Stephanie and approvement Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah. Allah gave me 80 years of prosperity and Allah tested me for eight years. I'm shy to ask Allah that 80 years of difficulty less than maybe I have the guts to ask Allah

00:26:26--> 00:26:38

what sukru in the Rafah sobre la bella was Sita puffy Martini Lika nikka honesty in moments of meeting in Elisa feta means is Sahaba in the first volume there is a divine

00:26:39--> 00:26:42

when Satan offers a flaming his father yamamura The young woman

00:26:44--> 00:26:58

from Mecca to Medina on the way they were intercepted by Abuja sabudana as the way you're off to the side we're going to Medina. This was just before the Battle of Abu Dhabi said if you're going to Medina you will add to the numbers of the Muslims so we won't release you because you will fight against us.

00:26:59--> 00:27:10

So say for the Allah said my word I won't join the ranks of the Muslims and fight against you. He said you give me your word is I give you my word. Anyway, Aboriginal release was a part of the alano as he gets to Medina navire salam is living.

00:27:12--> 00:27:26

Why is Avada Waterman Angelica tubo Amina maka Eden Italia Allahu semi on honey. What is the ultimate Lika to Baba Amina maka kita Allah who sent me on

00:27:27--> 00:28:08

either hamato platinum in Uppsala, voila muhuali Yo, Houma, la la la familia de Vaca Lima camino Allah pinch the pitch of ba ba Salam is on the outskirts of Medina even further. When the Muslims were few in number. They barely had 70 horses, two cameras few swords. So was a part of the Alon when his father Jamar said whenever you have a lover you want to join you and they narrate that they want to be able to land away or boudjellal intercepted us and we had an argument with him and we told him just to earn our release we pledge that we will not join you but obviously that was just so that we can earn our release but we will not be joining now we are in Salaam said you gave Abu Jamal

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your word you cannot join me.

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You gave Abu Jamal your word you cannot join at a time when the Muslims needed aid the most. When reinforcement was absolutely everything. When participation in brother Buhari Sharif motto do not libertarian feeco Yasuda la gibril says whenever you have a law How do you view the participants of brother from the Vla ceram said this they are more senior than the other Sahaba sociability Salam said What can he come and say the bedroom in Alma he just is the Sahaba who participated in butter are more senior than the other Sahaba de la eco who descended to aid the Muslims are more senior than the other side the other melodica

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What did the prophets Allah says La la la, la la la la, la la maluma, Masha,

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Allah, those who participated in better Allah has forgiven all your sins. Now via de Santo Abuja atoll Jose for the olana you gave a Buddha your word you cannot join us. In the end satana Jose is one of the alano and his father yamamura the Allah and both were exempted and excluded from weather simply because they had committed and given their word to a coffee Abuja.

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You and I will find all flexibility and all concession to accommodate and to adjust and to do whatever we want to. But this is what's typical female Athenian law to understand to honor your word, or rather be more real

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and to express joy and happiness on the decisions of faith. This is let's say the Nakamura the Atlanta says, which was a common quality in Sahaba on the Divine Decree of a law, what my ally has decided for me, I am happy with it.

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Brothers when a child makes and every day he comes home and he says

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But you didn't buy me this and he tells his mother Oh, you cook this, and he moans and groans and my friend did this and my friend's father bought him. Then sometimes in a foot of anger we say listen, from tomorrow You must tell your friend's father that he's your father and you his son.

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And you tell that Auntie that she must cook for you and that's your mother. What if that's your frustration because your child is moaning on what you give him designed for him? I'm afraid your Allah tells you the same when you move on what Allah decides for your

00:30:31--> 00:30:38

Milan Mira Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Vinci was Benzema de

00:30:40--> 00:30:45

Milan Mira da da da a what am yes para la la familia

00:30:47--> 00:31:01

The one who is not pleased on what I decided for him and was not patiently endure what I put in he put in his spot. Then he considers me incapable of being Allah telling him to look for a better Allah who deals more justly with him.

00:31:05--> 00:31:23

Your business is not flourishing, your children are rebellious. Everything of yours is wrong. Don't you think when the child also moans and groans that comes to a point where you burst that comes to a point where you also explode Allah says the very same thing man shakaama see button so let's be here for in nama your score.

00:31:24--> 00:31:28

If you mon on what Allah decided you questioning authority

00:31:29--> 00:31:37

what Ravi Marina da and happiness enjoy on the decisions have to deal with Turkish Amata Bill masiva let will

00:31:38--> 00:32:18

and we will never dare rejoice the tragedy of our enemies, nevermind our relatives. Today the world has accused us we've been accused of many plans. We've been accused of many plots, and it's important we seize every platform to clear the air. Our aim and our objective is to obey your law. We have no other goals we have no other aims. say there are literally a man who says whenever the Muslims fought love for the kind of horrible humiliate me Nananana embrace brain. Whenever the Muslims fought it was for one of two reasons. Either the Dean was temple or the land was invaded. There has never been another war that the Muslims have ever fought.

00:32:21--> 00:32:35

What Turkish Amata Bill masiva da da da we will never ever rejoice. The life or the loss of every life is precious to us. We honor the viewer and respect life in every form.

00:32:38--> 00:33:24

In fact, the life of an unborn child is precious to us. Hence abortion is not part of our deal. Abortion is forbidden. Life is precious and valuable in every form. watanuki shamatha Bill masiva hand let bill Adda we will never rejoin us on any calamity on any difficulty on any tragedy. When the Prophet sallallahu Sallam heard this from Alabama, he said fuqaha Dabba Doo Yoku MBR minha Salima sarafa if there were any automa of my own It is these. If they were anyone that was close to the galaxy of Gambia, it is these he then smiled and he said you have 15 let me give you another five Lia como la la la, la la la la. Then Allah completed by 20 a lotta Juma Omar la Kowloon.

00:33:24--> 00:33:32

wallethub Manu mala tuscano on while at an alpha Sophie Mahajan, and bhutesu loan what taco La la la la la la

00:33:34--> 00:33:38

la la la la kulu don't don't gather that food which you won't eat.

00:33:39--> 00:34:13

Don't make your resolve more difficult than merely some held the hand of evening Homer and they walked into one garden he picked up a date and he ate it. He said Monica Yagna Amara la coolibah Homer join me he said str su de la I don't think I have any inclination now that we are a salon said well for you. Perhaps it's a matter of choice inclination or disinclination. Yeah, it is dead hunger for days have gone nothing has entered the belly of your Navy. But let me tell you even more murky for Becca Yep. Now Homer is about a toughie tomiyama or his personality him a time is to come on mama when one one will store the provisions of the year.

00:34:14--> 00:34:49

That mahoma tokoto palatable no matter spoon. Don't build those homes in which you will not love. My sister doesn't own her roof above her house when I have a house in Paris and a house in London and in a cottage in New York and wanted this beach and when a deadbeat only deposited once a year and my own blood sister doesn't own a roof. my nephews don't have basic food. Have I done justice to the well that Allah has given me? Have I discharged the obligation when I have many assets attached to my name, my own relatives don't have a basic rule of Will I not be answerable to my Creator.

00:34:50--> 00:34:59

That revenue model. Don't build something you won't love to say we're not an alpha Sophie Masada Nando de Lune. Don't waste your ability in

00:35:00--> 00:35:35

In general in it in vying and competing with one another in a matter which you will leave which you will leave tomorrow you will leave this year, don't compete in the trivial things of this world, focus towards author prepare towards that, that is your ultimate about brothers. Well, now when we look at the current crisis that is staring at the home is hazard spoke about what they be, I just want to briefly run you through a few things regarding the life of Sahaba. It is important we relate to those lives and we deduce, we deduce, we create an equation between our life and we navigate our lives from the way they lived.

00:35:41--> 00:35:43

How'd they be I was at a time

00:35:44--> 00:36:25

when there was no loss of health, there was no loss of wealth, the challenge of the hour was the suppression of emotions. That was the price of the day via to preserve eemaan at that time was suppressing the emotions. Now via a surround sees a vision. Now via a Salaam sees a vision, what is the vision that he's making? hombre, we know the anxiety that Sahaba had the desire that they have, he narrates it to the Sahaba although the dream was not explicit, that it's going to happen immediately. It was it is human nature in the night you dreamt about money, you think in the morning it will be that that's human nature, whatever dream you have, you want it to materialize

00:36:25--> 00:36:26


00:36:27--> 00:36:45

And this was the practice of Nebuchadnezzar when he had a dream he would narrate it in viscosity of the first volume on page 75. with reference to the musician if there is one there was a landowner a study near a Serato. Some came late for further saara, unlike us Allah give us he died today. come late for further ALLAH forgive.

00:36:46--> 00:37:10

The Vla Sam came late Sahaba patiently waited say grandma said the sun was about to rise, and suddenly the baby over luckyme The dog was a comet was given Salah was performed. And after a month was over, he said listen, remain seated. I'm so happy Tony mahabis me on komolika dot. Let me tell you what delayed me today. Let me tell you what delayed me. This is also a very big principle of Islam. It's a formula

00:37:12--> 00:37:36

that avoid the locations of accusation. Don't be as Muslims it is not correct for us to conduct ourselves in any way which will compromise our dignity. mythos monument Baraka to me has written we are obliged to respect the laws of our state. And he said violation of a traffic light is just not an offense to the law but is equally an offense to your dean and a man.

00:37:37--> 00:37:53

These are his words. So we should not conduct ourselves in any way which will compromise our dignity more so in this climate of hostility when the action of one Muslim is taken to be the reflection of Islam in its entirety. We've got to conduct ourselves with absolute maturity

00:37:55--> 00:37:58

in a dignified in a responsible in a mature way.

00:38:01--> 00:38:30

It is it is of absolute importance. Nonetheless, nearly Sam came late. So immediately he cleared the air he said let me tell you why I came late. Let me tell you why MK lay the famous Hadith in Bukhari on the occasion of erotica when he was speaking to his beloved wife, Sophia de la. And then somebody walked past so as they seem to be worrisome in seclusion, so they became uncomfortable. A discreet relation between the newbie over line is honorable consult and we happen to pass by it's awkward, it's uncomfortable. So the heysen database now we are in some salaries likoma stop and pause and come back.

00:38:31--> 00:38:35

Now we are essentially just for your information. This is my legal wife Sophia.

00:38:36--> 00:39:20

So this is gonna be over law we will never do have we even against you. Why are you clearing the air? That really Salaam said I respect what you say. But let it not be that the devil injects an evil thought in your heart regarding your neighbor your Eman will be in jeopardy. That the da da da da da da da da da da la de da de da soli vinicunca de la cadena de Mola Mola Dena de la luna mean Camilla when the NaVi speaks to you don't consider it like anyone ordinary speaking. Nonetheless nearly Salam said I stood up in the night to I performed Budo salad tomato deli and I started performing Salah in my Salah. I went into a trance and in that Salah suddenly I seen my Allah in the

00:39:20--> 00:39:24

most beautiful appearance I seen my Allah my Allah say Dr. Mohammad

00:39:26--> 00:39:54

in Bari cerveza diva in under the chapter's bubble Salatin, Khrushchev, Sava say we were performing the math behind every salon and suddenly he leaned forward and then he went back softer numbers we said only be over la we seen your gesture inclining forward. Now we are a salon said yes. I went into the gardens of Jonathan I seen a branch and I was about to pluck some some dates and some grapes. And if I had to pluck it logical to mean homeopathy at dunia you would have eaten from that bunch till the day of the omics.

00:39:56--> 00:40:00

So I see my ally in the most beautiful appearance by law said what are they

00:40:00--> 00:40:19

Angels above you discussing Oh Mohammed I said I don't know a lot three times. Then Allah put his hand on my chest. Obviously that is with a sharpie hot. Well Ahuja donica Maja punto Ala Moana were yummy no gelatin Nila Imani kita de Lune was football for Houma.

00:40:20--> 00:41:00

catani The poet says, what are we atonic Amaya punto de la buena de novo gelatin illimani kill Tonya de Europe be amino naspo that my Allah has a hands as he said and as it befits His Majesty, it is only right hands there's nothing like left in the in by law. And of course it is beyond our comprehension. And we we accept it as it is as befits the majesty of Allah and Allah is spending through that hands on his creation. But nonetheless, as a result of that, particularly Couldn't you say the heavens became exposed to meet the discussion of the angels became apparent to me, Allah said what are they discussing? I said Allah they are discussing those actions through which a

00:41:00--> 00:41:37

person's sins will be forgiven. Marshall epidemiologia Maha walking towards the massage setting in the masjid and they are discussing the rewards of those actions by virtue of which a person's rewards will be elevated. Then Allah told me, he said I'm studying the Sahaba Allah told me Surya Muhammad Muhammad asked me what you want imagine you sit in what an officer you studied with the president you sit in with someone they pray with discrete meeting and he says What do you want all your your the needs of yourself, your family will just come before you immediately it will cloud your mind if you can set your job here you can secure this year you can maybe add a server did he

00:41:37--> 00:42:14

made a lot of money as a local family? Whatever kalamoon Carrara marble Misaki in quantum theory, what our family what is our tobacco main fitness and fatawa funny enough to Allah who mainly Luca hogback, wahaca my book, family yo Corleone, LA, Allah give me the perpetual love of good actions. Unlike let me detest and dislike all sons a lot are learned we love the poor, associate myself with the poor and dying with the poor. Allah when you decide to test your servants and you decide to put challenges upon them. Allah left me before those tests comes

00:42:15--> 00:42:24

along with me before those tests comes. While our brothers we seen the time that has come before us. White people, white people passionately envy the time of

00:42:25--> 00:42:59

Mr. Murthy. Let us not forget that error is coupled with the job and the fitting of the john is the greatest of fitness maumoon Aruna Harun, we have this notion and we have this wrong perception that when we will see that john, we will identify him by his appearance. So we will see that he is one eyed in our interrupt. Our CIO will identify and we say what is the job this is how we looked on the bat Sam told us or different from him who doesn't know the fitting of this room. It is a woman who doesn't know the fitting of this woman's interest who doesn't know the fitting of this omit the Xena who is abstaining on the grounds of knowledge.

00:43:01--> 00:43:14

I will tell you the hands of interest now, but when you walk in your shop and a businessman comes in, he tells you forgotten and forgotten are all the warnings of daddy. Let us come out of this delusion that on the grounds of the information we have regarding the job we are protected.

00:43:16--> 00:43:53

Who doesn't know these are fitness? Which man doesn't know this is haram. Yet the temptation the demands are overwhelming. Was it manageable said in Nakamoto Nathan defeat Nikita Rafa Superdome when Nirvana come in fitness Allah Allah here Nisa is attainable when a visionary passion was Benjamin first Abdel Ghani what can lanell Fatima UT you seen there have difficulty you and you you know you endured but I'm afraid they comes in era of prosperity and I doubt you're able to withstand these challenges. Massively Jebel is steady, who has a humble heart. It is those woman with respect to my sisters.

00:43:54--> 00:44:21

It is those women who love missionary possum waspa young men who will insist on wearing the fine garments of silk, this fine silk garments of sharm in Yemen but optional honey, they will tell you the wealthy husband what can leftenant for Tirumala UT and they will burden the poor husband which is beyond that debt wealth which is beyond his ability. They say a successful man is one who can earn more than his wife spends. And a successful woman is one who can find such a man.

00:44:28--> 00:44:42

What can leftenant mother so only be an hour long when you decide to take me away. Nonetheless, in the viola scene, this dream brothers It is important we refer to these Allah. It is important we did use our guidance and navigate our way through the lives of Sahaba

00:44:43--> 00:44:59

nabire salaam prepares the Sahaba and they leave. And the vlsm makes it known that our intention is over and nothing else. He makes a general announcement and he says that we will be leaving it is Monday. It is the beginning of delicata he performs his hoser puts on his clothes from our mother's womb.

00:45:00--> 00:45:09

Selma joins him he ascends his password It was his camel and they leave from Makkah, Ethel Khalifa they put on the ROM. As the coup forget the news that the Muslims are coming.

00:45:11--> 00:45:46

They decided they called a Persian meeting, and they said no custom Muslims will enter. They decide to dispatch certain envoys in different directions. They sent Holly Avery to a place called Camille. And they sent the famous tribe of five of Banu thieves to a place called Delta. And they said locate the Muslims transmit their movements, but we won't allow them into Mecca. As the Muslims advanced nebulae Samson's Bishop near Sofia, Andrew the Allahu anhu that go and see what is happening and coming right to me beshara the unknown who comes in he says these people are ready for war. So he comes back to the BLS and said Oh no, we have a lot this nation is ready on war nabire salaam said

00:45:46--> 00:46:08

he said that was have destroyed these people. He didn't want to give up fighting. wars have destroyed these people. Yet they do not want to give up it is time we coming to some common grounds we negotiate the way forward. Nonetheless, as they advance they come close to a place nobody listens in our budget nabeshima the alarm on who? He comes with his army and he stands at a particular location highly dependable it is on the opposite side.

00:46:10--> 00:46:34

Nobody did that time was not a Muslim. If they get the the time of Zod nearly sometimes belenko doesn't. Today, no mas is not in our functions. No mas is not in our occasions. And Saba didn't leave no mas in battle and we want that same help of Allah in the Battle of caccia demoscene was martyred in the Battle of Siebel Medina yarmulke sia. So the Sahaba decided now the better that the Muslim has been martyred who will give us on

00:46:36--> 00:46:51

every Saturday said I will give us on it became an issue of contention. No Sahabi wanted to forfeit donnovan in the midst of the battle while the pharaohs is when they decided to call upon Matura we take pride in the masjid

00:46:52--> 00:47:25

the contentious issue of water metolius the contentious issue is not welcomed as a coup de la cabra the contentious Allah Allah He died to one and all the contentious the way it is my pride to invite to my daughter's occasion she'll feel insulted if I send a card. It's my prior to the contentious unlucky day to one and all the contentious the way it is my pride to invite to my daughter's occasion she'll feel insulted if I send a card. It's my pride to invite towards my son's this meeting, but it is an insult to invite towards Allah.

00:47:27--> 00:47:34

So then they decided they grow up lots and the one whose name was allotted he was privileged otherwise they weren't ready to part with that.

00:47:36--> 00:47:54

Maybe our Islamic law Allahumma phillimore Vinny alhama phillimore Dineen Allah homophily Lama Dini ALLAH forgive the Muslims of mama Satan Alma cetera kanaya Rasul Allah Allah Allah Danny B so it looks like to secure this honor of forgiveness on your tongue will draw swords to give us some

00:47:55--> 00:48:04

people will throw a swords to give us an after you leave us because everybody will want to be forgiven. Now here is some said can la Omar yada yada Nazism on

00:48:06--> 00:48:07

him? What?

00:48:09--> 00:48:29

No, no, no, no, no, no Omar, don't base don't base those that are to come on this golden era. What you saying this is my time, a time is to come the Amazon will be designated for the downtrodden category of myeloma. And rest assured the flesh is forbidden on jahannam within the home and

00:48:36--> 00:48:55

so that was the pride. The muslin was martyred immediately. This is what had happened. The time of Salah came Belgravia Nana Casa de Santo Salah is performed. Now what had happened brothers every time is the Muslims came on this for they be I'm going to create an equation as they came to spy, they got exposure to Islamic culture.

00:48:56--> 00:49:02

So you will see as I will tell you briefly they came as spies and they returned as Sahaba

00:49:03--> 00:49:12

they came as invoice and they returned disbelievers. They came as mother own and they returned as the other your loved one.

00:49:14--> 00:49:21

Wait because they got exposed to Islam. Allah forgive those that are interacting with us and not getting exposed to Islamic culture.

00:49:23--> 00:49:28

we seen it happening. People went as journalists in certain places and they came out as believers.

00:49:29--> 00:49:33

They went as news reporters and they came out as believers This is Alice Dewey's.

00:49:35--> 00:49:40

So as they were performing Salah Khalid started observing he wasn't a Muslim at that time Holly didn't really

00:49:42--> 00:49:46

haven't started but it is Mark Carney who lead

00:49:49--> 00:49:57

he after the Salah was over. He said you know what, we missed an opportunity. These people were in Salah when they were in prostration. That was the time to strike.

00:49:58--> 00:49:59

That was the time but no

00:50:00--> 00:50:03

worry I know these Muslims then have another prayer very soon.

00:50:04--> 00:50:05

If nobody does say

00:50:07--> 00:50:49

you read the Allah speaks about the coffee nine qualities Allah speaks about him or told him ba da da da casa Nene and Kannada Malema Benny. Alinea tuna Kala Hassan Ali, Allah speaks of nine qualities of the light now buses I don't even know his criticize any COVID in the Quran like this copy and in that Allah says one is illegitimate. So he comes to his mother in the harsh of Jelani and it is written he says in the Mohammed was a funny bit is specified in Article One Natasha Mohammed Sasson has his Quran has identified nine weaknesses of minds. I can relate to the first eight, but the ninth one says I'm illegitimate, oh, my mother dead. That diverges your infidelity

00:50:49--> 00:50:53

Speak up, because the Quran of Muhammad will never lie.

00:50:54--> 00:51:08

Speak up because the Quran of Muhammad will never lie. The Quran of Muhammad says I'm an illegitimate child. I considered this man as my biological father, but Muhammad's Quran says I'm illegitimate. So she says yes, in the avakian Nina,

00:51:09--> 00:51:36

I could not have children from this very man who you consider to be your biological father. And hence I gave access to another person and you are actually a child and the offspring of that particular man. And then after that I got married to this man. So Khalid said no I know these people will pray very soon. So this was the plot. Hurry at that time was a Muslim they made the plot immediately jabril came down. Y la quinta fame Fanta lava masala

00:51:37--> 00:51:59

effect on minimum makeover Leopoldo snohetta, one for a dancer a dolphin Nico Nomura eco? You see in Abu Dhabi, the 12 different ways of Serato Whoa, full detail explain that only be able to lead they've taught him to strike in numbers. So be alert. And Allah has made adjustment in concession that insula one group will perform one will God.

00:52:00--> 00:52:13

Anyway, they go ahead. After the horse ally, they go ahead they come to this place. For the via the camera of Nebula Sam sits down. Saba say Hola, tilaka. Swan, that what is wrong?

00:52:15--> 00:52:28

Imagine the anxiety of Sahaba clouded by this fear that we had a sunset no Hubba Sahaba Sellafield that Allah wouldn't allow the elephants to go beyond your that Allah doesn't allow this camera to go forwards. Now you bought the flight and in detail your technical faults.

00:52:29--> 00:52:31

That was the technical fault of the day

00:52:34--> 00:52:35


00:52:36--> 00:53:14

the kuffaar took the different locations where there was water, the Muslims, they left them with a place where there was no water. Just imagine Sahaba you know, we have our local problems we have our domestic problems then we have the international crisis. And then we can't we don't know where to put ourselves in this entire equation. Look at the suppression of emotions look at what clouded Sahaba look at them maturity, look at the vision look at the understanding look at their priorities. What was clouding what was resting on their minds. Anxiety of Amara I possibly cannot translate in words. You know, when the Vla Sonam left maka, a Maki versus a verse revealed before he dropped a

00:53:14--> 00:53:56

Madani versus the first reveal after he dropped. This verse was revealed between Mecca and Medina in melody Ferrara calm Khurana law tequila Muhammad, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam took an unusual path from Mecca to Medina. And then this road joint with the common route going back to Makkah. So when his gaze fell on the road, he became emotional and he started crying. And he looked at that road in eight years, and he made Sahaba cry, and he looked at the road going back to Makkah, he said one life they had not compelled me to leave you MCI wouldn't have put my foot on any other lands jabril descended in the journey of Indra. And these verses were revealed that Allah who made Quran for us

00:53:56--> 00:54:04

upon you will soon return you victorious into Medina. So how can words describe the aspiration of Sahaba the emotion of Sahaba

00:54:06--> 00:54:26

anyway, nebulae Salatu was some comes there, there is no water father, the son the main cannon at the Vita barakaatuh should say that in the VAT something such as arrow and he drops it into the water. The water comes brimming up the water comes Brahmin up Sahaba drain the A they seem to everything. The kuffaar decided to send the invoice and Buddha.

00:54:28--> 00:54:31

Buddha Allah never comes he sits down with an aviary salat wa salam,

00:54:32--> 00:54:44

nebulae Salam said Jean, Mary, Martha Marian, we've come to make Amara in northern Nigeria, Lil Qatar, we have no intentions to fight, go back. Tell them we are peace loving people. We have no ulterior motives.

00:54:45--> 00:54:57

Anyway, he goes back, he sits down with the people he tells them but every time they were coming, they were getting exposure to Islamic culture. They were seeing the Muslims how they learn. They were seeing the Muslims how they conducted themselves.

00:54:58--> 00:54:59

So he goes back

00:55:00--> 00:55:12

He tells his people listen, this man is very polite. I think we should give them access into Makkah. They said no, no, no, we don't need to hear stories like this. Yeah, this is not what we want to go from your Buddha. You've never left these people and he accepted Islam.

00:55:13--> 00:55:48

They decided to send the second person what do I know? What do I venomous mode comes what love Sahaba head for the VLT Salam or Nima Salut says that, and then he starts talking to an aviary Salaam and as he's talking to an aviary, some fossa, the villa forget he he has the beard of Nebula some maharatna Chava pushed his hand and he said, Listen, you talk, you talk with respect. Listen, you talk, you talk with respect, a lot of work but they didn't Asana we know the who was the Jewish rabbi. Long story is very long. Just briefly, I want you to one point through it. Anyway, he came he was he was studying the life of nebbia. A lot of people are studying the lives of the Muslims today,

00:55:48--> 00:55:48


00:55:49--> 00:56:22

lot of people now when I was in Australia, there was a group that wanted to base themselves with that must be an official group that will come in from some organization. And they said, We want to stay in a Muslim house and we want to stay in a Muslim mosque. And we want to just make more common Muslim culture and make known to people you know what a Muslim beanie is, how do they conduct themselves? Now you ask ourselves, can we can we say or go to this mosquito go to that house? Where is in the time of navia salatu salam captive came? And he said I was trying to the pillar and when I walked in that Hamas there wasn't a man I hated more than Mohammed and by the third morning there

00:56:22--> 00:56:53

wasn't a human I love more than Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam there wasn't in three days what was that environment in three days? in touch? We'll talk to them in one intern Quinton Hamada shocking now we are a solemn asked him Osama samama what what do you have? what's up what's your take? Is it listen if you kill then my blood won't be cheap revenge will take but if you overlook I guess you will be acknowledged and you'll be appreciated now very solemn, said utterly who listened really him? He said take me to this man, I want to accept this deal.

00:56:54--> 00:57:32

In tactical tactical data mean, why internal internally murasaki. So what do I blame us for what comes he sits down, but when he sits down, he gets exposed to the culture of navionics salaam. And he gets more impressed his focus goes away from the negotiation. And he gets captured by how they are conducting themselves. He goes back to the people who said listen before I report on a different note, man, what a disciplined nation what discipline on a different note before I tell you what developed on that before I tell you about my legal interaction and my development and my economic ties and all those other social political strength that he let me tell you what law he matana from

00:57:32--> 00:58:13

an Obama 1011 coffee cup era truly minimum for the lockerby Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, listen, when that man only intense spitting their 100 to grab his saliva. fidella cubby Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, they take the hand and they smear it on their body. What is that? what occurred yesterday, Luna Allah, what do he when he performs ablution they fight for that water? What is our amerihome imitator amerihome when he commands they respond, Mama you hidden a lie never atop a Lehman level. They will never dare lift their gaze, they will never develop their gaze. You know, it brings me to the incident of Satan our armor even after the alarm on who is known as the minister

00:58:13--> 00:58:14

who conquered Egypt.

00:58:15--> 00:58:24

And this is something for us to reflect over brothers. We all have a dark past we have a gloomy pass Allah forgive us. Allah forgive us and Allah protect us Allah protect us onwards.

00:58:25--> 00:58:51

What is the what is our fellow tiberi but in fearful Mateen what is our fellow tiberi but in fievel emetine one of Sudha tune in to the Jani foster him in Navarra Isla de Vaca la in la de La Villa Maria Ronnie, when you are sitting in seclusion, and your ego provokes you towards sin, then remind yourself that Allah has created darkness is fully observant and watching what I have done.

00:58:53--> 00:59:38

What is our fellow tiberi but in FY 18, one Suda Tony lactobionic human novel in a season a Hamrick nasruddin lon speaking on the aspect of respect of nobility Salatu was Salam. We claim to have respect we we I often say we cannot understand the love that Sahaba had for now via a Salaam for the simple reason. We haven't loved any human to the extent that Sahaba love navia Listen, I'm never meant loving him so much. I haven't loved my parents no my wife nor my children. I haven't tasted love to the extreme and the extent that Sahaba enjoyed with nearly Salaam so how can we relate it to anyone? How can we create a massage or parable I can't say they love now vlsm like how you love your

00:59:38--> 00:59:59

wife or like how you love your this one or you love that one? We cannot today ALLAH forgive also you know person say he loves his wife. But nobody Sam said that the youth will never entertain now, who is the youth who doesn't mind strangers speaking to his wife? They say this father went to buy a horse so he's petting the horse you know very gently and everything. So the son has the father did you petting the horse?

01:00:00--> 01:00:07

What is it? This is no my son I want to buy the horse so when you buy it you pet the animal it says oh then I'm afraid the neighbor wants to buy Mom

01:00:11--> 01:00:12

I'm afraid the neighbor wants to buy Mom

01:00:14--> 01:00:39

What? what is happened to this woman that it introduces his females to strangers? You're proud over your car. You're obsessed over your properties. You're obsessed over other things and your woman folk you leave them. Let them be on asuna manikarnika bellicon ship r&b shiburin their r&b the Robin hatanaka Hello zakharova Tabatha Mohan kado Allahu

01:00:41--> 01:00:42

Allah tala Carmen,

01:00:43--> 01:00:55

you will follow those that preceded you to such an extreme that if they entered a lizard to hold which is totally contrary to logic, which contradicts sanity, but because they did it, you will do it.

01:00:58--> 01:01:15

The youth will never entertain Now, where is the pride of this man? So the love that Sahaba had is unparalleled. Anyway say the nominee of NASA the Alon who says in the throes of death Allahu Akbar, in the throes of death what a death brothers we don't know Allah grant us a good death. Allah grant us a good death

01:01:17--> 01:01:19

as the poet says our law

01:01:21--> 01:02:01

interfere interfere Allahu Majumdar our lives you forgive forgive all our sins. And hubballi Phil Medina t Mustapha run what is some medicine unfilled by the way Allah made me amongst the fortunate people in Lahaina Genie minquan Lizzy? Infanta Allahu la Mola Jami Allah forgive me from difficulties you are my guardian in the guardian of humanity in Lahaina Genie min cola de confianza, a la una moneda de la fille Medina theorise con hub kniffin Medina terrace Khan from Madison and filled but really blessed me with sustenance in Medina and ultimately make me amongst the fortunate people who sleep in it the soil of Medina, Satan, Amir Ignace, is in the throes of death his son

01:02:01--> 01:02:42

comes there, he drops his head on the floor, and he tells his son, the son consoles the father, my father, Allah gave you What a life what an enviable life is yours. I don't know how many times the BLE Salam said myself and Ahmed even asked myself and how many bananas want to be over? Like oh my father, you are one on your way to Jenna. So he said Listen, my son Listen, listen, listen. That is not all to my life. There is something to my life which you know, not in the country. But in Salah. There was a period of my life which you know not but at any one moment and nasima had an avocado lamb and rasulillah there was a period of my life which I hated the number one love the most for me

01:02:42--> 01:03:02

to Antarctica Tabata Listen to me early now. If I died in that time, then I was destined for jahannam so much Allahu islamophobe can be then a Lockwood Islam in my heart for 32 Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam I said in his company, I told him absurd to me not gonna be able to give me your right hand this device comes in Muslim also this portion.

01:03:03--> 01:03:21

Here is some took out his hand. Then I pulled my hand back. I said don't worry over law. I will accept Islam provided Allah forgives all my sins provided Allah forgives all my sins, but Labradors sometimes I said I think I cry I asked a lot. How often do we think about what will happen to us when we stand before a lot

01:03:22--> 01:04:02

of negative feelings to him, I left them in the love we feel that we him. Someone said it's so beautiful, the pleasure the pious deriving disturbing the knights and making dua to Allah is greater than what the what youngsters derive in the heart of a club with a strange woman on the left and a bottle of wine in the hands. We've tasted the fake pleasure it's time we tasted through pleasure. He says when I came to LA Salaam I loved him so much. I used to sit in his company every day just on the aspect of respect for those so ill to an anathema atop Tony anila aku tipo de la de novo. I used to sit daily in his company but if somebody had to ask me how to describe nabire salaam, I would

01:04:02--> 01:04:06

have told him I'm afraid I don't have the courage to lift my gaze to that blesseth face.

01:04:08--> 01:04:46

Sahaba hit oblateness at bnab therapy who stepped there whose name comes in the chapters of Azzam in the Vla. Sam passed away he came to the Kaaba after he said Oh Allah ma Guatemala Ola these eyes were good to see your newbie your newbie is gone. Let it be that the last site was your newbie own last snatch my gaze and let's see is my site focus focus are over la took his site away, so that the last you saw was knbr is salatu salam. Anyway, wavenet Massoud goes back to the people. He says you know what allows them to make O'Meara they say no. He also accepts Islam. They send a third person even alpha no negotiations, they send a fourth person nothing comes. That's when the Vla Sam decides

01:04:46--> 01:05:00

to send Satan out of Monrovia llamando Let me say liberalism gave him to task as has that explained in great detail out to explore the one who told him go to Makkah negotiate the safe passage from Umbra and then go to the poor Muslims. The

01:05:00--> 01:05:44

suffering in Makkah and tell them that our daughters are with them and tell them to patiently endure the difficulties that are coming upon them soon Allah will make an opening for them. And today we make dua for the Muslims across the globe. And we convey to them the sentiments of Libya a serum that wherever you are my brother in whatever difficulties that are coming upon you persevere and patiently endure. Do not desert your Navy do not forsake your Iman do not abandon your deen soon Allah will make an opening with is that in respect and dignity, Satan our man goes and as he comes upon him in his cell, he takes him in and he also accepts Islam, one after the other to accept in

01:05:44--> 01:06:25

Islam, and as manana explained in the interim, this happened the rumor regarding the assassination of Satan out with Mundo the Allahu taala, who said now with Monrovia laundries didn't return safe. Look at the emotions of Sahaba the delay in going for hombre already, the price of preserving a man is different at every juncture. And at this time Allah purchased there was a time when they have to give the health and well and they were time when they had to suppress the emotions Sayidina Abdullah Abdullah Abdullah obey even as soon as the light no bathing suit we know the need of the Manasa t his son Abdullah was a genuine Sahabi he comes to navionics salmon Sedona Viva La Bella Vani and

01:06:25--> 01:06:33

naka torito katella Abdullah even a FEMA Bella Convo I was informed that you intend killing my father because of what he's done.

01:06:34--> 01:07:12

I don't have any objections you what you feel is right there is your choice. I only have one request for income. In the morning he asked me to eat a cassava. If what I heard is correct, you leave that task to me I will be heading and put his head in your lap. Not because I hate my father Allah knows I love my father. But what was it? I am afraid out of my sentiments you will give this task to someone else respecting me because it will be emotional. That person will promptly comply. to please you by killing my father becoming beloved in your eyes and hated in my eyes which I don't want misshapen How can I hate someone you love?

01:07:14--> 01:07:42

How can I hate someone you love that men will kill my father filata Donnie nuptse Andorra alacati Abdullah Abdullah niobium shiftiness my emotions won't allow me to see the murder of my father walking around. I'm a human, I'll be captured by sentiments. The only way out of this dilemma is you leave it to me I can hate myself if you hate him and put his head in your lap before now Vla Sam could answer debrie unanswered in the form of Quran. lotto may or may not have been like he won the

01:07:44--> 01:07:49

lotto Naomi Luna Bella he went to Milan city, UVA

01:07:52--> 01:08:19

de la, you will not find the true believers defending those that are at enmity with Allah even if they happen to be their own fathers and the brothers that you might have a Buddha would really some passes by the House of one savvy looks at the wall. He says whose houses the Sahaba said understood the symptoms of disapproval. The next time he passes by its level with the ground. He has the Saba there was a house here. So want to be over low. We mentioned to the men that you weren't very happy so he leveled it with the ground.

01:08:20--> 01:08:35

Now we had a Sam crypto that last week one brother came to me. He says man, I'm setting my TV and I've decided to get it out of my house. Now I just have one thing to ask me and my wife were arguing, can we use the money? So I want the ruling from you.

01:08:37--> 01:09:08

So it says I said well first tell me what the value is. I got two one was a big set and it was about 10,000 that one is a mini set and that one is only about 2000 Let's use what 12,000 But anyway, I'm gonna get rid of both on this pearl up with this hadith in my mind, Allah put this Hadeeth in my mind as you listen to one ad when you decide you decide nabire Samson isavi had a gold ring in his head near his son said Yamato Apatow Camila Giamatti, Minh And now some of us want to keep flames of janome on their hands. So now vlsm to get out, interrupted.

01:09:10--> 01:09:38

Then the beauty salon went away. Someone told him he was wonderful. Listen, the wearisome is gone. Take the ring you can keep giving your life to a you don't have to wait, Sally. He said Ah hoo hoo, Wah hoo Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam doesn't let it lie and let it go when my hubby has detested it. Why must I touch it? What I told him give it and let it go. Don't make profit out of it. Don't make money out of it. Let it go from your hearts. Let it go from your hearts.

01:09:39--> 01:09:47

So the emotions of Sahaba the emotions of Sahaba in this entire incident, anyway said what do I do?

01:09:49--> 01:10:00

With we spoke about Massoud he accepts Islam as they they they continue Buddha it never comes he returns or do it massage. The few of them came in this interim but

01:10:00--> 01:10:00

Nothing happened.

01:10:02--> 01:10:20

Satan out with Monrovia long returns as we spoke about it. And after season out with mundo de la new return, there was such calmness there was some form of understanding. Sohail then comes this is the critical juncture. So a live number and he comes nearly Sam says books and records somewhere in America there's some hope Yeah.

01:10:22--> 01:10:37

So even if the hammer comes near a ceramicist or a bring the paper that signed the documents and wrap up this whole thing as the People is Brought Libya research or something, right. This is an agreement between Allah between the Nabhi of Allah and the co founder of MCE.

01:10:38--> 01:10:46

So first the first argument was right in the Name of Allah, the Most kind, the Most Merciful. So So Elif nama says we don't consider Allah to be kind and merciful.

01:10:48--> 01:10:51

You don't write that you write in the name of Allah leave your fancy titles.

01:10:53--> 01:10:57

Leave your fancy titles. So nobody Samsung or HTC raise it Sava said no no. He

01:10:59--> 01:11:28

said no. And he said okay, well how can we how can we compromise just just become we need to move ahead. Do you see how the emotions were tested? as I was mentioning the price well what does he man demand from us now? What is the law one from us now malibran they will give a beautiful example. That today it is just it is not obedience. So what happens a pen is going from raw is going from the field hombre masala going from the field because there is a person of whom raw but he's missing first namaz.

01:11:30--> 01:11:36

So it is it is the Dean of just by not the Dean of compliance, he's got out to obey your law because the tickets are cheap.

01:11:37--> 01:11:48

Because there's a good package available not out of the love of my car not out of the patient of meeting the BRS around hence he comes to Makkah and Medina and he doesn't respect those places. He comes that close and he doesn't respect

01:11:52--> 01:12:11

so nearly Samsung era is it the new era Samsung show me the vlsm erases it. Then they write in the name of Allah. Then the big synopsis, right? This is an agreement between Mohammed Salah Zim and the co founder of Makkah. They said no no Allah Monica Rasulullah. Masada Nana Masada dinner Tanaka niobate our argument is you know the Prophet

01:12:12--> 01:12:19

so it is that the temple started flaring Savas emotions when I say that Omar said if that's the attitude the sword will decide

01:12:21--> 01:12:31

nobody Sam said calm down calm down. We need we need sanity to rain not emotions to dominate. We need sanity to rain not emotions to dominate.

01:12:32--> 01:13:03

understand what's gonna bring what's gonna help the situation. What's gonna benefit the situation. Now we are a Serato Sam says Okay, show it to me. And leberecht Salatu was Salam. He raises it and he said I am going to be over la even if you choose to deny waiuku Latina cafaro nesta marusia La Jolla kulula de la casa Ronis tomorrow Salah polka Shaggy, brainy, calm woman named

01:13:04--> 01:13:17

Nikita Why did they choose to deny your Prophet would tell them oh Mohammed we justify your see in one Quran I came in naked. Amina Murali, you are amongst the prophets. You are amongst the prophets

01:13:18--> 01:13:28

as they busy deciding this year, then they say look here you cannot make ombre this year. Whatever happens you go back Say no more gotta we say don't be over la

01:13:29--> 01:13:31

know what's up what's up ya

01:13:32--> 01:13:58

know we are a subset come down and we are a subset allow us allow us will make ombre in three days we out. They said no, no. oma is a non negotiable issue. Now VR is something and then we are accused that we don't have peace. And the world says we don't love peace. You show me what which nation in it history has been down in has been so flexible to bring about peace and to bring about serenity on this earth other than nabire ceram in the Sahaba.

01:14:01--> 01:14:06

We are not peace lovers. This is our history. This is this is our our 30

01:14:08--> 01:14:10

at any cost.

01:14:11--> 01:14:18

Now Vianney sama greed as long as the laws of Atlanta temples, we will have peace. We will come to common grounds.

01:14:19--> 01:14:59

In this condition about gender, the Alon who comes young Sofia coup de he in his shackles dragging himself and he drops himself at the at the mercy of the Muslims. And it says all Muslims why you returned what Nabila is to Medina. hora de la mercerie cane aka DJ Tomas Lima, will you allow your naked eye to see me going back to Makkah once again to be subjected to the worst form of torture. Brothers you see footage and you start crying. You see footage Allah make it easy for the Muslims across the globe. You become emotional. You cannot contain yourself Saba satunya the Kaaba is kilometres away, then

01:15:00--> 01:15:06

Jaya Mehta is clouded The kuffaar are not budging and abou Jindal before them can words describe the emotions of Sahaba

01:15:08--> 01:15:23

can worse describe the emotions of Sahaba what went through them what provocation what stirring, but yet how they have contained themselves what control amongst them that we are a Salaam said listen and the father it is Sohail he is the father.

01:15:24--> 01:15:54

Now we are at sunset Suhail, hello gender one one x one exemption. He said Mohammed, if you talk about gender, we skip this entire agreements. Nearly Sam said, I humbly implore you, he said, the next time you speak, I can sell this. Now there is some sort of agenda I've tried my level best. But for now there isn't much opening. Please persevere and patiently bear soon Allah will make an opening for you. Can we imagine at that juncture, what went through Sahaba.

01:15:56--> 01:16:16

O'Meara alone who we know? We know when? When hottie ibni Abby belta had only divulged the secret of nebia de Salaam regarding the invasion of Makkah. And through revelation in Surah mustafina v. Strom was informed and when he came before the release, he said, Danny Audrey bonacasa monofin.

01:16:17--> 01:16:25

Only we will let me be hit this man not only Samson huacachina but Ronnie Omar Omar is a Muslim is a Sahabi is a better participant slowly.

01:16:26--> 01:16:38

Can you imagine what went through him or now it is time the oma understands what Allah wants from us. It is time we do that which will bring us close to Allah. Emotions never have they never will have

01:16:39--> 01:16:46

let's send it to the rain and let compliance to align is the income about emotions and then we cannot get up for further

01:16:47--> 01:16:50

carrying weights. And we cannot carry the blanket.

01:16:52--> 01:16:57

Brothers, it's time we come on to he thought it's time we come into the obedience of Allah.

01:17:00--> 01:17:03

Anyway that the entire thing was was was wrapped up

01:17:05--> 01:17:48

and then nebulous and until the Sahaba that all right now shave your head. Not one Sahaba stood up on my Selma to him swallow my mother or my sister. If you only know the talent Allah has given you you are that very person who rescued a Navy and the greatness of Navy in such a critical crisis. At this, this confusion, it was none other than oma Salma, who took no vlsm and said listen, your Sahaba don't choose to disobey you. It's just that last wee bit of hope that they're going to make Amara once they shave it's over. They latching on to that last but but what I do suggest is perhaps you shave your head and then they will understand that they will comply. So nebulous sums a shave,

01:17:48--> 01:18:04

and the Sahaba comply. The revised of Buhari says hatanaka the Babu whom yocto Bhavana ramen they were so eaten up, they were so torn apart. They were so finished, they felt like you know, choking one another.

01:18:06--> 01:18:25

They didn't know which way to turn. And that's not all the test is not over. The return from the no ombre total agreement to the kuffaar abou Jindal goes back in that particular condition. Everything surrendered. They barely leave in gibril descends enough hatanaka fast

01:18:27--> 01:18:45

enough fatahna comfort her mu Bina Leon fear Allah con la Houma Takayama minsan v kawamata ana Viva La we've given you open victory Omar Sedona be overlining two minutes of your time Can I take you aside and talk to you

01:18:46--> 01:19:03

now via a Sam said what is it Omar talk he said oh no Viva La let me get my fix in order. Let me understand reality. I understand. avi Allah haka. Can I be a firm? Are you Mohammed della viola, we are a subsidiary of Allah. And the Sunnah. To whom?

01:19:05--> 01:19:47

Are we not following the truth while they follow in fullsuit nabire Sam said you right? Elisa catalana, Phil jannetty waka Salaam phenol, nor am I correct in saying those that died on our side on martyrs while those that died on the opposite side. I in jahannam nearly Salam said Wes. He said Don't be over London ways the victory and what's the why if we humble funnyman noted the NEA. Why have we second Why have we given you know whenever you have a law degree or is some said Omar I am the Navy over law and I'll never disobey Him. I'm the Navy over law and I will never just obey Him. Brothers in one rewrite the writ of console Omar satana Omar said it was so painful for me. Lo and

01:19:47--> 01:19:57

then Avi Allah He sallallahu wasallam Amara Alia Amira for Sana Sana Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam masamoto la taco

01:19:58--> 01:19:59

if then they'll be over lunch.

01:20:00--> 01:20:30

Head to make someone else in charge on this critical juncture and this budget peace treaty, and that particular leader and Amir had to conduct himself like how nebulae saddam did, I would have never able to hold my horses. I would have never able to control myself. I would have openly tell him, you know what I can listen to you. But it was the Navy overline hand side to contain myself. And so behind the law, here's one I mentioned even in this apparent mistake of Omar there was was done. Allah had his plan.

01:20:31--> 01:21:23

Scholars right scholars, right, that there hasn't been any campaign or any Treaty, which led to more people accepting Islam than the peace treaty of Batavia. No better no agreement. What was the vision of vlsr? What was the integrity what was the maturity of Libya is salat wa salam. It wasn't long after that, that Allah brought that picture. What I eaten NASA for Luna de de la jolla, Florida when people came in droves, indeed, people came into droves. Indeed, satana O'Meara de Alon who said the device of Buhari to leave Arnica, Mala. When I gained my consciousness and my emotion, settle down. My emotions settle down. And I realized what I was saying. And I realized to who I was talking, that

01:21:23--> 01:21:27

I raised my voice before now VR is Salam. I said, Omar,

01:21:28--> 01:21:51

you take in the courage to raise your voice before Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. He said for the rest of my life I regretted I lamented, and I freed slaves and I gave charity but in the end Also, I'm afraid that when I stand before Allah, if Allah tells me Omar you raised your voice before my nebby I have nothing in no one to shelter me.

01:21:53--> 01:21:55

But others these were Sahaba

01:21:56--> 01:22:06

Allah acaba, genivi. mithali humio Jerry Rosa jamatkhana Alma de Mayo, really our life has to come into Deen, I was addressing a group of youth and I told them

01:22:09--> 01:22:49

that before we get the wrong conclusion, why the help of Allah is not coming. satana Omar at this critical juncture, certain question filtered through his mind, certain things bothered him and hence he revealed it to an aviary Salaam before certain things bother us and we wonder why and how, what's the delay despite such great great challenges, go and see with the youth of this oma is congregate in this very hour and you will know why the help of Allah is in delay. Go and see my brother lobby my witness you will cry if you have a shred or thread of Eman. Go and see how my brothers are dressing go and see how my sisters are dressing go and see how they revealing their modesty and go

01:22:49--> 01:23:08

and see how they attract in Alice azab mana bras approximately law they used to say while the world is boasting that now they've invented a craft and they are traveling at the speed let them not forget they have now contaminated the A overload so what Guna so Xena is taking place in Madeira wine has been consuming a

01:23:09--> 01:23:32

while it is an innovation and it is a contribution that them not forget it is also a form of contamination. They contaminated the land now even the a is contaminated. I was flying back from New York one day, it was the 31st of December 1 of January. I was sleeping nobody really flies 12 o'clock they started celebrating in midair. I thought it was turbulence.

01:23:34--> 01:24:16

12 o'clock, and they went on American time in South African tech. So who might go and see where the woman is congregate in one line. You will know why this woman is going through such strain. Really brothers This woman has taken a lot of strain. You know father telling his child that my son my health doesn't permit now for me to see you being disobedient. I can't I cannot handle the shock. I can't handle the pressure nor the tension. Voila the hour on the summit is so dark is so critical. unlawful entertainment was ever forbidden. But in the current crisis I don't see leeway even for lawful entertainment. When this is the order of the day and the name of Eros still drinks the blood

01:24:16--> 01:24:56

of my children and the land of Palestine still brings the blood of my sister Do you still find time sitting around places do you still find time wasting your time behind this game and that game? How will we answer before law it is time this oma stands up it is time this Omer forgets his internal bickering embraces one another makes its goal common and that is to obey Allah tala. We may go to Almighty Allah. Did he make it easy for the Muslims across the globe? Wherever the Muslims are not gonna make it easy. It is time we reflect Islam again. Let me categorically say we have no hidden agenda. We have no hidden plans. What are the sub bernadina don't I mean don't lie.

01:24:58--> 01:25:00

We respect people for

01:25:00--> 01:25:35

other faiths, we show them Alhambra lavon Callahan, Liliana Wilson zero la casa de la show them what are the teachings of Nabila salam, show them the honor the respect and you will see as I've always said, We don't need to beautify Islam. It has its natural beauty. Yes, we have to undo the contamination we have put upon it. We don't need to polish it. It has its natural sparkle. It has this natural attraction. The last thing which which I always conclude is if we cannot become ambassadors to this Deen that does not become obstacles to this day was the dawn on him. hamdulillahi Rabbil aalameen