How Fringe Muslim Cult (Spubs) Exploit Convert Women

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The host of the show discusses the struggles of the WhatsApp WhatsApp group and its members, including black men and women who use religion as a guide to promote apologetic practices. The group's members use religion as a means of avoiding racism and being able to marry black people. The segment also touches on the difficulties of finding job opportunities in the US and Canada.

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So I'll come on how to live America. Today we'll be talking to Bill Allen, someone who is who was one of the forerunners and founding members, if you like, of the organization droid, which is a partner member of the Salafi publications, and it's based in Canada, he's going to be giving us giving us insight as to the excesses of these this particular sector, this particular fringe sect, which has been noted to be one of the most exploitative, and non violent fringe sects in all of Islam. And that is, the followers of chef Robert Holly, or the

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proposed followers of chef Robert Kelly, of course, you could even argue that he wouldn't endorse these things, either. But we're going to be talking about some of their behaviors, both from a pragmatic and theoretical level in, in Canada, so we can potentially triangulate some of the practices that are happening here in the UK, with some of the practices that are happening across the pond in the US. And in Canada. We'll be trying to see if there's any continuity ease that exist. And if there are, the questions will be, of course, to what extent are this group Oh, is this group trying to use religion as a guide in order to promote

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more exploitative practices, especially in regards to the rights of women?

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I'm going to be speaking to below specifically about the issue of women. Because this is one of the most problematic things in the Muslim community. Now.

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We find many people that claim to be Salafi, or claim to be suddenly even on a wider level attack, she is for mortar for the temporary marriage, that they do with certain conditions. The question is,

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are such people who make such comparisons even allowed to make such comparisons? Or should they make such comparisons when they are themselves? Maybe not on the level of doing what? But they are themselves exploitative, when it comes to the rights of women? Let's speak to below and find out.

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So hello, very, very glad to have you on this show. I've got a question for you, Bill. And

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the question is, how has this group from your experience being a founding member, how have this group dealt with women? And is there any evidence of predatory behavior. So when a lot of black youth became Muslim, they came, they became Muslim with sincerity and tried to, to enter the social ills like our Muslim mom was doing back in the day. That's how he was doing it. He was actually involved, even though you might not agree with his tax tactics. He was trying to do something about the social ills in the communities he was dealing, he was tackling and dealing with these social ills. After he got refuted

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these divides, they took advantage of their own communities, and took advantage of the women in their own communities, to the point that the stories became my roof. And up until this day, even just a couple of days ago, I'm here like hearing a story after story after story from the states from my circle, the people that I know, from the States and whatnot. And

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approximately 10 years ago, so like, roughly give or take, like I want to say it's 10 years, it could be less or more, but it could be I think it's around 10 years ago, a website came out

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from sisters who wanted to expose this and the website was called protect Muslim woman calm, I'll put the link in the in my description.

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So this website exposed some of the antics of the dawat particularly Abul Hassan Malik, but we know the stories we know the stories of both houses Somali, for example, Abu Hassan Malik, and even I'll put the links for some of the things that happened with even though you love Davis, right in the district scriptures, everybody can see that I'm not lying. I'm not making this stuff up. Right? This stuff has been happening for many, many, many years. Those of us who have been Sellafield for a long time, know about this stuff. And, for example, my wife she will not allow me to speak about the details about these things in front of my children. That's how that's how well known this stuff is.

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It is well known

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these brothers,

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they come with a lot of catchphrases, and they use their status as daddies to take advantage of women.

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most of these women and the men as well, right, they don't have any type of Islamic foundation

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in terms of manners in terms of a plot, in terms of studying in terms of APA, this is a general thing with new Muslims. There's no support for new Muslims in these things, I want you to think about this, for example, for example, you brother, Muhammad hijab, your Egyptian, you have like a family network and,

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you know, any type of Islamic upbringing to you you need, it's there for you already. For us, the converts, none of that is there.

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And for us, the converts.

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The converts are will will have a difficult time marrying into families of Muslims who are not convert very difficult, it's very difficult.

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Because the non converts, they have tribalism with them. And they have,

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you know, a tape of like, it's a type of racism they have with them, that will not allow them especially to marry black people. So now you have a whole influx,

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literally hundreds of 1000s of black converts, right, and even a white Congress or whatever, right? what Congress, it's a little bit easier because a lot of people will marry to white Congress. This is like, it's very simple for that right before a black conference. It's not the same world at all. It's not the same world.