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Adnan Rajeh
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Juma Laila and Alima to move out I can send you a few Holy Cow Romano salah, tlsa. edu or dot Yasuda Allahu Allah, Allah He also have the human whether you call the amino silentnight of Juma verse at night native much Baraka, as soon as you increase your salah upon the value of salatu salam and all good deeds, forget all the Hadith. So just as a clarification because some people looking around so when it comes to karma, the Hanafi madhhab Mahabali Muhammad Allah maybe Hanifa is that they do it twice. It was different it's not the brother wasn't mistaken. It's just that's how the Hanafi madhhab does it and we have no problem this masjid for anything that follows the four main schools

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of jurisprudence in terms of when it comes to Salah or any other act of worship inshallah Tada and that's it. It's all welcoming. It's all all these opinions are already originating from scholars of extremely high caliber and merit and if any of them were alive today they would be by far the most listened to human being on the planet to with almost no doubt at all. Rahim Allah Allahu and you might even find out be him. Yahweh Lima amo elbow Hari you will email Muslim couldn't be so here and Abdullah evening I'm looking at all the Allahu and Houma. But that is the night the collection of both became a mystery to us by Abdullah who had often lost. And this is within the theme of treating

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your parents and relatives with excellence. Where he says, Only Allah identifies me I do what I stood Allah He said, Allah Allah, you said, I'm Yaku, Jehovah and realizing that I heard the Prophet alayhi salam once saying something, and he was saying it openly publicly, he wasn't seeing it in a small group. And this wording that he uses, actually is a whole. This just just that forget about the Hadees is the fact that he said that the scholars have assumed and Hadith have taken that and they have discussed it for their volumes upon volumes discussing the wording, because the fact that he said that what it means is that a lot of other times he would say things like a slot to a set. I

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mean, it wouldn't be public.

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A lot of times he would say things and it wouldn't be public, it would be said it would be something between that person, the prophet Hazel said, I'm in a small group of people, or is directed to a specific individual, it wasn't something that he said on a member or publicly. And that is, of course, huge. Understanding that there are many a hadith within our tradition of the Prophet of usados, that were never meant to be used in a public fashion, meaning you don't get you you can't direct it to everyone, specifically a hadith for example, that are that are addressing women, not men, or men, not women, or children, not parents or parents, not children to take the Hadith and

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then use it and just you know, splash it on everybody is a problem because you're you're you're telling someone something that they're not meant to hear to begin with. So the Hadith of the Prophet, Allah, your sorcerer was telling our sisters the importance of obeying their husbands and do it, this is not for you to use. You You didn't hear that as a man, he didn't tell you that he never shared that with you or your thoughts was that you didn't give you a weapon. The ahaadeeth a bit invalidate, you listen to them, as a child, not as a parent. He does not tell you this, how he does a parent he's telling you that he does a child. He'll tell you other holidays, parents. I

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didn't I didn't include them in this series. Because this series was not the series of how to treat your children. Their series was how to treat your parents. So when you're listening to him speak out as long as you hear him as a child as a son as a daughter, not as a parent. Be very careful with the usage of what he says on a hill salatu salam? No, at no point in time. Are you allowed to take something he's saying out of your thoughts? I mean, use it for personal gain. That is a big problem. That there's there's a huge issue with that. We don't use the Quran and the Sunnah for personal gain. It takes something for ourselves. We use it to understand what our goals are, what our wives

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you bet are what we're what we are obligated to do, not to ask people religiously to do things for us. And that's why when he says Jehovah and regular citizen, here are the law, who I know he's actually pointing out that this was public, he stood and said this publicly. So what did he say? He started saying publicly called Alia. Salatu was Salam ala in

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Benny Phoolan. Yeah, and if we learn and anyway, I mean, they refused. They don't know that all we actually refused to point out who he was saying it he saw to us because what's coming next is not, you know, the most fashionable or any glamorous wording, that indeed the family of any foreign ladies to be only they are not my my close my close group. They are not my closest allies. In nama wali Yee Allahu wa salam meaning. Wallach, in Lahore Moroccan abou Lu her BB Lally her Asli Lu her Beardslee la tierra. So you should at least alternatively, indeed the family of bunny Funan, who he was referring to, amongst his relatives, there are we are the Allahu Anhu Rahim Allah refused to

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tell us and thankfully he didn't because then it will just

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turned into the focus has become the family not the teaching point which is not the point the series is a teaching point that is not based on blood that you're going to be my Allah your milk is not based on blood that you're going to be the closest person to me on the day of judgment. It's not based on blood. Well Lee Allah my Allah, my true Allah is Allah subhanaw taala and the closest to him was all your honeymoon, meaning in the most pious of the believers. What about the there you just were you were teaching us about family for the last year I need to three weeks it's been family family, this family that he says about his own family. So he continues on to his salatu salam he

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says, Well, I can let him rot him, but they have blood ties with me. abou BB larly Ha, Berry. I have no idea how to explain this to you. This is this is a linguistic complex that is so difficult to explain but Subhanallah anyone who started Arabic gets it right away. Yeah, I understand what you mean. Ebola is when you when you damp in a fabric ill is something something is damp or has water on it. So a Bulu Habibi, literally, I mean, I keep it damp. He's He's giving us a similiarly of salt too. So it's like his relationship with his with his relatives is something that has to stay moist or it will die. It's like a plant. So to keep it alive, I make sure I keep on damping and and water

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so it stays alive so it doesn't die off. So I don't completely I don't lead to dry and only they completely dry off. I keep it damp. And he didn't even get he didn't do all this explanation. He says they have rocks and they have ties with me that I keep them I keep on dipping into water to keep it damp and you understand what he means out of your thoughts. And that's what the Rawi explains Qadiani you'll see you heard viously Let's see her and he keeps it keeps the the ties of blood or the ties of family. He keeps it alive doesn't cut it off. And this is what he taught how to heal salatu salam

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even when the family members are not your only they are not your allies. They don't actually agree with you on everything. They don't stand by you regarding everything. They don't actually follow in the same footsteps. They're actually the closest people to you or other human beings because you agree with them on stuff. They say you still owe them betta or Rahim, you still owe them W Habibollah. You have to keep it alive. Doesn't matter whether you like them or not whether they like you doesn't matter if you open the door when you knock on it doesn't matter if he can pick up the phone when you call them doesn't matter if they're coming to you when you visit them

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to keep it alive. Why? Because because God told you so because he talks about Allah Hi CIBJO seldom, but he was clear in this hadith. It's actually a hadith that makes it quite it's an important one. It's not because some people are like, families. It's just I can't tell you I can't even begin to tell you what my family is like, and I don't want to hear it. And honestly no one wants to hear it but you have a family problem a dynamic that's not great. Don't worry, you're not stuck with him forever. You will milk me will be with the with a sleight of hand what minute you'll be with the good people. If you're a good person, you're walking the righteous path, you'll be with the

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righteous, but that you owe them you owe them and Tulsi Lara Rahima Hungary Latvia, you owe them to keep the family ties alive. You can't cut them off is not an option. It never was. It never was some people enjoy cut this person know what she is. I haven't even told you what the story is. Yes, I don't care.

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There's nothing you can tell me. There's nothing there's not one scenario, you can tell me where I can tell you exactly covered it cut it off. It doesn't matter. Their family, you have to keep it alive. I don't care what they did. No one does. Allah does. You keep it alive. That's what he that's what he brought out of his talk to us as a unique teaching to the people of Arabia. And he he grew up, he grew up

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going into their brains and understood it. And they did that and had they not done that, by the way it's done wouldn't have gotten very far. Unfortunately, we regressed since then. And we've gone back to old habits of ruining but but if you truly want to follow him out of your sight to ascend and you understand this hadith understand the importance of it. And you got upset because people walking around saying, No, we aren't related to the Prophet we are his he said no, you're not. You're not my only are not just my or my fat. No, my ODR is Allah subhanaw taala and the pious Muslims, wherever they are, wherever they may be, wherever they may be, those are the ones who are stuck with me. But

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I owe you or him and I will keep it alive. I'll never I'll never cut you off. But you're always welcome to join me if you actually want to. And of course a lot of the people who are close to him some Allah I will say we're the only obviously, a lot of people close, but even imagine that his family who were actually the most pious he still sat down to his thoughts. He didn't have a bad family dynamic in that people close to him or were bad. No, all of them were pious, who are you talking to all of them. His uncle's, his cousins, his children, all of them pious people he still said this, that you would learn it so that I would learn it. Even if you don't like it doesn't

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matter. You keep it to Bulu Habibollah. I love that this term is beautiful. And it just it just II understand what he means Ali Hassan from listening to it. I hope that was a benefit to you and Charlotte to Anna. I will before before I conclude the hadith of August as a month. What I'm aiming to do.

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Yes, is what I'm aiming to in August. I want to make August the outreach month in the center, meaning August we aim to perform some outreach

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And that does I know, that's not me, I don't, you're going to do the outreach. That's what you're going to do. You're going to perform outreach, meaning you're going to try your best throughout the month of August, not to come to the masjid alone, you're going to try and bring someone who usually doesn't come to the session. And you're gonna, we're going to run there's an event into the social event this Saturday shall instead of the Seattle holiday, which I usually run, we're going to have social events on Saturdays instead, where if you have someone that it's very hard to get it bring them to Montenegro, Asia, or vegetable on a weekday, bring them on on Saturday, we'll have the

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announcements of the timings always eat today at 10 and Sharla. There'll be games and sports and refreshments you can bring someone who doesn't usually come. Now, it doesn't matter to me, the age group, I prefer younger people. But if you bring an old geezer, it's fine as well, well, when I will get to know them and take care of them. That's no problem. But really what I'm looking for if you have a friend who doesn't really come to massage, it's not his thing never got used to it, sisters as well. Obviously, you're involved in this No, no difference, someone who's not used to it, make it point in August to do it, we will make a point in Sharla, of making the place welcoming, we'll make

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a point in Sharla of trying to get to know them and trying to get them involved in some of the stuff that we do to open up a bit. We're getting closer society, we're turning more and more into a cult, it's becoming more and more, it's the same people I give a hug. But anyway, it's the same people and board of all of you, you're bored of me. Let's get more people involved. We need more Muslim youth. There's the Muslim community is huge. And when there's a lot of people that they don't come, why don't they come? Because we're not doing enough outreach. So I want to make August the outreach month like that's the emphasis I know, the hope was won't be about outreach, but every football I

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will remind people about it and they'll be every Saturday will be an event after maghrib if you remember but Asia where the focus is outreach or it's not lectures where I sit and I tell the stories No, it will be refreshments and games and sports and there'll be some degree of networking and getting to know people getting their name seeing what we can do to help the how we can service them and how Allah He learned you had the Allahu Bica Rajpura Anwar Oh your take says that Allah subhana grandes hedaya Through you for one human being so if we do all of this and one person benefits it's still worth it. If we if the whole center with everyone in it just does this for a

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month and just one person ends up coming that didn't come it's still worth it is never not worth it to try and to perform diagnose it so that's what I wanted to share with you as the the the My My hope for this month month of August so get involved talk to the team that's here and if you have someone come want to try and bring someone talk to someone here so they can have someone ready when they come in someone can speak to them so we have like a team that's ready to kind of you know be welcomed them and we have a space up front and and they can inshallah gonna get get involved. So I just want to share that and so forth and Yahweh demon will worry you will remain Muslim couldn't he

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and Abdullah hit me I'm leaving the house while the Allahu Anhu mopod Bala Nabil, someone similar to Nydia, Salah who is like me a puja and regular citizen in Olia. Benny Fulani Yanni fallen and they used to be Olia Allah in

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Ebony Fudan there used to be earlier in nama li Allahu wa salam mean, what I can learn tomorrow honeymoon, I will lose her BB early. Yeah, I mean, you'll see. You'll see that sort of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam cyclohexane Allah Allah let us off to Lake wa sallahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad earlier slide which means I'm not bored of any of you. By the way. Just you

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